1. F

    Thread HTC one M9+ unable to flash or unlock

    Hello everyone, Long time reader for time poster. I have this device that is stumping me, and I was hoping with your help I can get to the bottom of its issue. i am not going to describe everything that I had done as that would take pages and pages, but there is one aspect that I feel might be...
  2. ElJaviLuki

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][NEW] Grindr Plus

    Grindr Plus - Extend the limits of Grindr! I am pleased to present Grindr Plus, a mod for Grindr that adds new features to the popular dating app! Precedents A similar mod already exists ( although it hasn't been maintained...
  3. s4goa

    Thread 👉🏽 well... what can I say... 🦨 💨

    The fact that you cannot flash Lineage OS onto it keeps you from hard-bricking the motofone.
  4. H

    Thread Xiaomi device files for Android Studio

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Plus phone. How do I obtain the information needed to build an AVD file (Android Virtual Device) for Android Studio? Or does anybody have an AVD file that has already been created?