1. Renate

    Thread Getting pixel-accurate coordinates of large graphics

    I was doing a project with converting map PDFs to PNG. The PNGs would be generated at different resolution of 256 x 256 tiles to use for a Leaflet map server. Since the source material is basically a "paper" map you have to calibrate the transformation to real earth coordinates. And for that you...
  2. crispy-cat

    Thread Screenshot in PNG?

    How can I make my phone save screenshots in PNG rather than the horrible JPEG? I've rooted with Magisk and I'm aware of a module for the OP 5, but that doesn't work on newer phones. What other options are there?
  3. P

    Thread [RESOURCE][SVG][PNG] Need for PNGs/SVGs Navigation Bar Icons

    Hi. I'm actually a UX designer, and I need official navigation bars assets, to be used in my UX designs and for my assets. And also to give by to the community too, to other people or designers that may need Android navigation bar icons too in the future. It because most of the sources are only...
  4. OrphanBlack

    Thread [Guide] how to covert qmg to png (easy way)

    On s7edge i used Qmg2Png app to convert qmg files inside an APK but this not working on my S8. Now i have found a easier way without decompile the apk. Just extract your desired qmg file from the apk to your sdcard and follow this steps... As first go to Playstore and download...
  5. JosephTlmBoy

    Thread [Icon Pack] [REQUEST] Inspired by Grace UX PNG Icons format

    I made these samples PNG icons and i need someone to transform it to an Icon pack (apk) or Samsung Theme to use them in my Galaxy S6 edge :confused:. Any help would be appreciated :good: Thank you !
  6. S

    Thread RAW photo files. Android Why not ?

    Hello. Re Samsung galaxy s5 neo in my case. I have read is not possible to make the camera shoot raw format photos because camera2 isn't implemented of the device. Is that something is not going to be possible to change or Is it likely that in the near future that will be overcome and it will...
  7. M

    Thread [SOURCE/PNGs] Samsung A Series 2016 Themes Converted!

    Hello Xda friends! Some people know me in S4 forums and I would to present to you the whole 12 themes A series 2016 Themes collection that samsung releases for only the A series converted to png. Some are inspired in MM and the icons seems newer and fresh in my opion. Its free you know, but...
  8. BlackMesa123

    Thread [PNG] Galaxy Note5 Marshmallow Icons v5

    Galaxy N5 Marshmallow Icons v5 I've extracted these icons from Note5 6.0.1 with my S5. Changelog: v5: -Updated all icons to 6.0.1 Note5 -Removed Galaxy Beta -Added Scrapbook icon -Added S Note icon -Added all TouchWiz Home PNGs v4: -Updated all icons to 6.0.1 S6 beta -Added Galaxy Apps icon...
  9. hansmoon

    Thread [DATA] Note4 QMG / converted to PNG

    source : Note4 Korean Version apks in /system/app, /system/priv-app, /system/framework folder All QMG images are converted to PNG Let's Theme It !! Have FUN !! ** replace .qmg with same-named .png in apk - works fine....
  10. hansmoon

    Thread [HINT?] Convert QMG image To PNG image

    My Phone: 210S - Korean Version I9305, Galaxy S3 LTE Firmware - 4.4.4 NI3 1. Rename rename QMG to PNG, Only i can see qmg image and thumbnail in Phone/ES file Explorer but unrecognized in PC 2. Save as Using QuickPic App I got ordinary PNG image * system/lib - works...
  11. alireza7991

    Thread [WINDOWS+LINUX+ANDROID] PNG2RLE - Create your own kernel boot logo easily

    About PNG2RLE is a cross-platform tool which convert png images to rle image. RLE image format is used by some devices as kernel logo format because it's fast and provides a pretty good compression. There are some similar scripts but they are neither cross-platform nor standalone and they need...
  12. H

    Thread [Q] png for ongoing notifications background? [solved]

    I'm new to theming/modifying, and can't find the png which is background of ongoing notifications Can someone help me please? I'm on cm7 rom.
  13. F4uzan

    Thread [TUTORIAL] Noob Friendly Guide : Resizing .9.png images [OPTIMA-TEAM]

    Hi all ! Today, I'll show you how to resize Android .9.png (NinePatch PNG) file. Little Information : ------------------------- NinePatch PNG (.9.png) is a complex PNG which have resolution scaling ability. NinePatch PNG basically a PNG, but with a black 1 pixel borders around it, these...
  14. D

    Thread [Q] Kitkat emoji PNG

    Where can I download Kitkat emojis in PNG format? GIF is ok too, as long as it's with a transparent background.
  15. varun90rulz

    Thread [Q] Framework-res.apk pngs description

    Can anyone guide me which png changes what in the framework? I mean like any step by step guide for knowing which png is for what screen, like stat_sys_battery_40.png is for Battery at 40%. Thanks, I'm new to this, and I just want to theme my rom to my taste. Please Help.
  16. Kevalvino

    Thread [Q] framework-res pngs name

    Hi there, i want to ask to you guys what is name of several background pngs on my screenshot ? i hardly find them but i just confused i have mark them with the red frames ;) Please dont be a silent reader :D EDIT: I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE MY THUMBS IF SOMEONE HELPED ME ;)
  17. Renate

    Thread PNGs get converted to JPEGs

    I thought that I complained about this previously, but a search comes up with nothing. If you attach a PNG to a forum post it gets converted to a JPEG. Often (usually? always?) the JPEG is actually larger and certainly lower resolution. Usually my PNGs are of reasonable dimension, but I...
  18. ToddeSwe

    Thread [Q] Do you have MMS / PNG was deleted problem as me?

    Hi! I want to now how many of us that are experience that you can't recive png's (screen shots) with your Samsung S3. My friend and i have huge problem doing this and i just want to see if something is wrong at our end by asking this here. I've restored my device to zero without any apps...
  19. Elex_kr

    Thread Better 9 Patch Tool

    Better 9 Patch Tool is a software that is used to create nine patch images, and it can be used instead the draw9patch which is included in Android Developer Tools (ADT). With this tool, you can create a nine patched image more easily and more efficiently than before. Here is the 11th release of...
  20. Elex_kr

    Thread [Better 9 Patch Tool] new version is coming

    The next version of Better 9 Patch Tool is coming. It's almost done. - more than one line on each side - drawing & removing with mouse drag and shift key - more accurate pixel preview - more powerful batch feature - more stable and more flexible When you have any requirement or issue for this...
  21. MontyPyFly

    Thread [MORPHOLOGY] Options and Images Previews for 1.5

    There are TONS of options so far in Morphology for MOAR 9.0 THIS IS AN OLD THREAD, BUT MOST OF THE IMAGE PREVIEWS ARE THE SAME But what do they all mean, and more importantly What Do They All Look Like? Well.... Here it is...... the long awaited and much appreciated "What's what" of the...
  22. I

    Thread [Q] Help to know which .PNG images are these ones

    Hey all, I wanna know which .PNG files are these ones in red of the image below. The first one in red, is the background of the date, when you pull down, not when it isn't pulled. Thanks in advance. :)
  23. eugenekim618

    Thread [Q] Hybrid ROM Tablet Mode - Unable to view png MMS attachment

    Hello, I've been running the Hybrid RC6 in Tablet mode (213 DPI) for a couple of days now. Just came across a situation where I am not able to view png files sent as an MMS. Basically another note user did a screen shot and sent it over. I tried the stock message program, Go SMS PRo...
  24. luke1987

    Thread [Q] Themeing Help (Gimp problems)

    I am having problems with gimp. I can pull a png out of apk and replace it without editing and apk will install. I pull png out of apk, open with gimp and save (without any actual editing) and apk WONT install. So I have a good idea something is going wrong when I save the png. I have tried a...
  25. I

    Thread TUTORIAL - modding lockscreen/framework-res.apk

    *I made this before any of these new roms came out and as such it was meant for and has been tested on only the stock Gingerbread rom that comes with the phone. I doubt it will be compatible with the new roms.* In response to a request, I am posting a tutorial on how to make a couple...
  26. Stephen

    Thread [Q] Desire HD lock screen PNG files

    I am creating a custom lockscreen for the HD2 wm 6.5 to look like the desire HD lockscreen. I have got it working but am not overly happy with the images I have. I would like to get the official png files from the desire HD rom. I have been trying to find them in an android rom but know very...
  27. deanr1977

    Thread [Q] backgrounds clashing with my text, which png do i change? any idea's?

    Hope i have posted this in the right section because this is a themed related question Can anyone help me with this little problem i have themed my framework, dialer & status bar icons (which i really like) , but after changing so much i am a little confused on what png i need to change to make...
  28. Ultramanoid

    Thread [Q] Graphic editor, crop with ratio, save full res as png... ?

    Just what the subject asks, is there any Android graphic editor that can do that ? I found some that can save as png. Some that handle full res images. And some that allow cropping with ratios (4:3, 3:2, 16:9...). And some with a combination of two of those things. Anything that does all three...
  29. M

    Thread Dell Streak 256x256 Icon

    Hi guys, I just needed a icon to put in the Streak's network shortcut so I improvised a quick one. Its not fancy or polished, just a quick dirty conversion. Its in ICO format but if someone needs it in PNG and doesnt know how to convert it ill post it. Enjoy and if you like it or use it hit...
  30. 1982Strand

    Thread [Q] Theming lockscreen - HELP!

    I'm making a theme and trying to make the lockscreen icons/images for the slidebar transparent, when you click and drag to unlock the phone. With some help from kmoore11 on miui-dev, I succeeded doing it with the time image, but not with the sms and call images. I was told the png for time was...
  31. B

    Thread [Q] Ninjamorph Problems

    I am trying to replace the green android in the "Advanced Task Killer" with a blue one. I use ninjamorph to switch them and that all works fine. But for some reason I can't get it to work afterwards. I see the change (using rootexplorer) and i even checked/changed the permissions back to...
  32. QUBiCA

    Thread [Q] What is the best program ro make bootanimations?

  33. O

    Thread [Q] Desktop Visualizer and PNG Support

    Setup: HTC Hero running CM6 (Vanilla 31 Dec) with Steel Elegance 6.1 (ported via Theme Porter). Problem: I've been working on one of the Windows 7 look-alike setups using Desktop Visualizer. Everything was going good initially. Then, I went into the /system/apps via ADB and started removing...
  34. D

    Thread [Q] How to edit theme images and not have phone hang on boot?

    I've figured out all apk files are really just zip files, but why am I not able to unzip the framework-res.apk file, edit the images within, then save it again without causing my phone to hang on boot? Is there some step I am missing? I've tried rezipping with normal compression, store only...
  35. zHk3R

    Thread [FAQ] WIDGETLOCKER | Documentation and Help thread! | We have answers!

    - Settings and custom sliders - How-to create a theme [UPDATE SOON] - Future updates and wishes The thread is full of answers and questions. If you do a quick search you might find the answer you were looking for. If you can't find it, don't hesitate to ask. There are other users here willing...
  36. bodybuilder27

    Thread 8 wallpapers zipped up ready to roll....

    8 wallpapers zipped up ready to roll....
  37. hazzahex

    Thread Changing Files In Windows Folder [SOLVED]

    Hi, I am having issues with the windows folder in my HTC HD2 I want to customize one of the PNG files, and i have done so on my PC but when i want to copy it to the windows folder and replace the existing file i get a message saying Access Denied, :confused: I think this is because the PNG may...
  38. S.V.I

    Thread [Tutorial] Optimizing Graphics for Windows Mobile (Small update post 2)

    There seems to be a huge demand to be able to stuff more more stuff into low end devices. In addition to HTC's apps, Windows OS is getting bigger too. I remember when the file count in my windows folder was about 3500 loaded, and now it is getting closer to 5000. I decided to write a few pages...
  39. B

    Thread AppsToSD Icon

    So, I don't even know if this is the best way to do this but here goes. As a designer I usually don't mess with hacking my phone into pieces (that's usually what happens) but upon the release of JF1.5 I decided appstosd and overclocker were worth the challenge. (I've since become quite the...
  40. R

    Thread Key Files Chart

    A few changes: Alright so first off after seeing that this actually got some response, I'm opening it up for other people to edit as well. Hopefully we can figure out a way to do this responsibly... But I figure a community effort on this is much more valuable (especially because my theming is...
  41. CG2xRandy

    Thread Default Application Icons

    Can anyone post all of the default application icons from the g1 in PNG formats? Id like to use them on my g1 to replace icons from other applications. (I.e. replace the chomp sms icon with the messaging icon). I would really appreciate this and thank you.
  42. outerdepth

    Thread Here's Some New Pngs for Your Screen

    I am posting a zip that contains some of the pngs I use for my screen. In it contains a new image for the iconbar bluetooth. Try them out. Just rename them for what you are replacing, or edit your registry to accomodate for your new pics. If you have any questions, please post them. (and...