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  1. tysonX5653

    Thread PixelExperience Stuck in Bootloop

    Hey community, I have been running Poco F1 with twrp and PixelExperience for the last 2 years. Considering the past record of the OS and my experience with the OS, I decided recently to upgrade to the newer PE12 for Poco F1 (maintained by Lakshay Garg). It went smooth initially and after the...
  2. W

    Thread Can we talk about the current state of F1 development?

    The pocophone F1 was the best phone I ever had and I miss it dearly, so I decided to buy a used one in the next few days. I would like to know a few things regarding the current state of it's development: In terms of gcam, does the original pixel 3 gcam is still the best, most compatible...
  3. Alias X

    Thread How do you keep TWRP recovery after a reboot into (the latest) MIUI

    Just setting it to "read and write" when asked at the beginning and rebooting into recovery didn't fix it. I mean it stays if I just reboot into recovery but as soon as I boot into MIUI it always replaces it with the stock recovery. Any solution for MIUI, ideally without rooting? I know a custom...
  4. Aghora7

    Thread [ROM][Xiaomi Poco F1][Android-12] LESSAOSP-1.0 [OFFICIAL][24/11/2021]

    LESSAOSP is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 11, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over ****ty OEM based Android for your device. LESSAOSP is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within...
  5. YehezkielLee

    Thread hi,can you help me?

    hi so im using ip xs users and recently buying 64gb poco (cant found 128 or 256gb ver), and this POCO F1 r flashed with pixel experience 11 (plus) which is good,but the problem is im capped at low-storage and already have 128gb ultra (4k certified),and 256gb (fhd certified),and already trying to...
  6. Alias X

    Thread Poco replacement battery from international/European seller?

    Anyone who bought a new (3rd party) battery and made good experiences? After 3 years of use my battery has lost around 30% capacity so it's not complete garbage yet and any replacement would need to be new and high quality to be worth the hassle. AliExpress would be the easiest but is usually...
  7. Xtreme.Ornob


    Rich (BB code): * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are...
  8. anirbanp1996

    Thread How to record both system audio and mic input simultaneously when recording gameplay on Poco F1?

    I've tried several apps including the screen recording app that was pre-installed. But all of the apps have option to either record system sound or mic, but not both. I've seen Samsung S9+ and Note 10+ having the option in their pre-installed screen recording app but can't seem to find it in...
  9. revindz

    Thread MIUI 12.0.3 logd battery drain

    Hey, i just updated my phone to miui 12 and this logd thing appears out of nowhere and drain my battery like crazy. is there any possible solution without rooting?
  10. Edison215

    Thread [HELP] GApps Lineage OS cant install on poco f1

    Hello, I tried to install "open_gapps-arm64-10.0-stock-20210825" on my Poco F1 6/128. Trough TWRP I get ERROR 20 Trought lineageos-recovery I get Error 21 What I do wrong ? #1 I tried too instal "open_gapps-arm64-10.0-aroma-20210825" - during installation trough twrp get crush...
  11. vaizardsparagon

    Thread Pocophone F1 Hard Bricked or Dead?

    I was using my phone like normal when it froze on me. I shut down my phone as I usually do when it freezes using the Power off + Vol Down. After turning the phone off, it refused to turn back on again, the light indicator for charging also does not work anymore when plugging in the charger. I...
  12. S

    Thread Poco F1 failed try to install custom rom

    Hello to everyone reading this... This was my first time doing anything with twrp and generally flashing custom roms. So i unlocked bootloader on my Poco F1 in like no time (didnt even had to wait 3 days) and flashed via adb twrp... then i installed twrp in twrp and my os (miui) unfortunatly...
  13. I

    Thread fingerprint wake on lineage 18.1

    Hi i have lineage 18.1 (android 11) on poco f1 and i really liked the fingerprint wake of miui, and i couldn't find a way to activate it in lineage.. (Its when the screen is off i touch the fp reader on the back and the phone turns on without setting fingerprint lock) Is there a way to add it...
  14. xbhaswat

    Thread Poco F1 Community Support Present Status

    Hello everyone. I have been noticing that a lot of new devices are getting launched at quite affordable ranges. Noteworthy mentions are POCO X3 Pro, POCO F3 a.k.a. Mi 11x. So as we all know these devices comes with great Qualcomm 800 series SOCs and are getting decent support from the...
  15. A

    Thread Can We Restore Google Backup In crDroid Rom with NikGapps Core

    After Flashing Rom, There was no option shown for Copy Data.. There was only an option related to crDroid cloud. Now everything working perfect and smooth in this ROM. But I need to my all messages which was stored on my google drive with complete Device backup. Please help if any working method...
  16. S

    Thread Need help to unlock bootloader (poco f1)

    Hi everyone, I have unlocked the bootloader multiple times before, however, this time I'm unable to unlock it. I have tried different versions of mi unlock tool (including the latest v5.5.224.24) but there's no way to unlock the bootloader anywhere. When I downloaded the latest version, I...
  17. ATS995

    Thread Mi unlock tool not detecting device

    I am trying to unlock the bootloader on my poco f1. But when I boot it into fast boot and connect the phone it shows "Press any button to turn off" and the unlock tool does not detect the device either. I have enabled USB debugging and OEM unlocking on, I had successfully signed into the mi...
  18. V

    Thread Please help to unbrick my poco f1

    Hi guys, after problem I had with not being able to update magisk( couldn't open it or update it nor uninstall it as magisk hide was on) I tried to restore backup from twrp but ended up with poco logo boot loop. After that, I tryed to clean install LOS 18.1 (was on 17.1) but same loop thing...
  19. Eswar001

    Thread POCO F1 Hard Bricked

    Hey guys, I think my POCO F1 is Hard Bricked. I couldn't able to put it to fast boot or Recovery Mode.The power button and Volume keys methods are also not working.NOw it just dead without any to contact it.I Just put mobile into charge for just 30 mins then it happened.What ahould i do now.How...
  20. O

    Thread Poco F1 ads in MIUI

    Guys Does Anyone Gets ads in Poco F1 Outside Indian Region(UK Or US Regions) After Updating To MIUI 12 ??
  21. M

    Thread [GCam] [POCO-F1] [Pixel Experience Rom] [Android 11]

    Old gcam doesn't seems to work in android 11 (pixel experience rom) . Anyone can help ?
  22. MilkywayOpenSource

    Thread [ROM/GUIDE] Pixel GSI [12] For Poco F1

    I have successfully booted a pixel GSI on the POCO F1. Guide: 1.Flash this rom(https://sourceforge.net/projects/pixel3rom/files/beryllium/beryllium-ota-rq2a.210305.006-7c797576.zip/download) and Disable Force Encryption. 2. Wipe data and reboot. 3. Setup as normal. 4.reboot the phone 5.Flash...
  23. Xtreme.Ornob

    Thread [Kernel][ProtonClang] XDKernel | SnowCone S-1.6 for beryllium | POCO F1 [2021-11-03]

    XDKernel | SnowCone Features & Changelog: Changes in XDKernel SnowCone S-1.6 - Merge Linux tag v4.9.289 Changes in XDKernel SnowCone S-1.5 - Merge CAF tag 'LA.UM.10.3.r1-00300-sdm845.0' - Merge Linux tag v4.9.288 Changes in XDKernel SnowCone S-1.4 - Merge Linux tag v4.9.287 - Fix...
  24. vathsa007

    Thread poco f1 got dead or Bricked

    Guys till this day my mobile was working fine but today my mobile Poco f1 suddenly got dead, the display is not turning on and I also tried turning it into fast boot mode it also not responsive is there any solution for this problem.
  25. M

    Thread display battery drain

    Hello My mom got my old Poco F1,i changed the display before she got it. it worked fine for her a while but now the battery goes empty so fast,and when i check the battery stats it says that the display is eating the battery. Anyone else had the same problem? ive searched and tried all tips and...
  26. amanrajOO7

    Thread [ROM][11.0][Beta] DerpFest [OFFICIAL][beryllium]

    This is a small project based on AOSP. We try to be a platform for beginners and support the Custom ROM community with our own unique contributions as well. This ROM exists thanks to inspiration of AOSiP, Thank you! #StayDerped /* Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked...
  27. CedArctic

    Thread [Linux] Install postmarketOS Linux on the Poco F1

    postmarketOS (or pmOS for short) is a full Linux distribution for mobile devices and has a rather stable and actively developed port for the Poco (albeit missing key features). You can even choose your desktop environment with choices ranging from mobile friendly like Librem 5's Phosh to full...
  28. Peter Gamma

    Thread Best recent phone hardware for install Ubuntu Touch (Mi A2 vs Pocophone)?

    scienz 1 Jan 2021, 17:36 @peter-gamma here are my pros and cons of the Mi A2 and the Pocophone. Pros Mi A2: lays better in the hand because phone is slightly smaller display seems to be a little bit better than on the Pocophone supported by the UBports Installer 4GB or 6GB of RAM...
  29. bthoven

    Thread How to clone from Poco f1 to f2 pro?

    Hi, I’m about to get my Poco F2 Pro (8/256). What is the best way to clone app and data from my Poco F1? Thank you.
  30. GtrCraft

    Thread [ROM][11.0.0_r37][Beryllium] KangOS 2.1 (Elixir) [OFFICIAL][STABLE]

    Kang OS [/FONT] /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, * If you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you. */ Kang OS is inspired from our well known project called AOKP(Android Open Kang Project).The...
  31. notakbuzz

    Thread [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][08/10/2021] DOT OS 5.2 for the Xiaomi Poco F1

    " #DroidOnTime " ROM Version: 5.1 Device: Poco F1 Maintainer: @notakbuzz Build Status: OFFICIAL * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take...
  32. A

    Thread Proximity and light sensor not working on pixel experience in poco f1

    can anyone help me about this problem. I'm not able to hear audio through front speaker. Also the light sensor is not working hence auto brightness is not working properly
  33. NecroManiac666

    Thread Poco F1 Messenger Chat Heads Lagging on AOSP Roms

    Hello People I've seen an issue with all the aosp based custom roms that the messenger chat head lags during the opening and closing of the chat head. the app itself becomes really laggy when I access it from chat head. but the miui based roms doesn't have this issue, Does anyone know how to...
  34. Miraj hs

    Thread [APP][Gcam 6.2][Gcam for poco f1] Gcam Port from pixel experience plus

    Gcam port from pixel experience plus rom one of the most stable "Gcam" provided by Google officially. it's an older version but it's stability will surprise you😎 Tested on poco f1 Works on almost Every custom rom🥰 DOWNLOAD...
  35. S

    Thread Not able to flash anything. i tried to flash oos 7 plus then it ends with error 255 and my phone (poco f1) reboot in fastboot mode, after that am tryi

    i tried to flash oos 7 plus then it ends with error 255 and my phone (poco f1) reboot in fastboot mode, after that i tried to to flash recovery , system , vendor , userdata but non of its work , even i flash my device with mi flash tool with stock fastboot rom . thats also dosnt work. i tried...
  36. J

    Thread Carrier Aggregation B3+B20 NOT WORKING!!!

    I just changed my cell carrier and it uses bands B3 (1800MHz) and band B20 (800MHz), but Pocophone does support carrier aggregation for B3+B20 band. Currently phone on single LTE band, and the speeds are poor. Is there a way to activate B3+B20 CA mode?
  37. T

    Thread Fastboot flash not returning anything

    Hello, I'm trying to flash a custom recovery on my pocophone f1. I can see it with adb devices and fastboot devices (and the device isn't set as unauthorized). But when I run fastboot flash or fastboot boot or fastboot erase userdata or any fastboot command, none of them seem to work. It just...
  38. I3lack4ce

    Thread Any POCOPHONE F1 ROM that support wired Ethernet OTG? Is there any difference to POCO F1??

    Can someone give me any suggestion of cusrom that worked with Ethernet OTG. I need it Badly as my bluetooth and wifi chipset were down because the phone fell into water. Please someone help me, Been flashing rom By rom. Downgrade MIUI until 10.2.3 and still not working. Or USB(ethernet) just...
  39. dakkshesh07

    Thread [KERNEL][11/10] Parallax Kernel [Overclocked][BEST TOUCH/KERNEL FOR POCO/GAMING]

    Welcome To Our Thread For Parallax Kernel For poco f1 #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is... Still valid??. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if...
  40. N

    Thread Mobile data is not connecting properly after changing motherboard in MI Service Center

    Mi changed my phones mother board under warranty after that my mobile`s mobile data 4g connectivity is low. when i asked them they say its because your using Airtel Sim try using JIO. i came home and tried Jio Sim but problem continued. then i inserted my airtel sim back again while try speed...
  41. lakshay18

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][11.0][Beryllium] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2021/06/22]

    I recommend use the Fullscreen/Immersive Gestures Magisk module for fullscreen apps.
  42. Llamas_are_Good

    Thread Pixel Style Boot Animation

    Pixel devices have boot animations specifically made for them, that is why each and every boot animation from Pixel Ports or ROMS has the google logo on the start. However, Pocophone isn't made by google, but rather powered by their software. So what I did is take their concept of boot animation...
  43. Retrial

    Thread 🗃️POCO F1 Ultimate Collection & Guides📚

    Welcome to POCO F1 Ultimate Collection! 🗃️ (beryllium) OFFICIAL STOCK MIUI ROM ©️ You can check my Guides for installation. Recovery ROM V12.0.3.0.QEJMIXM Fastboot ROM V12.0.3.0.QEJMIXM POCO F1 Global Stable ROM Library / POCO F1 MIUI Official ROMs Archive FIRMWARE & VENDOR©️ POCO F1...
  44. mdki1996

    Thread Ghost touches and freezes

    Hello guys, a friend of mine has a Poco F1 and few months back he had to change the display because the phone fall on the ground. Up until that moment he didn't faced any display problem and he was on custom rom (pixel experience I guess). He bought an eBay screen replacement but the phone...
  45. lockhrt999

    Thread Will we get Android 11 or not. [MIUI based or Custom ROM based]

    Xiaomi has already cleared that poco f1 isn't getting android 11. It's not on their roadmap. We'll get miui 12 and maybe even 13 looking at the past experience. MIUI version are major upgrades for Xiaomi phones. Android versions like 9.0, 10.0 are practically just numbers to show off and that...
  46. CorcRoazBa

    Thread Earphone Plug in Problem in Poco

    I tried almost every big brand earphones in my poco f1 but whenever i connect a earphone it don't show mic sign, voice calls are just fine but when i switched to video call it's automatic switch to speaker than i have to press earphone on a specific place than mic work. Does someone know what is...
  47. S

    Thread Help with Pocophone F1 ROOT

    I have a pocophone f1 which I attempted to root. I already unlocked it using my MI account with MI unlocker on windows. I installed TWRP 3.2, as well as SupersU.zip in TWRP. I go and check root access using various root checker apps from playstore but i have no root access. One of them says...
  48. Doronmak

    Thread poco f1 fastboot not recognized when trying to unlock bootloader

    Hello everyone i"m trying to unlock my pocof1 boot-loader, i just get it and tried to get recognized by 3 computers. it look like xiaomi ****s everything on them last upgrade. im on miui 11.0.8. i have tried on linux and windows and the result is the same. i successfully see the device at adb...
  49. amanrajOO7

    Thread [ROM][10.0]DerpFest for POCOPHONE F1[Official][Weekly]

    **** Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk!!! **** Some newbies working together to bring you a Custom ROM that incorporates the best features around and longs to support the community with its own unique features and contributions. Alexander...
  50. E

    Thread Corvus vs. Derpfest (Only opinion) (PocoF1 only)

    Hi Good day everyone, I just want to make a small pole for us to have a discussion about this two awesome Master of customization ROMs. Which do you think is more stable or Less buggy and can be a daily driver for a long time CHEERS MATES!!! P.S. : No hates let's just share experience. Let's...