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poco f3

  1. justinh99

    Thread Question Poco F3 bricked cant acces EDL Mode and Fastboot Mode

    I have my Poco F3 today brickt when I wanted to install the latest Xiaomi.eu beta (android 12 ) via Fastboot. I do not know if it was because of that, but I have replaced the boot image in the images folder with a magisk patched boot image. that phone no longer turns on I see only a black...
  2. michits

    Thread Question TWRP flash issue

    i flashed twrp on my poco f3 (global) and when i try to open it it shows the twrp screen but crashes back to miui. pls help :(
  3. keiian

    Thread Question Looking for a stable official rom

    I need an official native rom that can be used stably, preferably Google. This is very important to me. Miui makes me feel bad. Can anyone recommend it to me.:)
  4. michits

    Thread Question Fail flashing miui on poco f3

    i recently wanted to flash the new miui on my poco f3 (global) and when i want to flash the fastboot version it stucks at flashing super even when i use mi flash
  5. michits

    Thread Question Bricked poco f3. I Need Help :(

    Hello i recently bricked my phone (poco f3) and there is no firmware on the phone. when i boot up it shows the poco logo and instalntly opne fastboot, fastboot works but the mi recovery not., i tried to flash the global img and there is a error.it says failed reading sparse file , i researched...
  6. minikahona

    Thread Question Can you tell me which file is the recovery.img in the stock fastboot rom?

    I've downloaded the stock fastboot rom, and i wnt to restore the stock recovery, becasue I'm using now the TWRP from here. I want to update to the latest global rom, to the enchanted one, but i dont want to reinstall everything. I only rooted the global rom that I'm using now, and i hope I can...
  7. genos.exe

    Thread Question ¿GPU Driver Updater in Game Turbo?

    Hello, how are you all. I wanted to ask you if anyone knows what happened to this option to update the GPU driver that according to a video was previously in Game Turbo ... Do you know if there is an apk version of Security that preserves this option?
  8. oghe3003

    Thread Development [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] NusantaraProject v3.2 [29/09/2021 | Android 11]

    /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  9. M

    Thread Transfering Large Amount of Photos to Phone

    I have a relatively large amount of photos and videos (~10k, ~40GB) that I need to transfer to my phone but the transfer is so slow. I even left it for the whole night and in the morning it was stuck. My phone is Poco F3. The only possible solution I have currently is to upload to Google...
  10. ArghMonkey

    Thread Question Specific app not listed in Poco F3 Dark Mode settings

    I have a Poco F3 and I like the dark mode implementation, for the most part. One of my games comes up with a bad colour because of the dark mode. When I go into additional dark mode settings, I can see a number of apps and turn the mode off on them, however the app I want to turn off, doesn't...
  11. UtsavTheGreat

    Thread Development [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF][11] IMMENSITY - X [STABLE][14-08-2021]

    A B O U T - I M M E N S I T Y IMMENSITY is a unique custom kernel project that focuses on optimizing UX and fine tuning the OEM modifications to provide the best of your device. Downloads and Changelogs can be found here /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked...
  12. GtrCraft

    Thread Development [ROM]OFFICIAL - [WEEKLY] AICP - 16.1 - 11.0 [ALIOTH]

    AICP Android Ice Cold Project AICP is known by everyone as the "Ice Cold Project" that started on a Desire HD years ago (2012) and since then has evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community that you can find!!! Until Android Lollipop, the ROM has always been based on AOKP. Unfortunately...
  13. DeathStroke47

    Thread General OneOS Weekly [MIUI 12.6] [Alioth] [Shared ROM]

    OneOS is MIUI rom based on xiaomi.eu weeklies with some cool mods and better optimization. It was previously known as Revolution OS . Installation:- Unlock your bootloader Boot TWRP via fastboot mode Format data (Only needed for first...
  14. Oxnap

    Thread Question Any Custom ROM with AOD, dt2w and pocket detection working properly?

    Hey! So, I've tried some AOSP ROMs and I encountered with the same problem in all of them. AOD, dt2w and pocket detection are BATTERY KILLERS. Specially AOD, because, when it's activated, the device doesn't enter into deep sleep. Don't get me wrong, they work as they should, maybe pocket...
  15. GtrCraft

    Thread Development [ROM][11]Android Open Source Illusion Project[Alioth][Unified]

    **** Disclaimer: I'm not responsible if you destroy your device. Use at your own risk!!! **** Android Open Source illusion Project About us: AOSIP is a quality custom ROM based purely on AOSP. Twisted with the latest features and blended with stability. We strive for perfection and it shows...
  16. Rilouu

    Thread Question Notification Badge count and Xiaomi.eu ROM questions.

    Hello everyone !! I am new here and i just got a new cell phone which is the Poco F3. I'm pretty happy with it for now but there is something that bugs me : The little badge (in red) in the corner of applications that count unread messages disapears when i clear the notifications in the...
  17. LolisAreKawaii

    Thread Question Bootloop after installing TWRP

    So I recently today bootloaded my POCO F3 then I decided to install TWRP onto my phone using tye latest video from Munchy. I then decided to download Magisk and rooted my device following all his instructions and now my phone is stuck in a bootloop. Finally I tried to go back into TWRP but it...
  18. GtrCraft

    Thread Development [KERNEL][ALIOTH] Optimus Drunk Kernel v11.20 [17-10]

    Optimus Drunk Kernel for POCO F3/Redmi K40/Mi 11x #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is... Still valid??. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any...
  19. D

    Thread Question Games looks in bad resolution (F3)

    Hi guys! I have the Poco F3 with MIUI 12.5.1 (Global) that I bought a week ago, the mobile works well in everything (although it could be better surely) but I am having a bad taste because games like PUBG Mobile or COD when running they look like in poor resolution as if the screen is of poor...
  20. GreyBoy_

    Thread Question Black screen after starting Spotify app

    Hey guys! Just got my 3rd POCO F3 after returning the previous ones bc of hw issues. I decided to give another chance to the brand and the model and just get another unit in the prime days. Before that I've been daily driving those 2 F3's and a Samsun Galaxy S8 Exynos, and had no problem with...
  21. W

    Thread Mi 10t Lite 5G or Poco F3

    I had to return my Mi 10t Lite due to a fault and got a Full Refund. I am happy to get the 10t Lite (128GB) again, but want to know if the Poco F3 is a better option instead? What is putting me off is that there is no SD card slot on the F3 and the 256GB option is out of my budget. I looked at...
  22. F

    Thread Question poco f3 256 vs mi 10 pro 256

    hi all I'm going mad about to chose between this 2 phones plz help me witch one is the best for me i need camera for video not pictures i need good gaming best touch respawns time i need custom roms to push it to limits witch one is the best for me THE PRISE IS MI 10 T PRO 600 AND POCO F3 500
  23. F

    Thread Question Poco F3 AptX support?

    Hello fellow xda's Planning on upgrading from a still verry buggy Poco F1 to a F3 and as the title says i need to know if the Poco F3 officially or unofficially suports AptX. Thanks in advance Best regards.
  24. portugalas

    Thread Question Battery usage

    Good day, everyone. I wanted to ask what kind of things/apps are in the "Other" section when looking at the battery usage percentages? It's very odd, because, for example, today it used more of my battery than my screen did. I tried to optimise every single app that I have installed (There are...
  25. H

    Thread Question Poco F3 GPS (drift) Issues

    Hi there, I got the F3 a few weeks ago and I'm happy with it, except the GPS on outside. I asked a week ago on reddit if somebody has similar problems. I wrote there: I also took a video in comparison to an Iphone X. I use there Pokemon Go to see my position. The position on the Iphone X is...
  26. thomassolcia

    Thread Question Bricked Poco F3, need help

    Hello guys, I was returning to stock rom through miflash, but the process was interrupted right at the beginning and I was unable to continue. I went to restart the cell phone to try to perform the process again, however when doing this the cellphone simply does not give the image, nor vibrates...
  27. F

    Thread General Best Value Phone 2021 - POCO F3 -

    From MrWhoseTheBoss. Link: I honestly shocked that i pulled the right trigger to buy this phone this early and with aarun recommending this phone as the best value phone i couldn't be more happy with my choice. I hope the community will grow too and make the device worth more than ever. Thank...
  28. kdbiertje

    Thread Question Mi account won't bind on poco f3

    As the title said I can't seem to bind it to the phone. I want to unlock the bootloader. Resetting doesn't work, logging in on another account doesn't work. Then resetting again does not work. I'm at the end of my knowledge and was hoping for some help here.
  29. AkechiShiro

    Thread How To Guide [MIUI 12][Global][Issue] quick workaround MIUI optimization slider dissapears in the developper settings frequently after an update.

    I have noticed this issue after updating from MIUI 12 Global V12.02 to V12.04 (fix screen dimming issues), the slider disappeared from my dev settings. Now, the quickfix is just to spam "reset to default values" a bunch of times Source of the workaround.
  30. AkechiShiro

    Thread Question [MIUI12][Update][Global] Any issues brought by the update for Global MIUI V12.0.4.0.RKHEUXM

    Hi, I have received the update notification for the global update : V12.0.2.0.RKHEUXM that fixes the screen dimming issue and optimizes the battery at night during standby (that's what some people said on Reddit) and allow a higher stability of the system on the phone. The changelog is not...
  31. G

    Thread Question Completely Unresponsive Touchscreen Area, should i ask for a new F3?

    Hello everyone, Big problem for the touch screen which is not working fine in a large area, we can clearly see it on the screen recording. I have already done a factory reset (for another reason), the problem is still here. I'm not an expert but i guess this is not a problem software can fix...
  32. combustablechicken

    Thread Question NEW HERE NEED F3 HELP (F3 vs X3 Pro Display)

    So I just watched this video (really good comparison between F3 and X3 Pro):