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  1. ebiprm

    Thread Question Time issue on Poco F3 and Huawei Watch GT3

    There is an issue with my Poco F3 and Huawei watch GT3. when I connect my watch to my Poco F3 phone it shows the incorrect time. for example, if it's 2:30 it shows 1:30. but when I connect it to other phones like Huawei or Samsung it goes back to normal. I contacted Huawei services and they...
  2. A7D

    Thread Question F3 to F4

    It kinda stupid or crazy But we know that the poco F4 have the same SOC sd870 The same screen aspect ratio And the same E4 display but the F4 support Dolby vision I wonder What happen if I have flashed the miui of the F4 on poco f3 And is Dolby vision a software or hardware? .
  3. S

    Thread Question Is it worth it?

    hi, goodday to everyone! i'm on a poco f3 and new to this phone's development scene. i previously owned an Axon 7 and was on custom roms for 1.5 years. since i'm relatively new to this phone i'm asking: Is it worth unlocking and doing custom roms on this phone? i'm completely fine on the stock...
  4. aikoo7

    Thread Poco f3 bootloader unlock

    Helli guys, I'm trying to unlock my bootloader and do root, until here is normal but I have some problems. I not have mobile data for use mi unlock tool. So, I wanna know if have any other method to unlock it. (I saw some methods using adb commands in windows but I don't know if they work and...
  5. K

    Thread Question Some questions related to crdroid android 12

    Can I still use banking apps? Does it have gapps? Does it support 120hz?
  6. K

    Thread Question Can I still make phone calls if I install lineage os?

    Does the country matter when it comes to the call provider service?
  7. D

    Thread Lineage 19.1 + MindTheGapps 12.1: Google Cloud Messaging not working

    Hello, i have freshly installed Lineage Os 19.1 (on Poco F3) and the most recent MindTheGapps package. Everything works fine so far, except it is not possible to register to push notifications (google cloud messaging). This drains my battery really fast and some apps do not work at all. Are...
  8. michits

    Thread Wipe rom after wiping everyrging in recovery

    Hello, i want to decrypt my phone and need a bit of help. i saw that i need to wipe and format daata to decrypt my phone. what i am not sure about is if i wipe everything in the recovery is the rom i used before still on the phone or do i have to reflash it?
  9. crashpoum99

    Thread Question Poco F3 Signal issue both MIUI and custom roms

    Hello everybody. I have an issue with the Poco F3 regarding signal and networking. After the last update to MIUI 12.5 and later MIUI 13, my phone was having issues making and receiving calls and also using mobile data. Before those updates, I had no issues whatsoever. I unlocked my bootloader...
  10. S

    Thread Question Hard-Bricked Poco F3 (shocker). Won't boot into EDL.

    Hello peeps. My Poco F3 got hard bricked after update froze (was doing clean install of stable EU rom). Phone won't boot into any mode, and won't appear on pc. I've tried sorting the Test Pins 50 different ways and it still doesn't get picked up by the pc. Qualcomm Drivers are installed. Device...
  11. YOSSEF45601

    Thread Question Poco f3 heating help

    Hello my Poco f3 8gb 256gb is heating when I play PUBG on 90fps and 120hz on my screen the battery temp is 47c and the CPU temp is 65c is it dangerous and what are the temp that ok for phone will gaming ?
  12. S

    Thread Question [HELP] Bricked Poco F3. Doesn't Boot

    So I was updating to a newer update in the eu Rom but something went wrong, and the update was stuck. After a bit I got it to work again, and decided to install the stable version instead of the weekly. It was not in the cards. That update/installation also froze, and now my phone is off and...
  13. Andlohim

    Thread Question Q¿Q

    QQ I'm tired of sitting here on Redmi s2 and waiting for POCO F3. What do you say about him?
  14. lafreantz

    Thread Question Sound in games cuts out/disappears in Poco F3

    For some reason, when I open most games, the sound always disappears when I start playing. But I can still hear the voices of my teammates through mic. To be clear, the game has sound when on the game's menu screen, it only disappears when I start playing until the end of the game. And the sound...
  15. lafreantz

    Thread Question POCO F3 always reboots when I update to MIUI 13

    I need help with my Poco f3. Ever since I updated my OS to Miui 13, my phone keeps rebooting every time I open any applications. Sometimes I can open them, but the phone still reboots randomly. I tried everything, did factory resets, and wiped out all the data, thinking it would solve the...
  16. zekrolmaster

    Thread how to go back on stock on POCO F3?

    Hello everyone, i have been using lineage os and now i have to go back to stock. I am using lineageos 18.1 with lineage recovery on my alioth device. Can i somehow go back to stock MIUI and a stock recovery? (if its possible also lock bootloader). Help needed
  17. L

    Thread Question Pull down area

    Hello I have a problem with the razer kishi. When it's attached, I can't pull down the status bar. I don't want to cut kishis's rubber pad, so if you guys know a way to edit the sensitivity area to expand the status bar I'd really appreciate it. This only happens on miui based roms. The phone...
  18. U

    Thread Question poco f3 version

    Hi I decided to buy the poco f3 I see the f3 has several versions like the 5G version, but the "regular" version also supports 5G. What are the differences? And the most important question - a rom for "regular" F3, will work for the 5G version? Thanks a lot!
  19. Lancelloti

    Thread Question Front Camera Issue

    Hello All. I've bought my Poco Phone F3 NFC Global 2 weeks ago and then I updated it to 12.5.6, and finally 13.0.2. Since the last update (MIUI 13) my front camera don't work anymore. I tried some things: * Other app for camera. * Clear Camera Data * Flash Custom ROM (PIXEL PLUSUI latest...
  20. J

    Thread Question ARB and firmware flashing

    If I flash for example fw_alioth_miui_ALIOTHEEAGlobal_V13.0.4.0.SKHEUXM_17e135935d_12.0 and another custom ROM wants fw_alioth_miui_ALIOTHEEAGlobal_V12.5.8.0.RKHEUXM_5e087090df_11.0 (v12 basically) will I trigger ARB and brick the phone? Or what is it that triggers ARB?
  21. Bl4Ck R34Ct0r

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods Poco Launcher 4.0 Finally Leaked!

    Greetings! Yesterday, a leaked version of the new Poco Launcher, that the company promised to roll out an update for it mid May of this year, was finally out. The launcher has many improvements: 1 - New Animations made the launcher way fluid and modern for the eyes and especially for the Poco...
  22. Captain_Cuddle

    Thread Question [Request] Nethunter for Alioth? (POCO F3/ Redmi K40/ Mi 11x)

    Hi community! I wanted to know if someone has already done a kernel or downright a Kali Nethunter ROM. I had a OnePlus 5 (cheeseburger) before and I'm having fun with it but I changed my phone. Thankies ! :)
  23. P

    Thread Question [Help] With Custom Rom Charge

    When i try to charge my phone with custom rom it crashes then reboot Tried it with crDroid and DerpFest, when on miui it works,tried changing kernel to InfiniR Alioth v2.12 but no luck what can i do ?
  24. althafvly

    Thread Development [ROM][OFFICIAL][alioth/aliothin][12.1] LineageOS 19.1

    LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 12L (Sv2), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project with extra contributions from many people within the...
  25. omros

    Thread Question poco f3 unkown baseband ?

    any one has idea that how i got my phone the unknown baseband. " my phone was in 9008 mode due to rooting & using chinese app which moved my phone to 9008 mode automatically & no way to come back from that hell zone (9008) because it needed an mi auth to flash the whole firmware. really xiaomi ...
  26. J

    Thread Question Google often asks for location

    Hello, this week I flashed ArrowOS 12 custom ROM and I had bit problem with the green indicator about location. I was curious, so I started finding. And I founded that google asks for my location history every few minutes. Is that normal? It is bit annoying and I can't find any settings related...
  27. roshansai

    Thread Question [CLOSED] Recovering Imei poco f3 / Uknown baseband fix ?

    i flashed the poco f3 latest firmware & now sudeenly baseband is unkown but i have an twrp backup of old firmware. so, could it be possible to go with my old firmware & recover baseband & imei with twrp backup. also , i wanted to know which firmware/build version was mine when using the twrp...
  28. L

    Thread Themes / Apps / Mods MFP / DFE / MakeRW for Alioth/in ( Universal script to install all ROMs via TWRP )

    DFE ( Disable Forced Encryption ) MFP ( Multi Functions Patch, Universal script to install any ROM via TWRP ) MakeRW ( Gives system partitions permission to edit system files + increases the size of partitions. "Improved similar SystemRW" ) To begin with, I will say that this script is...
  29. C

    Thread Question A few questions about miui.eu.

    Hello! I have a POCO F3 alioth (EEA 12.5.7_RKHEUXM) and I am considering flashing xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK40_POCOF3_V13.0.3.0.SKHCNXM_v13-12-fastboot stable custom ROM. I have no prior experience in flashing custom firmware I will be following this tutorial. Is there anything else I should know...
  30. K

    Thread Question Modified thermals (thermald)

    I've read that Casanova project has different thermals (Balanced, Performance) available to use with Magisk, which provide different thermald implementations. The one with performance sets the thermal throttle border higher - CPU (and GPU?) throttling will be done at higher temps than stock. I...
  31. G

    Thread Question Sound has suddenly become faint on Xiaomi Poco F3

    The phone was new in december. Android 11. MIUI Global 12.5.7 stable The ring is loud when someone is ringing me. When I ring someone else I can barely hear it and when they talk it is so quiet that it's hard to understand what they are saying. I've tried three different equalizer apps with no...
  32. B

    Thread Question A few questions from a new owner.

    Hello everyone, I'll be getting my Poco F3 tomorrow and I have a few questions. Most of them were asked already but they're relatively old already and I'm unsure whether it got fixed or not. Anyways, here are my questions. 1) Was the proximity sensor issue patched/fixed? Is it any better than...
  33. agoinfly

    Thread Question Redmi K40/Poco F3/Mi 11X: Global vs Europe Firmware

    Which firmware (privacy-focussed) is better?
  34. S

    Thread Question *SOLVED* Poco F3 Fastboot not working.

    Tried to update my F3 to the new weekly Xiaomi EU MIUI 13, and I think I failed miserably. Was at EU MIUI 12 Stable. Tried to just install with TWRP obviously didn't work since it's not even in the instructions. After that I did the /data wipe and tried to boot into Fastboot to install new miui...
  35. sanrivera

    Thread Question Poco F3 Root

    Hey folks, I'm looking to root my f3 to try and solve a problem with the 4G bands that is causing signal loss. Is there a way to root this device without a Windows machine? I don't have one since I use macos... I tried KingRoot with no success so far.
  36. JordyLeeflang

    Thread Question Support for Wide angle camera in lieage os? (Poco f3)

    I'm not sure is this is the right forum for this but here we are :) I just installed lineage-18.1-20211218-nightly-alioth on my poco F3 and it works fine. feels snappy and is just an overall better experience then miui in my opinion. But is just noticed that only one of the camera's is showing...
  37. elyasmo

    Thread Question (other) in battery usage. running system apps

    hi. i bougth poco f3 128g a week ago and in battery usage (other) has high usage. in boost phone every time i boost after 5 min system apps are running again (20or28apps).please tell me how to manage this
  38. intel-user

    Thread Suggest gaming phones with no heat issues

    Hello Please suggest me some phones for play call of duty mobile (for 1 to 3h play with low graphic but max FPS) with no heat issues 🔥 and cool down self to keep total temp under 40°C 👌 As you know, top 3 snapdragons models (888+ and 888 and 870) have a overheat problem, i have Poco F3 And i...
  39. portugalas

    Thread Question Updater problem/bug

    Hello, I've been wondering, has anyone come across this problem? It's been stuck like this since I've updated my phone to MIUI 12.5. As far as I know and read, the latest stable version of MIUI on POCO F3 is Rebooting does absolutely nothing, neither does "Update tonight" The...
  40. H

    Thread Question Poco F3 + otg + Dcan cable

    Hello, my Pocophone F3 doesnt recognize OTG with flashing DCAN cable, i connect it and nothing happens, when i conect usb with otg it works, any can help me with this problem? With poco f1 and mi 9 se there is no problem, everythink works.
  41. grippado

    Thread Question POCO F3 Missing 5G Option

    Hi everyone, recently I bought a POCO F3, and put my sim card, and using normally to navigate and gaming, every fine, but, I'm travel to city with 5G, and for my disgusting surprise, my POCO F3 5G, don't have an option to select and use 5G network! I made a lot of tests with my SIM Card, and in...
  42. jackaros

    Thread Question Signal / Reception problems

    Hello everyone. For the past 2 weeks, I have been having a very hard time receiving and making calls. I currently live in the UK and have Lebara which I think uses Vodafone's network. My phone shows that it has a 5G connection which I have not verified when it comes to data speeds but I have...
  43. B

    Thread Question F3 is not responding after screen off

    Hello Everyone! I have a strange problem, Wean i boot the device all is work great, but after the screen turn off (after inactive time, or pressing power bouton) the touch screen is not responding anymore (physical button work great without problems, turn on/off screen, fingerprint, volume...
  44. justinh99

    Thread Question Poco F3 bricked cant acces EDL Mode and Fastboot Mode

    I have my Poco F3 today brickt when I wanted to install the latest Xiaomi.eu beta (android 12 ) via Fastboot. I do not know if it was because of that, but I have replaced the boot image in the images folder with a magisk patched boot image. that phone no longer turns on I see only a black...
  45. michits

    Thread Question TWRP flash issue

    i flashed twrp on my poco f3 (global) and when i try to open it it shows the twrp screen but crashes back to miui. pls help :(
  46. keiian

    Thread Question Looking for a stable official rom

    I need an official native rom that can be used stably, preferably Google. This is very important to me. Miui makes me feel bad. Can anyone recommend it to me.:)
  47. michits

    Thread Question Fail flashing miui on poco f3

    i recently wanted to flash the new miui on my poco f3 (global) and when i want to flash the fastboot version it stucks at flashing super even when i use mi flash
  48. michits

    Thread Question Bricked poco f3. I Need Help :(

    Hello i recently bricked my phone (poco f3) and there is no firmware on the phone. when i boot up it shows the poco logo and instalntly opne fastboot, fastboot works but the mi recovery not., i tried to flash the global img and there is a error.it says failed reading sparse file , i researched...