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  1. Coldeny

    Thread Question POCO X3 NFC just died out of nowhere. Not even the charging light is working. (global)

    Hello. About 7 hours ago, I had %5 charge and I was using the phone until the screen went gray. I thought it would be charge ending but no spinning animation was on screen. When I realized it was stuck, I had no way but to just hold the power button to force shutdown. I then quickly put it to...
  2. mrteddybear

    Thread Poco X3 Indian variant Custom rom Suggestion

    Hello everyone im currently using poco x3 indian variant. So recently i was thinking about shifting from MIUI to a custom rom . 1)Which rom will be better for this device? 2) The only game I play is PUBG. Will shifting from miui to other rom give me 60 fps ? I don't need 90 fps .60 fps will be...
  3. O

    Thread MiUnlock Status Not Unlocking

    So I wanted to install ArrowOS the other day, so I went though the process to unlock but I just could not get past the mI unlock status. I have the rom I want, aswell as the mi unlock tool and I know how to unlock. but it just baffled me on how to do the mi unlock status thing, it just keeps...
  4. X

    Thread Poco x3 nfc global , downgrade , bootloop,

    I tried to downgrade my device from 12.5.5 to 12.0.2 without unlocking bootloader and without using pc ( i have done this before but didnt happen this) now my device keep rrestarting to poco logo in every two second nothing else happen how can i recover this. I can go to fastboot
  5. s7vennn

    Thread Wifi keeps not working

    Hi, guys. Some time ago, I made a post here talking about a wifi problem that happened after I installed a custom ROM on my Surya (for those who don't know, my wifi keeps disconnecting and connecting when I use ROMs that wasn't made based on MIUI). Sometime later, I reinstalled the original ROM...
  6. chrisw444

    Thread Paranoid Android Sapphire Alpha 3 - POCO X3/X3 NFC

    We are very excited to announce the alpha of Paranoid Android Sapphire, based on Android 12. On the third launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with a beautiful wallpaper from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a multi-disciplinary...
  7. Seragin

    Thread any kernels that support 30w charging?

    i tried both stormbreaker and optimus dark but they both charge under 10w any kernel that does support 30w? im using a poco x3 nfc with crdroid 7 btw
  8. S

    Thread POCO X3 NFC - Display Malfunction

    Just wondering if anyone had any idea on a fix or even if the situation is fixable. I have a Poco X3 NFC that I have had about 5 months now, and then earlier today the display flickered when playing a game, and the phone shut off. When starting the phone back up the display wasn't working...
  9. Lt.Attano

    Thread Poco X3 NFC completely dead.

    Just like the title says, I left the phone charging for a whie and when I came back I found it completely dead, I tried turning it on and hard rebooting it but nope. When I plug it into the charger the indicator on top turns on but nothing more than that. I don't have any more details than this...
  10. M

    Thread How can I make ANX Camera work on a Poco X3 NFC (Lineage Os)

    Last time I tried to install ANXCamera my phone got in a boot loop, these are the steps I followed to install the app. Flash Magisk with TWRP Open Magisk and flash MIUICore addon Flash ANX Camera 190 by AEonAX Flash 48mp fix Restarted my phone, and I got in a loop, had to reflash MIUI and...
  11. Lucas 3917

    Thread problem installing rom / problema ao instala rom

    I am not able to install any android 11 rom on my poco x3 nfc recovery is up to date but does not install from uploud error error 1 the only rom that installs is from android 10 does anyone know how to solve this? não estou conseguindo instalar nenhuma rom do Android 11 no meu poco x3 nfc o...
  12. 1sr4

    Thread Poco X3 NFC Display Problem

    Hello community, good day! My phone looks like this for days, the screen works touch and turns on, but does not give an image, does anyone know how to fix it?
  13. J

    Thread Poco x3 NFC bypass EDL authentication

    I have a poco x3 nfc, locekd bootloader. While flashing with MiFlashTool, it says that I am not authorized to Download. Is there any way to bypass authentication like using patched firehose? Or is there any alternative solution? Thanks for help!
  14. MiPlays

    Thread Severe Thermal Throttling on PUBGM in POCO X3 NFC

    I'm playing PUBG Mobile on smooth Graphics(Lowest) and Extreme(60FPS) framerates. After just 8 minutes of gameplay, the power monitor(Built-in monitor) shows 50-51 Celcius temperature, and fps dips as low as 40 which feels very laggy. I know even top-of-the-line phones throttle but not after...
  15. K

    Thread POCO X3 MIUI 12.5.1 HEAT UP

    Hey guys! I just updated my Poco X3 NFC, with which I have been almost 5 months, to MIUI 12.5.1 2 days ago. And I'm noticing a heat up, just like when I'm gaming, but doing normal tasks. the UI isn't optimized or what? I'm asking here for opinions or information before just downgrading.
  16. matteodeckaj

    Thread [RECOVERY] [SHRP] [UNOFFICIAL] [surya] Sky Hawk Recovery Project [3.1]

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Recovery *...
  17. O Caiçara

    Thread Poco X3 NFC bricked.... Pls help

    So, I bought a Poco X3 NFC already bricked for a low price, and some information I can give you from what I tested is: - The brick happened in an software update - Bootloader is locked (tried to flash from mi flash and it gives an error of locked state) - Can't unlock from ADB - I don't...
  18. dhxft

    Thread Help?

    Hi, I'm kinda new to android and I have a question... I've been doing lots of research about everything android really (ROMs, Kernels, Rooting...) but I'm kinda lost atm. I rooted my phone, everything went well. I installed NetHunter and it seems to work fine just that I would like to enable HID...
  19. Seragin

    Thread solved

    phone numbers seen as unknown im using arrow os which is rooted and idk how to fix this
  20. D

    Thread How to fix the phone calling bug issue?

    Hello, I have a problem with the Poco X3 NFC. Some times the phone seems to be disconnected from the mobile provider. I can not make or receive any phone call. I have to put the phone for a while to airplane mode or to reboot it to be able to make a voice call again. I read that maybe changing...
  21. redymedan

    Thread [Guide] Install MIUI 12.5 for POCO X3 NFC Android 11 ( Ported ROM )

    How to Install MIUI 12.5 for POCO X3 NFC Android 11 - Ported ROM. Optimized ROM Based on MIUI 12 Stable Use at your own risk, I'm not responsible for bricking your device. GOOD FOR GAMING ( PUBG TESTED ) MIUI 12.5 Install Instructions on POCO X3 NFC: Enter TWRP Recovery Mode: Turn Power off...
  22. Q

    Thread Most features are broken after updating to 12.0.1 Stable Global update

    So I got a notification that there's a new update so I updated immediately. After the update, installing finished but got stucked at MIUI logo for more than 30 mins so I rebooted it using power button then it turns on but immediately noticed that it automatically switch from full screen mode to...
  23. alfrdfrd

    Thread [SOLVED] Task Viewer not working properly after Update

    As the title suggests, the task viewer on my poco x3 nfc (MIUI doesn't work properly. There's no split screen option unless I hold an app, I can't change the style of how I view my background apps, and there is no other shortcuts. I don't even see my ram usage. I've recently...
  24. I

    Thread [SOLVED] Poco X3 NFC (surya) Stuck in Bootloop After ArrowOS Update

    As the title reads, My Poco X3 has gotten stuck in a bootloop after an attempted ArrowOS update. I think it's the May update, and from other posts on this forum, it seems this is a not a one-off issue. I tried updating my phone by downloading the latest ArrowOS update and firmware for the PocoX3...
  25. E

    Thread I'm an amateur and bricked my Poco X3 (Surya)

    Hi everyone, first of all, sorry for my bad english. As the rules state, I've already lurked through some of the threads on the site but I'm not really sure on how to proceed or which one to follow, as many of them goes through different processes. I was trying various different ROMs and...
  26. H

    Thread [Q] How to back up data to pc before flashing custom roms?

    Hello everyone, How do you guys back up your data (photos, WhatsApp back up, text messages, call logs) to your pc before you flash a new custom rom? As I understand, all my data gets wiped when I flash a new rom.. Is there a way to flash it so that my data doesn't get cleaned? Or is there a...
  27. alfrdfrd

    Thread Stock Gallery not showing photos on sd card

    My POCO X3 NFC stock gallery doesn't show photos/album from my SD Card. I've re mounted it again and still its not showing up on the gallery. I've also cleared cache and for some reason the clear data is greyed out. I also recently factory reset my phone due to some glitches. I can also view...
  28. T

    Thread Haylou GT5 Voice Chat/ Voice Call Issue

    Good day. I need some assistance regarding the Haylou GT5 that I recently bought. I am having technical issues with it. The sound is muffled when I call someone using the internet (Discord call/Facebook messenger call). Same thing also happens when I use it for voice chatting in the games...
  29. gmikhail

    Thread How to rename external SD card?

    I have already tried to format it, but it still appears everywhere (in third-party file managers and even when connecting smartphone to PC) as "android". Can I rename it somehow? Or does it happen like this for everyone? On my old smartphone, memory cards were displayed as "External storage" or...
  30. Maciupa

    Thread Stuck in bootloop

    I am a poco x3 nfc user. I have been installing custom roms and kernels for months. Yesterday I flashed android 11 miui 12.0.7 eea stable rom and everything was good, then i found some bugs so i wanted to go back to android 10 stock rom. So I flashed fastboot rom miui 12.0.8. android 10 trough...
  31. mahmoud20070

    Thread Flashed wrong version , phone keep restarting

    Good day , kindly I need your Help I have poco x3 nfc Global version with miui 12.08 and After unlocked phone , flashed miui 12.09 Miui india version and now phone show poco logo then keep restarting I tried All Available soluation flash stock global ron and custom roms and also stock and...
  32. thueringer

    Thread Miuimi 12 sucks....

    Hi guys, this is my first experience report about my new Poco X3 NFC with Miumi 12 after 14 days in use.... To explain: 2 years ago i got my first xiaomi redmi note 6 pro global. This machine is a fine thing, but i never liked the miui surface. So i decided to unlock and root the phone and use...
  33. J3ikar

    Thread POCO X3 front camera 1440P support

    Hi. Poco x3's front camera can record 1080p(16:9) video on default camera app. Using Open camera i can record 2592x1940p(648:485), then cut from it 2560x1440p(16:9). Q1: Why front camera does not support higher than 1080p on default camera app? Q2: Why phone does not support 1440p recording...
  34. J3ikar

    Thread Poco X3 front & back video recording at the same time but different files?

    Hi. Poco X3 can record dual video with front and back camera at the same time. Only 1080p of course. Is there any way save video in two files, not on one file?
  35. Dark-Yox

    Thread [Solved] Mi Unlock and fastboot doesn't detect my Poco X3

    Hi everyone, I want to unlock my bootloader but when I'm in the fastboot mode Mi Unlock or the basic fastboot doesn't detect my phone when using the command fastboot devices I tried uninstalling everything related to the Xiaomi and every Android / ADB drivers I tried booting Windows with the...
  36. Master One

    Thread Anyone here using Open Camera on the POCO X3 NFC?

    Looking for a replacement of Google Camera Go that comes with ArrowOS 11, I have just taken a look at Open Camera, but unfortunately it seems to require a more specific configuration for the capabilities of the cameras in the POCO X3 NFC as the app crashes or shows errors while looking through...
  37. M

    Thread Poco X3 NFC (surya) custom ROM with smart charging

    Hello is there a custom ROM for surya with Android 11 and smart charging? I had LegionOS on my note 9s a loved this feature. Pixel Experience or ArrowOS, Lineage 18.1 do you know if they have it? Cheers
  38. SawaMEN

    Thread [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Poco X3 NFC [Surya]

    LineageOS 18.1 Android OS version: 11 For devices: POCO X3 NFC Authors build: SawaMEN Thanks: xyyx, mahajant99, GtrCraft and etc. Recommended Google Apps: Flame Gapps Recovery: TWRP SELinux Enforcing Telegtam update chanell: @los_surya Instructions: 1) install firmware from