1. C

    Thread General VOTE for Xiaomi note 9T Custom ROM (Dimensity 800U )

    here is a poll to show how many people are interested by a custom ROM for xiaomi not 9 T
  2. V

    Thread [POLL] Find Out The BEST ROM!

    Hi there. So I'm planning on installing Custom Rom for this Poco X3 but I feel Overwhelmed by the number of ROMs being developed for this device. So I am trying to moderate a poll on this topic to discover the most used ROM and why someone use it. Feel free to vote in this thread and give your...
  3. Khan_Baba111

    Thread How to create a poll on Facebook 2021

    Running a poll on Facebook is really helpful for you and your friends in making decisions. Different opinions help us to decisions easily. How to create a Facebook poll You can create a Facebook poll with your Facebook story maker. And ask what you want from your friends. You can ask...
  4. michierusama

    Thread Android 11 bugs (stable September 8th release)

    I ''upgraded'' on September 8th. On Android 10 I didn't have the following issues, they started right after the update on September 8th. 1- If you are playing a game on landscape mode, sometimes, when you pull down notifications drawer, the icons (battery, signal, etc) get stuck, and the only...
  5. AndroidPurity

    Thread Display Brightness Poll

    How do you usually set your brightness?
  6. S

    Thread Do use protection for you S10 or it goes naked?

    1.>Case+Screen protection 2.>Only case 3.>Only Screen protection 4.>Naked(none of protection) Protection make the phone uglier ,particularly most of screen protectors with curve screen you cant use glass anymore (curve glass the touch dosnt work well and silicon-gel look like you have...
  7. M

    Thread Rom Decision

    Which of them do You Prefer 8.1.0 DotOS v2.5 by UditKarode : Beatiful Oreo Rom 8.0.0 Universal Oreo Rom by @Manok98 : Best of All but no Camera 8.0.0 Ultimate Oreo Note 8 by @enesuzun2002 : No Camera and long Stopped 7.1.1 A8+ Port for S6 by @bunty_parona : Was Great missing some Features...
  8. D

    Thread [POLL] Which Oreo ROM(s) do you use on OnePlus 5T

    vote : http://pollmaker.vote/p/0UQ9WSFX results : http://pollmaker.vote/r/0UQ9WSFX There is no need to mention here which one(s) you voted for or which one(s) you consider better or worse at any given moment. (use dedicated...
  9. emime12

    Thread Best ROM for Daily Use - Vote now

    Everyday we have new ROMs and is hard to select one for daily use. This poll will have indefinite time for everyone to vote VOTE NOW You can discuss here why the Rom you vote is the best for daily use. this will help the members, choose the perfect rom.

    Thread [Link to Poll] How old are most of you here?

    Here's the thread where you can vote: https://forum.xda-developers.com/windows-10-mobile/windows-10-mobile-apps-and-games/poll-how-t3709115 I was supposed to post this in this forum section. Sorry about having similar posts.

    Thread [Poll] How old are most of you here?

    Just curious about the ages of people here.
  12. I

    Thread Most common aspect ratio besides 16:9? (4:3 doesn't count)

    TL;DR in the end I was wondering what the ideal aspect ratio is for a screen. It would, of course, be reflected by what the majority of media is using. Pondering about the benefits of ultra-wide (21:9), I discovered about the 2.39:1 aspect ratio. It's the true aspect ratio cinemas use, and it's...
  13. A

    Thread Honor 8 Pro - OTA Poll

    Announcement OTA Poll for Honor 8 Pro Please fill out the linked form. Responses will be directed to R & D for inclusion in the next Firmware Build(B160). Only one response per Email ID. OTA POLL FORM FOR HONOR 8 PRO Thank you
  14. K

    Thread Which Nougat based ROM you like the most ? Why ?

    I just wanted to make a poll and wanted to see which ROMs are most liked and why? I know almost every ROM has same bugs but although let's see which ROM is best ? It would be better if you comment down the reason why you like particular ROM..
  15. Lordinal82

    Thread What's your favourite Android version of all time?

    Say which and why. Mine's 2.3 Gingerbread, it was the most customizable and stable version of its days (even when ICS and JB were released). CyanogenMod 7.2 was my favourite ROM back then, but obviously it can't be compared with today's Android 7.1. :p What about you? What's your favourite one?
  16. G

    Thread [Poll] [Vote] Best custom ROM for Huawei P8 lite

    For the p8 lite community to vote for your favourite custom ROM based on stability, customization, battery life, performance, and whether or not a build is ready to use as a daily driver. Post your feedback without criticizing, complaining, or putting down our amazing team of devs. For...
  17. djsubterrain

    Thread Who else would be interested in a fast charge cradle?

    As the subject says, due to the lack of wireless charging I would really like to see a cradle for the OnePlus 5 (as well as the 3/3T). I know there are plenty of USB cradles for phones out there but there are none with dash charge, I'm not sure a standard usb cradle would be able to transfer the...
  18. DrakenFX

    Thread [Discussion / Poll] ZTE Bits And Bytes Poll (week of 1/15) - Let's Go Vote -

    Hello everyone, it seems like ZTE need our vote and voices and they have created a Poll , here is the info and link : https://community.zteusa.com/polls/1618
  19. K

    Thread What's your favourite ROM?

    I am pretty interested in, what ROM do you guys like. I would also appreciate if you can tell us why is it good and why bad. I chose ROMs that I found in ROM thread so no other searching.. 1. Google Pixel Edition 2. UltraLite 3.5 3. RENOVATE EDGE 3.3 4. KING_ROM_S7_EDGE_v14 5. PhoeniX ROM V3.0...
  20. D

    Thread [Discussion] [Poll] PIXEL PRICE

    At USD $649 for a 5" Google Pixel phone compared with nexus 5x price of USD $379 what are your thoughts on pricing, (POLL on top) Here's the hardware compared: Article by xda, talking about Pixel price...
  21. M

    Thread Please rate your Galaxy Note 7

    Hello, please spend 6 seconds of your time to rate your experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. I will be comparing results to other phones and the other variants of the device. If you possibly want to see how they all did you can message me on twitter at masaforce. Honest reviews only. Thank...
  22. D

    Thread Looking to buy One Plus 3. Grey or Gold? Poll. Opinions Please.

    Hey there guys. I'm looking to buy the One Plus 3 soon and I've spent a stupid amount of time trying to figure out which color looks better as I seem to love both. I've seen many youtube videos and pictures and the Gold looks silver in a lot of them. It's as if in one place the pictures the...
  23. awsomjgp

    Thread What rom would you like to see on the Axon 7?

    I was wondering what kinds of roms the community would like to see on this device. I am getting this phone soon and would like an AOSP-based rom on the axon 7.
  24. drago10029

    Thread Email app with interval sync instead of push

    the subject says it all. It drives me nuts that so many email apps want to just push emails as soon as they come in. I want an app that polls emails or have an interval sync option. I've tried K-9 but the UI is awful, any other recommendations would be great, Thanks!
  25. M

    Thread Best/Most recommended ROMs for single sim galaxy core?

    So I want to give my old device a new life, but most ROMs are for dual sim, so which ROM do you think is best for the single sim version and why?
  26. AchillesTheGod

    Thread POLL: Android M or Android N? do you like the new N look?

    so what do you guys thinK? tbh im not so sure.
  27. gheymann

    Thread HTC One A9 Order DesK : What Color/ Model/Configuration did you order?

    Thought I would post a quick poll to see what xda members found to be the most attractive options for the HTC One A9: The phone is regionally configured with either 2Gb ram/ 16Gb of Storage or 3Gb ram/32 Gb of Storage both configurations are expandable with micro SD. The phone will be offered...
  28. mdabar

    Thread Group purchase

    Hi guys, I'm dealing with an online shop for a group purchase, the first question is which model would be the most interesting to ask for... there are really a lot. I have started a poll in Google+ -> https://plus.google.com/+ManoloDaza/posts/jZo4WTaaDby But of course all the comments are...
  29. quakze

    Thread [POLL] Do U want MIUIv7 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S 5

    As I have successfully ported the MIUI for Yureka and will like to expand the device list ! So I am here to query U guys whether U want MIUIv7 Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy S 5 ? I have selected 4 devices in which Samsung Galaxy S 5 is one, depending on votes will decide for which device I should...
  30. quakze

    Thread [POLL] Do U want MIUIv7 Lollipop on HTC One (M8)

    As I have successfully ported the MIUI for Yureka and will like to expand the device list ! So I am here to query U guys whether U want MIUIv7 Lollipop on HTC One (M8) ? I have selected 4 devices in which HTC One (M8) is one, depending on votes will decide for which device I should work first...
  31. quakze

    Thread Do U want MIUIv7 Lollipop on OnePlus One

    As I have successfully ported the MIUI for Yureka and will like to expand the device list ! So I am here to query U guys whether U want MIUIv7 Lollipop on OnePlus One ? I have selected 4 devices in which OnePlus One is one, depending on votes will decide for which device I should work first...
  32. quakze

    Thread [POLL] Do U want MIUIv7 Lollipop on LG G3

    As I have successfully ported the MIUI for Yureka and will like to expand the device list ! So I am here to query U guys whether U want MIUIv7 Lollipop on LG G3 ? I have selected 4 devices in which Lg G3 is one, depending on votes will decide for which device I should work first. The voting...
  33. 9Lukas5

    Thread [POLL][AICP][F2FS] Do you use ext4 or did you change to f2fs?

    Everything said in title, simply wanted to get some imagination how many of the m7 useres use f2fs. Don't know if there are other roms than AICP at this time supporting f2fs L
  34. A

    Thread [Q] How long does your battery last?

    So, How long does you S2 Mini's battery last? And is it a *92,*95 or *90.
  35. N

    Thread POLL - Will you or Will you NOT get the S6?

    We have now read many articles, blogs and forums on the S6 ... I was just interested in what your thoughts were thus far, and it really boils down to these poll choices. Please make your selection and lets see what the general mood is!
  36. adelancker

    Thread [Poll] Other Steelconnect model for our moto 360

    Dear all, as some of you know, SteelConnect has recently launched an accessory (the M180 and M225) that reduces the risk of backcracking of the Moto 360 while also making it easier to switch bands. However, I and several other people love the idea but I don't really like the gap between the...
  37. squabbi

    Thread [Q] Will you wait for the official Lollipop or flash a Lollipop ROM?

    Hey fellas! With Sony's confirmation of an official Lollipop release early 2015, are you going to wait and see how it looks, performs and feels. Or will you take the dive and flash one of our WIP ROMs? Also anything holding you back from trying any of the ROMs?
  38. B

    Thread [POLL] What is the best ROM for ACE 2 I8160

    hello everyone ! as we know, know we have a lot of costume roms, GB roms, JB roms Kitkat Roms, stock based Rom, Cyanogenmod roms, so all of as would he know what is the best rom according to how he use his phone ! (Gaming - Chatting - Musique - Powersaving...) I hope that everyone...
  39. K

    Thread Nexus 9 Customer Satisfaction Poll

    Given the documented issues some users are experiencing with the Nexus 9, I thought it might be useful to have an opinion poll. So without further ado, will you keep your Nexus 9? Feel free to reply with your comments.
  40. linuxct

    Thread Scores of our Shield Tablet in Antutu

    Hello there! I've got an idea to make a post-poll to see what scores Antutu Benchmark is giving us in the Shield Tablet on any ROM, like CM11, Stock, etc. Mine (WiFi-only model) got 53.844 points, with the latest stock firmware (1.2.1) and Antutu Benchmark 5.1.. Also, it was set to Max...
  41. LastBlessings

    Thread [POLL][XPERIA] - Rate your ROM

    As there are so many different (and not so different) ROMs available for our Xperia Z (C6603), it becomes somehow difficult to find the best (in terms of smoothness and features) ROM for daily use. I know there are already plenty of threads comparing general features of different major ROMs...
  42. gooberdude

    Thread Poll upgrading 4.4.2 or sticking with whatcha got

    Here is my simple poll... I am not giving reasons to why I am sticking with 4.2.2, as many will argue against my points. This is a poll so if anything it is all about your reason not mine, and how many are going one way or the other.
  43. rayxearl

    Thread Survey for Android Launcher Experience

    In favor of my Bachelor’s thesis, I’m trying to improve the Android Launcher with some user insight and displaying the content context-sensitive (some recent examples are Aviate or Everything me). I would be happy if some people here could help me and fill out the following survey. It only...
  44. Edgehood

    Thread [Q] ROM Name Ideas

    I am probably going to start building a ROM from source for the Nexus 5 soon, but I really can't think of any ideas for the name of the ROM. Any ideas? Help is appreciated. Thanks!
  45. rosswhite

    Thread [POLL] Which HBOOT Version Are You On?

    There seems to be a lot of discussion about HBOOT versions in the new KitKat ROM threads, so I thought it would be interesting to see how many users are running each HBOOT version at the moment. I don't know, how do I find out? You need to reboot your phone to the bootloader screen. If you...
  46. mokkami

    Thread [Q] How many Moto G Users do we have?

    Hey Folks, as my HTC HD2 died last week after 4 incredible years i was looking for a new Phone to go for. After making some research on the Net i decided to buy a Motorola Moto G. The price/performance relation seems to be stunning due to the countless reviews i read about this device. Maybe...
  47. I

    Thread Battery Inaccuracies Poll

    Hi, This is Poll Based on a discussion that has been going on Regarding The Battery Life, Its Inaccuracies and Workarounds. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2274678&page=12 Please select the Options That best Suit You. This should hopefully help generate some consolidated data...
  48. S

    Thread Nexus 5 on Verizon [POLL]

    What do you think about the Nexus 5 coming to Verizon Serious thread Will update with some sources of speculation as they roll in Funny read on Nexus 5 rumors on droid-life: http://www.droid-life.com/2013/10/08/so-many-ridiculous-nexus-5-rumors-today/ According to CNET it will have Verizon...
  49. Sloth

    Thread [Discussion][Poll] Sprint ViperOne ROM - 4.3 - Sense 5 - Venom Tweaks

    Hello XDA, mrshades812 has been in contact with the Devs of ViperOne(not available for Sprint...) And asked me to post coz he's scurred lol :p He asked them if they would support a Sprint version. He received these replies. There are no promises but if there is enough interest in a Sprint...
  50. isaacluz

    Thread [Q] [POLL] What is your favorite Note 2 ROM and why?

    What kind of ROM do you prefer and why? Vote and reply. It will be useful if you include battery life, performance, customization, etc. This thread is only to aim to detect users preferences. Please NO FLAMING ROMS OR USER PREFERENCES, it's useless. Just vote and leave your opinion. If you...