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  1. fr4nk1yn

    Thread [Q] Apps2SD Problems(!), Partitioned Still Using Internal.

    I've rooted plenty of devices, flashed countless ROMS all the way back to Windows Mobile but this dern Aria is killing me. This is a coworker's phone that I rooted and flashed CyanogenMod 7. it's out of memory, of course, ClockworkMod version is Rom Manager is the latest in the market...
  2. whitealien

    Thread [APP][QVGA][23Sep09]Manila 2D v2.0 build 19191432 from HTC Mega + Other Cabs

    MANILA v2.0 QVGA for WM6.5 ------------------------------------------------- ANNOUNCEMENT I'm not able to provide any support anymore to this thread since I don't have any Windows mobile device left. My old HTC Polaris is running on Android now. So if you have any questions just post it here...