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  1. D

    Thread how do i port a rom for my galaxy j5 2016

    i would want to port evolution x for the j5 2015 for the j5 2016. how do i do that?
  2. J

    Thread Available ROMS for p201 - S905 ?

    Hello, In order to create a ROM for my p201 old box (T95M 2G 4K), it would be nice to have some roms from Android 7.1 & more compatible with that chipset. Can you give a hand ? Thanks in advance for your help
  3. BGF12

    Thread Question Realme 8 5g Port help

    Hi everyone I recently wanted to start porting custom rom's to my phone but I don't know where to start (i want to port crdroid) i looked up the internet and found that i need to change some files in the port ROM in the system directory but I downloaded the ROM and there is no system...
  4. G

    Thread Porting latest Lineage OS version for a Galaxy J4+ (primelte)

    Hi, how do i port latest lineage os version for my Galaxy J4+? Currently i have lineageos 17.1 found un galaxy j4+ forums Thank you :)
  5. Fredberick

    Thread One UI (Samsung Experience) or MIUI Port

    Hello! Can someone port One Ui (Samsung Experience) or MIUI (Desirable 12.5). I'm like this UIs, but not realme ui. In realme ui a lot of bugs. Can someone help me?
  6. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread I want best method for porting any roms to any device

    I am a beginner in porting roms field and I want the easiest way for beginners to port any custom rom for any device. The latest update for my device is Android 5.1.1 and it is obsolote. I know that the most appropriate solution is to buy a new phone, but I want to make a port Android 10+ from...
  7. Inferno dragon

    Thread How to cross port android rom from one device to another device of different Qualcomm chipset

    Hey , I want a guide on how to cross port android rom from one device (:say:-: device with Qualcomm chipset 865 , 870 or 888) to other device (:-say:-: device with Qualcomm chipset 732g ) successfully.... It would be very thankful for me... Please answer...... 😥😥😥
  8. itagizade

    Thread [ROM][OFFICIAL][Pie][Dipper][PORT]Ubuntu Touch port for Xiaomi Mi 8

    What is it? What is Ubuntu Touch? Ubuntu Touch, as comes from naming, is Ubuntu managed to run on phone. Well, Canonical abandoned it, so community organization, UBports, now develops, maintains, and ports UT to new devices. And this is what the thread is about. The amount of devices able to...
  9. P

    Thread Problem with ported ROM and bluetooth keyboard

    Hi. I've successfully ported a Marshmallow rom to an old tablet that was running Kitkat. Almost everything works ok, but I can't pair a bluetooth keyboard I need to use. The tablet can pair with other android devices, and can send and receive files. Also, the keyboard works with any other...
  10. C

    Thread Port stable Flyme to UMi Super

    Hello, Can someone with sufficient knowledge and experience port the Flyme stable version from Meizu M3 Note to UMi Super? Link: http://www.flymeos.com/firmwarelist?modelId=38&type=1 Flyme is an amazing ROM for our devices and runs pretty smoothly too! Thanks in advance guys :good:
  11. R

    Thread inew V7 MTK6582

    Hi all. First of all i would just like to say that i very much appreciate all you guys do here, helping us noobs flash, upgrade and unbrick our phones :D I have a rebranded inew V7 phone called NOA H4 in my country. I'm pleased with the phone. It's nicely built, robust, has plenty of storage...
  12. Ulincsys

    Thread Phoenix OS on the shield K1?

    I have a 2012 Nexus 7 chugging along nicely with Phoenix OS, but I wonder if anyone is interested in getting it on the shield K1? I think the 8 inch, 1080p screen would look amazing underneath that multitasking glory. I know remix OS is similar, but honestly, Phoenix OS has way better window...
  13. kenshiwara

    Thread Is There Any Custom ROM Available For Huawei Honor 7?

    Hello Everyone! I am searching for a custom ROM for Huawei Honor 7 (PLK-L01)? Examples: (CyanogenMod, ParanoidAndroid, AOKP, Slim Bean, PAC-man ROM, Carbon ROM, Vanilla Rootbox, OmniROM, SlimROMs, MIUI, or AOSB...etc) Thanks in advance for your help :cowboy:
  14. S

    Thread Ubuntu Phone port to Mi4i

    Hi, Is any developer willing to port Ubuntu Phone OS to Mi 4i? I am willing to test your port.
  15. German Developer

    Thread [Q] How to port s3 roms for the s3 neo gt-i9301i

    There are so many roms for the s3 but can I port it to the s3 neo and how? :confused:
  16. S

    Thread [Q]how to port any lollipop roms to XT910 ?

    there are many of them out there and the phones like note 2 have the most of it and even note 2 is of armv7 so thought why dont we can get the same amount of resources i knw specs not same but still if kernel part is left apart it can be done i think. :confused:
  17. astronfestmon

    Thread [ROM] Ubuntu touch 15.04 Vivid Velvet Attempt

    Hi there everyone of the Sony xPeria Z Ultra forum. I'll release here an Ubuntu touch Vivid Velvet Rom in the few hours. I can't test it because I'm on android, also I won't test it yet by me because I cannot search for a recovery working for the Ubuntu. So, I'll release the ROM with the...
  18. A

    Thread [Q] Need help to learn porting

    i am trying to port this Slimkat rom from moto G but no success. I am just learning to port so help will be appreciated. I am using mokee as base rom. After i boot, it shows mi logo and then stucked at slimkat logo. I tried changing Bootclasspath but it directly goes to fastboot. Any change in...
  19. Androidwizzard

    Thread [ROM][N7100+7105][4.4.4 TOUCHWIZ][25.09.2015][ADVANCED NOTE 4 EXPERIENCE]

    PROJECT NEMESIS ATTENTION Nobody is allowed to take or publish parts of rom or fixes provided by team members. If you need something for your project seek our permission first and we won't hesitate to support you. :highfive: TEAM MEMBERS: gencho81 haifish9999 haikal14 mr.khyyat...
  20. DinethIrusha

    Thread [Q] Porting Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102) ROM to Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) ?

    Does anyone know how to port Porting Galaxy Y Duos (GT-S6102) ROM to Galaxy Y (GT-S5360) ? i have a porter but i don't know how to use it ..is it possible to port ?
  21. M

    Thread [Q] Port Kali Linux Nethunter from Nexus 5 to LG G2 (D802)

    Hi everyone, as the LG G2 is produced by the same manufacturer (LG) as the Nexus 5 and has the same chipset (despite some minor differences e.g. Battery, Display,...), I have been wondering if there is a way to port the Kali-Linux Android ROM (Nethunter) to work with the LG G2. LINK...
  22. timbremer

    Thread [Q] Why is there no L-Dev preview port?

    Yes. That's my question. I mean, even the N4 got a port. It can't be that hard. If someone thinks he could do it, please pm me, I want to help! Thanks!
  23. L

    Thread ported rom

    Hi! Can someone port tamirda rom (PHOENIX ROM) for I9505 kitkat to I9500? he said that he wouldn't continoue his I9500 rom and if someone to port it - he will permit that with cerdit to him. so, can anyone do that?? sorry for bad english... thanks!! :D הי! מישהו יכול להמיר את הרום של תמיר...
  24. piyushmehta24

    Thread [Q] [request] port nokia x rom to lg e610

    it's a request to port nokia x rom to lg e610 ? can any one help ?
  25. A

    Thread [Q] Needing help porting Miui to Skyrocket

    Hi Everyone, I noticed that effort seems to have stopped in porting MIUI over to the Skyrocket from the Hercules. I began to look around and have found PatchRom from MIUI. With PatchRom, Miui Code can be inserted into CyanogenMod v10.1 (Android 4.2.2) for the Skyrocket. I am no developer but...
  26. P

    Thread [Q] Porting LG 4.0 ICS rom to S4 4.3

    is there a way to have the LG Ice cream sandwich rom ported to run on the S4?? or at least mimic the style of it? The look and feel of it was amazing.
  27. TechVenom

    Thread [Q] PORTING Stock (official) ROM to another phone?

    Hello,i have Samsung Galaxy Trend(Ace IIx) S7560,and i want to know,is there a possibility to port official Samsung firmware from Galaxy Trend Plus S7580 which have 4.2.2 to my S7560 which have 4.0.4,because they are almost the same,the only difference is in cpu(S7560 have single core,and s7580...
  28. Aceofzeroz

    Thread [HOW TO][4.2.2+] Port Custom Roms From Other OMAP 4 Devices (REVAMPED!)

    Introduction Greetings Atrix 2 community!:cool: I'm here to guide you the best I can to being able to port custom (not stock) roms that aren't available for the Atrix 2 from other Mototrola OMAP 4 devices, such as the Droid RAZR, Droid 4, etc. It may not be limited to only Motorola phones, but...
  29. W

    Thread [Q] Miui Port Request

    Hello there, Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but there's a 31/10 of Miui V5 release for Ace. Knowing the similarities between Ace and Gio, is there any Dev who would like to port this to our device? Much obliged! http://en.miui.com/thread-10084-1-1.html
  30. sifat3d

    Thread [TUT] How to easily port CM7,CM9,CM10 Based ROMs to HTC Aria

    Actual Tutorial starts here: I will try to make this guide as straight forward as possible. PORT ROM: First you need to figure out what rom you are going to be porting. For our Aria, The rom you want to port should belong to a device that has: HTC brand (optional but recommended) A ArmV6 CPU...