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ported rom

  1. asadace1

    Thread {Gaming Rom}{A505F}AceOne_V1{Q10-OneUI-2.5}

    I am not a developer, i just modified firmware and add some mods , i just want to share my experience! here is vidoe from rom: https://youtu.be/pusP4UumapA Current changelog: • Based on A507FN U5 firmware • Fully debloated,deodexed,deknoxed • Add battry and charging animation • Better...
  2. shafi1885


    ROM NAMING: Let's take an example: MIUI 12.5.1 Stable MIUI = MI USER INTERFACE (pronounced as Me U & I) 12.5.1 Means MIUI Version Stable means it is a stable version, launched for every user. here, you will also find BETA = testing stable rom for selective user, if it is all...
  3. Mik-el

    Thread [ROM] [7.1.2] Mik-el Android for Takee 1

    Device and Project Presentation In 2015 the Chinese company EStar launches on the market the Takee 1. An octa-core smartphone with an astonishing Holographic 3D technology developed by the german Seereal. Despite the cutting-edge hardware, a low price and the big innovations in the field of 3D...
  4. fxsheep

    Thread [ROM][Testing][PORT][P]Vivo Funtouch OS

    Update 20180806: There are many device-related bugs as we can see. Different hardwares/softwares will cause different bugs on different devices, and there's probably no way to fix all of them just by modifying this port, but by porting it to devices respectively. Anyone feel free to do it on...
  5. shonkin

    Thread Ported ROMS vs Custom ROMS (A FRIENDLY discussion)

    Ported ROMS vs Custom ROMS - A Friendly Discussion Having exercised due diligence, I find no one has asked a few (perhaps too simple?) questions about this ROM thing.... First to lay out the groundwork for the questions (forgive me if some of this is in error; I am all for being corrected and...
  6. K

    Thread [Q] How to port stock rom?

    I searched all around xda but i didn't find any solution to my question so i decided to make this thread.... My question is: What should i do for example to port a Samsung stock Note 7 firmware to my S5? what file and folder should i replace? P.S: I've already deodexed framework and app:)
  7. K

    Thread S5 Best Ported Rom?

    What is the best and stable ported rom (S6,S7,Note 5,Note 7) for the galaxy s5(G900F) in your opinion?:)
  8. R

    Thread [Q] Flash a ported rom using SP Flash Tool

    Hi, I ported a MIUI ROM for my china phone. I used MTK Firmware Adapter Tool to port the ROM. Now the ROM is in folders file format. How can I make it like system.img etc. to flash it suing SP Flash Tool. I cannot flash ROM using recovery. My phone doesn't detect SD cards. Please see attached...
  9. iamdani46

    Thread [Q] Can any developer plz work on Flyme OS?

    Will anyone continue the project of Flyme OS?? The ROM ported has a lot of bugs and various issues. Can any developer here take the responsibility of doing the task and fix it up? The OS is great and will definitely look gud on our GIO.
  10. M

    Thread Spice mi-350n/Ported/Modded/LeWa ROM

    LeWa ROM Hello Friends.... Here is the latest LeWa ROM (20-02-2013) Stable version for Mi-350n !!!! Deodexed,Zipaligned and optimised with Aroma and regular features CREDITS LeWa OS Developer Team YUWENG BRO AMRULLZ ROCKODEV BLACKART_8888 & TIANZIYUN CHANGE LOG -change default...