1. M

    Thread Pixel 3a XL Requires SIM Card Removed/Reinserted to Power On

    My wife has a Pixel 3a XL, and in the last 2 weeks it has just shut down unexpectedly, refusing to power back on. The battery is charged, and connecting it to any charger makes no difference. The only thing that has fixed it all 3 times is by removing the SIM card and reinserting it. Then...
  2. Moderpach

    Thread [App][Rootless/Root] Extinguish 0.1.15 - Control your screen power state for free.

    Hello guys, I'm happy to introduce you the new version about Extinguish 0.1.15... Although I want like that, but it seems that it's not so attracting when I release my Extinguish 0.1.5 here last time. I know the process is necessary for any app and it may causes by my description and the...
  3. Q

    Thread Question Stupid question about screenshot

    Hi ! A stupid question about screenshot ( dont have this issue with my s22 ultra) Many time when i make screenshot with power/volume down , the volume bar appear in same time of the screenshot ! it's very annoying ..and sometime not ! do you have a solution ? i know i have the s-pen but i...
  4. ubayedrobbani27

    Thread help me please

  5. Temmchan

    Thread Stuck in too-low-power-to-boot state (bricked?)

    Hello! After recently getting my hands on an old Samsung A50, I thought I might as well reflash and do some stuff with it. After installing Orangefox and Lineage, everything worked fine until the phone eventually ran out of power. I plugged it in and let it charge for a bit, but it was just...
  6. A

    Thread continuous battery consumption during sleep/idel state mtk6768

    Hello. Can someone help me to investigate the cause of hi battery consumption when my phone is in sleep state? I'm facing this issue in all of trebleROMs.
  7. A

    Thread Any way to reset/reflash Intel manage engine firmware and BIOS on Lenovo x1 Yoga?

    Hello. After recent firmware and BIOS updates on my lenovo x1 yoga 2nd Gen, mainboard of this laptop do not turn off completely after OS shuts down. Resulting that it never come back from restart/sleep and never turn off completely upon OS shutdown. Can anyone of you suggest a possible way to...
  8. Quinny899

    Thread [APP][ROOT][11+][19/07] Classic Power Menu - Power Menu Replacement w/ Wallet, Controls on Android 11, 12, 13+

    Classic Power Menu is a Power Menu Replacement for Android 11+, with the main aim being restoring power menu options (Device Controls & Quick Access Wallet) on Android 12. Classic Power Menu Requires root access to function, it is not possible without root Please read the FAQ before...
  9. L

    Thread Battery drain after Android head unit installation | PX5 | 4GB | 64GB | MCTE_MX2

    Hello All, I recently installed a new Android Head Unit on my Peugeot 407 (PX5 | 4GB | 64GB | MTCE_MX2). Detailed specs below. Ever since the installation of Head Unit, my battery has been going flat. I tried trickle charging my battery few times but it keeps going flat in few days / weeks...
  10. M

    Thread Galaxy watch SM-R800 won't boot

    I am having an issue with my Galaxy watch SM-R800, it was working perfectly a week ago and it suddenly turned off. When I press the power button it shows the splash screen with the text Galaxy watch for a few second and then turns off, I have tried rebooting and this has resulted in the same...
  11. X

    Thread Undervolting mobile radio - hotspot [Root]

    When ever I use my mobile hotspot it becomes very hot in the top after 30 mins usage. I want to undervolt the hotspot radio so that it generates less heat, how can I undervolt it - someone please let me know?
  12. 0

    Thread Umidigi Power no sound in Lineage 17.1

    Hello, I have installed lineage 17.1 to my phone and it works very well, but then i start the phone there is no sound in system / sound speaker Umidigi Power, Lineage 17.1 Question is: Can it be fixed? is there a driver i need to install or? Can you help me out? Thanks for your time
  13. Freak07

    Thread [10.04.2021][Systemless-Rom-Mod][V2][WW-17.0240.2103.75 ] Armoury Crate - Unleashed

    Hello everyone, I´m sure everybody that is using a ROG Phone 2 has explored the possibilities Armoury Crate provides for gaming. It yields a pleathora of settings and tweaks especially in the hardcore tuning mode. Some of you might be more familiar and some might be less familiar with the...
  14. H

    Thread Power-saving feature | How to completely disable?

    Having a very annoying issue with my 5 II where it does not show the correct time on the ambient display. It can be over an hour or two behind sometimes, specially at night, but sometimes during the day as well. I figured might have something to do with a battery saving option somewhere so I...
  15. V

    Thread Stock Firmware for motorola one power chef

    Can someone share the firmware zip file link, i tried to download from the below link. https://motostockrom.com/motorola-one-power-xt1942-2 Here i am getting error.
  16. sonic_boom

    Thread Dropping FPS , VOLTAGE , POWER while playing games

    Hi I have Samsung laptop which has; 8gb DDR3 ram. Nvidia Geforce 630M Intel i5 3210M SSD I can easily play fortine etc however games running smoothly then dropping FPS for some seconds... It's really bad ,here is some log from HWMONITOR (cpuID) any have a clue what cause it and is there any...
  17. E

    Thread Is this Samsung J7 alive?

    So recently I bought a Samsung J7 for literally pennies. I don't know history of this phone, but screen its cracked and not responding and its always black (don't want to turn on) as it was described on ebay. Charger doesn't work, it does not vibrate, generally dead. I disattached lcd and gave...
  18. C

    Thread Question ROMs or roote methods?

    I just got one of these bad boys and i about rooted it and flashed an older models ROM before i realized i had the 2021 model
  19. AhmedAlaa01

    Thread Schedule power on/off

    Which rom has schedule power on/off option like miui ?
  20. K

    Thread Google extends warranty for power related issues

    It looks like Google has started admitting there are hardware problems with the 4XL. They now are extending the warranty to cover power related issues, though there doesn't seem to be widespread awareness of this new extended warranty. https://support.google.com/pixelphone/answer/10169830 I...
  21. S

    Thread Making phone turning off before battery goes overdischarged?

    Good day to everyone! Hope you all are doing well! To start with, power consumption was just terrible on MIUI, i switched to custom firmware (crDroid) - according to subjective feelings, energy efficiency has improved twice as much, no less, and it was like new birth for my phone! However, I...
  22. T

    Thread Anyone else have a misbehaving power button?

    A power button that misbehaves. Half the time when I go to turn the screen off via the power button, it goes off and then instantly comes back on (at the lockscreen). Doing a little investigating, I have messed with it... right after the screen popped back on again, a few times I had unlocked...
  23. D

    Thread Relocking Bootloader [Deen]

    1.Make Sure You've Backed up your Data 2.All Data Will Lost 3.Download Relock.rar 4.Extract 5.Make sure you are using latest Version of Stock ROM(Only) 6.Boot into Fastboot Mode 6.Run Relock.bat 8.Boot Into Fastboot 7.Run Fs.bat 8.Reboot 8.Your phone may go to Encrypted Lock ( Got to Recovery...
  24. Y

    Thread Xtrons Android head unit reboots on acc/ignition

    Hey people, I have a rather complicated question on which I like some kind of clarification or even a solution. Some information about my car: Chevrolet Aveo5 2010 model T250 The manual says it needs a 430CCA battery I had a Xtrons te706pl px5 head unit installed in my car last summer. It...
  25. S

    Thread Note 8 Keeps Shutting Down my Apps

    Although I have set a number of my apps to have unrestricted battery usage in "battery and performance" settings, Note 8 keeps shutting them out on screen lock (after a while at least). Is there another setting that overrides my power management settings?
  26. C

    Thread SM-T800 boot-loops and dies the moment you let go of the power button?

    I've got an SM-T800 behaving very oddly, hope someone knows what's up! If you attempt to boot it, it will flash up the Samsung logo, then die, and repeat in an endless boot-loop. If you hold the power button down, oddly, it changes; instead it will proceed to the animated SAMSUNG logo which...
  27. G

    Thread Improved battery life

    My Note wasn't surviving easily a whole day any more. a new battery didn't really help. The main culprit is, I think, my pebble watch connected with BT. But a few days ago I discovered a cool app that allows my phone to survive longer. The app is called "ice box". With it you can easily freeze...
  28. J

    Thread FireTV Stick 2nd Gen (Tank) Not getting power at all

    I have a tank that's unlocked and rooted following the guide. I unlocked it some weeks back and it's been working fine and all of a sudden today I was switching my TV input to the fire and it's a grey screen. Didn't think much of it, sleeping or something, so I unplugged it and plugged it in...
  29. E

    Thread Powering on without button

    Hello i have sony Xperia z ultra, after replacing a new housing, it won't turn on with power button( my power +,- button won't respond), it can charge and show charging view when i plug the cable, only vibrate 3times when i press the red button on sim card while chargin then back to charging...
  30. Dvalin21

    Thread Official Stock ROM for Ulefone Power 6 EU and Non-EU Version

    Non-EU version EU version Android 9 Tools USB Auto Driver install Video Tutorial For spec information for this device for those who dont have it and are curious: Ulefone Power 6
  31. POQDavid

    Thread Having trouble powering up my phone with another power source

    I am having a bit of trouble powering my phone I got a Lenovo A7000 plus which is the same as K3 Note version and this phone uses BL243 battery Here is some information about the battery Typical Capacity: 3000mAh/11.40Wh Nominal Voltage: 3.8V Limited Charge Voltage: 4.35V and also I have a...
  32. V

    Thread G7 power UK version, rom for dual sim

    Hello all, I will shortly be buying a g7 power running on EE in the UK. The phones are single sim from what I'm told but similar to my Huawei, I'm hoping there is a custom rom I can flash to enable both sim slots to be used. Can anyone advise if they have been able to make it work? Regards...
  33. KevQuoi

    Thread Greyscale display mode on Note 9 Pie variant

    When I had a OnePlus I would use it's greyscale display feature quite often, very useful for power saving etc. I am aware that within Google devices running Pie that a greyscale option is available along with Do Not Disturb. This feature does not appear to be ported over the the Samsung Note...
  34. Hadenix

    Thread [RR 5.8.8] [mt6753] [7.1.2] [Ulefone Power] [15-12-2018] [UNOFFICIAL]

    What's working : Boots RIL (Calls, SMS, Data) Wi-Fi Bluetooth Video Playback Audio Sensors Flash LED GPS Fingerprint Camera IR-port The channel telegram on release of new ROM: : https://t.me/ulefonepower1 Installation: For a start the insertion needs to make a backup of the following...
  35. Hadenix

    Thread [MIUI 10] [PORTED] [mt6753] [6.0] [Ulefone Power] [08-12-2018]

    PORTED MIUI 10 (Based Android 6.0) rom for Ulefone Power. What's working : Boots RIL (Calls, SMS, Data) Wi-Fi Bluetooth Video Playback Audio Sensors Flash LED GPS IR-port Camera Known issues: Fingerprint Telegram: https://t.me/ulefonepower1 MIUI 10: MIUI (androidfilehost) XDA:DevDB...
  36. M

    Thread [ROM] [MT6753] [7.1.2] [UNOFFICIAL] Ulefone Power Ressurection Remix 5.8.5

    RR 5.8.5 FINAL 7.1.2 for ULEFONE POWER What's working : Boots Camera front & back Camrecorder Focus Flash Led RIL (Calls, SMS, Data) Music Adaptive brightness MTP WIFI SDCard SIM 1 & 2 Bluetooth GPS IR Known Bug : -Fingerprint (may crash during adding fingers and required few set up...
  37. G

    Thread what usb c adapter should I buy?

    number 1: https://www.amazon.it/Adattatore-Lively-Life-Cuffie-Splitter/dp/B07DX4MFT4/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1539703049&sr=8-15&keywords=adattatore+usb+c+xiaomi&refinements=p_72%3A490205031 number 2: https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B078GN7JPF/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1WUCB9OIU3L06&psc=1 I...
  38. jordi.id96

    Thread [WIDGET] [4.0+] Screen off - Widget & tile

    Save your power button! An invisible widget that lets you turn your screen off by double tapping it. Place it anywhere and adjust it to the size of your liking. It also includes a quick settings tile that provides the same functionality. It works by simulating a press on the power button, so...
  39. S

    Thread How to use power cables on the back of headunit

    I have an android headunit and an antenna amplifier. The amplifier has a single blue cable with a removable plastic cap on it which I am to connect to a source of power in the car. My headunit also has the same cables sticking out of it (#10 in this diagram) https://i.frg.im/vPFtpmyN/3291-11.jpg...
  40. timg11

    Thread Significant increase in battery drain over past few months - anyone else

    For several years, my Note 4 would end the day at 75% to 80% charge with light usage - one or two quick calls and checking a few texts. About 6 weeks ago, something changed. With the same usage pattern, in the same locations, the battery is now at 35-40% at the end of the day. I though the...
  41. Alberto96

    Thread CUBOT Power - Information & Reviews - 5.99" FHD+ | Helio P23 | 6GB | 128GB | 6000mAh

    CUBOT Power - Information & Reviews - 5.99" FHD+ | Helio P23 | 6GB | 128GB | 6000mAh CUBOT Power Specs: Official Website: https://www.cubot.net/smartphones/power/ Development & Support: Reviews:
  42. T

    Thread Which component of software would be responsible for Power decisions (charged, !, etc

    I'm just asking generally as I haven't gotten a ton of luck on my device-specific forum. Here's my conundrum: I have a phone using a universal Qi wireless receiver. However, depending on the ROM I install, it fails to work properly; my stock android device from ZTE on the other hand works just...
  43. mr.incredible

    Thread New K88H will not power on

    Ok, So I'm a hacker. I have to hack my stuff. I haven't done a phone (or now watch) in a long time. I have been following some threads here to hack my K88H. I have gotten to the point of backing up my ROM but now my phone will not power back on. I followed Golem_'s thread and and Backed up the...
  44. K

    Thread While setting up pixel experience, suddenly stopped charging, could it be software?

    Hi all, My phone suddenly stopped taking a charge while I was setting up the pixel experience 8.1 rom I downloaded from here. Normally I would assume it was hardware but it seemed to happen just after I flashed pixel and was rebooting to set up supersu and xposed, so I was wondering if it might...
  45. T

    Thread [GUIDE] Remapping The Power Button Double Press To ANY App

    This guide works for 7.0 and 8.0 on any variant of the S8/S8+/Note 8. You will need ADB installed on your computer first. You can find several guides online for this. 1. Pick an app to remap (ill be using Google Camera) 2. Find the Component ID for this app. Open the app to the page you want...
  46. T

    Thread Charging On Custom Rom? Changing Definitions?

    I'm not really sure where to look in a ROM to change this setting, but I am using this phone with a wireless qi receiver, and I have some interesting behaviour that crops up dependent on the ROM. It seems to be a software related problem, as my ZTE Grand X4 (basic Type-C phone) shows charging...
  47. S

    Thread [App] [4.0+] Battery Saver 5X

    Hello, I create that thread to present you Battery Saver 5X a tool letting your to optimize your battery life and fast your battery charging. Battery Saver 5X is available on the Google Play Store in two versions : - Free supported by Ads ...
  48. M

    Thread [Urgent Help Needed] Phone not booting after opening the motherboard

    Hi, I have been following guide by wit rigs to replace my rear camera due to focus issue. I had ordered correct tools from their website and started following the steps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k76StG0DaZ0 1. opened the phone's back, removed screws, opened motherbaord, replaced...
  49. J

    Thread Another Battery issue???

    Everything was going well with my phone. Went to sleep without plugging in and phone battery completely drained. Note 8 would not charge or turn on. Force reset didn't work either. Had to send it in directly to Samsung (Under Warranty). They advised me it could take 2 weeks to "Fix" & get...
  50. S

    Thread New Tab 4 10 Plus [TB-8704F] won't power on?

    I received a shiny new TB-8704F from Amazon UK here in California. I've plugged it in to let it get an initial charge, but it's been about 3 hours so far and I still can't get the device to turn on. Is there a trick I'm missing? I have the red flashing LED indicating it's charging presumably...