1. M

    Thread [Help] Not rebooting after successful flashing (Odin)

    Hi, I have a Samsung J5 Prime (SG570M) that is stuck in download mode. I flashed the stock rom with Odin (both last version) and when the flashing ends, it says 'successful' in Odin, but when the phone reboots it doesn't boot up, the screen remains black. The samsung logo doesn't even appear...
  2. kamazok

    Thread Prime OS 7/11 x86 (Mod by joccers77)

    Prime OS Mainline 0.6.1 (Android 7) 1. Kernel updated to 5.15 (works better) 2. Fixed disk mounting error (oh... finally) 3. Root-access out of the box (Magisk) 4. Added ViperFX (sound mod + DDS) 5. Updated MESA (up to version 21) 6. System optimization (works faster) 7. Replaced native and...
  3. tareqabamawi

    Thread Ask For Any Custom Rom Compliable & Support Samsung Prime SM-G531H ?

    Hello .. I Ask For Any Custom Rom Compliable & Support Samsung Prime SM-G531H ? Android 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 With Lot of Thanks ..
  4. NotTheLips

    Thread ASUS TF201 - issues getting any OS to boot (though TWRP works fine).

    Hello folks. In my months-long quest to avoid turning an ASUS TF201 tablet into e-waste ... I've searched, searched again, searched some more, and while I've found answers (none of which have worked), a lot of them seem to be dated, or depend on files that are no longer available for download...
  5. itexpert.120

    Thread [ROM][10.0.0_r40] AospExtended ROM V7.3 [UNOFFICIAL]

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to...
  6. itexpert.120

    Thread PitchBlackRecoveryProject V3.0

    /* *Disclaimer * * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing...
  7. MahathirMohamad_

    Thread Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

    Is there a way to remove a forgotten pattern lock without losing any data? Thanks in advance :)
  8. nicknowsky

    Thread Android Pie OTA updates arrived for X4 Prime exclusive models (XT-1900-1)

    Just got the OTA notification for my Amazon Prime X4 last night, seems its starting to roll out to other Prime owners, but there is a good a post on r/motoX4 regarding all the lack of features not included in the Prime Pie update. I was ready to go but with the first GCam apk I installed that is...
  9. tutibreaker

    Thread 《ABANDONED》{ROM}{Updated} Cookie Rom Oreo 8.0 For SM-G570M/F/Y

    Did u miss me? jaja ok guys i still here, and now i bring to you an oren based rom for your beloved j5 prime M variant Features: odexed for fast boot added samsung features super kernel 2.0 for amazing performance and battery life added some pie apps others stuff Installation: put the zip...
  10. V

    Thread Is this the correct forum?

    I have the Galaxy J7 prime 32gb. Am I in the correct forum for this device?
  11. T

    Thread Dual SIM ROM on single SIM phone?

    Hello, this is somewhat of a noob question, I just bought a j7 prime g610m on ebay, which is supposed to be dual SIM, I just received the phone and the Sim tray with the second space for a Sim (the one with the sdcard) is blocked , the phone indeed shows 2 imeis when I put *#06* on the dialer ...
  12. porcha18

    Thread [TWRP] [Recovery] [ROOT] [3.1.1-0] Samsung core prime qualcomm version

    #include /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this Recovery * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  13. tutibreaker

    Thread [Discontinued] Limonade RomV1.2 SM-G570M [J5 Prime] [7.0]

    Hello guys i bring to you the first nougat based rom for SM-G570M variant; let start !! Update in post #2 Changelog: added floating windows optimized kernel better battery life performace x2 system apps updated from oreo csc features enabled video player with gesture search Grx touchwiz added...
  14. Jonas Cardoso

    Thread [Mi5][KERNEL][HMP/MIUI][Linux 3.18.31] Floppy Kernel [RC1.3][13/01/18]

    [Mi5][KERNEL][HMP/MIUI][Linux 3.18.31] Floppy Kernel [RC1.3][13/01/18] Floppy is kernel for all custom rom based on LineageOS 14.1, 15.1 and Miui , support the Xiaomi Mi5 #include <disclaimer.h> * Your warranty is now void. * * No guaranteed this'll explode your device, be careful...
  15. S

    Thread Root methods for Amazon version Moto G5 Plus?

    Any methods for rooting our phone?
  16. T

    Thread [GUIDE] How to enable Camera2 API

    works for redmi 4 prime/pro (markw). purpose is to create this thread with the appropriate tag so that this related thread will show up when users search by tag ( as currently no official forum available yet. credit goes to nevelaev.
  17. H

    Thread Dish AirTV and Adapter, post your findings! Here's mine...

    After searching around, I couldn't find any place people were really talking about these things... So here we go. After finding out about the AirTV player and adapter from Dish, I purchased one. Here's what I've learned. The adapter is a Hauppage WinTV-HVR-955Q. I tested it on my laptop and it...
  18. S

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime/Pro unlock Bootloader ( Official way )

    First things first. I have too low amount of posts to post in dev sections so its there. None of described software belongs to me. And im not responsible for damages. !!! MI FLASH TOOL BELOW !!! Okay so me and probably others have/had problems with...
  19. O

    Thread [UPDATED][Tut]How to Install Xposed Framework in Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531F

    No More FRP Lock Problem While Installing Xposed. Note: Before you start reading this thread. I am not responsible for any damage caused to your device do it at your own risk but this method is 100% working so be confident and if u got any errors while doing this process comment on the thread...
  20. O

    Thread Android Nougat bootanimation for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime All Model 5.0+

    Hi all I have just created a new Android N Boot animation for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Also try:- [MASTER THREAD]Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531F S6 S Voice For Grand Prime All Models 5.1.1 Only [Tut]How to Install Xposed Framework in Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531F Google PIXEL...
  21. A

    Thread {Mod} Enable My Profile on lock screen [life companion]

    HELLO ! I was missing around with my phone and see this mod as you know the " S " Series from samsung came with my profile feauter on lock screen Now u can do it on grand prime with just few steps Tested on SM-G530H XCU I think it will work on all GP Varients (WHEN U TEST ON YOUR VARIENT PLZ...
  22. R

    Thread [Discussion Group] Please join us on whatsapp Group and Explore the Redmi 3s / Prime

    MODERATOR NOTICE: Per the forum rules, posting social media invites is no longer allowed on XDA. THREAD CLOSED
  23. D

    Thread Amazon Video Apk [Actually Works]

    So, I was trying to search through these forums but I couldn't find anything related to this Amazon Video Apk I found online in another forum. I just wanted to post it here for others. This seems to work pretty well for the Nvidia Shield TV, however, it only streams up to 1080p. The interface...
  24. GeekOmar

    Thread ASUS Transformer Prime TF201 Bricked.

    Hi, I have an Asus Transformer Tf201 Prime.. and I bricked, or at least I think so. I installed AndroWook Prime HairyBean v2.2 (HERE) along with its "Upgrade Hairybean 4.2.1 Bootloader & Recovery" file which persumably upgraded my bootloader and recovery. Everything went smoothly and it...
  25. raj-adroit

    Thread There is any stable ROM for Galaxy grand prime here??

    Am searching for a stable custom rom for my Galaxy Grand Prime G530HXXU2BOH5 ... I see most of the ROM'S not stable, any one have link for stable custom ROM..?? :( Pls share here...
  26. ibphantom

    Thread Cricket(SM-G360AZ) Galaxy Core Development

    I see posts for every other carrier model but Cricket. Can anybody make some pre-rooted Roms and a recovery for this model? I'm also here to learn if anyone has time to teach. I'm currently on G360AZTUU3AOH1 and don't want to attempt to flash other versions(Like G360H or G360P) and brick my...
  27. W

    Thread [SOLVED]Samsung Grand Prime SM-530FZ, LTE not working

    Hello everyone, After update my SM-530FZ to Lollipop 5.0.2 I've lost my LTE. I've used tutorial on the other site. Tutorial was decicated to SM-530FZ. Probably system package is based on spanish release Grand Prime SM-530H which (probably) have no LTE. I don't want to do downgrade, because...
  28. HieuVi

    Thread Need MIUI V7 for SM-G530H

    I can see some people building MIUI v6, but why not v7? I really love to see someone start porting the sweet MIUI v7 to our device. :D :D
  29. G

    Thread Redmi note 2 problems

    Hello guys, I recently bought a Redmi Note 2 from China, I live in Romania. I have 3 problems with it that I find very annoying: 1) Cannot open microphone in apps like google now, facebook messenger, Cortana. This one is the most annoying. I tried to: -give permissions to record audio -disabled...
  30. XAB235

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][hermes] Delirium Sense7

    Mod edit by Darth : Since the Op wishes to remove the content, Thread is closed. OP, if you want to repost again, then let the moderators know and we'll reopen the thread.
  31. kanaka0907

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime MIUI 7 Global Stable OTA Update link

    Hi Guys, Just now, got an MIUI 7 stable update for my Redmi 2 Prime . :D :cool: :victory: Please help yourself downloading the OTA from the given link below: 1. Download the zip...
  32. XAB235

    Thread [ROM][AOSP][hermes] Delirium Project

  33. A

    Thread Samsung Galaxy Core Prime (SM-S820L) TracFone Won't Boot

    A friend of mine has a Galaxy Core Prime from TracFone that won't boot past the carrier logo. I have no idea if the phone was messed with, but I need an Odin package for this phone if there is one anywhere. Thanks in advance.
  34. lucexpress

    Thread [R] Request: Default Samsung Music Player Port

    Greetings Dear XDA-Dev Team First of All I Would Like to Apologize If I'm Posting this in The Wrong Place, Am I? Anyways as we all Know, Our Galaxy Grand Prime Doesn't Come With the Default Samsung Touchwiz Player but Instead the wacky Google Play Music. I've searched but can't find the...
  35. Nonta72

    Thread [REPO][DEV] CyanogenMod 12 for GALAXY Grand Prime

    </> Developpers Only </> As you may know it, GALAXY Grand Prime is powered by a 64Bit Entry-Level Quad Core CPU, that makes developpment on this device VERY HARD :mad: It's like Intel Atom Processors :p Anyway, I tried to make a repo for building TWRP GALAXY Grand Prime by refering to Huawei...
  36. Yoshiofthewire

    Thread Nexus Player MPEG2 Hardware Decoding on Stock Rom

    So, MX Player appears to have hardware decoding, but you have to side load the Intel codecs. I am right now watching live sports through my HRHomerun Prime using this method. 1) Install MX Player from the market MX Player Free On Google Play 2) Side Load the Intel Hardware Codec from MX Player...
  37. georgetoon

    Thread [Q] Installing new Android OS?

    My apologies, I posted this in the Andriod OS area. Thought it best to re-post here. Not sure which area is best for this question. I have an Asus Prime tablet that runs incredibly slow. I did a factory reset and it's still dog slow. I think it's time to hack and install a new Android...
  38. georgetoon

    Thread [Q] Installing new Android Version?

    OI have an Asus Prime. It's running unbeleivably slow. It takes forever to get up and running. Seems to oo much happens in the background. I did a factory reset and result was the same. I think it's time to hack this thing and install a new Android version. I have a nexus 7 running Lollipop...
  39. P

    Thread Amazon Instan Prime Video in Germany - how to?

    Hi guys, I must stay in Germany for quite some time and have only German Amazon Prime Membership at the moment. I am looking for a way to use Amazon Prime Instant Video in Germany on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1n with Firmware 4.0.4, but am not able to see any videos at all. I tried to install...
  40. raynan

    Thread [Discussion] S-Pen and Aqua Mode?

    So, I was going through the apk's and found images like used in the help tutorials about the S-Pen and Aqua Mode. What do YOU think it means? I'm going with Samsung got lazy and didn't remove them/plans on using the same APK's on future devices.
  41. H

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to amazon prime video and freetime with custom rom?

    Just got my X43Z60 yesterday. I am trying to take advantage of Amazon Prime Video which works very well on this device, but I also would like to get google play content so I was wondering, if I flash a custom rom, will I still be able to watch prime videos and if anybody has any suggestion on a...
  42. N

    Thread Metal Galaxy S5 Renders!

    Another renders of un announced Samsung Galaxy S5 PRIME. Hopefully, like in these concept renders, Samsung should finally quit plastics and gives us a metallic Galaxy Smartphone. iMzQFLivvAc
  43. G

    Thread [Q] Would re-installing the Amazon Instant Video App work after using N2AOS?

    If I copied the AIV apk file, used the N2AOS service, and put it back on there, would it work?:confused:
  44. HuskyHamburger

    Thread [Q] Prime might be bricked

    This happened to me a while ago but I am revisiting the problem now. In the recovery menu, I think I accidentally erased all the portions and that is where I got my problem. If I boot into the tablet, it doesn't go past the Eee pad splash screen. If I try to enter recovery it just gets to...
  45. G

    Thread [Q] Does the TF701t fix the TF201-problems?

    I had the TF201 (Transformer Prime) when it was launched and although it was fast and with good battery life there were some major flaws ending in me returning the device. Does the TF701t suffer from any of the below problems that the TF201 had? GPS practically non-existent Wifi working only...
  46. I-IoLLoW

    Thread [Bootanimation] OpTimuS DE

    OpTimuS DE Bootanimation!!! WARNING This is a disclaimer: While this has been tested I am not responsible for ANY damage done to your device. I take no responsibility for bootloops, soft bricks, hard bricks, living brick monsters, your phone proving an omnipotent being fallible(thus negating...
  47. D

    Thread [Q] What to do with "Brick #3" - Transformer Prime

    Hi everyone, It seems I messed up my Prime and I think I know why it happened. I'll first ask my question and then detail what I think happened at the end. I've been reading around the forums for the past few days and I think I'm experiencing brick number 3 as detailed in this thread...
  48. mutiny

    Thread [Q] Bricked beyond repair, one minute it was working the next minute DEAD!

    Okay, so my prime was on the latest CM10.1 offered here: I had TWRP on it as well as the corresponding GApps. I did nvflash and everything on my Prime and it was working flawlessly since the day I bought it. I have had ZERO issues...
  49. Hundsbuah

    Thread [KERNEL][ALPHA] JB 4.2 ★ Hundsbuah ★ TF700T BASE ★ testversion6

    [KERNEL][ALPHA] JB 4.2 ★ Hundsbuah ★ TF700T BASE ★ testversion6 Thanks to: _that, sbdags, steveman29 and all testers out here :) If you like my work you can donate by clicking the link below:
  50. P

    Thread Free Amazon Prime for students (6 months free 2 day shipping with edu email) I've bought tons of stuff on Amazon lately because of Prime and it's paid for itself, and any Prime eligble item lets you do next day shipping for $3.99. If you've never shopped with Amazon...