1. GalaxyA325G

    Thread What criteria does Intelligent Wi-Fi use to "Detect suspicious networks" when you ask to be notified of suspicious activity in Android 13 settings?

    What criteria does "Intelligent Wi-Fi" use to "Detect suspicious networks" when you ask to be notified of suspicious activity in Samsung Galaxy Android 13 settings? Settings > Connections > Wi-Fi > 3dots > Intelligent Wi-Fi Detect suspicious network = on "Get notified when suspicious activity...
  2. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [Privacy] What does it mean to "Spoof Wi-Fi Provider" in your default Fake GPS mock location app (such as Lexa GPS spoofing)?

    [Privacy] What does it mean to "Spoof Wi-Fi Provider" in your default Fake GPS mock location app? (Such as Lexa GPS spoofing)? <>
  3. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [CLOSED] [Privacy] What does it mean to "Spoof Wi-Fi Provider" in your default Fake GPS mock location app (such as Lexa GPS spoofing)?

    [Privacy] What does it mean to "Spoof Wi-Fi Provider" in your default Fake GPS mock location app? (Such as Lexa GPS spoofing)? <>
  4. S

    Thread Question Removing google services

    Is it possible to somehow remove the Google services that were originally installed in the firmware? I would like to use microg instead. And could that be bad for you?
  5. P

    Thread Howdy Doo, everyone!

    Hello, everyone. I am phiilippi2, obviously. I am a privacy oriented person who enjoys a small challenge. I am looking to run a TicWatch Pro 3 degoogled, using MicroG. I am new to XDA. If you have any pointers to share, I would appreciate it very much. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce...
  6. O

    Thread Question Security-Focused & Functional OS for Xiaomi Mi11 Ultra

    What is your personal threat model when it comes to choosing a phone OS? Mine is not extreme security/privacy focused, although I'm trying to degoogle as much as I can. I wanted to install LineageOS because of frequent updates and big community, and of course, no google with an option to install...
  7. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [PRIVACY] When you force stop & disable Google Play Services, does that one action alone change your Android 12 Settings to remove Google spyware?

    [PRIVACY] When you force stop & disable Google Play Services, does that one action alone change your Android 12 Settings to remove Google spyware? As part of the research in the thread on Google Maps no longer working only with GPS, and as a follow on to preventing Google from turning on Wi-Fi...
  8. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [PRIVACY] Is it true for you (as it seems to be for me) that Google Maps will no longer route using just GPS (Maps requires Wi-Fi "precise scanning")?

    Bad news. Apparently Google has recently changed the Android Google Maps app such that it no longer routes using only GPS. I tested it without a Google account, and with the following turned off in the Android 12 Settings. STEP 1 In Settings | Location | Location services, turn everything...
  9. C

    Thread Question Is there any good alternative to native App Lock?

    So I recently reinstalled Pixel OS (the Android 13 version) after playing around with some new ROMs cause overall it was less buggy, gave great battery life but mainly preferred it for the native App Lock feature. After installing though I found out it was removed from the Android 13 versions...
  10. ncarvalho99

    Thread Development [ROM][13.0][UNOFFICIAL] CalyxOS 4.12.0 [vayu/bhima]

    CalyxOS 4.12.0 Unofficial and currently built by ncarvalho99/onygan CalyxOS is an Android mobile operating system that puts privacy and security into the hands of everyday users. Plus, proactive security recommendations and automatic updates take the guesswork out of keeping your personal data...
  11. TheMystic

    Thread How to stop Bluetooth Visibility or Discoverability?

    I had an unpleasant experience with location tracking that I have described here. Thinking about it, Bluetooth appears to be one culprit. My Galaxy Watch remains connected to my phone at all times over Bluetooth. So turning OFF the Bluetooth will disconnect the watch from my phone. These are...
  12. S

    Thread [APP][Android 9.0+] adX Launcher - No Root Ad Blocking Launcher

    Introduction The goal of adX Launcher is to allow you to take advantage of our app enhancements, like ad and tracker blocking, directly from your device's home screen without requiring you to launch a separate app. How to install? Our beta is available for everyone on Google Play...
  13. lookout472

    Thread S8+ G955F Secure and stable ROMs recommendation

    I have an S8+ model SM-G955FD already rooted and TWRP 3.2.3 installed. Been using like this for some time now, stock rom, just used root to block some apps I want to try some secure rom like grapheneos, lineage, or calyxos, but none of this offer support for this device. I'm looking for...
  14. Vinc3nt.exe

    Thread How To Guide How to install microg on unsupported roms

    Hey Guys, Hope you're doing great For the people who wanted privacy based roms like CalyxOS or GrapheneOS you have to 1. install vanilla version from ArrowOS or LineageOS 2. Flash Magisk 3. Then in Magisk go to Modules tab, click top button 'Install from storage' install...
  15. Mike-mei

    Thread How to Request User Consent on Privacy Data for Advertising?

    The rapid speed and convenience of mobile data have seen more and more people use smart devices to surf the Internet. This convenience, however, appears to have compromised their privacy as users often find that when they open their phone after a chat, they will come across product ads of things...
  16. D

    Thread How To Guide [CLOSED] Closed

  17. Mike-mei

    Thread Obtain User Consent When Requesting Personalized Ads

    Conventional pop-up ads and roll ads in apps not only frustrate users, but are a headache for advertisers. This is because on the one hand, advertising is expensive, but on the other hand, these ads do not necessarily reach their target audience. The emergence of personalized ads has proved a...
  18. vpnsentry

    Thread VPN/Sentry is finally back!

    VPN/Sentry Virtual private network with firewall Features Encrypt all the internet traffic leaving your device Allow or block internet traffic per app or address Simple to use while still offering advanced features Encrypting internet traffic can help to: prevent man-in-the-middle attacks...
  19. lukaspieper

    Thread [App][7.0+][Early Access] Truvark - file encryption with privacy

    Truvark is a modern file encryption app for Android. You might be wondering why building another vault app as there are already a lot of options. The difference is that Truvark is built around security by design and privacy by default. To proof that I take that serious, this is an offline app...
  20. xmaxrayx

    Thread Why most developers don't support 3rd party apps store?

    it's crazy when you don't want Google on your phone for privacy, like some devs have "google play DRM" with their app, so even if you do "APK" backup, it won't work unless you have google services and google play store. heck, some of these apps require you to be "OnLiNe" for 24h wtf is this...
  21. Mike-mei

    Thread How to Target Ads Precisely While Protecting User Privacy

    Background When using an app, if pop-up ads keep appearing when we browse app pages but we are not interested in the advertised content, not only will our browsing experience be negatively affected, but we will also quickly become tired of the advertised content. Unwanted ads are usually...
  22. Privacydroid

    Thread Hidden Google Account + Hidden Systemadminapp in LineageOS | Privacy infiltrated?...

    Is the builtin app named "Storagemanager" a hidden system administrator in LineageOS 19.1? I ask this because in LineageOS 14.1 Storagemanager is a systemadministrator app. In LineageOS 14.1 under > settings > apps > special app access > deviceadministrators, nothing showed up by default, but...
  23. maoosonyourdesk

    Thread Alternative Android Apps for Better Privacy

    Web Browsers: FOSS Browser: fully open source, no telemetry, Material You. Mull: unblobbed Firefox fork. App Stores: F-droid: only open source apps. Aurora Store: Play Store front-end...
  24. I

    Thread Disable Android 12 location indicator permanently

    Hey guys, is there any way to disable the Android 12 Location/Camera/Microphone indicator PERMANENTLY. This is one of the most annoying features of A12 so far if you have apps that have to access your location on a regular basis (like every minute or so). I've been looking for a script or...
  25. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [Privacy] How much of a unique threat is publishing your Android serial number to the Internet in the many screenshots we post to illustrate results?

    [Privacy] How much of a unique threat is publishing your Android (perhaps unique?) serial number to the Internet in the many screenshots we post to illustrate results? I, for one, publish illustrative screenshots in almost every thread I author so that others can easily see what I'm writing...
  26. G

    Thread Question Privacy-Oriented Custom ROM Recommendations

    Hi everyone, let me preface this with saying that I have searched for similar threads to avoid redundant threads, and I didn't find anything similar to this. I apologize in case I somehow missed it and am accidentally making a duplicate thread. That said, let's continue. I recently got a Xiaomi...
  27. GalaxyA325G

    Thread PSA: K-9 Mail is (AFAIK) the ONLY 3rd-party MUA on Android working after May 30th, 2022 by using OAuth2 over the web (& not 2FA/2SV or andOTP/FreeOTP)

    Update on 3rd-party MUAs (e.g., K-9 Mail) using OAuth2 on Android after May30th, 2022... which we have been searching for since early March of this year when Google notified us of the demise of the venerable login/password credentials. PSA: K-9 Mail is (AFAIK) the ONLY 3rd-party MUA on Android...
  28. GalaxyA325G

    Thread PSA) Using the new Android 12 TILE for 'Developer options' 'Wireless debugging' to establish adb connection over Wi-Fi without USB

    This is a PSA for those who mirror their Android phone onto Windows each day that there is a wonderfully convenient new TILE for Wireless debugging. Android Wireless-debugging tile That new Wireless-Debugging tile replaces this sequence of commands: Settings > Developer options > Wireless...
  29. D

    Thread My first shell script to prevent internet access until InviZible privacy app runs

    Hi Again Folks! This is my first shell script and I didn't think twice before showing it to everyone, look the Github Repo. It is a script that prevents access to the internet until this application is executed when system boots up! What do you think about it?
  30. V

    Thread [Script] Brave Browser Hardener.

    Hello. Made a script that hardens, Improve security, privacy and performance of Brave browser on windows by changing brave://flags settings automatically. You can choose from three categories : 1.Security. 2.Privacy. 3.Performance. Here is the script in action...
  31. 1

    Thread Custom Rom with SELinux deactivated not secure?

    Hi, although I read here and there that SELinux is important for the security/privacy of a phone, I was still never 100% sure. So can someone, who knows a thing or two about security of a phone/custom-rom/android tell me if I should install a custom rom from xda like LineageOS-unofficial with...
  32. D

    Thread Application that denies clipboard access to some apps? Who was the first developer to release?

    In a world where privacy is so exploited an app with this functionality would be very useful, there are many "spy apps", most of the time we need to copy some sensitive data through the clipboard, I heard news about the beta version of Android 12 with this functionality. But the verdict is: is...
  33. Qualaric

    Thread Android VM's

    Do virtual spaces apps like 'Parallel Space' can be used as a Virtual Machine? Say for instance installing high risk apps or browsing unsafe websites?
  34. WhatisallTech

    Thread [APP] LibreTube

    LibreTube is a application which is a YouTube alternative frontend built with piped, it is open source which means anyone with coding skills can help in the development. LibreTube is not connected to google directly, instead it uses piped instances to load data and play videos. Therefore this...
  35. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [Privacy] Can someone point me to more information about what "app trackers" & tracker "classes" are?

    Can someone point me to more information about what "trackers" & tracker "classes" are? For example, using the best FOSS App Manager I know of, the Microsoft Link-to-Windows app shown in my annotated screenshot below happened to have 6 trackers with 632 classes. NOTE: I could have picked...
  36. GalaxyA325G

    Thread [Privacy] Who here has changed their supposedly permanent unique personal GSF ID without removing their installed apps?

    Who here has changed their supposedly permanent unique Google Services Framework tracking ID? I'm not rooted and yet I've easily changed my supposedly unchangeable Google Services Framework ID tracking identification; so the GSF ID is clearly not permanent (however it might be unique each...
  37. A

    Thread Jumbo - Privacy + Security.

    A personal assistant to protect your privacy online. - Google Play. - App Store.
  38. F

    Thread Question Privacy-based ROM for Edge 20 FUSION

    Hi, Long time lurker, first-time poster .. I recently gifted myself a Motorola Edge 20 Fusion, and although it comes with Stock Android, I want to DE-GOOGLE it.. I'm thinking of installing a Privacy/Security focused Custom ROM, such as LineageOS, GrapheneOS or CalyxOS.. The trouble is, I'm...
  39. N

    Thread Samsung Android 11 stock to no-Google MicroG based privacy reconfigure step by step

    Two years after my previous guide for Android 10, this is Niall's modernised guide to reconfiguring stock Samsung S10 Android 11 into a privacy focused MicroG based system purged of the stock spyware and annoying and useless stuff, but with the actually useful Samsung Apps such as Camera, and...
  40. agoinfly

    Thread Question Redmi K40/Poco F3/Mi 11X: Global vs Europe Firmware

    Which firmware (privacy-focussed) is better?
  41. miravision

    Thread Question Verizon is collecting your data without your consent; how do you feel about it?

    Verizon notifies its customers about their default participation in Verizon's data collection program By Preslav Mladenov Verizon has begun notifying its subscribers with emails and text messages, informing them that they have been opted-in by default to the program. This comes after Verizon's...
  42. Granabo

    Thread Change the name of the sdcard

    Hi all, I was trying to move my settings from one phone to another but being unable to change the name of the SD card that breaks file and folder related data. Searching around I found that since Android 6 it's not possible, but must be a easy way. I think it's also a privacy issue as apps...
  43. chrisofMI

    Thread Question Secure/Lock/Hide Apps

    So I've been able to hide/secure/lock apps in some way on my past Samsung and OnePlus phones. When this is done the apps do not show up in the app drawer, show no details on notifications, and have to be unlocked to view. I've yet to find a way to do this via the Android 12 default launcher. If...
  44. K

    Thread General Android Phones Privacy. Is it more secure than previous versions? View on ColorOS 12

    Recent reviews of Android 12 have been enticing me to check back to current changes. Personally, I enjoy Androids (nearly) full customizable & unlockable ecosystem, but the thought of being invasive by customized setups has always haunted me. I wouldn’t describe myself as paranoid, but with...
  45. Oswald Boelcke

    Thread Scripts to enhance privacy and security on macOS

    Really nice collection of scripts that can enhance privacy and security on macOS. All are reasonable and not like some 1-click-tools, where you don't know what they do.
  46. Oswald Boelcke

    Thread Scripts to enhance privacy and security on Windows

    Really nice collection of scripts that can enhance privacy and security on Windows. All are reasonable and not like some 1-click-tools, where you don't know what they do.
  47. U

    Thread Cellular & other radio in offline/plane mode

    Hi so i am quite curious what happens if you put an Android phone (in this case a S21 Ultra Exynos) in offline/airplane mode with only wifi enabled and no sim card. I am quite privacy concerned and normaly use a pixel 4 with graphen, but since a few months i need a phone with more power and...
  48. A

    Thread Android Device App Permissions Allowed/Denied.

    Hello Everybody, I would like to ask a question about Android Apps permissions: If I deny one permission for a particular App, does that mean the App has zero access to the denied permission? Or is there a possibility for the App to bypass the permission restriction and access the user Data...
  49. K

    Thread Looking for a few privacy focused app alternatives to a few app

    I know, it's an oxymoron for some of these apps/services, but unfortunately, I need them for business purposes. I am seeing many out-of-date apps and posts about this topic and wondered if anyone has any current suggestions. I'm using Aurora Store, Aurora Droid, and Hermit. Hermit isn't always...
  50. Fumetsu_Guritto

    Thread Such thing as a magnetic rugged case that also has camera slide door?

    Hey guys, I think I'm at the point of just investing into creating a new case style. The case I have: The case that provides a magnetic plate - so you can literally attach your phone to most metals...