1. O

    Thread Whatsapp control from another app

    Is it possible by a third party app to block incoming communication from some contacts on Whatsapp, or is it possible to externally (from another app) force Whatsapp to block contacts? More technically is it possible to use specific Whatsapp API for this particular activity? Is using Whatsapp...
  2. P

    Thread Tablet Samsung Galaxy in bootloop - need to delete something from the storage

    Hello. The tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 itself turned off and got into a bootloop - it doesn't boot into the system because there is not enough memory. Before that it worked fine. All on the tablet is stock and official, there is no root. Wipe cache partition tried many times already. The...
  3. A

    Thread Redmi 10 Prime not connecting to 4G/LTE

    Hi, I purchased Redmi Prime 10 from India and moved to Canada couple of weeks after that. I didn't know Redmi Prime 10 does not support all the bands used in Canada in 2G/3G/4G. It only supports 850Mhz for 2G/3G/4G. Well I used Chatr prepaid for couple of months and 4G was able to connect but I...
  4. FelipeJuan

    Thread Question How to decrease the screen resolution properly?

    I have a Redmi Note 10 4G (on MIUI 13.0.9 / Android 12) and I would like to decrease the resolution to get better battery life and performance. But looks, there's a “virtual notch” that is stretched as the resolution is decreased via ADB (using the platforms tools on PC). There's some way to do...
  5. stav434

    Thread Question TB-J607F turns off randomly

    Hi, In the last few weeks my tablet started to turn off randomly, it happens only when the screen is off (it doesn't happen while I'm using it.) Every time after that, the tablet turns on only when i press the power button, the vol+ and the vol- for a really really really long time. I tried to...
  6. ZTNL

    Thread Question Anyone with this problem? Or a solution?

    I has a problem with mi gt3, a few days ago I cannot change the plastic strap for the leather strap include with the clock or other metallic strap after exercise. It's a very disgusting this problem, i had gt2 and never has problem with the change of the straps space, only i can put the superior...
  7. Shoaibalik

    Thread OnePlus 7 pro screen flickering (kind of)

    Hello everyone there, I've bought a used OnePlus 7 pro a few days ago. But I'm having an issue with it. Whenever I turn brightness to full, screen starts becoming small and big and small and big. I've tried turning adaptive brightness on and off, removing the screen protector, and rebooting...
  8. L

    Thread Question Front camera not working!

    My front camera stopped working suddenly. Whenever I switch to the front cam in the camera app, it freezes. I tried changing various ROMs but the same result. Is my front camera busted? What is the likelihood of it being water damaged?
  9. Najatski

    Thread Trouble with on my Kindle Fire HD 8 8th gen while attempting to unlock bootloader

    Following this guide, I was able to successfully root and install lineage OS on my first Fire HD 8. I have two, so I want to do it to my other HD 8. I do everything up until When I short CLK, it gives me this error. Every single time I do it. Can't seem to fix it...
  10. gamerabbit16

    Thread android os for samsumg tab 3 7.0

    i try a lot of os for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 but i have error (4, 5, 255 ) one of my problem :
  11. ArmagedFoxer

    Thread VERY strange situation! Come in! My Asus A002A reset after a complete discharge, and closed my access to it. HELP ME PLEASE

    Hello! I REALLY need your help! I have an asus a002a, worked fine, but the battery started to die with age. Today I found out in the evening that he sat down to 0, but I had to go outside and I left him like that, came home after 20 minutes, put him on charge. I turn it on, and it shows me the...
  12. T

    Thread Installing app failed

    Greetings everybody. I will start by saying i was never into android modding because i never had any needs so far, neither i have knowledge, it would be time wasting to teach myself a lot for just problem with 1 app since my work does not need that knowledge(well until now :D). So, theres an...
  13. Hamza67


    Can someone please help me about this After The Activation Wizard Page It Comes Here And Just Can't Go Anywhere This phone even not booting into recovery or EDL even test-points not booting it in EDL also it's an unknown phone that doesn't have a name on it's box in little font it's just written...
  14. Hamza67

    Thread Please Help Me How To Get Out Of It

    Hey All Respected Developer and Members Of XDA please help me find a solution for this phone this phone have no brand name on it just it's model is Carbon and it's stuck here I can't boot into recovery or EDL can anyone help me about it please I have attached the picture of of the error
  15. L

    Thread Question Poco X3 Pro - Adapter charge problem

    Hi, I bought x3 pro original and i`m not sure what is the problem, but adapter is not charging the phone. I can see the animation, green battery charging icon, sound, and the percentage increasing, but after 1-2 hours is on the same percentage, after 2-3 hours percentage is decreasing. If i use...
  16. theskig

    Thread Telephoto cam random blur problem

    Hi guys, I have this problem with the telephoto cam: many pics are blurred in the middle or on upper and lower part with the center in perfect focus. Some other pictures are perfect, so it isn't a lens problem. Is my phone faulty? I had this problem since a lot of time, but i thought it was my...
  17. Hoaryfox

    Thread Question 960 FPS mode is broken

    Hello! Recently I bought a Xiaomi 12X phone, 8/256 variant, OS is MIUI I have a problem with 960 FPS mode, it works, but it output garbage video files. This is with H.264 encoding The H.265 one isn't playable, but I'll throw it here. This one should be a green hell of a...
  18. karma666

    Thread I need help please, don't turn on my Xiaomi Mi A3

    Hi. 1.Try Overnight charging/not working 2.Try charge the phone and at the same time press and hold the power button/not working 3.Try Fastboot and Recovery Mode do not work do not enter them:cry: P.S. I couldn't turn on my phone after I installed ROM's Evolution X and + the notification...
  19. X

    Thread App/task switcher not appearing after using adb

    Hi everyone, I've done a quick search, sorry if this has been covered. I've done something dumb. I followed a few steps of a guide to remove bloatware of Huawei but I was probably not careful enough. I've removed several apps: adb shell pm uninstall -k --user 0
  20. S

    Thread Question Ui moving in slow motion

    Hi guys, the issue occurred out of nowhere, just out of a sudden all ui elements started moving really slowly, and I don't mean laggy or stuttery , it's as if every ui animation is taking 10x time of execution. I've tried restarting the phone a couple of times and the issue stays the same. I've...
  21. A

    Thread MP3 genre tags problem with Samsung Galaxy A10s

    Hi everyone! My Samsung Galaxy A10s has the following problem with mp3's genre tags: when I edit the genre tag in a song sorting my library by genre, that entire genre changes to the name I edited in that specific song; but when I go to the "new" category, the other songs I didn't edit, kept the...
  22. S

    Thread Subwoofer cuts off, rear speakers not working

    Hello, I have Android head unit for Peugeot 407, it's PX5 and running on Android 9.0. Issue I'm having for some time is that I have seperate amp and sub attached to it. I have taken 12V signal to turn it on from head unit's I think antenna or something that gave out 12V whenever it was turned...
  23. O

    Thread Stuck at bootloader unlocked warning

    I have TWRP and LineageOS with Magisk installed on my A50. Normally, when my phone boots, I get the following sequence: 1. Phone vibrates. 2. Samsung Logo appears for a very short time, with bootloader unlocked warning at the bottom. 3. A screen showing a bootloader unlock warning at the top...
  24. YotaKota

    Thread Why does my Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) stucks a lot?

    Every time I am using my phone, the screen stucks I have to click on the power button once and then after it locks I need to open it again so it starts working. This goes on multiple times while using it. Please tell what the problem is. Don't say change the display it's not the problem. Also...
  25. imoel42

    Thread Problem with TRWP Recovery

    Hello, I have a problem with TWRP Recovery. I installed twrp recovery to update my OnePlus Nord to PixysOS ROM and so far no problem. But after installing all the new ROM, to the recovery I enter the following happens: Enter recovery mode and TRWP logo appears and turns off and on the screen...
  26. J

    Thread OK, stuck. ZTE P600, backed into a corner by restrictions

    I only got this phone as a second one to perform very miniscule tasks. One of the main ones is simple Mistplay games. Slots, Solitaire etc. I realized I was going to be in trouble when the "Display over apps" feature was actually disabled on the phone. I did locate a Reddit (they prolly found it...
  27. A

    Thread Problem with reverse camera

    From one day to the next, the reverse camera stopped activating automatically when I put the gear in reverse, nothing happens on the screen, I already checked all the wiring and there is no problem, being a 79 vehicle, it does not have a computer, so the cable goes directly from the transmission...
  28. B

    Thread M30 doesn't charge

    Got my M30 about two years now and last week it started not reconizing that it should be charging, i alredy tested the cable and the charger with another smartphone and it worked. I made a factory reset, worked only one time and the problem has returned. I used a toothpick to clean any pocket...
  29. C

    Thread Usb conection problems - nothing helps

    Hi, i cant connect to my phone normally via usb. System windows 10 says "USB device not recognized". I know its a poplar problem and many solutions is on the internet but for me no one solution work. Only way to connect my phone is via wifi debuging via android studio. Maybe someone know that...
  30. P

    Thread When connecting OTG it keeps showing "USB connector connected \ disconnected"

    Hey there, I am a photographer which has a Samsung S10e, and I've been trying to watch photos on my phone from my Camera's SD card using a Transcend SD Card reader and Samsung's USB to TYPE C connector. It was working fine beforehand, but now it just keeps showing a notification with "USB...
  31. D

    Thread Question Power menu "Compatible controls unavailable" issue

    I was trying to get Termux power menu device controls to work and encountered this issue seen on screenshot. The same issue occurs with Google Home. Does anyone have the same issue or have any idea how to fix it?
  32. M

    Thread Oppo A9 2020 unlocked bootloader root.

    Hello! I'm having some troubles to find a way to root this phone since a lot of the post I've found say that it's not possible to root the Oppo A9 CPH1941 due to the locked bootloader, now in the dev settings I have a check for locking or unlocking the bootloader so I guess that shouldn't be a...
  33. V

    Thread Question Samsung S22 Ultra GPS problem

    Hi I am having an issue with my UK based Samsung S22 Ultra. The GPS stops working on it, no map app can use GPS until I restart the phone and then it starts working again. I found this thread on the which seems to other users having the same issue...
  34. agahemir

    Thread My data is encrypted, but the system is working

    Previously I was using LineageOS 18.1, then I tried to revert to MIUI. I wiped Dalvik, Cache and Data. I was going to install the ROM from storage, but the storage appeared to be encrypted. So I restarted the phone, LineageOS reset but cannot access local storage. However, the system works. Can...
  35. CyprienZee

    Thread Custom ROM and OpenGApps Flashing Problem

    Hello there people! I'm currently trying to flash my stock (with Android 11) Motorola Edge (XT2063-4) with HavocOS Custom ROM. However, I am already trying to do this fourth time, without any luck. I flash multiple Motorola phones in the past, but I can't beat this. Maybe there is something I...
  36. J

    Thread Question Mi 11 bluetooth and obd2 problem

    hello everyone, i have a mi 11 with the latest stable eu rom (13.0.6) and i can't use the bluetooth adapter for the car (vlink and carista adapter). The phone is pairing with the adapters but cannot connect to it. Already tried a clean install and nothing helped. the problems started after...
  37. K

    Thread Failed MCU update - XL6107

    Hi! Today I tried to update MCU on my XinLian XL6107. Old MCU version was XL6107_V102_20210230__C1, and new MCU version: XL6107_V107_20210910__C1. After update the keys and sound stopped working, and Android can't see current version of MCU. Is there any possibility repair it? Please help :)
  38. Dravin_

    Thread How To Guide Fix : Amazon Prime Video Full HD on Xiaomi / Redmi device (NO ROOT Needed)

    As Many of us facing HD streaming issue, Amazon Prime HD streaming issue on multiple Xiaomi devices even with Widevine L1 enabled is a known bug, fix expected in future. Solution: Just Go to the Google Play Store and search for the Prime Video app, below there is an option to JOIN BETA. Just...
  39. Frann7

    Thread Hello! Do you know any good alternative to greenify?

    Greenify is giving me problems with my pixel experience android 12 rom. It causes that after 1 or 2 minutes of turning on the cell phone, it hangs and restarts automatically. So without end until I uninstall the application. I want an alternative to better conserve ram and background activities
  40. AlienBo1s

    Thread Xiaomi redmi note 9 pro, PC don't see device in bootloader

    Hello, i got a problem. When i'm turning my xiaomi into fastboot mode my pc doesnt see it. In "normal" mode i can see it, get files from it etc. When i connected my dad xiaomi(same model as mine) it works so its not problem with pc but with my phone probably. What can i do?
  41. TomassD

    Thread Can't wipe/reset an Android phone (Nokia G10)

    Hi! Posting this here as need maximum exposure as the specific thread for the model does not seem to have many people looking at it. My original post is here: Short version: Tried anything I could imagine but can't wipe the...
  42. I

    Thread 8T Charging Problems

    Ever since a couple of months ago I had problems with charging the phone. The provided 65w warp charger doesn't charge the phone at all, when I try to charge it with my old OnePlus 6 charger it is charging but in a normal speed (not even fast charging). I've tried cleaning the ports (phone...
  43. F

    Thread Question Help with black crush issue, software or hardware thing?

    Hi, i have black crush issue (it looks extremely pixelated on dark scenes), but it has a peculiarity. If i select "Vivid" on colour scheme, the display works fine. But as soon as i turn off the screen, and then turn on, the black crush appears again. I tried every option in the colour scheme...
  44. L

    Thread (help) No Network connection whene select text

    Hi guys, I have got a strange problem. If I select any text on my Samsung Galaxy S21 the Popup says no Network Connection but the the network is working fine (Wlan and Mobile is working like a charm) Why does the App not working ?
  45. T

    Thread Can't access the last ~120 px of screen

    Yesterday, on the phone of a relative I successfully installed Lineage OS. The screen worked normally. The next day I got the phone back, because the last ~120px can't be accessed. The touch works, but it registers as if made above the bottom area (attached video shows what happens). The area is...
  46. Filippo255

    Thread Question HDR on Mi Pad 5 doesn't work as it should

    Hi guys, I've tried to watch some movies with HDR (1080 and UHD movies) but the image is really really dark even on max brightness level in a dark room; I've tried both Plex and MX Player Pro but still nothing, even the HDR videos on YouTube are very dark. Also I am sure that the HDR of the...
  47. AnonymousPocoUser

    Thread Question Poco X3 Pro lower brightness on custom roms

    Hi there. Im facing a problem. Since i used many custom roms i see that all of them got lower brightness than on miui. Why is that the case? 25% Brightness on MIUI means 50% on custom rom. Can somebody help me?
  48. matze19999

    Thread Question Does your pixel charger 2 work as intended?

    My pixel charger 2 arrived yesterday and isn't working at all with my pixel 6 pro. I pairs with bluetooth and gives me all the controls and features, but the phone won't charge as it should. It charges for 3 seconds and then disconnects. It charges for 3 seconds and then disconnects. It charges...
  49. The LKS

    Thread Question Mi smart pen problem "K81 CS(DFU)"

    Hey there everybody. So I was using the stylus normally until the firmware update shows up, after a error on update the pen doesn't show up any more. I already tried to restore/restart the tablet and Bluetooth but without any success. When I attech doesn't show anything, but when I remove pop...
  50. Y

    Thread Problem with samsung galaxy tab s6 lite

    Greetings !, I want to consult and ask for help on a problem that i'm presenting with my –Samsung galaxy tab s6 lite -sm-p610-. I Connected this equipment to a power bank as its battery was about to run out and leave it alone while charging. After a few minutes I realize that it turns off but I...