1. kurx96

    Thread Problems getting phone line Z FLIP

    I have a SM-F707B and a SM-F700F, both have problems getting phone lines, they don't receive calls and they don't go on the internet and when I did the connection is very unstable, I wiped data/cache and flashed the latest official firmware but they didn't improve, I was going to try flashing...
  2. C

    Thread Question Problems with unlocking the bootloader

    I cannot unlock the bootloader in any way. I would like to root the phone but all the tutorials I have followed have not helped at all
  3. GlitzerSchwert

    Thread Question I made a mistake and now I need help

    Hello everyone, I need your help please. I had tried to root my phone which somehow didn't work. Now I wanted to put everything back to its original state, but I can't turn the OEM off again and I always get an error message after I unlock the phone. Can you please help me? Warm greetings
  4. B

    Thread Question A few questions from a new owner.

    Hello everyone, I'll be getting my Poco F3 tomorrow and I have a few questions. Most of them were asked already but they're relatively old already and I'm unsure whether it got fixed or not. Anyways, here are my questions. 1) Was the proximity sensor issue patched/fixed? Is it any better than...
  5. I

    Thread S21 5G Exynos Custom Kernel Problems & Rebooting

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to get a custom kernel working on my S21 Exynos. I am able to build but I cannot get it to be stable. When the phone is in the lock screen, after a minute or so it will reboot and checking the log, there is a kernel panic. Here's what I've done : Got boot image...
  6. M

    Thread My XZ1 compact story

    So I bought a new phone since my old Onyx (One+ X) died (cracked screen and charging port is getting iffy). And finally I decided on this one, a cheap Chinese docomo branded one off Ebay. I was so exited when it arrived, the UPS truck was at my gate when I got home that day, ready to leave, but...
  7. GPG2021


    i've tried 3 custom rom on redmi 9 and problems are almost same so i want to write for developers and not only developers which problems have every custom rom: all problem can be solved from only build.prop file: 1. audio call problem (caller not hearing our voice, we not hearing caller's...
  8. tomfan203

    Thread Xperia 1 II very laggy n performance dropped after updated to Android 11

    My Xperia 1 II had been working very smoothly all the time on Android 10, but since the Android 11 update, not anymore...every animations felt not as smooth, apps freezes n crashes more often, phone not as responsive, apps launch time noticibly increased, games runs a lot slower, files transfer...
  9. U

    Thread Have problems installing recovery via FASTBOOT

    Hey there, I wanted to install a custom recovery on my MI8, I"m currently on MIUI Global QEAMIXM, bootloader unlocked I have tried several tutorials, such as: https://www.the***********.com/how-to-root-xiaomi-mi-8-and-install-twrp-recovery/...
  10. EwOkie

    Thread Download problem after Android 11

    Downloading issues after software update to Android 11. Phone is Stock not rooted. Downloading from xda for example somethings dont download Google play is fine Anyone else have issues or a fix?
  11. S

    Thread Problem: Screen Horizontal Lines When Dim in 120hz and low light

    Hi, My Note 20 ultra has some Display problems. When my phone is on a lower brightness and Adaptive(120Hz) refresh rate setting on a grey background, I can see all sorts of funky horizontal lines across it. (except gallery - i think the refresh rate reduce to 60hz in gallery automatically so in...
  12. A

    Thread 10.0.6 problems

    Hi after flashing my OP 7 pro with the latest update I have noticed a few things... Number 1 the system alarm app is broken and you can no longer change the times on the alarm.. Number 2 is that the volume control slider/bar has no effect on the volume it's self.. the volume stays at a...
  13. M

    Thread My Problems with Samsung Galaxy A51 After 12 hours using

    I bought Galaxy A51 last day and just using it for 12 hours, and I found these problems. I connected my Bluetooth headphone to the Galaxy A51 for the first time, after I playing music, the sound keeps breaking every few seconds, and after 2 minutes, it automatically disconnected. Besides, When...
  14. R

    Thread Problems on Display

    Does anyone else have the problem that half of the screen up does not work if they leave it on a flat surface?
  15. GigaSPX

    Thread I can't believe how many issues I've encountered since Pie update

    Hello all, I have the 960U1 US Unlocked version of the Note 9 I've had since Day 1 release of last August. It's quite the powerhouse of a phone, and has everything of what you want in a smartphone. I was aggravated by how late the Pie update came, but I never expected how many issues came along...
  16. DarthJe5us

    Thread Note 9 notification bar stutter when I have a video wallpaper

    Does anyone else experience this? I really like using a video for the lock screen but the stutter is so unbearable i can't use it. It has been like this on several versions of Android 9. Here is the difference between a normal wallpaper and a video. It's worse in 1440p resolution...
  17. A

    Thread Well, i'm confused for the Android Pie update.

    Ok, well. I saw that i can install android pie on my already rooted oneplus 5t (android oreo 8.1, OxygenOSS 5.1.7). I downloaded the file from xda, updated TWRP at last version, downloaded also last Magisk version for rooting after updating my android version. I got "Zip treble compatibility...
  18. U

    Thread SM-N950F Sensor Issues

    My Samsung Galaxy Note8 (SM-N950F) has recently started playing up. I first discovered that the iris scanner was "Not responding, then I saw that the Auto-brightness also was not working, as well as the manual brightness slider. I tested the rest of the sensors by dialing *#0*# into the dialer...
  19. AgustinH

    Thread Problems with launchers

    I'm trying to use custom launcher since always, but for some reason when I lock the phone and unlock it in a minutes, I just see the multi tasking screen and I must press two times home button to go back to home. And in the screen that I see I have the last activity I made (even if I closed it)...
  20. ShadowOBS

    Thread Some touch problems

    Hello, I am new into huawei since I came from samsung devices. I bought this Huawei P9 Plus model VIE-L09 at my local phone store and carrier las 3 weeks, the phone came with android 6.0 and it was amazing and no bugs, all problems came when I update to android 7.0 via phone update... Half...
  21. O

    Thread Poor wifi connectivity and speed compared to other devices

    My Nokia 7 Plus connects to my Netgear D7000 router on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. When the phone is near to the router it will max the connection speed out using speedtest at about 75mbps (max internet speed for me) however as the distance from the router increases the speeds drop off dramatically...
  22. rapidrayo

    Thread Signal problems with S6 Edge

    Hello everyone, I don't post often here on this forum but I when I did it I receive a lot of help from you guys, so here is my problem, I have 3 years old S6 Edge with ATT unlocked, recently I was having problems beacuse the phone reset itself :crying: , but one day my phone just got stuck on my...
  23. AlexBurnout77

    Thread [Help] My J5 2016 can't make phone calls

    Hi, I can no longer make phone calls from my J5. I can only receive calls via network. It started after I came back in my country and also after I connected the phone to my 2007 car via Bluetooth with SIM sharing on or something. So those two may be the reason (or at least one). I really don't...
  24. Snorp09

    Thread Built lineageOS stuck on google screen.

    I followed the LineageOS wiki page for Building for Mako to a T, flashed the .ZIP via TWRP rebooted and it got to the Google Screen, but no farther. I can't tell what I'm doing wrong. I've already tried wiping the system again and still have had no success. Any ideas of what's wrong?
  25. samgurung

    Thread Bluetooth Car Audio Problems.

    I have read all the thread on the problem but have not found a satisfactory answer or solution I am rooted and on 4.1.6. Using the franco kernel. Bluetooth with my car audio just does not work. Phone connects but not audio from the system.. whatsmore phone gets hot and really laggy. Can anyone...
  26. championswimmer

    Thread [RANT] The current state of Sony in India (and world), and why they can't sell any

    Let me start off by saying, I am a looooong looooong time Sony fanboy. I have the following mobiles - X10, S, Z, ZR, L, Z1, Z2, Z1c, Z3, Z3c, Z1tab, Z2tab, Z5, XZ, along with Smartbands SWR10 and SWR12, Smartwatch 2 and 3. Out of these more than half, I got from Sony Mobile, Sweden, as I...
  27. Eraser85

    Thread Touchscreen problems

    I'm having problems with the touchscreen. Most of the time it's working alright but just like this, out of the blue, starts missing touches, swipes, etc.. sometimes this problem is very VERY noticeable and embarassing. I don't know if it's software or hardware related, but I fear this can't be...
  28. Ayan Uchiha Choudhury

    Thread PROBLEMS after flashing any lollipop build.

    Guys I was wondering if I could use the lollipop version again in the Lenovo k4 note. However after flashing, my phone lagged, it was very slow, apps wouldn't open on time, but as soon as I updated to marshmallow, everything would be all right. What I did - used sp flash tools at download only...
  29. bacu12

    Thread Wifi gets in loop of disconnecting and bluetooth is spotty Does the radio need flash?

    Hello, I got a nexus 6p several weeks ago and the wifi was fine until it took several google updates and then it went to the birds. I've tried going back to 7.1.1 in the hopes of fixing the issue. The random reboots have stopped happening pretty much. So not sure where to go from here.....I have...
  30. E

    Thread Anybody having problems with the new android version 7.1.2?

    Hey XDA.. I have just noticed that after the 7.1.2 it looks like my nexus player has lost the option to read from a usb NTFS harddrive. I haven't tried with FAT32 or exFAT but i know that NTFS used to work. And i have noticed that the bluetooth is acting strange.. There is a huge delay with the...
  31. C

    Thread Speaker issues

    Is it only my device, but i only hear from one speaker? is this normal? what should i do if not.
  32. J

    Thread P10 Wi-Fi Calling / VoLTE problems

    I've now had my second firmware update for the P10, but as yet it still hasn't addressed major problems with VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling on the P10. In my case, this is using the phone on EE in the UK. I've heard that the P10 may be delayed from release on EE as a result of this issue, as there's...
  33. S

    Thread Network issues

    Hello All, I got OPO 3T before 2 weeks in India & I was using Jio 4G (VOLTE) and Vodafone as my mobile sim cards, both the sim cards were working properly for 10 days. i had to remove my vodafone sim from my mobile on day 10 due to my work schedules, and after rebooting the mobile the Jio sim...
  34. C

    Thread Frequent error query

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying Motorola Droid Turbo 2 (Verizon Droid Turbo 2 32gb XT1585) but I read about errors on the screen (green light and other colors) and problems when charging the battery, so I would like to know if it is worth taking a chance and buy one or recommend another, I hope you...
  35. Vency77

    Thread Should I buy a Nexus 5x, now?

    Hello, First of all, I know there are/may be similar threads, but nothing recent afaik, sorry if I have missed something. So to the question, is it worth it to get a Nexus 5X now? I was a happy Nexus 5 user for a lot of time, but the battery life got awful recently and getting a new battery for...
  36. J

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] My Day Off - Disable Messenger My Day

    Disable My Day / Messenger Day in Messenger app Disable new white Messenger UI and bring back old blue UI Also, disable camera turning on when opening Messenger (comes together with My Day) Usage Install My Day Off Xposed Enable My Day Off Xposed in Xposed installer (a notification should...
  37. B

    Thread problems since going back to OOS

    I used sultan's version of CM13 for 2 month and last week end i flashed OOS beta 7 and now i have several problems : - My booting animation is neither the oneplus animation nor the one i flashed (the marvel/dc one, yes i reflashed it after flashing OOS), it is the word android. how can i change...
  38. T

    Thread Phone randomly reboots when connected to a Wifi

    [ SOLVED ] So, i used an app that has 2 functions : 1. Connects to Wifi using WPS glitch, and i ended up connected to the wifi i wanted 2. Read wifi passwords from data/misc/wifi/ ( uses root ) , but after using both functions, my phone gets reboot if i try to connect to a wifi ( mostly after...
  39. R

    Thread OpenVPN Issues with SHA512

    My new pixel is having an issue with SHA512. See the screen shot for my error message. The configuration works on my nexus 6 without issues. Same with windows. Anyone else know what the problem might be or how to fix it. I tried a few different clients some would say they connected but in the...
  40. T

    Thread 32.2.A.0.305 issues - do you have any?

    Hi, Since the latest update, I'm having issues with calling. Second person don't hear me and/or hear echo in first few seconds (in 90% of cases he/she hangs up, because of that). I rebooted phone many times, etc. I've had full wipe a few months ago and I don't want to do it again. Do you...
  41. N

    Thread [URGENT][HELP][FATAL ERROR][E6533] My Z3+ Stopped Turning ON

    I have a Z3+ Dual, yesterday it just went blank, I was listening to music and suddenly the screen went off and the music also stopped. I thought it was a random reboot so I waited but nothing happened. I just pushed the power+volume up key to shut it down. It vibrated for three times and that's...
  42. DrakenFX

    Thread Post Your Current or Last Boot Issues here (READ BEFORE POSTING PLEASE)

    Hi A7 users, Let's start this off be saying, bare with me English is not my primary language..... OK now, the reason for this Thread is to find a definite solution for current users and future users who have run into boot issues cuz they were trying to : A- Go back to Un-rooted and lock...
  43. W

    Thread GPS issues on stock

    I recently flashed 4.4.2 stock Rom and now my GPS does not seem to be working. It can't seem to find me and when it does, the radius is large. The little flashing GPS icon that says "Searching using GPS..." never seems to go away. I tried tightening screws to no avail. Can anyone advise me...
  44. S

    Thread Port twrp not working for knight2

    hi everyone.i recently ported a twrp.the twrp boots,but nothing works for 2 seconds and then reboots to device.can anyone help please
  45. B

    Thread Anyone else with eduroam problems?

    Eduroam doesn't work for me using either AICP or Temasek. Can anyone confirm it or report it working for other or even these roms?
  46. IllusiaX

    Thread Pictures keep disappearing

    Hi all! I love this forum and I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me. I recently upgraded from the HTC one m8 to the HTC 10 and I noticed that sometimes when I take pictures they completely disappear. They're there for a short while then I can't find them again even when I connect...
  47. A

    Thread Att s6 edge cant update to v 6.0.1 pls help

    Hi there i need help i cant seem to download the new update from att it keeps saying update interrupted. Idk if this is the reason why this wont let my phone update. ( link to what happened before on my...
  48. R

    Thread Marshmallow problems after updating through LG Bridge

    Anyone else having trouble with their phones after updating to Marshmallow via LG Bridge? It uninstalled many Google apps including messenger, hangouts, music, maps, android wear, and some others. Plus it uninstalled many other apps as well. I had to go and reinstall and configure many widgets...
  49. W

    Thread Things after upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile - any solve?

    My third device, main one and the only able to run supported version of Windows 10 Mobile - Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM Country Variant Russia RM-1075, before it there were Highscreen WinJoy and the first is Nokia Lumia 620. Backup from L620 were applied on WinJoy and then backup from...