1. wishy69

    Thread Fingerprint possible only on 1 profile on Poco X3 NFC (surya)

    Hello XDA Bros, I've had my Surya for about a year now, and I tried many ROMs, but the same issue occurs on every ROM. So here is the issue: I have a work profile (shelter) and a set of other user profiles, I can set up a pin|password|pattern for each of them without an issue. However, If I...
  2. T

    Thread SIM activated and working, but account informations won't show it

    Hi all, I'm trying to unlock my Redmi Note 7 following the lineageos installation guide (, I get stuck at point 7 of "Unlocking the bootloader" section. So, I haven't been able to unlock the phone yet because the Mi Unlock app fails at 99%...
  3. sakis_the_fraud

    Thread Is there an android app to switch between static IPs profiles?

    I have several different IP networks on my home, each for another use, for example main internet use (with dhcp server), lights on etc. on the other subnets there isn't a dhcp server, therefore you should connect with a static IP. there are some times that a simple...
  4. H

    Thread Xiaomi device files for Android Studio

    I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Plus phone. How do I obtain the information needed to build an AVD file (Android Virtual Device) for Android Studio? Or does anybody have an AVD file that has already been created?
  5. Freak07

    Thread [10.04.2021][Systemless-Rom-Mod][V2][WW-17.0240.2103.75 ] Armoury Crate - Unleashed

    Hello everyone, I´m sure everybody that is using a ROG Phone 2 has explored the possibilities Armoury Crate provides for gaming. It yields a pleathora of settings and tweaks especially in the hardcore tuning mode. Some of you might be more familiar and some might be less familiar with the...
  6. S

    Thread Work v/s Personal profiles on Vivo X50 Pro

    An issue that's driving me crazy. I installed Maas360 on my Vivo X50 Pro, to access my work related emails and apps. The issue is that I see all work and personal apps listed in the same menu alphabetically, but not under two separate menu tabs "Work" and "Personal" like I used to have on my...
  7. G

    Thread [APP][4.4+] I'm on Telegram FYI - Show you're on Telegram to your WhatsApp contacts

    I'm on Telegram FYI Show your WhatsApp contacts you're on Telegram by updating your profile picture on WhatsApp Introduction Since the recent migration of people away from WhatsApp, people are looking for a way to abandon WhatsApp completely. Still, many people can't move to Telegram for good...
  8. Abish4i

    Thread [Profile] Tasker clockwork alarm (Indian-Hindi)

    Since very long time the talking clock profile requires to get updated & Now I present to you Indian Version of talking clock with hindi speech recognition software Instruction to installation... (in case you don't no how to install) Simply try to import via App Or Try using file explorer...
  9. Lifear

    Thread Profile Switcher(Car, Home, Work) like on LineageOS

    In LineageOS for Galaxy S7, i found the profile switcher the Androoid Quick settings. I can switch between different profiles like Car, Work, Home and so on with a quick settings tile. Is there some way, to get the same on a Samsung Galaxy S9?
  10. D

    Thread CTS profile match failed

    Hello guys, My CTS profile is showing as failed. I only have unlocked bootloader and no root app or anything. Could relocking the BL help? Or is it better to go to a service center? PS: I'm running stock ROM global (Android 10) Pls help. Thanks for any info provided!
  11. P

    Thread Full-Port Switch Modem Config (VoLTE enabling)

    Has anyone managed to enable the Full-Port Switch on a Realme Device yet? This is needed to configure the LTE Modem to enable a matching carrier profile that supports VoLTE. I have the Qualcomm QPST PDC programm and know how to do it on a Oneplus device. But I can't enable serial mode and the...
  12. Born2Model3D

    Thread Any custom rom with User Profiles? I have tried a handful but can't find any?

    I need to know if there exists a custom rom with user profiles, as now my Kenzo is used at home by children and I would like them to have their separate user accounts.
  13. L

    Thread [

  14. takoa

    Thread [WhatsApp] Where are the profile images stored?

    Root or no root ... Where ? :eek:
  15. W

    Thread [MOD][ViPER4Android] CrystalSpeaker profile - great sound for speaker!

    After spending a lot of time I created profile with great clear sound for speaker in ViPER4Android. Only for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite! Simple installing guide: 1. Unzip contain of folder ViPER4Audio from archive to folder ViPER4Audio in your internal storage. 2. Press menu button in V4A app and load...
  16. alderon666

    Thread [PROFILE][TWEAK] HTC 10 Oreo Battery Tweaks

    ------------- Battery Tweaks for HTC 10 ------------- --------- INTRODUCTION --------- Hi all! First of all I want to thank RogerF81 (soilwork) and fapste (wingoku_battery_saving4.1) for their work. At start I based on wingoku CPU governor profile, but then I was adjusting and testing...
  17. ZeroInfinity

    Thread [APP][7.0+][1st October 2019] Helix Engine 5.0.1b FINAL

    LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT HERE About: Requirements: Features: Download: Credits: Donations are completely optional and are always greatly appreciated:
  18. S

    Thread Bug in System Profile

    Thank god LOS (14.1) brings back the Tile/Fast Settings for System Profile. I observed one old bug: When I switch from WLAN profile (WLAN on/mobile Data off) to Flight Mode (not as a system profile) and than enable the LTE profile (mobile Data on/WLAN off) - WLAN keeps on.
  19. M

    Thread Is it possible to have 2 seprate profiles in Samsung.

    Is it possible to have 2 separate profiles in Samsung running Nought and above, like the feature that is available in Redimi phones, where 2 separate profiles are created with 2 different id's and installing and using an app on both the profiles without any installation issue. Can this be ported...
  20. fruity101079

    Thread Blurry contact pictures

    Hi Long time ago, I took time to use HD pictures for all my contacts. Everything is saved on my google account. There wasn't any problems until now. I don't know if it's because I was using only Nexus devices. Now i own a Galaxy S7, and all my contacts (except the favorites) got blurry pictures...
  21. adanteon

    Thread [MOD] [29 DEC] [2.0] SoilWork for the OnePlus 3/T [UNIVERSAL] [SCRIPT] [MAGISK]

    About SoilWork SoilWork is a mod created by @RogerF81, originally for the HTC 10, which features a Snapdragon 820. I've ported this mod to work with both OnePlus 3 and 3T devices. While the mod keeps the same name, the scripts used have been modified to best adapt to our devices! All the tweaks...
  22. phantom146

    Thread [BETA] GlassCannon Re-Writeup, Understanding the Issues and Fixing them

    To everyone complaining, I've heard you! Glasscannon, is an interactive profile designed to provide smoothness and great UI performance without sacrificing battery life, or so I have planned. There have been a lot of hiccups lately which I and a handful of people are experiencing. I as the...
  23. T

    Thread Seriosuly calibrated color settings

    Hello there, I'm a "true colors" maniac, I have all my pc monitors calibrated with icc profiles and everytime I look at this screen it feels wrong, though is a very good screen now...I once found some preloaded profiles with elementalx kernel and app, now I wiped and reflashed and they're gone...
  24. C

    Thread Toggling data on and off quickly for *most* apps?

    Hello, I'm traveling out of the country soon and it's going to be a major change for me because I'll be going from an unlimited data plan to a very restricted amount of data. I have a lot of background processes, push notifications, syncing, etc going, which normally consumes a lot amount of...
  25. runswithascript

    Thread Duplicate profile OR single profile that can quickly hide apps?

    I would like to very easily, as easily as switching Android profile, hide specific apps from my phone and their notifications when at work. Setting up a new profile on Android seems to do this, but it seems I have to manually configure every single app again, and all of my settings. Whatsapp...
  26. E

    Thread Toggling data without room on marshmallow

    Hi Tasker friends, I need some help with my honor 8. I do not want to root it, but I do want to be able to toggle mobile data using Tasker. I was trying to do so using autoinputt, but it only works, if I go to quick setting by myself. Then the profile triggers. Tasker is configured the way...
  27. mark.dx

    Thread [GUIDE] Export Your Kernel Adiutor Settings to init.d Script

    Hi, there. The reason I make this thread is just want to share some tips to export your Kernel Adiutor profile settings to make it as a script running via init.d on your device and also as a backup for reasons. Since I'm having some trouble with Kernel Adiutor such as fail to apply on boot on...
  28. ridel0w

    Thread Vibration issues after a few weeks

    Anyone experiencing vibration not working after a few weeks? Mine stopped working again, and is frustrating when you only use the vibrate profile. The only fix is to factory reset the phone, which leads me to believe it's a software bug. Any other fixes that others recommend? Should I...
  29. beletruz

    Thread [Completed] I can't edit my XDA signature and I'm stuck with this outdated one.

    I know, I know first world problems but for real I've been trying for at least 5 months to edit that damn thing but I have no edit button besides the signature tile. If any of you have any idea please tell me.
  30. htr5

    Thread [Completed] [Guide] Edit your XDA Disqus account notifications, profile and other settings.

    When logged into XDA, disqus uses our XDA login to leave comments. When we try to edit notification settings or anything else, we can't log in as we don't have a username, email or password for disqus. i) If you click on your profile image or name in any comments area of an XDA article, you...
  31. X

    Thread [PROFILES][Benschholds Custom Kernel][UNOFFICIAL]Benschhold Kernel Profiles

    Welcome to the Unofficial Benschholds Custom Kernel Profile Sharing Thread for OnePlus 2 Introduction I've been inspired by the Boeffla Kernel Profile Sharing thread from v7 Boeffla Profile Sharing Thread Links Original Benschholds Kernel Thread [KERNEL] [OnePlus2] [CM 13] Benschhold Kernel...
  32. J

    Thread Sound Profiles

    Just checking in to see what profiles people use (LG smart settings or 3rd party)? Since my first phone, I've used llama and sound profile pro since both adjust sound, wifi, bluetooth, and brightness, but sometimes I get the sense that it's using up unnecessary battery.
  33. C

    Thread Profile automation without disrupting doze?

    I previously used tasker to automate my settings to particular profiles (work, car, home, etc.) but with reports of tasker not playing nicely with doze and/or the app battery optimizations, I was wondering what other apps people have tried out and recommend. While things like location awareness...
  34. Beakhole

    Thread [TASKER][PROFILE][ROOT][4.4+] Update Adaway Hosts File without Rebooting

    Disclaimer: This is my first time sharing a Tasker profile so I may not have exported the XML code properly from Tasker. So let me know if it works or doesn't work for you! I'm not an expert on Tasker or Android by any means, let alone a developer, so if you start getting weird errors when...
  35. D

    Thread [Completed] Script to toggle "Use Invisible Mode"?

    I figure someone must have posted a script to toggle the "Use Invisible Mode" option in our xda profile, preferably something that will run on Windows. Any idea where I might find such a thing? Thanks!
  36. T

    Thread [APP][4.0.3+] Profile Photos - Your friends' Viber, Telegram,... Profile Photos

    Hi. This is a simple application that shows you your friends' profile photos in Viber, Telegram, Line And Whatsapp. You can view all images containing your friends recent profile photos. Apk File Attached. Please tell me your opinions! :) Screenshots:
  37. ScratMan38

    Thread [Q] CM12.1 Profile Refactoring in CMSDK : can't switch profiles with Tasker anymore

    Hello, I have been using Profile 4 Tasker to change the user profiles of CyanogenMod with Tasker ; but now with the latest CM change to profiles management in 2015/06/30 nightly, it doesn't work anymore :( I found a task on reddit to...
  38. A

    Thread [Q] Question regarding tasker app?

    Hello. I'm a complete Tasker newbie, but have decided to give it a go. I have created some basic 'tasks', but wondered if I'm heading in the right direction. Where I work I have poor signal which fluctuates and drops 3g often(some days I can access WiFi, but it still seems to drain battery). I...
  39. B

    Thread [Q] Need PRL/Profile Update: AOSP 4.4.4

    Guys, I've been all over the site the past couple days reading posts and I haven't figured out if what I'm trying to do is possible I just flashed my first custom ROM - Gummy - KitKat 4.4.4 on my GS3 Virgin Mobile. All is fine but I have very weak cell reception - 1 bar most the time. I saw...
  40. M

    Thread Google profile image in locks screen/notification bar

    so i have a profile image set in google that shows up in hangouts etc. the way its supposed to now on android lollipop, i'm on 5.0.1, in the lock screen and the notification drop down menu you have a profile image on the top right corner. how do you get this one to show the actual google...
  41. MathewBrack

    Thread [Completed] Volume Profiles in CM11 error

    I am having an issue with the 'profiles' feature of CM11 for the Note 2 with some volumes not changing when other profiles are selected where should I go to ask about this? many thanks :)
  42. Beakhole

    Thread [Q] Sync folder with Foldersync Profile

    I would like some more experienced opinions/ideas with a profile I created on Tasker. First of all, I'm on a rooted Verizon Galaxy S4 - SCH-I545 running Goldfinger ROM. I've been using Taker for several months. The new profile that I just created is where, whenever I have Firefox or Chrome...
  43. Trinergy

    Thread [Q] Automatic Profile Switching

    Hi all, I just came from a CM11 M9 on a Verizon SGS3. I am at a point in my life where the I don't need to have a custom ROM anymore (must be getting old). However, the biggest feature I am missing is the automatic profile switching via WIFI and NFC. Does anyone have any recommendations on...
  44. A

    Thread All WiFi profiles getting deleted periodically

    My phone configuration AT&T Note 3 Stock firmware, rooted with TowelRoot, few modifications with wanam. Haven't changed/modified anything system level on phone other than few visual changes with Wanam Xposed Problem All the saved wifi profiles are getting deleted. Happened twice in last...
  45. Antipickle

    Thread [Q] Notification panel user switching

    Is there a way to add user switching (profile picture icon) to the main user's (owner) notification panel? I've searched around and... haven't found anything due to the multiple search terms lol. The secondary users have it enabled, just wondering if anyone knows of a system file setting for it...
  46. I

    Thread [Q] Tasker Help

    Hi! Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to setup tasker to do the following, but can't find the way to succeed: 1) Whenever I'm in my house, vibration is off. I would like to have all vibrations off but my first intention was to turn of vibration on notifications. I considered "Cell Near"...
  47. zmag

    Thread [Q] What app is supposed to run when I click Update profile or PRL? (Nothing happens)

    When I click Update profile or Update PRL, nothing happens. What app / system app is supposed to run here? I froze the system app in TB called "Updater 4.0.2214xxx..." to stop from showing the rom update notification icon - and I tried unfreezing it to see if that was the issue but it doesn't...
  48. F

    Thread [APP][4.0+] SwiP - Switch profiles intelligently 0.2.7 [Beta]

    Hello there guys! After some hard work we've finally reached a state where we'd really appreciate some reviews, publicity and feedback for our project. Most of all some feedback would be nice as we don't actually have a wide range of devices to test on. Basically what we wanted to do is to...
  49. R

    Thread [Q] color settings

    Hy, yesterday I accidantely formatedy sdcard and I ended up in bootloop, I downloaded Factory image for nexus 7 accidantely and flashed it, I ended up in bootloop again, so I downloaded nexus 4 image and flashed it and everything is working. I flashed crDroid, gapps and supersu, and I downloaded...
  50. P

    Thread Any camera app which saves profiles (e.g. day and night) & with gestures

    Hi all. I am looking for a camera app which lets you save profiles (with custom settings) e.g. profile 1 for day and profile 2 for night. Also would like to access each profile via hand movement or gesture. Any app(s) that can do this? Thanks