1. C

    Thread [CLOSED] Error Pubg New State alpha

    Mod edit - translated by You have been disconnected from the game due to detected abnormal behavior (for example, using VPN or emulator, etc.). Please see the FAQ page (link) for more details to fix your issue, or contact us directly at...
  2. meergohram

    Thread Question HOW to mask or appear my device as a oneplus device to unlock 90fps.

    Hi i have rog 5 rooted. and i wanted to play pubg at 90fps i tried different modules but none worked. now I'm looking for a module that can make pubg think I'm using a one plus device so I can unlock 90fps. thanks in advacne
  3. A

    Thread S20 ultra Bluetooth mic issue

    Hi, I use my s20 ultra to play pubg but the mic seems to not working in in game voice chat. Do you guys have any idea how to fix it? Looked around the Internet but couldn't find any help. Thanks a lot
  4. C

    Thread Fake/Modify hardware features reported by PackageManager

    Hey there, I've recently figured that Android Desktop Mode using an USB-C Monitor on my Xperia 5 is actually quite useful. Now it does warn you that some apps may not work with it at all, i'd still like to actually try to make some of them work. Some apps do properly dectect desktop mode and...
  5. Pranav Temkar

    Thread [ROM][UnOfficial]ArrowOS 11.0[R|Android 11 r_38]

    ArrowOS ABOUT ArrowOS is an AOSP/CAF based project started with the aim of keeping things simple, clean and neat. Website: Telegram: Channel | TG Portal/Links Github: Code Review: E-mail: PayPal...
  6. S

    Thread Daily driver pubg oriented rom suggestions?

    Hey I used PE android 10 rom last version in the past and it was great in terms of performance and battery back but some bugs. Then came back to stock global miui but pubg was lagging. So I need your help guys to get a rom which is battery backup and pubg smoothness. I don't mind at all if its...
  7. lunzereal

    Thread Some game serious frame drop

    So i just bought this Mi10T(Global Rom) just for playing PUBG Mobile (Global) and Game For Peace(China version PUBG Mobile) I use fps meter when playing this two game when i play PUBG Mobile (Global) it got stable fps which is about 88-90 fps during the gameplay but when i play Game For...
  8. R


  9. M

    Thread Pubg Lag

    Friends, this is my second phone. I was using rog 2 before this. I bought rog 3 for 1 month. While playing pubg, there is something like constantly hanging out, like trembling. as if I can't play smooth. And it was like this on my other phone. This is a very strange thing. x mode on and lvl 2. I...
  10. S

    Thread Honor 6x Gaming Performance after Root

    Hi I have honor with locked bootloader and no root. I was wondering if there is any difference in Performance when playing PUBG after root. Please guide if it's worth it
  11. Tibel

    Thread Manette de jeux handscape pubg

    Bonjour, je n'arrive pas à reconnaître mes armes dans PUBG avec ma manette handscape Gamepad quelqu'un a une solution s'il vous plaît merci
  12. A

    Thread Touch freez issue in pubg.

    Hey guys, I am facing a weird issue while playing pubg on my 6t. The touch sometimes gets irresponsive while in the game. Mostly when in the close range with enemies the joystick gets stuck for a while due to which i get killed. I have tried turning 3 finger guestur off, a number of custom roms...
  13. TheResurrectOr

    Thread Best kernel for PUBG and Daily Usage for Mi A2

    The Kernel is called Asylum Kernel. Full YouTube Review with PUBG Gameplay : MOD EDIT: LINK REMOVED Asylum Kernel X2.4 Changelog: - Merged linux-stable v4.4.235 - Revert "arm: dts: bump I2C speed" - drivers: thermal: remove workqueue high priority flag - A2/6X builds are now unified (thanks to...
  14. Q

    Thread Miui voice changer working with head/earphone + pubg low mic issue(yes with poobg als

    With MIUI 12 xiaomi introduce many new features and it's new version of game turbo with dream feature voice changer . But problem is that it is only working without earphone , when you plugged in it stop working . What we all know is that voice changer only working with loudspeaker , right...
  15. Fdraco10

    Thread Best rom and Kernel for hardcore gaming

    Hi everyone! I need to know, which rom and kernel is better for hardcore gaming? Some mods settings or something else. :laugh: :laugh:
  16. husen4u

    Thread Best Sound Settings for Pubg?

    I am using Logitech G432 Headset. I am looking for some EQ settings for pubg. Please share if you are using some good settings. Thanks
  17. husen4u

    Thread Looking For Good Gaming Headset?

    I am looking for a good gaming headset to play pubg on my ROG2. I am confused which one to buy. My budget is around 100-120$ Max. I googled some headsets some have DTS X support which our phone also support it will make difference?
  18. K

    Thread Missing features in Blackshark 3 Pro?

    Guys. I am planning to buy a gaming phone and 2 choices - Redmagic 5G and Black shark 3 pro. I am slightly more attracted to BS3 because of larger screen, and physical triggers but slightly concerned about few features, or lack of it. Could you please help me with few queries? 1) NFC - If I...
  19. A

    Thread Snapdragon s10 pubg Lag

    I have been facing lot of lag on s10 while playing pubG (snapdragon model canada). I can find a lot of forum posts but they point to exynos model. It heats up in 10 minutes and start lagging specially when things get crowded(or object rendering). Can anyone confirm their experience? snapdragon only
  20. sourav24071999

    Thread PUBG Crashing Fixed on ROOTED Phones

    PUBG Crashing Fixed on ROOTED Phones and working for most of the users. NOTE: Just go through all the steps and do them properly • As u know with the update of 17.0 the pubg has implemented root detection so if u have root u game will crash in every 1 to 5 min interval so how to fix it 1...
  21. husen4u

    Thread DTSX Setting for Pubg?

    I want to know whats the best DTSX Settings for pubg?
  22. R

    Thread Best Setup for PUBG Mobile

    i just want some people's opinion on this and it will help others for getting good gameplay currently i'm using Lineage OS 16 with Extreme kernel V12 for Playing PUBG Mobile and with gfx tool it works ok but sometimes my Crosshair lags and i can't aim properly on enemies when they are close so...
  23. L

    Thread Should I buy this phone today or has it become obsolete? And other queries...

    I am planning to buy a phone but on a tight budget. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro seems to be a good choice, but its almost a year old. So is this phone still a good choice, or has it become obsolete by some other device? Another choice would be Realme 3 Pro, which is slightly newer, but I'm not sure...
  24. E

    Thread Best Custom Rom for Gaming

    I wanna install custom rom on my device and i need best custom rom for performance especially for PUBGM. And i wanna know antutu bencmark results too. Can someone help me guys :confused:
  25. S

    Thread PUBG crashes without any error!

    Hi guys. SO i have a latest stock rom. Rooted with Magisk installed. But it's been over a month that my game crahes randomly inbetween while i am playing. No heat-ups, no errors, nothing. I don't play on high graphics.. Low and Extreme only. I have tried turning the battery optimization off. But...
  26. A

    Thread Pubg Performance?

    Hi guys, I have f800l, and Pubg lags like hell on stock rom(nougut/oreo). But on resurruction remix 5.8(us996 rom) it works fine if kept on charging while playing the game. But RR has signal issues some times because of varriant difference with rom. So my question is, if there is any kernal or...
  27. R

    Thread PUBG Bootanimation for Redmi Note 4 (mido)

    I have created a PUBG Bootanimation for Redmi Note 4 users by watching a tutorial on xda. This bootanimation will give a look of PUBG Loading screen which looks really nice. You can have look at the preview of PUBG Bootanimation below - Preview ' Download Link and Installation Guide - Click...
  28. Dpk1

    Thread Playing PUBG while charging - S10+ runs cooler!

    Just as the title says. My Samsung Galaxy S10+ tends to heat up less when I play heavy games like PUBG while charging compared to when I play unplugged. I have the exynos version on latest stock firmware. My fast cable and wireless charging is on and I only use 4G data (no wifi). To my...
  29. A

    Thread [PUBG] Explananation of Settings USERCUSTOM.ini

    Particularly on Android, PUBG Mobile can be quite taxing on the your phone hardware capping framerate and visual quality to the point where it looks and plays absolutely disastrous. Lower framerate limits your reflexes even during the fast and frantic action moments and poor visual fidelity...
  30. A

    Thread [PUBG] Explananation of Settings USERCUSTOM.ini

    Particularly on Android, PUBG Mobile can be quite taxing on the your phone hardware capping framerate and visual quality to the point where it looks and plays absolutely disastrous. Lower framerate limits your reflexes even during the fast and frantic action moments and poor visual fidelity...
  31. iamROX

    Thread Extreme PUBG Lag Problem, Please Please Please HELP, Pls

    Hello, Thank you so much for jumping in this thread & I desperately need your help, kindly read on. I was a happy satisfied user of POCO (with known touch issues) which I primarily bought for PUBG until last month. SInce last month or from Vikendi Map update, during gameplay, my game LAGS or...
  32. alexmcrae

    Thread Phoenix OS - Switch External Mic

    Is there a method or application that allows me to switch between the external and the internal when I attach an external microfone? I' m using Logitech Headset for Pubg Mobile and use only internal Mic. ... Don' t work headset mic. Thank You.
  33. mezo91

    Thread Pubg stutters and freezing

    hello, When i play pubg it stutters alot specially when scoping, it always freezes then moves suddenly as if frame dropped or something. Is there a fix? I tried clearing cache to no avail. I’m on 8.2 emui 4gb ram honor play player edition. It is really annoying as it is unplayable in critical...
  34. AnkitChowdhury

    Thread [APP][4.4+]GRYP Gaming : The Social Gaming News App(Giveaway Contest : 700$ Prizes)

    Get a GRYP on all the Gaming News, Reviews, Patch Notes, Tutorials, Gameplays, Trailers, Walkthroughs and much more Gaming Content from all the Top Gaming News Channels. Now Read, Watch, Organise and Share. All things Gaming. One Light and Fast App with Clean UI. With GRYP Gaming, you get some...
  35. S

    Thread PUBG issues

    Greetings friends. I hace had the Mate 20 Lite for two days now. And I have not been able to start PUBG in the mobile. Anyone experiencing the same situation? Any advice? Thanks in advance.
  36. pranavkpr

    Thread Heating issue---PUBG

    My device recently started to heat up while playing pubg.. --On stock v327 with root and stock kernel Other apps or mods installed --Viper4X...I dont use it while gaming --Arise-sound-mod I always to play at Hd+ [email protected] It started suddenly so no link with the latest firmware...i...
  37. besony

    Thread What PubG settings on N7+?

    What settings do you guys use to play PubG on the Nokia 7+? Balanced+High(frame rate) seems to run fine. HD+High(frame rate) seems a bit on choppier side. Can our device can run HDR or Ultra :confused: Cheers, Sony.
  38. itexpert.120

    Thread [GUIDE] Play PUBG MOBILE LITE on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime!

    Hey, I am itexpert.120 and this is my first guide on XDA, so apart from my English mistakes my guide is fully working. Hello guys, I have been searching ways to play PUBG on our Grand Prime and I have finally found it and I am willing to share this method with you! I hope that your game will...
  39. T

    Thread PUBG screen issue on S9+

    Why is there a gap between the actual screen & the controls of the game? Any fix? I checked with another friend of mine & same issue persists. This makes it difficult to switch from other devices as controls are shifted by a considerable margin.
  40. iamROX

    Thread PUBG New Update Notch Issue

    After recently updating PUBG for new Sanhohk map, left side of screen near or behind notch area is getting hidden, app is always automatically optimized for full screen mode, can't change it to manually. I upgraded this phone purely because of high graphics in PUBG, otherwise I don't want to...
  41. Gaurav.Stallion

    Thread PUBG Mobile Bluetooth Audio Issue

    Hey guys, I've recently bought a Bluetooth headset (JBL E25BT), and noticed that there's a 1-1.5 second delay in audio while playing PUBG Mobile. Don't have any trouble with my wired headset. I don't see this issue while using any other apps or games (that I know of, I've only tried Asphalt 9...
  42. lovetv

    Thread Multi touch issue on pubg

    Does anyone has multi touch issue when playing pubg? Mine has a weird joystick bounce and it happens randomly, basically my character would stopped walking and I had to touching the screen and drag the joystick one or multiple of times in order to fix it. Again it happens randomly...
  43. TrueMS

    Thread [GUIDE] Getting the max FPS (60) in PUBG Mobile without root from newbie to newbies

    DISCLAIMER: This is not professional thread. This is just a simple guide to increase FPS from a newbie to newbies like me. I really love playing PUBG. I have seen many people discussing the performance of PUBG Mobile for our lovely Mi A1 and I wanted to share with you few non-root methods to...
  44. N

    Thread Best pubg setting

    It tested by me in cr droid stock kernel Use any kernel editor Set big core to 1.8 Small to 1.3 GPU to powersave I/o shed to noop And AKT HAWKPEPPER OR GHOST PEPPER result Is you get 1hrs play for 17-20 % each mean 4hrs min play on full charged I use HD setting in pubg BTW If you don't...
  45. U

    Thread PUBG mobile

    Does somebody play PUBG Huawei p10, and what thing of graphics? And how hold on?
  46. G

    Thread PubG and phone call issue

    Ok so i am having very strange issue with op6 the thing is while playing PUBG if i get call from someone (if i pickup or not doesn't matter) then go back to the game. Then the game sound comes within the ear speaker and not in the main speaker. Any possible fix?
  47. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][GAME][BETA] FortCraft - Fortnite Clone (Unreleased)

    While waiting for Fortnite, the makers, NetEase Games from China was quickly launching a PUBG and Fortnite style Mobile Game called FortCraft. NFO: Version: 0.10.104 Architecture: arm Package: Min: Android 4.0 DPI: 120-640 Uploaded: March 12, 2018 Download: APK...
  48. K3V1991

    Thread [APK][GAME][BETA][CHN/ENG] PUBG Mobile

    PUBG MOBILE: This Games are official license PUBG Games but there are two different Games and both Games are from different Developers. One is from Timi Studio and one is from Light Speed and Quantum. Caution: ★ English Version copy the downloaded and extracted OBB Folder to Internal...