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  1. Gilsthemage

    Thread Website that tell us if apps need GMS for push notifications

    Hello, I come here after some check on the internet, I saw a website where you could enter the name of an application to know if the app need GMS to work and/or give push notification Since I use grapheneOS for a little time I would like to know if there is apps that I can use (like snapchat...
  2. badmania98

    Thread [badmania98] Huawei P40 (Lite, Pro, Plus) Guides, News, Discussion & Support

    Hello! Because I answered to the same questions on different threads, I decided to create this thread, where I will provide my experience to you, in one place. The followings messages (2-7) contain all major info and tutorials links from this thread. All solutions/tutorials are related to the...
  3. tobs3596

    Thread EVA L09 Nougat Push Notification Problem

    Hey Guys, Today i upgraded from MM to Nougat and flashed the Moonlight ROM (nobody answered in the thread) ...so far everything works fine, but I have massive problems with push notifications...i receive push notifications just from whatsapp or email...from apps like flashscore (sports app) I...
  4. vsriram92

    Thread Push Notifications not working when app is closed

    I have added Whatsapp and Hike to the protected app list, but still when the app is closed it stops getting push notifications. Is this really an bug? If yes, Do we have a workaround for this? IN Honor 7, it was working fine.. But 5X is having some problem it seems.
  5. mjobanjatt

    Thread WhatsApp push notifications not working? Help

    Recently, i have noticed that my WhatsApp messages are only shown when i open it. While trying to solve the problem, I went to Settings>Data usage>WhatsApp and i saw that ' restrict background data' was on. I turned it off. But after some time the 'restrict background data' is turned on itself...
  6. R

    Thread [Q] Push notification disabled on custom launcher ?

    Hello everyone, I have a nexus 4 with kitkat, and lately I tried some custom launcher : Buzz launcher, then Themer launcher with icon badges enabled. One thing I noticed is, I stopped receiving notifications from Facebook and Twitter (and maybe some other apps) on my status bar. Then I moved to...
  7. M

    Thread [Q] Text Push Notifications Lollipop or Hangout issue???

    So i no longer have notifications for text messages... Had them in the developers 5.0... Anyone else experience this... There used to be a completely new "push" notification settings, where u could do everything like put notifications to sleep for a hr and everything. But guess google got rid...
  8. S

    Thread Frustrated with Android Push notification

    Hi I just switch from IOS. The only thing that annoyed me so much is the current Android Push notification. When I turn off the display screen, and let them idle for a while, push notification always delay for at least few minute. I did a test with my ipad mini, and the notification from...
  9. S

    Thread [Q] Unique Question - Push notifications whilst on WiFi (PC as hotspot, on LTE)

    OK, Let me preface this by saying this is a very Unique situation. I'm currently travelling a lot for work, and this, do NOT have a fixed line connection (ADSL/Cable). Currently in the Philippines, I have a prepaid LTE sim which I am using in a Sierra Wireless LTE Card which I brought over...
  10. A

    Thread [Q] Help wanted for creating an applicatoin

    HI friends I am developing an application for windows phone 7 and I would like to intergarate a joomla website with my application.. wht exactly I wanted to do is when I add a new article to my joomla website I need to give a push notification in the application and when clicking on the...
  11. B

    Thread [Q] push notification froyo 2.2

    ok so this might be a NOOB question but i though with 2.2.+ that facebook would do push notifications? i had a blackberry before and LOVED that when i got a e-mail or a notification on Facebook my phone had notified me sometimes before my browser got it. so is their a way to get instant...
  12. shimmer401

    Thread good facebook push notification app

    anyone knows any good ones?
  13. A

    Thread Push notification!

    I haven't seen it done on TP or Tilt2, but its on the iPhone. I find it extremely useful for things like the facebook app. I would really like to see something like this done on TP and Tilt2! Does anyone know if someone here is already working on it? I hope someone does make this work, it would...