1. W

    Thread Usb debugging mode is not shown in radio rockchip px30 android 10

    Good everyone, friends I need your help, I have a ROCKCHIP PX30 with android 10, there is an app to use and yet it tells me that I have to disable "usb debugging" I have searched the forums and the only thing I have found is that yes I enter the word ADBON or ADBOFF, "usb debugging mode" is...
  2. S

    Thread How to upgrade PX30 from android 8.1 to android 10

    Hi, I have a XTRONS with a PX30 that came with android 8.1. I want to upgrade to the last android 10 version but I can only find de Hal9k Mod Pro Installer that i dont want to pay. How can I upgrade the radio? Radio info: PX30 8.1.0PM8.181105.022 ENG.HCT.20181224.185849 MCU VERSION...
  3. Hal9k_

    Thread [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Q][10] Hal9k Mod v5 for MTCx/HCTx head units with Android 10/9/8/6

    Hal9k Mod v5 based on Android 10 for MTCx HCTx Rockchip PX5 (rk3368), PX6 (rk3399) and PX30 (rk3326) head units Compatible MCU versions: MTCD_XXXX, MTCE_XXXX, MTCP_XXXX, MTCH_XXXX, HCTG_XXXX Firmware version: 5.0.0 (31.07.2021) Version of the latest OTA update: 5.2.0 (20.12.2022) About...
  4. F

    Thread Effort & BJ MTCE MCU Android 9 to Android 10 Update

    Hi all, I have a Android radio PX30 with MCU : MTCE _KSP_V3. after I searched for the brand I found its effort&bj. Is there a way to update it to android 10 or install custom rom on it? many thanks
  5. FRN69

    Thread Somebody can recommend a rom for my PX30

    Hi, I´m Fran from Spain I'm new here and try to find a guide and rom for update my chinese Renault Megane PX30 I have problems with original android because is very restricted, bluetooth tethering not found and USB 3G/4G modems not found too. I try to root my device for can made a backup but I...
  6. ssjc02

    Thread PX30 low battery level alert?

    Any way to set low level battery alert or notification on the px30 android head unit? It would be a great and life saving feature.
  7. ExtremeMOD

    Thread Where to buy (just) the module like PX30, PX5 or PX6?

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to build a Rockchip based head unit from spare parts I got from other units and only missing the System On Module piece like a PX30, PX5 or PX6 board (see pic). Looked everywhere but cannot seem find them, only already mounted on motherboards or aren't for Android...
  8. U

    Thread Rockchip 3326 px30 bad sound quality and no bass at all

    hello i have a head unit with Rockchip 3326 px30 and the audio quality is really bad i think it has a fake dsp. any sound mod to improve the sound quality? The head unit is rooted with malaysk rom
  9. J

    Thread help with my choice (px30 or px6)

    Hi, I have a px5 4gb unit in my old car, its great although it always had a problem where the touch screen wold become unresponsive after a while (which is annoying). I bought another car and started looking for a new radio again, i love the sound of my alpine unit but hate how they look, the...
  10. f465gt

    Thread [MOD] [ROM] [PX30] [RK3326] is there a modified ROM available?

    Hi, I am went through the different threads, trying to figure out, if there is already a modded firmware available for PX30, or RK3326 devices with the cortex A35. Based on my S160's experience I am quite sure that I will need root and xposed to modify the HW buttons and perhaps get more usable...