1. I

    Thread Repair RCA PreOuts

    Hello all! I have an Android head unit in front of me. Unfortunately, the RCA PreOut are broken. That is, one output hums (Sub-PreOut), the others (FL/FR/RR/RL) noise. With the Sub-PreOut it sounds like a ground loop; but it is not. I can completely rule that out through numerous tests...
  2. M

    Thread Kiwi Browser keeps crashing on Android Head Unit PX6

    Kiwi Browser keeps no longer work after last updates on my Android Head Unit, Android 10, PX6 . I have already done: -Close the app, -Clear cache, -Delete data, -Uninstall the app, But it still doesn't work Anyone who had a similar problem who was able to fix it? MCU: MTCE_OLS_V3.62_1...
  3. T

    Thread Looking for latest MCU for MTCE_HT PX6 Android 10

    Hey, i bought this Navi more than 1 year ago and i noticed that i cant update any apps on the google playstore anymore. I cant even upgrade my Google Playstore. I click on install and it just load forever and nothing happens. My Infos: Model: PX6 (1280x720) BuildNr.: rk3399-userdebug 10...
  4. T

    Thread Trouble with wondefoo BMW e46 px6 unit powering on

    Ok, so I’ve had this unit for maybe a year or so but contacted wondefoo because I found that my car battery was draining from constant power to the head unit. It’s difficult with the language barrier, but they told me to cut the red cable (this is my photo with their markup). I cut it, the...
  5. cap60552

    Thread Pumpkin A11 - MTCH Based unit - No Cellular Bluetooth Audio

    I recently purchased an Android 11 (PX6 based) head unit from Pumpkin and installed it. After the installation I discovered that making / receiving calls via Bluetooth results in no audio from the head unit. (I've tried with 3 different phones) Bluetooth audio works fine for music / apps...
  6. s.danyliak

    Thread Maskrom Rk3399 (px6)

    Hi all, a need help. After an unsuccessful update, I received a bootloop. There are no physical buttons on the device. Found instructions for recovery through ANDROID TOOL. I connected it to the computer in maskrom mode, but I can’t find the firmware that needs to be uploaded in order for the...
  7. D

    Thread Bosion PX6 STM32 need help

    Hey, I have this radio: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005004333036185.html but I bought it from my local reseller and Bosion store don't want to help me. So I need your help, maybe someone ordered something from their store and can ask for android update file? Android version: fake 10 Kernel...
  8. Tommy141x

    Thread Sygav PX6 RK3399 Android Head Unit blackscreen help!

    Just got a PX6 RK3399 Android 10.0 Headunit, when left unplugged from the car for a while of time it will turn on and work correctly, but then goes back to the black screen after a reboot. By black screen, I mean the main display has no picture yet the backlight works. The buttons still make a...
  9. Midoatef00

    Thread I'm new here need help please

    I have an android unit ( tesla screen) 10.4 for the Honda Civic 10th 2020 coming with my new car I’m an iOS system user. Never used the android system before I tired of searching on google how to get an update I’m asking if I can update the software system to android 10 or 11 and it's...
  10. A

    Thread Dasaita PX6 Wifi and Bluetooth connection issues

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help with a Android 10 Dasaita PX6 that has wifi and bluetooth issues. In only about 1 in every 10 start ups does the unit seem to even turn on wifi and BT. On the other 9 occasions it doesn't even let me switch on wifi manually and BT can neither find nor be...
  11. I

    Thread PX6(Android 10 RK3399 MTCE) Bluetooth Issue

    Hello I am having an issue with my PX6(Android 10 RK3399 MTCE). I have a standalone ECU for my vehicle it has a Bluetooth module(Syvecs). I can use a PC or iPhone Or Android unit and connect to the device just fine. The PX6 won't connect to it. I see it in the Bluetooth list click on it click...
  12. Q

    Thread HELP ! HELP !

    Friends share any latest MCU for PX6 RK3399 Android 9 for CIC (023052DGS-cic-gc-200617-B18) please !!!!!
  13. I

    Thread Wondefoo PX6 - device doesnt turn on

    I got today my wondefoo px6 which I ordered on aliexpress. The vendor asked me for multiple pictures of the cables in the car before he shipped the unit, so I'm quite sure that it should be fine. He also told me that the unit was tested before shipment. Now I plugged the cable in the car but it...
  14. T

    Thread How to find out if HU is a PX6 device

    Hi, I´m new with Android Headunits so sorry about this post is in the wrong forum. I´m looking for a Android PX6 HU with a big panel to flash Malaysk. I´can´t find out, if the following two ones are PX6 and compatibel with this Rom: Joying newly 11.6 inch Single Din Autoradio 4G LTE Android 10.0...
  15. Hal9k_

    Thread [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Q][10] Hal9k Mod v5 for MTCx/HCTx head units with Android 10/9/8/6

    Hal9k Mod v5 based on Android 10 for MTCx HCTx Rockchip PX5 (rk3368), PX6 (rk3399) and PX30 (rk3326) head units Compatible MCU versions: MTCD_XXXX, MTCE_XXXX, MTCP_XXXX, MTCH_XXXX, HCTG_XXXX Firmware version: 5.0.0 (31.07.2021) Version of the latest OTA update: 5.1.0 (30.01.2022) About...
  16. telminator

    Thread Dasaita px6 with android 10Pandora won't launch

    Hi guys, so I recently bought a dasaita px6 max10 for my 10th gen civic. The first app that I installed was pandora but after it was installed the app did not work. I downloaded different launchers but still did not work. I updated to the latest firmware and MCU but didn't resolve the issue either.
  17. R

    Thread Dasaita PX6 Unit Bricked?

    I recently tried to update the MCU in my Dasaita PX6 head unit. After the update the unit is entirely unresponsive. I looked at the MCU file after I installed it and realized I installed the MCU from another company, not Dasaita. (I realize I should have cheeked this before but I did not and is...
  18. A

    Thread [PX6][MTCE] Is there a way to replace Music app, listen to whatsapp voice notes without going to a2dp app & performance issue at Android Auto ?

    Hello , I just got an Android Head unit and it is really great so far , but I have some minor issues that will be great if it can be solved. My Head unit version is : Model : Px6 (1024x600) Android Version: 10 MCU Version: MTCE_MX_v3.73_1 1. My main issue is that the default Music app is not...
  19. I

    Thread vanku aa0602b px6 troubles

    Just installed this unit amazon link Now that everything is connected I have several problems - play store won't download any apps - dab+ app stuck on connecting I am able to browse internet on it, so it doesn't have internet connection issues. I didnt properly check the internet over...
  20. denjin-m

    Thread How can I downgrade the firmware?

    How can I downgrade the firmware? I'm using hct2.30300811.112431 for PX6 android10, but I've applied hct2.20201217.160929. I want to get it back, "can't install this package" "can't downgrade" It has become. Is there a way for me to downgrade?
  21. BertjeBastiaan

    Thread Nissan-Qashqai-J11-px6-rear-camera-not-working

    Hi, I have installed a head unit in my Nissan-Qashqai-J11 2015 car Rk3399 - ROM 64GB - LPDDR4 4GB - 1024x600 MCU : STM32-20210109-11-BD6-56 I suppose this is a PX6 , correct me if i'm wrong. Everything works, except te original rear camera. Can anyone help me with this? Image shows the...
  22. M

    Thread [PX6][MTCE][Android 10] LTE 4G Stick working partially

    Hello people, hopefully i am in the right Thread. I am using now for few days a LTE 4G (from AliExpress) Stick in my car. Its connected to the USB Port of my Pumpkin Radio. After few minutes the App EasyConnection-CarbitLink starts and the Stick is NOT connecting to the internet and the WiFi...
  23. M

    Thread Sadocom PX6 android 10 stuck at recovery mode

    Hello Team , Just bought a new head unit '' Sadocom PX6 android 10'' but when mounted I got a problem with a panel buttons so I reset the unit from the rest button then it entered to the recovery mode but I can't exit it after I finished the reset , See attached pictures for details . Also I...
  24. C

    Thread Phoenix Auto Tesla Style Radio - Corrupted? Recovery?

    Phoenix Auto PX6 13.6" Hello, Well.... after only being installed a few days - some crashes - odd behavior - the unit seems dead... I was changing the "Car type" image per their instructions - basically a new image file with a particular name on the flash root of the OS - reboot - However, I...
  25. ExtremeMOD

    Thread Where to buy (just) the module like PX30, PX5 or PX6?

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to build a Rockchip based head unit from spare parts I got from other units and only missing the System On Module piece like a PX30, PX5 or PX6 board (see pic). Looked everywhere but cannot seem find them, only already mounted on motherboards or aren't for Android...
  26. C

    Thread Initial Impressions of Vanku A10 PX6 4/64

    I just purchased a Vanku PX6 A10 4g/64g from amazon. Here is the link Amazon Link I am coming from an Atoto A6 which I purchased last year. While the Atoto is fairly stable and in my opinion somewhat robust it was a dog stuck on android 6 with fairly low spec's. I purchased the Vanku and all...
  27. S

    Thread Bosion PX6 Android Radio Hangs

    Hello, I've got a Bosion PX6 4gb ram 64 gb rom Android Radio. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32989458211.html this one. For almost half a year it was working ok. Since 3 days it started to lag and working so slow. Every time screen says "Android UI is not responding", "XXX app is not...
  28. T

    Thread PX6 HU in Volkswagen with OEM Amplifier.

    I want to replace the RCD 510 in my 2009 Passat CC, anyone had any luck with the PX6 units and a factory amplifier? I do not have the Dynaudio setup, instead I have Volkswagen Sound System with 10 speakers. I have asked some resellers on Aliexpress and they claim there head units wont work with...
  29. M

    Thread MCTD Units and VSS wire?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm if MTCD PX5/PX6 devices support VSS (Vehicle speed sense) without a canbus? One of my cars don't use canbus, but it does control audio volume depending on the speed. It is a convertible car and it works in the way that as soon as the roof is folded it activates the switch...
  30. E

    Thread Translation APK PX6 10.25" Chinese head unit

    Hello everyone, I have a PX6 rk3399 10.25" on Android 8.1. I'm looking for updates for this device, I dream of a basic AOSP version, so I read your messages frequently! But I understood, over time, that I could never put Android 9 or Android 10, :crying: too bad I would have liked to activate...
  31. B

    Thread PX6, Apps and Launcher not running smoothly..Why?

    Hello, maybe somebody can help me. To the radio: PX6, Hal9k v4.0.2 Android 9, DSP, MCU GS 3.40, 9 inch in the BMW e46 Following problem: Launcher and apps do not run smoothly. Tried solutions: New motherboard installed New coreboard installed New firmware installed New Hal9k v4.0.2 installed...
  32. A

    Thread Fan Mod PX5 PX6

    Hello Android Radio friends, I have thought a lot about how to solve the problem of overheating Android devices with PX5 and PX6 processors. Next summer will come for sure. My specially designed passive heat sinks are probably known by some people. This time, I'm going to focus on active...
  33. A

    Thread PX6 STM32 MCU version firmware with 1024X600 resolution on .IMG format WANTED

    I have a bricked Erisin PX6 STM32 unit that I can only revive by loading .img format firmware in maskrom mode. Further updates are possible only from within Android but result in brick mode again. SD Card updates in Recovery do not work and there is not an option for USB. Eventually I am stuck...
  34. O

    Thread [PX6] [STM32] [ROM] in need

    Greetings! Browsing the forum I have figured that currently(January 2020) no custom ROM is available for PX6 which came with STM32 MCU. As probably many owner have noticed the stock ROM has many flaw and severe deficiency/complete lack of customization. As far as I know, sadly no Hal9k ROM...
  35. K

    Thread General questions for PX6 and other units

    I purchased a Dasaita Max 6 10.2” unit, my first ever Android head unit. I’ve been reading the various posts and found answers to some of my questions but not all. Is there a good FAQ or a good resource for these units that someone can point me to? I also have a slew of questions I was wondering...
  36. B

    Thread Looking for MCU Upgrade to Android 9.0 Rockchip PX6 Android 10,25" BMW

    Hello folks, I am heaving issues with the Android Headunit. My CCC-iDrive doesn't work proper. So I am looking for an Android 9.0 upgrade, since I´ve already seen 9.0 versions on Aliexpress. Is there anybody who can help me with this? Sincerely yours Bthight
  37. J

    Thread help with my choice (px30 or px6)

    Hi, I have a px5 4gb unit in my old car, its great although it always had a problem where the touch screen wold become unresponsive after a while (which is annoying). I bought another car and started looking for a new radio again, i love the sound of my alpine unit but hate how they look, the...
  38. M

    Thread PX6?

    Looking for a head unit to fit a golf 6 estate 2009 for my dad. Found these 2: Xtrons Android 9.0 | PA89UNVIP https://xtrons.co.uk/vw-seat-skoda-various-android-9-0-pa89unvip PUMPKIN Android 9.0 (no model number listed)...
  39. mum1989

    Thread New PX6 Android Unit ! two Cortex A72 And Four Cortex A53 Android 8.1

    new Rockship PX6 ( rk3399) Are here ! 2 Core cortex A72 2ghz 4 Core Cortex A53 1.5ghz PX6 On Geekbench (thanks myspac ) : Single-Core Score 1246 Multi-Core Score 2021 Whereas a PX5 8 Ccore A53 1.5ghz On Geekbench : Single-Core Score 612...