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qin 1s

  1. ariweinberg

    Thread help with Xiaomi Qin1s+ (Boot Loader problem ?)

    I burned my friend a QIN1S+ phone and he stopped receiving and taking out calls, SMS and using the Internet . I don't think the IEI was hurt. Someone checked the device and told me that the problem with the Boot Loader. but didn't elaborate. Can someone help me? It's really urgent. Thank you :)
  2. Q

    Thread Xiaomi QIN 1s Hacking Thread

    Xiaomi QIN 1S Hacking Mega-Thread! I decided to go ahead and buy a Xiaomi QIN 1s feature phone. Unlike other feature phones, it runs a version of Android. Since there doesn't seem to be any threads here on XDA, I thought I'd start one. SPECS I finally found a guide/tool over on 4pda that...