1. P

    Thread Deep in the weeds with a bricked OnePlus 5 - Specific technical questions for you experts!

    Hi XDA! (tl;dr - The "specific technical questions" are in the last section. ) I'll spare everyone a detailed explanation of what I've been through with this phone in the last few weeks, except to say that I have exhausted all simple solutions. The current state of the phone is that both its...
  2. mvikrant97

    Thread Xiaomi MiFlash Tool 2023.4.14.0 No Auth EDL Flashing

    Xiaomi MiFlash Tool 2023.4.14.0 No Auth EDL Flashing Modified by Zesuga Features: Free auth bypass (EDL Mobile) No need credit balance or activation Free unlock EDL Auth device and flash Only need to boot the device in EDL mode What's new Added EDL Auth-Supported Devices - Redmi Note 9 4G...
  3. zhucan3n

    Thread What data can Qualcomm write?

    Currently, I can write IEMI1, IEMI2, WIFIMAC, BTMAC, SN, MEID Is there any other data that can be written? What software is needed?
  4. N

    Thread NEED N976V U7 emergency_download / DEAD-BOOT / DEAD-FIX / DEBUG EMERGENCY / 9008 / UnBrick / firehose programmer / loader PLEASE

    Hi all, I need a N976V U7 (USB only) DEAD-BOOT file / DEAD-FIX file / DEBUG EMERGENCY / 9008 / UnBrick / firehose programmer The SM-N976V is a Verizon variant of the Note 10+ 5G positioned for the US market. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you.
  5. ShelbyHell

    Thread Development Paranoid Android Topaz Beta 1 - Redmi 9T

    We are very excited to announce the alpha/beta of Paranoid Android Topaz, based on Android 13. On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with beautiful wallpapers from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a...
  6. ShelbyHell

    Thread Paranoid Android Topaz Beta 1 - POCO M3

    We are very excited to announce the alpha/beta of Paranoid Android Topaz, based on Android 13. On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with beautiful wallpapers from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a...
  7. C

    Thread [Help][James][Sprint] Need help to force EDL mode

    Hi i have a model XT1921-5. It got stuck in the logo screen and couldnt boot into recovery so i tried a rescue with the RSA, it detected the phone in fastboot and found the firmware but failed flashing it. Now it only boots into fastboot. When flashing the firmware manually only gpt.bin fails...
  8. AkayamiShurui

    Thread General Qualcomm official driver installation and other qualcomm software

    I'm a licensed developer review Qualcomm and all you have to do is make an email on the website and you can get access to most of the software this does not include the qmi testing pro software which will let you flash your phone whether it has certification locks on it or not but it does give...
  9. OrdinatorDdeef

    Thread Moto G Fast (XT2045-3) no power (not even EDL) after blankflash

    EDIT: My new problem is that the device no longer powers on after performing blankflash; see post 3+ Hello, I have a Moto G Fast (XT2045-3) that I tried to downgrade to Android 10 after it already had 11 (and didn't realize the bootloader had rollback prevention even after being unlocked) and...
  10. J

    Thread HELP! After flashing TWRP, the device turns off every time I access Recovery mode

    Hello, and sorry for my bad English I have a Lenovo Tab E10 (TB-X104F), and I've been trying to flash TWRP via QFIL QFIL shows me a message that the .img was flashed successfully, but in the tablet everytime I access to Fastboot to enter Recovery mode (As far as I know, this is the only way...
  11. chrisw444

    Thread Development Paranoid Android Topaz Stable 1- Redmi Note 11 / 11 NFC

    We are very excited to announce the alpha/beta of Paranoid Android Topaz, based on Android 13. On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with beautiful wallpapers from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a...
  12. semdoc

    Thread How to recover your device after flashing incorrect DDR xbl images

    No matter how you are experienced or skilled in flashing ROM's, the things sometimes just happens. And you are here now... Even I was aware which DDR model was my device, yes.. I did it :D - flashed by mistake DDR4 xbl.img to my DDR5 noodlep. Of'coz, I wasn't that happy when I achieved it...
  13. AkayamiShurui

    Thread Question Found more files to help with msm tool (oem_qmi_client) by quadcomm

    I'm so I'm just kind of putting this information out there I haven't got to go through it yet on the breakthrough of this knowledge I figured I should just make a post so people can get into it as quickly as possible it does look like the phone is running the same recovery set up as the sm8250...
  14. Artemis008

    Thread [CLOSED][repair imei problem] Unlock blocked imei/replace blocked imei from all ISP Pixel 4 Flame A13

    NOTE: Previously I warned that changing IMEI is an action that is prohibited in some countries, and it is a crime if it is not your device. USE IT AT OWN RISK!!! before getting to the point I will explain how I got into trouble like this, at first I bought this pixel 4 under normal conditions...
  15. G

    Thread Dual boot Android - PIN issue

    Hello, I am dual booting 2 different Android 12-based roms on an OEM Snapdragon 662 (bengal) device. I have modified abl to load different boot partitions that have different fstab files, which mount different copies of the OS and data partitions (system, system_ext, vendor, product, userdata...
  16. centraldosoftware

    Thread LG K9 (LM-X210BMW) bricked

    Can anyone help me with my lg k9? it has a boot error and does not enter download mode, it appears on the pc qualcomm 9008
  17. structuredivine

    Thread Galaxy A11 (SM-A155M) Hard brick help

    Hello... I'm new to posting in the forum, I've been lurking for a while but decided to post here since I'm on the end of my rope. I accidentally deleted the entire android OS on my A11 ( i was messing around too much..) and the phone is on EDL mode, It's a qualcomm soc. I have found the firehose...
  18. 4lbas

    Thread Lg Velvet failed system update into blackscreen

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I start an Android System update on my Lg Velvet LM-G900EM while it was connected to the pc in transfer file mode: it shutted down like it normally does but it didn't turn up. The screen is full black and I've tried different button presses on the phone but nothing seems...
  19. D


    I lost my EFS partition when recovered my phone via EDL, crying now :( Well, I flashed Engineering Rom from here https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261824846 And I changed IMEI1 IMEI2 MAC and BT addresses through some tools (Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool / QMSL IMEI&SN Writer v1.4) Rebooted...
  20. HenneB

    Thread [ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK][FLASH]Alcatel/TCL Pop 4 Plus 5056E MSM8909-MSMxxxx[QUALCOMM]

    ##################################### ##################################### WELCOME TO THE FORUM HERE WE ARE GOING TO LEARN TO EITHER...
  21. Renate

    Thread Qualcomm abl (Android bootloader) packing/signing

    The Qualcomm XBL (SBL1) and Firehose loader images are packed somewhat reasonably. They are ELF images (32 or 64 bit) with no sections but 3 or more programs: E:\>elfview xbl /p # Type Flags Size Offset Address -- ------- ----- ------- ------ -------- 0 null 960...
  22. P

    Thread {No solution in other threads} The current image has been destroyed and cannot boot. Stuck on this screen. Won't budge

    Hi, I recently updated my OnePlus 8 Pro. I ordered it from the USA, so I think it's international version IN25.c.21. The latest one, to keep it simple. After installation, it said to reboot, so I clicked reboot now, and after that, it is stuck here on this screen and won't run or switch off...
  23. H

    Thread Huawei mediapad t1 8.0 hard brick

    Hello,I have a tablet Huawei t1-823l ,and all other similar device are fit. It has a msm8916 chip (qualcomm snapdragon 410) I have unlocked its bootloader I install lk2nd on it. it works well. It displays that secure boot is disabled,but i am not sure whether it means a unlocked bootloader or a...
  24. N

    Thread [RECOVERY][jfltexx] TWRP 3.7.0-9.0 touch recovery (custom builds)

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or twrp3 for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
  25. G

    Thread How to clone a kernel from CodeAurora?

    CodeAurora lists lots of releases from Qualcomn in https://wiki.codeaurora.org/xwiki/bin/QAEP/release. `LA.UM.9.15.1.r1-05900-KAMORTA.0` or `bengal` is the codename used for the kernel in my Xiaomi Poco M3. However, how do I pick the kernel source for this release? Where is it? I cannot find...
  26. S

    Thread EFS2 format in flash

    I have dumped the NAND flash chip from a Qualcomm modem and have a large partition labelled EFS2. Does anyone have any details of the EFS2 format so I can recreate the filesystem from this RAW flash dump. I have already corrected the ECC errors and removed spare bytes so I can see chunks of...
  27. S

    Thread Building my own Kernel for Android 4.4.4 on my note 3 (The journey)

    Hello XDA community, After months of struggling im in desperate need of your help. What is my goal? To compile our own kernel so we can mess around with Qualcomm's trustzone. Where did it all start? It all started a few months ago back in November 2021 when me and a friend read a blog about a...
  28. N

    Thread LG G3 D855 Hard Bricked, stuck in bootloop, no DL mode, no Recovery. BoardDiag AP pass, EMMC pass, SDRAM pass

    Hey guys I have a problem with my LG G3 D855 model stucked at bootloop. The deal is that I already tried to short two pins on motherboard and do qualcomm flash with LG BoardDiag tool. Everithung went well AP pass, EMMC pass and SDRAM pass, all good. Succesfuly restore all boot images and...
  29. GbnrVR

    Thread How to overclock the phone if possible

    How do I overclock the phone
  30. T

    Thread Install a rom on PAX A920

    Hey, everyone. This is my first time on this site. I don't have a lot of experience with android as I am more of an iphone guy. I'm the manager of a small doctor's office here in south Texas and, until recently, we've been using the PAX A920 to take payments on. Doc said he didn't want the...
  31. D

    Thread Where can I download dumps of the PBL from Qualcomm Snapdragon devices?

    This is for a research project to investigate how the PBL code is implemented differently on various different SoCs. There's some research on how to dump the PBL for individual devices using various techniques (firehose, exploits, etc.), but I'm looking for an archive of dumps or a collection...
  32. X

    Thread Bricked Google Pixel 4a 5G (.mbn file needed)

    Hello all, today, i tried to downgrade from Android 12 to Android 11. I have followed this official guide: https://developers.google.com/android/images#bramble I unlocked bootloader and did the flash-all command but the proccess stoped here and phone didnt restart. I realized i downloaded wrong...
  33. Manu21Blackjack

    Thread XZ bricked, recovery attempt with test points on motherboard in EDL mode - (QUSB_BULK or SOMC flash device)

    Hello everyone, I believe that by now the phone is completely bricked but I would like to try to recover it in some way. my Sony XZ Kagura it doesn't work anymore, it looks bricked. It has the original firmware on at the moment (the bootloader is unlocked). it does not go into fastboot, nor...
  34. kabhotz

    Thread [SOLVED] How to root OP6T ?

    I have upgraded my OP6T to OxygenOS after that I have tried to root the device. But installing the last TWRP 3.5.2_9-0-fajita using the command "fastboot boot <TWRP>.img" I get a "Qualcomm crash dump mode". Anyone have solved this issue? There is a new TWRP image to flash and gain...
  35. A

    Thread QCC5144 LC3plus HR

    I'm working on transplanting LC3plus HR to QCC5144. Does someone want to take part in it? PM me if so.
  36. M

    Thread Why disabling vbmeta after unlocking the bootloader?

    Hello, I have some things that aren't clear for me.. First: as far as i know unlocking the bootloader making it skip checking for chained partitions in vbmeta so it will boot normal if custom OS used, why some guides recommend unlocking the bootloader then flashing a disabled vbmeta with...
  37. J

    Thread Broken??? 😏Yeah I did...😔 I can fix it! 🤔CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.😫

    Hello Nerd Nation! Thanks for letting me join this fabulous forum! 😀 Can I say, everyone here deserves a cookie. haha No but seriously ya'll do some serious tinkering. Me, I'm more on the physical hardware side. I'm currently working to root and flash custom ROM on my 'Moto E4 plus...
  38. ShadowGamingOfficial

    Thread (Galaxy S20) Downloading, Do Not Turn Off Phone? What is this!?

    Attached is an image I took of my wife's phone after putting her case back on. Now, since I work in Frontend Web Development | Design & part-time Penetration Testing, she assumes I will know. I have never seen this before. I have UTFSE and to no avail. I also am working hard on deploying...
  39. Z

    Thread Sudden Death of Black Screen

    Dear Developers. A year ago, my Wileyfox Swift device, which was turned off and connected to the cable to charge, did not turn on when I checked again. On the grounds that the problem is not in the hardware, an attempt was made to install a rom on the phone with different software download...
  40. JongHyun Kim

    Thread Question Regarding the removal of /dev/diag Interface of SM-G998U(Qualcomm Chip)

    Hello, everyone I am trying to collect DM information through Qualcomm diagnostic kit(/dev/diag) on SM-G998U device. However, in the currently uploaded open source(G998USQU4AUF5), the contents of /dev/diag are deleted. Is the Diag Interface changed to something else? Or does the latest device...
  41. Schepke

    Thread Qualcomm - QXDM5 / QCAT / PCAT / QDART / QRCT Tools

    The current version of QXDM5 can be found in the link. I would be interested in a current data sheet of the qualcomm diag protocol. https://gofile.io/d/2ZFXAO Schepke
  42. D

    Thread Origins of qboot?

    Hi, all - I recently hard bricked my g7 play, and was able to bring it back from the grave using qboot. (thanks to goesham2 https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/successful-blankflash-on-xt1952-4.4002643/ and vijayjadhav_143...
  43. snakebite3

    Thread Searching for Qualcomm Snapdragon repair technician

    I am here in Spain and purchased in the USA a Samsung s10+ international version Samsung S10 + SM-F975F/DS IMEI stating Taiwan according to one person in XDA forum "Problem with device emmc; Not with FW; Device is locked and as u see oem also on and L which means locked" I went to local...
  44. Kiraisuki

    Thread VS995 Stuck in EDL 9008 or just vibrates, have firehose, how to recover?

    I was running Rooted Stock 20c when I discovered my IR wasn't working. I tried to flash another ROM to get it working, but something went wrong and the phone stopped booting. When I plugged it into my Linux PC (Manjaro Cinnamon) it showed up as Qualcomm HS-USB QDLOAD (9008) and refused to boot...
  45. SuperIronOut

    Thread SM-G975U1 DIAG Port

    Believe it or not I finally figured out a workaround to unlock DIAG Port without root access on my SM-G975U1 which was quite a time consuming process, I am on the most recent ETL1 FW. Dialer codes sadly weren't part of the workaround which would've made this a single step. My device is...
  46. B

    Thread [Help] Android code download from codeaurora return manifest not find?

    Hi,I want to download the Qcom code from it's release tags showning in wiki.codeaurora.org The release page showing the released manifest tag and android version I want to download November 12, 2020 LA.UM.9.12.r1-09000-SMxx50.0 kona LA.UM.9.12.r1-09000-SMxx50.0.xml 11.00.00 I...
  47. G

    Thread Mi A1 VoLTE and VoWifi Codec problems/Change MBN in PDC

    Hi all, I managed to get VoLTE working on the latest stock rom making some changes to the build.prop. Unfortunately it has problems negotiating the correct codec with my carrier O2/Telefonica Germany, so the caller sounds like a robot. (see...
  48. A

    Thread [HELP] How to retrieve data from Qualcomm Snapdragon framebuffer

    Hi, using a rooted moto g7. There are /dev/graphics/fb{0,1}. I can not read directly from either device. The error given is "no such file or directory" however the files show up in a directory listing, this means the driver developer chose a bad error code. How am I supposed to use them, for...
  49. metroidnemesis13

    Thread Android FDE crypto footer behavior/KeyMaster on Android 8

    On a Qualcomm device (OnePlus 3T) running Android vers. 8, (rooted and stock more or less with TWRP), my question is this. Is the cryptofooter always able to decrypt the device even after being destroyed and recreated (with the same PIN/password), or is there something special/distinctive that...
  50. N

    Thread LTE 4G Band locking on Samsung devices Exynos / Qualcomm without root android 10

    Dear friends, now you can lock LTE bands on your Samsung Exynos/Snapdragon devices running Android 10 without root. Here are the steps- 1. Open quickshortcutmaker app 2. Goto call settings and then goto last call settings 3. Goto band selection by clicking 3 dots and now your favorite band is...