1. Romi14

    Thread S21 build quality issues

    Hi guys. I got my s21 today. Soon after unboxing I noticed ugly gap between frame of the phone and the camera bump. I took a photo and I think it´s clearly visible. Do you guys with regular s21 have the same issue or not ? Due to covid I don’t have the oportunitty to visit retail store and...
  2. Crazy Seed

    Thread Solved: Audio issues

    Hello mates. Is there any way to test if the phone calling quality and volume are correct?. Being this a phone with great audio, i feel that call quality is a little muddy with voices not being deep enough to understand every word and the volume is just average and not very loud. Connecting...
  3. A

    Thread LDAC Playback quality stuck on Best Effort, unable to change

    I have a 4XL and have noticed that it is not possible to change the Bluetooth settings under developer settings. For example I have Sony WH1000 M3s and whilst it connects using LDAC it defaults to ‘Best Effort’ for LDAC quality settings and cannot be changed. It also will not let me choose...
  4. daubh

    Thread Screen Issues on OnePlus 7 Pro [Stock]

    2 screen issues annoying me on my OP 7 Pro. 1. When scrolling on a white background at lowest brightness, there's severe ghosting on anything black. This is more apparent when Night Mode is on. Night mode: More warm, less lightness. Notice the Uber and Uber Eats icons on the app drawer in...
  5. E

    Thread Instagram blurry texts on Stories

    Hello everyone, when I upload a photo or video from my gallery to story feature of Instagram app and add text via Instagram app, texts are blurry. Do you have this problem? How to solve this problem? Thank you!
  6. M

    Thread Camera quality stock ROM vs Xiaomi EU, Mi-Globe

    I've searched the forum but didn't find anything about the significant difference between stock camera app from stock MIUI ROM and the Xiaomi camera app from other custom ROMs. I saw this difference with my older phones too (running MIUI or other LOS based ROMS), but never really used Xiaomi...
  7. K

    Thread Note 9 Camera Quality Issue?

    I found this issue when I was taking low light pictures. It's like some pink flare at the edges of the photo, I don't know how to call it. It is visible only in a few low light situations. Here is some of my captures + some pictures with the same issue I found on google (almost every night...
  8. B

    Thread Which one GCam is the best for now for One Plus 6?

    I'm not happy with stock camera so i think about install GCam but i don't know which version is the best for OP6. I have OOS v.9.0.5 if it's important.
  9. A7mdXpii

    Thread Are nokia devices reliable?

    Are nokia devices reliable? Will they stutter or lag or whatever ? does they have smooth scrolling like e.g samsungs? I know they're android one but I heard a lot about their devices so I'm asking :confused:
  10. Spellbound_91

    Thread Bad camera quality

    Hello to All, I have bought my Mi 8 Lite a few days ago. The device is good but the camera quality is not so good. When I take a picture with the camera there is a lot of noise. I think that the camera has more potential, maybe there is some software problem? Do you have the same problem? The...
  11. A

    Thread Front Facing Cameras - Is your Wide angle better than Normal?

    Ok, so I really want to love this phone but I can't figure out why the front camera wide angle photos look sharp (almost too sharp) and the normal 8 Mp photos from the front camera have no detail whatsoever. Look at the attached picture and compare the clarity of the nose, eyes, and eyebrows...
  12. M

    Thread Huawei P Smart bluetooth audio quality

    Is anyone else having problems with the audio quality over Bluetooth? I have a pair of JBL Reflect Response headphones and a Logitech X300 speaker, and both sound AWFUL on my Huawei P Smart. The sound is stuttering, crackling and hollow, like listeting to some very cheap headphones. But when...
  13. S

    Thread Quality case for LG X Venture?

    Hi: Has anyone found a reasonably high quality case for the LG X Venture/X Calilbur V9? I love my X Venture, but I've already tried 3 cases for it. The first case-a MiniTurtle was complete garbage-unusable...
  14. br0adband

    Thread [Q] Sound quality and volume of the speakers on the Robin - anyone?

    I have a chance to get a brand new Nextbit Robin (never opened) for $40 and I'm really leaning towards getting it, it's the black model (my preference) - no it's not a sale online someplace, it's one-shot purchase from a friend that won it in a contest and never even bothered to open it. My...
  15. D

    Thread How to have better camera on Oreo ROMs

    TIP OF THE DAY INTRO If you don't like the camera's quality it is because the google camera app is not the best for the grand prime, actually this is the problem of all ROMs based on the pure android, isn't the image clear enough? does the image looks blurred? I've been comparing my camera on...
  16. CrashOverride93

    Thread Low and horrible sound quality from internal mic

    Hi guys, I know that I think that this question/issue is well-known for some LOS users, but not really sure if it was fixed on some devices, or some ROM builds. My problem is regarding to the low volume, although I could increase the volume by playing with the dB gain feature on some apps; but...
  17. Vidhanth

    Thread [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable 4K UHD video recording on your Note 5 Pro!

    Alright I haven't seen anyone find this yet, so I'll post it here. You WILL need root access to continue. DISCLAIMER - I've tested this on the MIUI 8.4.3 global beta (oreo) only, but i guess it might work on all miui versions. Please report your results. Okay enough talking, lets get to it. 1...
  18. kvrjsoni

    Thread [APP] Protanica - Wallpapers HD

    Download Protanica for amazing high quality wallpapers Experience a quick and hassle-free way to set your new wallpaper to your homescreen Our prime FOCUS being Speed and Fluidity of the app FEATURES - Easily set wallpapers - Favorites Section - Wallpaper sharing feature - Quick Loading - Fast...
  19. pi4a7a

    Thread Q: Unlocked bootloader and DRAM questions

    As far as I know when you unlock bootloader you loose TA Partition (unless you backup it and then restore it) So if you loose this TA partition as far as I know you camera quality will gone crazy bad, how bad, can you give me samples? After I install for example Lineage 14.1, can I restore this...
  20. P

    Thread Weird S8+ sound on hi volume

    Hello fellas. So i bought S8+ few days ago, and i gotta ask. What the heck is wrong with music volume on headphones ? I feel like on last 2 steps volume phone turns on like a pop music filter which cuts some details from the sound making it worse. It's like on the 3rd from the top everything...
  21. L

    Thread Why custom ROM camera cannot defeat stock ROM camera quality?

    Why custom ROM camera cannot defeat stock ROM camera quality?
  22. B

    Thread Video Sound quality

    Hey guys, anyone else experienced bad video sound quality? I found out, that the phone saves videos with 96kbps sound, wich is an explanation why the sound is that bad. But can we do anything against it?
  23. randomhkkid

    Thread [PSA] RAW quality vs JPEG Tests

    After google announced that they have no plans to bring RAW support to the device I was curious to see what sort of quality the DNGs would be. Unfortunately I've found that the RAW files from different apps provide different results. Apps used Stock Camera App JPEG Camera NX Camera FV-5 Test...
  24. D

    Thread Annd how about the ringtone?

    Hello guys, Those of you who already have the phone, can you tell us how loud does the ringtone sounds? I'm more interested if both speakers are playing the ringtone when the phone rings and if the quality of the ringtone (given it comes from the same front speakers as the music playing) is on...
  25. D

    Thread Bluetooth quality problem during calls

    Hi I have serious problem with my Redmi note 4x. When using Bluetooth headset during the call, the audio quality is very poor. The audio I hear is like low bitrate audio (like comparing 128Kb with 320Kb). I'm using Jabra Stealth - and this headset working perfectly with other phones. I was...
  26. Monzer_

    Thread Please Advice me

    Hello , I'v been checking redmi note 4 lately and it sounds like bang for the buck currently I have HTC m8 I'm a casual smartphone user I don't game or take photos it's mainly for work and college I take photos by camscanner and record stuff and use social apps . The only thing I care about is...
  27. C

    Thread Quality of photos Moto Z Play vs Moto G Turbo

    Friends, I had the moto g turbo and to be a mid range I was happy with the quality of the photos, now I have the moto z play and I am happy with the battery life, but unfortunately I think the photos are of worse quality compared With which you take with the moto g turbo. It's possible? I have...
  28. keessonnema

    Thread OnePlus 5 camera, poor audio quality

    I noticed that the audio quality in video recording is really poor. If I use the recorder app (In OxygenOS) the audio quality (when format set to wav) is really good! I'm wondering if this is a bug in OOS, or intented to keep the filesizes down? Who else noticed it? I also made a thread on the...
  29. D

    Thread Audio Quality Thoughts

    So I just got my HTC U11 today and spent a few hours setting it up. I finally got around to trying out the phone's audio capabilities. USonic - they sound good for out of the box earphones, but they're definitely not as good as my V-Moda Forza's. I could tell immediately. I doubt I'll use this...
  30. U

    Thread What are your ASV levels?

    Mine are big:7, little:6 The ASV levels determine the quality of your CPU. These numbers are relevant if you want to overclock or undervolt. How to find out the ASV levels of your phone? Use a root browser and open this file: /sys/kernel/debug/asv_summary or you can check it with Synapse.
  31. Alberto96

    Thread ARCHEER Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver with APT-X & SPDIF - Unboxing & Review

    ARCHEER Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver with APT-X & SPDIF - Unboxing & Review ARCHEER Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter and Receiver Unboxing This Accessory is packaged with an high amount of cables: 1x 3.5mm Audio Cable, 1x 3.5mm to RCA Cable, 1x TOSLink/SPDIF Optical Cable and 1x...
  32. K

    Thread KilluCamera S8 [Bitrates, Resolution, HDR, Focus] v1.1 Release

    Big shout out and thanks to zeroprobe who made this possible. Based this mod on his tweaks. Features: - Bitrate 1080p = 40mBit/s - Bitrate 720p = 40mBit/s - Bitrate Slow Motion = 60mBit/s - Object Tracking + HDR + Effects for 1080p_60fps, QHD and UHD - Phase Detection AF for 1080p_60fps - Zoom...
  33. N

    Thread Google Pixel Terrible Grainy Low-Light Video

    Hi All, I've done some web searches and noted that others are in the same boat both with the Pixel and Pixel XL--namely, in low-light, video shot with the stock Camera app is terribly grainy, no matter the settings. Photos shot in the same lighting conditions are OK, whether HDR is on or off...
  34. Akinaro

    Thread P9 vs P10 - Comparison

    Huawei is well known from messing with naming and fallowing basic scheme of flaghips, that why we all can say that Mate 9 or even Honor 8p where somehow successors of P9 even if its different series. But now when P10 is available, and some of you got your hands on new P10, as a user of P9 I...
  35. pi4a7a

    Thread Xperia E4g unlock youtube quality (720p)

    I got a rooted 4.4.4 Xperia E4g, how can I unlock youtube 720p quality ?
  36. T

    Thread Camera quality terrible

    Hello all, I just bought a Z2 (second hand) as I wanted a phone with a high quality camera and apparently the Z2 was one of the best out there at the time of its release. Unfortunately thus far the photos I've got from the Z2 seems pretty low quality with lots of noise and lack of detail...
  37. Gawd

    Thread [MOD][ONEPLUS ONE][4.4.x-7.1.x] True Stereo effect [BALANCED]

    First off, to be clear this is a reworked project. But definitely a great mod that might help many users. Q. Oh gawd, a thread is already there. Moderator ban him! -Yes, there is a separate thread for Audio mods and all, but I'm afraid not many people visit them. So I'm just posting it here...
  38. A

    Thread Calling over internal Loudspeaker -> Bad microphone Quality

    Hello, does anyone else experiences issues when calling over the internal Loudspeaker? The Person I'm calling with very often doesn't understand me clearly (often rather low Volume and a bit choppy). But this only happens while calling via Loudspeaker (and mostly after few minutes of calling)...
  39. netusername

    Thread Did the latest weekly update improve the camera quality for you?

    Lots of users have voiced their opinion to the xiaomi forums to improve the camera quality in the Mi Max. It is currently grainy, even in some medium light shots and especially in Miui 8. Has the latest weekly update (dev branch) improved the camera quality for you? Notes: Despite widespread...
  40. P

    Thread Poor call quality (both over cellular network and WiFi)

    Hey fellas, So the call quality on my g4+ absolutely sucks. It doesn't matter if I am using the cellular network (for voice calls) or WiFi (Skype, Duo etc.). People always complain that either there is a lot of static or as if I am talking from an extremely windy location (No I'm not actually...
  41. Prinz`

    Thread Camera Quality (Comparison of various Rom Cameras)

    This thread is solely created to compare the same picture (same exposure setting, ISO, focus, shutter time, etc) captured by the camera of various ROMS. Comparing like this is very effective to assess the quality of the camera and help the developers improve it :) Feel free to suggest your...
  42. xxshabsxx

    Thread Galaxy S5 Camera Quality Deteriorating

    Hey all! So my sister has had get S5 for a while now, she likes the phone immensely. However she's pointed out an issue which I haven't come accross before. Over the last year and a bit, her camera quality has gotten awful. When she first got the phone, it was taking good quality, in focus...
  43. skrippi

    Thread Which is the best Android Camera App?

    Hey guys, since I got my OnePlus 3 and changed to CM13 Rom (Android 6.0.1) the camera isn't that good. Also the Oxygen Camera isn't the best regarding to the less setting options. Since I ever wondered which might be the best android camera app I now decided to start this thread. I've searched...
  44. M

    Thread Kenzo build.prop edit

    Hello, maybe someone have played with Redmi Note 3 (kenzo) build.prop file? To change slow motion recording FPS etc. ? No bootloop after editing?
  45. ToeJullar

    Thread Opinions from owners

    I just upgraded to a LG G5 with BestBuy since it was 1/2 off. This phone isn't bad by any means but I do have 14 days of time to swap the phone out for something else. I want to know what your guys experiences have been like since the phone has been out for a good month now. Things I really...
  46. D

    Thread Possible to increase video bitrate with stock camera app?

    I find the video to be a little too compressed (artifacts visible) depending on framerate and resolution. 1080p 60fps just gives me 17mbit/s wich is really low. So what do you think, is it possible to adjust the bitrate somehow? Maybe someone can decompile the app and find the line for that...
  47. M

    Thread [App] Camera Super Pixel (high quality photos)

    Hi all, I'm very happy to announce that next version of the app will be also compatible with Micromax Canvas A1. :) Bad news is that Canvas A1 (6.0.1) is limited to 2.1MP burst shots (rear camera could support 5MP), good news is that this is the full resolution of the front camera. You can...
  48. I

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] Chuwi Tweaks

    Introduction Features Comparison Download XDA:DevDB Information Chuwi Tweaks, Xposed for Chuwi tablets Contributors ImADev Xposed Package Name: com.imadev.chuwitweaks Version Information Status: Stable Current Stable Version: 1.0 Stable Release Date...
  49. linuxct

    Thread [FLASHABLE] Camera Blobs + Morpho Settings from 18.6.A.0.182 (UPDATE)

    Again, this is a self explanatory thread, but I'll try to explain it so that anyone can understand it. Xperia M2 upgrade 18.6.A.0.182 is, at the moment of writing this, only available via OTA, which means that if you don't get the notification about the update, you can't get it in any way...
  50. linuxct

    Thread Camera Quality Comparison - 18.6.A.0.182 vs 18.6.A.0.175 [PICS]

    I think it's pretty much self explanatory. Before you ask, yeah, it has improved waaaay much. Please check here if you want to patch your current rom (Stock .175, deodexed, or Z5 STYLE) with Sony's Camera Fixes. Near object:Before NOW Not-so-near object:Before NOW Computer Screen (very...