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  1. G

    Thread [CLOSED] Install Kali Nethunter on Redmi Note 11

    I installed PixelExperience on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 and all things went well, now I want to install Kali NetHunter and I didn't find a supported version for my phone, so I decided to try and port it my self, to do that I need the kernel source, what kernel source the PixelExperience or the...
  2. Y

    Thread Question Poco MIUI to Regular MIUI

    I want to use the regular MIUI launcher so i can get the new big folders and widgets because for some stupid reason they're not available on poco, if i unlock the bootloader (currently global) and install the (India) firmware, will i get the regular miui ? (because from what i know Poco X4 GT...
  3. Miri_

    Thread A Easy Rom

    Heya! Both of my parents OP8 Have updated to Oxygen 13, (Both they hate*) and decided to have a custom ROM's due to updates breaking features/draining battery life. The main issue is choosing the ROM as All ROM's have there different experience. One of the phones would preferable would like...
  4. wwxwlw

    Thread Question Which ROM is more suitable?

    I just want QS background follows Light/Dark theme, some systemUI tweak features, and no pxiel launcher. I hesitate between nameless, pex, evox and stag OS.
  5. M

    Thread Question Xiaomi EU to Official Miui

    I am currently running Xiaomi Eu version 13.0.9 stable with twrp 3.6.2_12-pocof3_v6.3_a12. I have issues with this build and I noticed lots of reports with latest Xiaomi EU updates having many bugs so don't really want to update. Can I switch without data loss to official Miui? (my bank is...
  6. Salman0ansari

    Thread Custom Rom on Android Emulator

    Is it possible to run custom rom on android emulator If yes, How? If no, why isn't it possible?
  7. DogeyCraft

    Thread Is there any way that i can modify a ROM for literally the same phone but ''diferrent'' (like a phone with M or DS)

    It's just a thing that upsets me, i have a Samsung core prime SM-360M, there is variations of it, (Like SM-360H/DS, F, Etc) i Really like that phone, but the android 5.0 its kinda meh, at least (what i know and can se) NO ONE have ever make a Custom rom for my phone.. just for the other...
  8. O

    Thread Some questions about ROMs

    I really want to install a custom ROM to my Note8, but I want to ask some of you guys some questions so I can decide. 1. Is it worth it? 2. Is there any chance my phone's going to brick? 3. Can my phone get viruses if I installed a Custom ROM? 4. Do I have to root my phone? 5. What are the...
  9. kernel_t4sk

    Thread [Question] How to extract "device tree" and "vendor tree" from Stock ROM

    Hi all: I'm thinking of adapting ArrowOS for my device. Its model number is Lenovo L71091. and I currently don't find any information about it on github. How can I make device and vendor myself. The Stock ROM cannot be uploaded because it is too large. Attached is an image...
  10. AgentLoneStar007

    Thread Question Do I Need to Root My Phone to Replace the OS?

    Hi. So this is my first post. I read through the rules and How to Post section, and I'm doing my best to keep the rules. So if I did something wrong, sorry. Also, this is a mix of questions: I am totally new to modifying a phone's software. I daily drive EndeavorOS on my PC and laptop, so I...
  11. SuperTechno2004

    Thread Android 7 on the galaxy Nexus model GT-I9250M?

    Hey guys, I have been trying to install android 7 on my nexus. Problem with that is that I can't find any android 7 roms for it anywhere. Does anyone here know if android 7 roms for it exist, and if so, where can I find one?
  12. W

    Thread ROM Flashing Error "Updater Process ended with ERROR:255".

    Hello! Yesterday i was trying to flash CrDroid 7 Based on Android 11 on my Xiaomi Redmi 8A (olivelite), and i was greeted by an error message stating: "Updater process ended with ERROR:255 Error installing zip file..." I have installed the latest version of TWRP, as well as flashed Magisk...
  13. Xorio71

    Thread Flashing firmware before a Custom ROM

    Some Custom ROM updates have as a prerequisite the flashing of a newer firmware version for the device. I have a Xiaomi device (Redmi Note 9 Pro/Joyeuse). When a firmware update will be required before flashing a Custom ROM, do I just download the 70ish MB file from here and flash it through...
  14. Pinguudroid

    Thread Completely remove gui

    Hi, I have a oneplus with a unstable screen, and I wanted to mine crypto with it since it’s fully functional but just not suitable as a normal phone. So is there a way to completely nuke the gui on my phone, so when I boot up my phone it has a internet connection but just boots directly into a...

    Thread Looking for the Official S6 Edge LineageOS 14.1 Build

    Does anyone still have a download link for the Official LOS 14.1 Build? I cannot find it anywhere on the internet,and i forgot to backup a copy of it.Would really appreciate if somebody posted a link to it.Thanks
  16. K

    Thread [VS995] How do I flash US unlocked stock firmware on the Verizon LG V20 without the phone bootlooping?

    Stock US996 twrpable zip firmware for the lg v20 is here. My phone is already rooted with magisk, bootloader unlocked, and has twrp installed. I formatted my phone using twrp, and rebooted into recovery mode. I then flashed the US99610P firmware (as it is the most up to date in the list at the...
  17. C

    Thread Downgrade SM-T295

    Hi Guys! I've got a real ploblem with Android 10. I work in a little company and part of our activities is making software for Android Tablet. We're making very specific SW and we don't need all of Androids and all of Android Tablets. All we need is Android 10 for now. I've got a tablet with...
  18. PhotonIce

    Thread Is the Realme C3 triple camera the same as the dual camera?

    There are two versions of the Realme C3, one has a dual camera (which seems to the Indian variant) and another with a triple camera setup (which appears to be the global variant). I've searched all over the internet, and their are plenty of reviews etc of the triple camera version, but there...
  19. jonkayh

    Thread Question Renoir on Lisa

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if the normal Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5g (Renoir) roms will work on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5g Ne(Lisa) They are about similar in terms of specs but they have slightly different internals. Please give your thoughts on this Cheers,
  20. T

    Thread Working ROM for Markw in late 2021?

    Hi, As of December 2021, is there an alternative ROM that would reliably work for Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime? I am asking because the standard MIUI ROM has not been updated for years and I am having quite a few glitches - I think, because of that. For example, Vivaldi browser and Fairemail...
  21. T

    Thread Question Spotify login problem

    When trying to login to Spotify I get the following error message: ''You're offline check your connection and try again" I am connected to wifi and internet works fine. Also Spotify is working ok on my Pixel 6. Is there a way to fix this?
  22. PhenTheGoat

    Thread Any downloadable link for Cesium OS for m30?

    There was an official CesiumOS ROM for m30 that was discontinued and the link does no longer work, I searched a lot for the file but couldn't find it. Does anyone have the file/link for download?
  23. P

    Thread Question How to install Custom Rom for Poco x3 Pro?

    Hello sir/maam, I'am just newbie here. And I wanna know more about it please bear w/ me <3 Question: How can I install the Custom Rom here to my Poco x3 Pro? Do you have a video tutorial on how to install it properly w/o damage. Thank you & Have a good day!
  24. itsjake95

    Thread Question Hypothetical question about reverting (or downgrading to android 10) to android 11 stock rom from android 11 (custom rom)

    Hello friends, so like the title says, this is purely hypothetical and for learning purposes. What would the process be for me revert back to stock ROM if, taking into consideration that I had flashed a 'no OSS' firmware then installed a custom rom with android 11. Consider that I already have...
  25. B

    Thread Question is it possible to install CalyxOS or GrapheneOS on Poco F3 or are there any customROMs that are similar to both?

    I couldn't find any way to install CalyxOS or GrapheneOS on Poco F3, are there any ROMs that are similar to them or better in privacy and security and doesn't include google services at all?
  26. G

    Thread LG Velvet (LM-G900EM) vs LG Velvet 5G (LM-G900UM) CFW Compatibility

    I have an LG Velvet 5G (LM-G900UM) and I can't find anything specific to this model on any forums. I want to root and install CFW but I don't want to install the wrong one and brick my phone. Basically, everything I find for this phone is for model LM-G900EM, the international model, so I'm...
  27. D

    Thread LG G8X 850EMW Update Issues

    I recently bought a refurbished LG G8X off of eBay and noticed that I couldn't update the phone past Android 9. OTA would fail and LG Bridge says "cannot check software version" when trying to update and "your phone information cannot be checked" when trying the update error recovery. Checking...
  28. Radon086

    Thread How to install Android Go on Huawei U8800+?

    I am a green hand about ROM. There is a Huawei U8800+ in my home and the system is Android 2.2. No new applications can be installed at present (the system is too old). I learned that there is something called Android Go, which is designed for mobile phones with 512MB-1GB memory (my U8800+ is...
  29. M

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960 Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G965 custom rom

    Hello Guys Which one of the samsung S9 is the easiest to root and install lineage OS? Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G960 or Samsung Galaxy S9 SM-G965 I am asking because last year I bought a S7 sm-G930V Verizon... and it had a bootloader locked , and I couldn't not install any custom...
  30. Z

    Thread Security update

    After 4 years, Samsung launch last security update for s8. Really like this phone, works still great. I change the battery in september. To keep my phone i would know security threat, problem and their severity rate. How much time i can keep it? I change the battery 8 mouth ago, i would keep...
  31. sunghinh

    Thread [CLOSED].

    Mod edit: Thread closed 'cause OP removed the content of the first post. Oswald Boelcke, Senior Moderator .
  32. muhammadbahaa2001

    Thread I want to port Dot OS ROM to Honor 6 Plus

    I am planning to port Dot OS ROM, I know the requirements / important things before I start. (Must be the same pixel density and the same number of cores and should be the same SDK level) I have Base Rom for my phone (Honor 6 Plus) and Port ROM Dot OS for (One Plus 5), I chose One Plus 5 as a...
  33. R

    Thread Question IMEI broken after switching Color OS to Oxygen OS

    Hello there I just bought my OP9 pro from Aliexpres, Chinese version with official Global ROM but I read for some members than their IMEI broke up when they installed Oxygen OS. I want to know if this happens 100% of the time, any of you could revert this or found a solution? If the seller...
  34. Strike_Hatty

    Thread Flashing an official rom. (yeah, there's a newbie over here)

    Yeah, it's kind of a stupid question but I really need help to understand some things before doing anything and turning my phone into a paperweight. It's my first thread so I really hope you can help me with it ;) I'm from colombia btw. Have to advice that english is not my first language so...
  35. R

    Thread Which is the best custom rom for the poco x3???

    I want to do some rom research in this week until I can unlock bootloader. I prefer an Android 11 rom but if there's an Android 10 rom that works flawless I will not refuse to install. Thanks.
  36. xwonic

    Thread Other future Roms

    I always loved the Xiaomi since i had other phones and alot of people in my family have them cause i recommend it and its a good thing having the same phone ecosystem with everyone. And I was think of buying the Mi 10 Ultra for the camera, the screen and battery charging, seen alot of Youtube...
  37. Gaesant

    Thread [Question]: Any custom rom working in SM-N9600?

    Hey there. I'm looking for a custom rom for my Note 9 (SM-N9600) but it seems pretty impossible. Roms like LineageOS don't actually specify if it's compatible with the Note9, is this phone not compatible with anything? lol. I'm searching for a privacy and degoogled as possible custom rom wich...
  38. yanzifan021

    Thread Bootloop after installing Lineage

    Recently I decided to play around with my retired xiaomi 4c which I bought in 2016/2017. Firstly, I unlocked my phone and installed TWRP recovery. (the version I installed is twrp-3.1.1-0-libra), the link I used is here:, the reason why I did not install version...
  39. T

    Thread Moto e Canada version hardware SKU?

    I'm wanting to know the Canada version hardware SKU so I can download the rom and install it on my XT1526.
  40. Z

    Thread Is there any secure custom roms or os?

    I wish to know if there are any custom roms or os'es that wouldn't touch my data using background processes that doesn't ask for permission to do so. Because these apps are either pre-installed or installed by me (which ask for permissions up front)? Or at least that I would be able grant app...
  41. A

    Thread Is it possible to convert SM-G920T to SM-G920F, Is there any rom which is compatible?

    Hi & Asslam o Alaikum Friends, I have a questions from many days and i tried to Flash few firmware of SM-G920F international ROM on My T-mobile Variant but my phone always soft brick and then again need to flash with original ROM QUESTION: Is there any g920F international rom according to any...
  42. G

    Thread S4 att update 4.4.4

    Ok so i updated my s4 but its on 4.4.4 and i want to install 5.0 lollipop rom but how do i do it if all the ways to do it is patched i think is there any way too install the rom on 4.4.4
  43. T

    Thread [Q] Best ROM for HTC Desire 500

    Hi, like this guy ( I am looking for a ROM for a HTC Desire 500 Single Sim. From the Ultimate Thread ( I can find 3 ROMs .JamesRom (it is only 4.1.2) Jelly Kat rom...
  44. F

    Thread [Q] Which version of everything should I use?

    Hi, I have a HTC One M7 WLV (the 4g from Verizon). Recently it had some problems and I had to factory reset it, however I opted for changing to another ROM. It did not go well, and I blame it on not knowing the correct version of recovery/kernel/rom to use on it. So I figured I could ask you...
  45. D

    Thread [Q][HELP] How to remove app background ?

    Hello everyone! :laugh: I recently flashed Razodroid v4 on my Galaxy Fit and I was wondering whether there is any way to remove the application background image which is set by default. :confused: I'm not a fan of transparent background or a background image for each application :rolleyes: , so...
  46. Nauju

    Thread [Q] Help please... Can I Flash Stock FTF 4.1.2 (6.2.B.1.96) Through CWM

    Can I Flash Stock FTF 4.1.2 (6.2.B.1.96) Through CWM On My Xperia SL? Thanks In Advance... Currently On Stock Based Trinity Vengance Rom 3.1 Android 4.1.2 Rooted CWM Installed Sorry For My Bad English..
  47. KShion619

    Thread [Q] "Linaro Optimized"?

    What Does It Mean To Be Linaro Optimized? Is it the Settings added? or is there internals swapped out?
  48. H

    Thread [Q][Android]How do I batch reinstall apps after flashing custom rom?

    I've just started trying out custom roms and I've noticed while some roms such as CyanogenMod lets you restore all previously installed apps upon installation other ones doesn't. If I flash a rom which doesn't support it all my apps still stand as installed if I search for them in market on the...
  49. K

    Thread [Q] Litle question about MIUI ROM

    Hi, I'm going to buy Desire. I want to install on it MIUI ROM. So I have a question about this ROM. Is the Polish language? Thank you for your reply`s.
  50. A

    Thread [Q] I have small question, plz answer

    My kernel is curio@carton#1877 link: Can I overclock my phone with this kernel up to 1.2Gz?