1. Indexlz

    Thread Question Poco X3 PRO White screen problem

    ey, It all happened like 2,4h ago I just tried to open Youtube and my screen glitched and my phone turned off itself after a few seconds. I only can turn it on again, just to see the same glitchy screen after one minute of turning it on. Now when I try to turn on my phone I can see the Poco logo...
  2. usnspook

    Thread Question Bi-directional diagnostic with Android Auto OS?

    Hi everyone, I’m looking to see if anyone has seen or has any ideas about integrating bi-directional functions into the OS. I’ve seen a lot of scan tools built on Android that let you check and operate the system modules on the vehicle. Seems like a great tool to have for any vehicle problems so...
  3. S

    Thread Question [SPESN] Help to restore the memory partition table

    Friends, please help :( Deleted the internal memory partition table. Can anyone give a listing of the tayulitsa sections: adb shell sgdisk --print /dev/block/sda Or maybe if someone has a gpt.bin dump: adb shell dd if=/dev/block/sda of=/external_sd/gpt.bin bs=8 count=2176 I have a version...
  4. adex234

    Thread Vivo y72 5g mtk how to root

    If i modify ota update boot.img file via magisk and install full ota it will work? Pls help
  5. Vanek905

    Thread [Question]Is there a module that reduces the status bar?

    My rom is miui 13 global
  6. dksoni411

    Thread Question Need Help - ROG 5s bootloop

    Hi All I have ROG 5s tencent edition. it was modified by seller to global. I have been using it for more than 1 year now. Last night something happened and it went off. I tried turn it on but it kept bootlooping at logo. It is not detetedable by computer because bootloader was locked by seller...
  7. Bebole

    Thread Question OTA updates with root

    Hi ! If i root my phone, can i still receive updates ?
  8. Lelax

    Thread [issue found][archived] FRP / OEM locked device that won't start OS

    Edit 3: TL;DR: This is appears to be an S8 exclusive error, it's shown in the recovery: "Product device tree not found, couldn't verify firmware" or something like that. For solutions, please look that up. So, I bought a bootlooping S8 in the hopes of fixing it. Since OEM and FRP lock are on...
  9. SHSuperEddie

    Thread Why does LG Flash Tool give me a 'could not connect to server error' when I go to use it?

    Does anyone know what causes this? I am trying to stock flash LG k7 ms330, followed tutorial, everything is as it should be, but this error still happens. I have some questions: Is it possibly caused by A) the USB cable I'm using or B) the USB port I'm using? Would either of these things matter...
  10. Moxiipc

    Thread I lost my clipboard button!

    Hello there. I have lost my clipboard button that appears when you hold over a blank space. I tried looking up the issue and what people are saying mostly samsung did something in android 12 which disables it on third party keyboards. These post I read are mostly dated from 8 months ago. But...
  11. K

    Thread Question about flashing a stock KDZ rom from a different region

    Hi all, I currently have a G7+ with the model number LM-G710EAW. From this site, there's a few EAW's that get the android 10 update, that is the HK, KR, and SEA. To this day, my phone is still on Android 8. Since that the only way to check the phone region via IMEI is now gone, I have to assume...
  12. cick3

    Thread Question Bootloader serial_mismatch after flashing stock

    Title. After playing around with root and some custom ROMs i wanted to return to OOS, I had a few troubles doing that but eventually I succeeded. I still wanted to have root access though so I tried going to flash TWRP, but was met by the message "serial_mismatch" followed by a system reboot...
  13. V

    Thread (Q) Galaxy Nexus yakjusc and yakjuzs OTA update links are dead

    hello everyone, can someone reupload these files to me? thanks🙏 because these links are dead:( so i need them for OTA update sorry for my bad english
  14. N

    Thread How can i downgrade binaries?

    I want to go from 9 to 7 because i accidentally installed an android 11 rom, is that possible?
  15. N

    Thread Is there any working android 9 TWRP rooted rom?

  16. A

    Thread Question How to flash Indonesian recovery rom without unlocking bootloader on global rom ?

    I am currently on SKEINXM and i hate global rom , I want miui dialer and messages app to come pre-installed , so I found that Indonesian rom has miui dialer and messages pre installed , so how do I flash Indonesian rom on top of my global rom without unlocking bootloader ? I found a...
  17. ghines

    Thread Please help me get BT Near working

    Hi all, I want to use a beacon to run a task when I'm within range and out of range of the beacon. To test I decided to make two simple tasks that just used the Flash Action to show whether the phone was within range of the ibeacon. The problem was I kept getting many false disconnects even...
  18. Stuccio

    Thread Question Thinkin' about buying the OnePlus 10 Pro

    So, long story short, my old OnePlus 6 fell from my pocket and broke, in one unlucky accident. I've decided to "upgrade myself" and go for a more recent model. I'm used to flash custom ROMs and try many of them until I find one that suits my needs and that's pretty stable. I wanted to buy the...
  19. zDylant

    Thread Can GSI fully break my phone?

    I'm using a Moto G30 and I want to install LineageOS but is not compatible with my device. But then I found a GSI version, but I have 0 experience with them. Can GSI fully break my phone? Or at least is less risky than flashing a custom ROM?
  20. D

    Thread Question Does disabling knox will improve performance?

    I'm asking this because I'm not sure if Knox does affect the performance of the device.
  21. M

    Thread Question multistar on Xperia 1 IV

    Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to port samsung's multistar to the Xperia 1 IV so that users can use more then 2 apps at once. Or maybe port nubia red magics implementation of it. Flagships from 2022 come with 12+gb of ram, why not utilize it to its maximum potential? (A Samsung...
  22. Yudiyuyu

    Thread Question Fingerprint and Camera issues

    Hello, I'm new so sorry if this is a badly written post Recently I got a unit that was preflashed with global rom on a CN device. The fingerprint sensor and camera both stopped working the day after. The camera made a weird clicking noise when I'd use it and the fingerprint scanner kept saying...
  23. MrZaga

    Thread [CLOSED][Q] Clash Of Clans on Genymotion

    Hello, I cannot start Clash Of Clans on Genymotion (on Linux), whether it's installed via the Play Store or an APK. (x86 APKs ofc work, but none of them are up to date to be able to play) After researching for quite a while, I found multiple solutions & approaches, but none worked. I created a...
  24. Mr. T 007

    Thread Please HELP!!

    I hope somebody read this, I got a some specific trouble with my phone, I got a Samsung Galaxy A5, with Android 4.4.4 KitKat ( I know it's too old), I can't use Google play store anymore, so I must to look and download APK files from the web (APKpure, APKmirror, etc,). The trouble I got it's not...
  25. BreadEater

    Thread Not able to set a screen lock on Custom ROMs

    Hello there! I have installed HavocOS 4.14 on my Redmi 8 about a month ago, and it works like a charm, expect for one thing... I can't set a screen lock, and I have tried all kinds of different methods, but when setting a screen lock, it just says "screen lock already set, try again with new...
  26. M

    Thread I need some help with fixing a Samsung Galaxy S3 (SPH-710T, Sprint) that cannot boot to custom ROM

    Hello All, I recently found a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 (SPH-710T) that cannot boot to its custom ROM, CyanogenMod. The only thing I vaguely remember is a few years back when a coworker of mine had pulled out the battery when the phone was either rebooting or installing an update. The phone...
  27. Jackforlife101

    Thread Extremely terrible burn in on my Refurbished Note 20 Ultra 5G that I bought from Amazon.

    I have noticed that if I leave a white image on my phone for 30 seconds, the image with start to burn in. I know about this, considering my old A52 5G has burn-in from 100s of hours of youtube. But the burn-in on the Note 20 Ultra will fade in within 20 seconds. I know burn-in is a thing with...
  28. S

    Thread Xiaomi mi 10t

    I've Started updating my xiaomi mi 10t 5g, after a few days it started black screen while playing although it still has sounds. it happpened few times. and now it comes to this when i try to turn my phone the screen turn on for a seconds then turn off( the display is black screen but it it...
  29. S

    Thread Question Can't find working link anywhere

    Does anyone have the MIUI CSX ROM. If yes, can you upload it to mega, mediafire or smth as I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  30. Ace_0

    Thread Gaming rom

    Which is the best gaming rom for samsung j5 ( 2016 ) ??
  31. S

    Thread Question Is it worth it?

    hi, goodday to everyone! i'm on a poco f3 and new to this phone's development scene. i previously owned an Axon 7 and was on custom roms for 1.5 years. since i'm relatively new to this phone i'm asking: Is it worth unlocking and doing custom roms on this phone? i'm completely fine on the stock...
  32. Iamexist

    Thread Dell venue pro phone not booting

    Hello, I was wondering if you could help, I have a Dell Venue Pro V02s that wont boot, all that happens is the slide out keyboards backlight comes on, then off, then on again, over and over. Also it sometimes gives a screen with a battery and a plug on it, but that doesn't happen often. I think...
  33. Sentimental Sugarcube

    Thread What is the latest software version of the Galaxy Fit2?

    I recently got a Galaxy Fit2 (SM-R220) smartwatch as a gift, and upon looking at the accessory's "About band" in the Galaxy Wearable/Galaxy Fit2 Plugin, I noticed that my smartwatch's software version is R220XXU1AVB9. I searched it online to see if it's the latest update, but to my surprise, I...
  34. lazylovesxda

    Thread Question Any bugs with Android so far?

    Thinking about getting the Pixel 6 or 6A if it gets discounted at the end of the year, just wanted to know, any bugs? My brother used a OnePlus and said there were many bugs, but I honestly think its because its OnePlus. Any bugs, issues? Thanks. Currently a iPhone SE 2 user and its BADDD.
  35. GninjaG

    Thread can anyone help me with this error? - custom rom compilation

    Building CrDroid 8.8 Moto G 5G Plus (nairo) what should i do to get the error resolved?
  36. M

    Thread Question Android 13 bootloop with certain language package

    I recently updated the Pixel 6s of my parents to Android 13 via OTA. They are using Turkish language package but both phones were stuck in a bootloop. After resetting one of the devices the problem was still occuring. As soon as i took the SIM card out and restarted the issue was gone (still on...
  37. someone_.

    Thread Question Having problems flashing vbmeta

    i’ve been wanting to install a custom rom on my A12 Nacho (A127F) but when i flash vbmeta.tar it fails in odin, and when i try to flash twrp the phone bricks itself because there is no vbmeta. any help?
  38. P

    Thread [Question] Custom drivers

    I tried running animal crossing once but the game wouldn't render colors properly resulting in some epiliptic results. I asked for support on the dolphin discord server but they said my phone drivers were broken and unless I got an update, which we all know, the last one is the September 2020...
  39. P

    Thread [Question] Possible to Install New OS On Black listed Firestick 4k Max ?

    So long story short I bought a firestick on ebay, ended up being stolen/blacklisted. Wanted to know if I could install a different OS to make it functional/usable in some way ? Or if there was someway to activate it, as currently I am stuck in set up and then it fails to update.
  40. R

    Thread Question Widevine Fix L3 to L1

    Hi Developers, Could you please provide some way to fix widevine certification? It is l3 in indian variant SM-A536E. See attached screenshot.
  41. bucket81

    Thread Teyes CC3 Car interface?

    Hello all, I was looking at picking up a Teyes CC3 for an 2015 Volkswagen GTI. My biggest question is car integration when selecting driving modes. I was looking at a Dasaita unit and it looks like it has it. But I think at this point I has my heart set on a CC3 I found an example on You Tube...
  42. OYH0


    Estou procurando algum kernel personalizado para o Mi11, mas sem sucesso até agora. Até me deparar com esse problema ao atualizar meus drivers do mi11, via magisk, de qualquer forma estou procurando um kernel mais otimizado, com maior desempenho. Ainda sou leigo nesses assuntos, então peço...
  43. Fstephenson

    Thread How to delete a system file without root

    i installed an apk app mod on my Samsung galaxy note 10+. the apk is an older version of the app but when i went to uninstall the app as usual to install the latest release off google play instead of downloading and installing it just installed the previous apk installed from google which i...
  44. L

    Thread Bootloop: safe mode and download mode not working

    So, my Samsung Galaxy A10 got into a bootloop and I'm 90% sure it was caused by short storage, because seconds before it started I saw the storage was full. I've had a similar problem before, where my phone would randomly reboot and stop when I clean up some space, but now it just locks itself...
  45. B

    Thread Question Need Understanding for Boot Partition (LE2110)

    i am having LE2110 running OOS 11 ( Both sim are working perfectly fine. but whenever i update it to OOS 12 or any A12.1 based rom IMEI goes changed and sim card stops to work. but when i rollBack to OOS 11 ( previous IMEI gets restored and sim card are...
  46. CheapPlayz

    Thread Carrier Boot Logo Remove??

    So I Rooted My SCV40 But It Has Carrier Boot Logo Now Sooo Someone Help
  47. thanosCHR

    Thread Looking for help

    Hi, i would like to know if there are any roms for the samsung a21s(sm-a217f/DSN) with a u7 binary and are there any ways of installing u6 roms on u7
  48. S

    Thread A20 bricked, can't enter download mode

    1. Rooted using magisk after unlocking bootloader. 2. Flash this twrp using odin. 3. Flashed this rom using twrp. 4. Now phone is bricked and...
  49. AgentLoneStar007

    Thread Question Do I Need to Root My Phone to Replace the OS?

    Hi. So this is my first post. I read through the rules and How to Post section, and I'm doing my best to keep the rules. So if I did something wrong, sorry. Also, this is a mix of questions: I am totally new to modifying a phone's software. I daily drive EndeavorOS on my PC and laptop, so I...