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  1. lazylovesxda

    Thread Your device is unlocked and can’t be trusted.

    Hey there, I was wondering if I can get rid of the Your device is unlocked and can’t be trusted screen, since it’s pretty annoying. I don’t want to lock my bootloader again, since I have root and such, I just want to get rid of the screen. It can even just be a black screen for 5 seconds. Thanks...
  2. maur0p

    Thread Question can i install a rom from another phone?

    i have a redmi note 10s and i cant find any custom rom, can i install pixelexperience for the redmi note 8pro, that uses mediatek chipset
  3. Waeknowing

    Thread Any custom ROMs for G9550? (dream2qlte)

    I still can't find one. I got to TWRP but that's it. I don't have any ROMs that I can install. Does anyone have a ROM that works?
  4. AriesNinja

    Thread Fire Tablet HD 10 9th Gen - Running a 64-bit software

    Is it possible to use a 64-bit OS on my Fire Tablet? I know for a fact that it has a 32-bit/64-bit hybrid processor, so it should be possible. However, I have no clue how which is why I am here today. Can someone either teach me or link me to an up-to-date article/video explaining how to do...
  5. R

    Thread Hello, please i need an update for MCU

    Hello, please i need an update for this + Is there any video explaining how to install the update? if possible Thank you
  6. C

    Thread Question Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A127F / XSA odin problems PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    hi newbie here. i tried rooting my device and have problems i cant fix. i used odin to root my device and not sure what i have done. mobile: Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A127F /XSA. current odin screen says: ODIN MODE DOWNLOAD SPEED: FAST CURRENT BINARY: Custom (0x115) KG STATE: Checking FRP LOCK...
  7. E

    Thread How to do stuff?

    Hello. I want to install a custom ROM on my phone. I have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, and I would like to move away from the stock firmware do to privacy concerns. I have never seen a phone where you have to accept a licence agreement for a calendar app. Anyway, I have never installed a...
  8. Nick0320

    Thread Android 11 rom

    Why is there android 11 roms available for xperia z1 and not one for the z2? Any experts please help develop one :)
  9. ItsMeDragon251

    Thread How to get custom ROM on WSA

    Hi, i was trying around with WSA, but i encountered a problem - that is, i cannot do a lot of things. To fix my problem, i would probanly have to have a custom rom. Is there any way to get it?
  10. E

    Thread Question Call recording options 6 Plus TG-Mobile USA

    I know that Google has a call recording option for the Pixel 6 but it is not enabled in the US. Is there a way I can override it and activate or add a 3rd party app that doesn't rely on the recording from the speaker?
  11. dleaderp

    Thread [CLOSED]question about rooting

    Mod edit: Thread moved from Android General to Android Q&A and closed as duplicate of https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/need-help-about-rooting.4345707/ how can I root samsung galaxy a02 sm-a022f/ds ? cant find my device in CF-Auto-Root
  12. P

    Thread is battery info wiped by factory reset?

    will factory reset of a xiaomi device reset the battery info in the hidden menu that is accessed from the dialer app
  13. S

    Thread Question Samsung ISOCELL GN1 Sensor?

    If the Google Pixel 6 Uses Samsung's ISOCELL GN1 Sensor then these sources should be true as well for the Pixel 6 hardware "Dual Pixel technology creates 100-million phase-detecting photodiodes for snappy auto-focusing and light information that can be translated up to 100 megapixels ... To...
  14. populus_

    Thread Question ROM build failed due to CUDA

    Hi, so I've build ROM before (LineageOS and more recently Pixel Experience) but am running into an error which might be just a syntax problem in one of the source files. Before messing things up by editing these files myself, wanted to ask here which best course of action to take. (target...
  15. U

    Thread Question How does restoring work in this phone?

    For context, I want to clear up a few things before trying to root so I don't end up bricking the phone. So after reading a few threads it seems even recovering via twrp is messed up in this phone. Can someone shed some light on this matter? Can I restore system, data, and boot partitions via...
  16. U

    Thread Question Question about recovery

    Can we not flash recovery normally in this phone, like using "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img"? From what I read it feels as if there have been some changes. Is there any working recovery for this phone currently? Also are there any other changes (regarding rooting) which one needs to...
  17. adarkuser

    Thread Question Video Quality needs improvement...

    Any tips of improving video quality for outside recording. Doesn't look that great to me to be honest. Much Vibration, jittery, no focus or brightness lock. Tried it also with OpenCam but well, just a little improvement.
  18. miquatro

    Thread Simple question: Does a custom kernel need to compatible with the ROM or the phone?

    Just want to know, when selecting a custom kernel, do I have to check if the custom ROM supports the kernel or if the phone model supports the kernel or if I have to check for both. I dont know if this is a dumb question or not..but pls help..am noob :)
  19. Darkaeluz

    Thread Question Paranoid Android Sapphire (A12)

    So PA seems to be back from the dead (again) and have started sharing their Android 12 version (code named: Sapphire) and their sources are up on GitHub, taking a look, do you guys think it's as good as previous ROMs of theirs? Is it worth it trying to bring it to our devices?
  20. Q

    Thread WiFi Calls "End" Immediately After Answering

    Every WiFi call consistently "ends" at the exact moment the call is accepted. When I call another phone, the call "ends" at the exact moment they accept the call. When my phone is the receiving device, the call "ends" at the exact moment I accept the call. This test is performed in airplane...
  21. Fawefs156

    Thread Bootloop can enter fastboot but not recovery

    My device is a cn ver. I install pixel experience before this. The devices loop at the mi logo even I try to flash stock ROM from global and cn. The flash tool say already successful and sometimes devices show the MIX logo but don't know why still boot looping after waiting. I have already tried...
  22. S

    Thread Question What is the region of galaxy device SM-R895UZSAXAA?

    I want to buy the galaxy watch 4 classic SM-R895UZSAXAA in India. I do not know what is the region of this watch. Is it a multi region device? Will all the functionalities of this watch work in my country (India)?
  23. S

    Thread Question Why isn't possible to use LTE functionality of a galaxy watch 4 globally?

    I want to purchase a GW4 classic LTE from usa and use it in India. I understood that it should be possible because the hardware should remain same irrespective of the region/country? This is so with smartphones also because a samsung phone will be compatible with mobile carriers globally...
  24. S

    Thread Why does a galaxy watch 4 of other region not support LTE functionality?

    As per my understanding - The hardware of the galaxy watch remains same whether it is purchased in one country or the other. Samsung might have made some changes in the firmware which are region specific. But, then LTE functionality (if enabled) is not expected to behave differently with...
  25. n0tluke192

    Thread Question Does the POCO X3 Pro have anti rollback protection?

    Is it true that the POCO X3 Pro (vayu) has anti rollback protection?
  26. NamelessBoy

    Thread Question OnePlus After Sale services

    Hello ! I had some problems with my Nord2. I bought one week ago and did the update yesterday, but the phone went slow and overheating problems... So the AfterSales services told me to reset the phone with the recovery mode (what I did). And after that I can't boot the phone (screen capture)...
  27. nyancax777

    Thread [CLOSED]help how i root sm-j710mn (galaxy j7 2016) with magisk

    Mod edit: Thread closed as duplicate of https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/help-sm-j710mn-device-bootloops-after-installing-twrp-3-2-1-also-the-0-mb-internal-storage-thing.4342715/ please i need help i have everything (the magisk v23 zip, twrp, odin, and... that all lol) but when i install twrp...
  28. S

    Thread Question Poco F3 Battery Issues

    For the last 2 days my phone has completely lost its mind in term of battery. Contant 1% per 10 minutes drain no matter the load. Charging doesnt affect this at all. Once my phone drops below 1% and turns off rebooting instantly brings it back to an exact 74% each time. Factory reset doesnt...
  29. K

    Thread I need a replacment for my A5 2017, what do recommend ?

    The device is finally dead after serving me well for over 4 years, now i am looking for a new device to replace it, and I was thinking about the new A52s 5G 8gb-256gb that i can get for around $400, do you think it is a good replacement or should I look somewhere else ? The pixel 5a is not...
  30. DidierSardine

    Thread How can i install Lineage OS on Doogee X95 ?

    So, I want to install Lineage OS instead of Android 10 Go Edition on my Doogee X95, but I can't find any TWRP build for the Doogee X95, so the thing is: How can i do to install Lineage OS on Doogee X95 ? Can anyone help me please ?
  31. PHOENIX-9

    Thread contrast, saturation, and sharpness are missing form MIUI Camera app

    Hi I have a Redmi note 7 (lavender) I've lost the options for contrast, saturation, and sharpness after an update tried using the Lab_options_visible folder. got some new options but didn't get back what I needed (saturation) any thoughts on how to get these back?
  32. nandospc

    Thread How do i automatically turn on energy saving at a specific battery level on Mi Mix 3?

    As i said in the title, i would like to set it automatically, let's say, at 25%. Is there a way i can do that? I cannot find and settings regarding this option. Or do i need an app? In that case, which one? I tried to do that with IFTTT, but there isn't that setting there. I appreciate any idea...
  33. Dr3amHax0rZA

    Thread 100+ Phone model extraction + others.

    Hi. First time making a post here, but have been using stuff here for quite a while. Thanks so much to the community for all the amazing stuff being developed, ect, here. To the question: My father's girlfriend recently came into 100's of phones. All various sources, mostly OBF's (Out of box...
  34. R

    Thread "System" taking up large amount of storage

    As the title says, in file manager "system" is taking up about 12gb out of my 16gby phone came with. Tried searching up solutions, none of which worked. I heard it could be due to the A/B partition feature but I'm not sure. Any information or help would be appreciated.
  35. DrRoxxo

    Thread Question Am I hacked?

    I have just received a brand newT mobile SM-A326U, Samsung galaxy A32 5G USA variant today from the mobiles website. I immediately updated to the newest security and software patch as I have been having issues with security lately imsci catcher, remote code injection, forwarding calls and texts...
  36. Mozart_

    Thread Help need links Sony Xperia J

    Help me please. I need working links. I want to update to the official latest version, install cwm, get root, and experiment with the kernel some more. Try different versions. I got the phone for free, in a good condition. I would like to bring it to mind. Yes even knock down to factory...
  37. kris2thesky

    Thread Bluestacks alternative?

    Hey ya'll. I was looking into installing bluestacks for my mac, sadly it said that they don't have an M1 compatible app yet :(( is there any other alternative to bluestacks for the m1 air? I've tried searching and I'm wary of the sites that are popping up suggestions. Would be thankful for any...
  38. M

    Thread True portrait mode in external monitor with screen mirroring??

    I recently bought a touchscreen monitor but it does not have a gravity sensor. When you do screen mirroring, it just puts portrait mode in the centre of the screen but still in landscape orientation like it would with a TV. I downloaded an app called SecondScreen and gave it permissions but it...
  39. A

    Thread Question Changing default file manager app

    Is there a way to change the default file manager app without rooting or using custom rom? Xiaomi file manager has so many ads and i want to change it to google files.
  40. Bruh2204

    Thread Does every custom Rom work on my device?

    Hi guys, I'm prettx new to the custom ROM scene and was interested in installing one on my Poco X3 NFC. I have the Global version of the phone and I was wondering if every custom ROM would work for my phone. Thanks in advance for all answers!
  41. eltryyyy

    Thread Question OP9P stuck in fastboot mode, no OS or recovery Help!

    I am new to flashing custom roms, and I got lineage running but I wanted to try Evo X, when I tried flashing through lineage Recovery it booted back into lineage, ok, so I erased all datat through lineage recovery and installed TWRP. I got that on but within a few clicks of messing around I...
  42. A

    Thread [Q] Fire HD10+ Problem with sideloaded apps in kids profile

    Hello, i tried to get spotify music kids app and yt kids app working in my sons kids proflie like mentioned here https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/how-to-youtube-kids-and-other-sideloaded-google-services-apps-on-a-child-profile.3839714/ everything seems to work fine, but when i try to start...
  43. P

    Thread Question Media Player Control not showing in Lock Screen

    I have recently bought POCO F3 but the media player control like pause/play, skip, back etc. are not showing in lock screen Here are the things I have tried Allowed notification in lock screen Cleared data/cache Disabled battery optimization
  44. alejanDRO7798

    Thread finware for challenger t22 43"?

    es que la tv se estanco en android 7
  45. DerpSpears

    Thread Is it possible to lock the bootloader with a different unlock key?

    So this is a random question I was just thinking about and found no answers soo I am asking here.Is it possible once you unlock the bootloader to lock the bootloader with a different unlock key? Like our own unlock key. Basically changing the unlock key after unlocking. If not can anyone...
  46. M

    Thread Adaptive Icon Shape (need help!)

    Hello! I've been trying to get system wide circular Adaptive Icon shape on my S10. I tried the app #Hex_. There's an Android Q theme that sets the Adaptive Icon to circular but It also changes a bunch of System UI elements that I don like and for some reason it has disappeared from the Google...
  47. Largen

    Thread BE2028 Tmobile recovery

    Hello all, I am looking for a download to re-install the recovery as I installed twrp and failed to properly backup the stock one. Would anyone happen to have a copy of it or be able to point me to where I can find a non metro version?
  48. Coolbeans007

    Thread Malware posing as system apps

    Hello all, I have discovered that my note 20 has been infected with a malware that locks the screen at start. I cant open any apps or settings to enable usb debugging. The KG state is locked and the OEM lock is on as well. I tried sideloading another package but had no luck. What's my best bet...
  49. K

    Thread [QUESTION] Can I use a 4.4.2 kernel on 5.1.1 or atleast use it as a kernel source for my own kernel

    Thank you!
  50. C

    Thread Question Changing from Global Rom to EU solved(ish)

    Hi guys, So I got the chinese variant of the OnePlus 9 - LE2110. It came with a global Rom already installed. I'm currently on os LE25DA. I've been reading through the forums and I'm not sure what I need to download exactly to get this over to EU Rom. I think I also saw that I need to...