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  1. sandy7874

    Thread General sensors off

    hi! I m using OP9Pro and after the update of C.46, I m unable to locate the Quick Settings tile named "Sensors Off". can anyone guide me on how to disable all the sensors? It was a useful tile to put all the sensors off in one go.
  2. linom

    Thread Weird issue: Quick Settings not accessible when apps are open

    I have a strange issue. My quick settings are not accessible when using any apps. I can Swipe down from the home screen and access them easily, but when I open an app and try to swipe down it does not work. Attached is a short video (zipped mp4). I had the phone come from repairs due to...
  3. treydev

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Power Shade | Custom AOSP notification shade

    Power Shade Bring the AOSP Notification Shade to any device. But with lots of customization on top. Features not seen even in Custom ROMs. Power Shade is the most advanced notifications panel customizer. It provides you the options to make your quick settings the way you want. Designed to...
  4. McLongDong

    Thread Toggle Silent/Vibrate/Sound

    Disclaimer: I suck at using Tasker. I have a oneplus 7 pro and I absolutely abhor the sound slider and prefer a sound toggle in quick settings to toggle between Silent, Vibrate, and Sound modes. I have been scouring Google and xda for help but have come up empty. Can someone please guide me...
  5. D

    Thread Remove battery percentage from Quick Settings

    Good day, I would like to ask for your support, to help me eliminate the battery percentage from the quick settings; I know that the status bar is from settings/notifications; but this does not eliminate it from quick settings Thanks :good:
  6. T

    Thread [APP][7.0+] Tile Shortcuts - Quick settings apps & shortcuts, with real app icons

    Tile Shortcuts - Quick settings apps & shortcuts Quickly open apps, shortcuts & websites, directly from your notification shade with icons that fit in perfectly! Download from the Play Store here How is this app different to other similar apps? Other apps do not use the real app icon in...
  7. T

    Thread [APP][5.0+] MIUI-ify - Notification Shade

    MIUI-ify - Notification Shade MIUI 10 notification shade & quick settings. Fully customizable. Download from the Play Store here MIUI-ify provides a smooth, fast and native feeling MIUI 10 styled quick setting and notification panel at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to toggle...
  8. T

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Bottom Quick Settings

    Bottom Quick Settings - Notification Customisation Android P's quick settings and notifications at the bottom of your screen Promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5XghIuvweE Do you find the quick setting panel and notification drawer hard to reach with one hand at the top of the...
  9. raymundka

    Thread Qslide icon missing from quick settings

    There should be a QSlide icon among the customizebable quick settings panel in order to set which QSlide capable apps' icon should appear in the QSlides panel. This button is however missing. How to customize the content of the QSlide bar without it? Thanks for any help :)
  10. J

    Thread Editing shape of quick settings icon

    I just discovered that Android 7.x Nougat allows third party apps to add own icons/buttons to the list of available quick settings icons/buttons by specifying them in manifest file, but I don't know details, any idea? Tips? Links to read? Does a quick setting icon require a "complete" app to...
  11. T

    Thread Porting Zenfone 3 UI and Notification Panel to Zenfone 2

    Did anyone has managed to port zenfone 3's Notification panel or quick settings of nougat to Zenfone 2? is it possible? Asus left us with nothing..:(
  12. M

    Thread Is there a way to toggle a secure lock screen?

    Benzo Rom for the Nexus 6 running 5.1.1 Lollipop allows the ability to toggle a secure lock screen from the quick settings in the notification drawer. For example, from the launcher, I can pull down the notification drawer to access the quick settings panel and tap the lock screen option and it...
  13. bo8

    Thread After Nougat update, missing Hotspot in Quick Settings?

    Previously on Marshmallow 6.0.1 and had Hotspot in the Quick Settings. After Nougat OTA update, even when I go to Edit the Quick Settings, there's no option for Hotspot at all. Searched these forums as well as regular Google search without any luck. Nothing else has changed; same carrier, same...
  14. bogarty

    Thread [MOD]Add Mobile Data Toggle(And Others) To Quick Settings in Note 5

    Disclaimer: T-Mobile always removes this and did again with the new Nougat update. I'm not sure if any other carriers may have removed this too, but I've placed this in the general Note 5 thread just in case. Unfortunately, I've received quite a bit of short minded ridicule on this subject from...
  15. LeeDroid

    Thread [APP] Shortcutter Quick Settings - The Ultimate Shortcut Toolbox! Android 7, 8 & 9!

    [APP] Shortcutter Quick Settings - The Ultimate Shortcut Toolbox! Android 7, 8 & 9! Shortcutter is the ultimate Android Quick settings, shortcut Provider & toolbox giving you instant access to Apps, Contacts, Web Sites, Settings, Actions, Activities, Shortcuts & Services in an instant. It's...
  16. ascsa

    Thread [APP][Android 7 Nougat][Quick Settings] [Samsung Galaxy S7] QuickTile

    Nougat fresh on your Galaxy S7? Want to try one of the Android 7 exclusive new features? Have a look at QuickTile: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.widgapp.quicktile :D I do have some promo codes reserved for Galaxy S7 users, so send me a PM and I will give you a promo code...
  17. ascsa

    Thread [APP][Android 7 Nougat][Quick Settings][Pixel] QuickTile - Android 7 Quick Settings

    Hi all, some Pixel users asked me to post this not only in the Pixel XL, but also in the Pixel forum. Not sure, if 2 forums for Pixel/ Pixel XL makes sense, but it also does not hurt anybody ... Link to the Pixel XL thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel-xl/themes/app-quicktile-t3483383
  18. ascsa

    Thread [APP][Android 7 Nougat][Quick Settings][Pixel XL] QuickTile

    Want to try out QuickTile with your new and shiny Pixel/ Pixel XL? :good: Send me a PM and I will give you a promo code (while supplies last) for pro. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.widgapp.quicktile Feedback always welcome ....
  19. ascsa

    Thread [APP][Android 7 Nougat][Quick Settings][Nexus 5X] QuickTile - Android 7 QuickSettings

    Hi all, I tested the Android 7 Beta for a couple of weeks on one of my testing devices. One of my favorite new features is the new and improved Quick Settings screen and especially the possibility to add a custom tile. Eventually I hacked together a little app to add some additional features...
  20. JerryGoyal

    Thread Hidden settings found in Moto G4 plus!! [System UI Tuner]

    Hi guys, I want to share a new hidden settings menu which I accidently found though some users might already know this. You can customize quick settings as per your need. You can disable/ rearrange icons in quick settings and also put battery percentage in top bar (no root required) :) Just...
  21. iXaidyiu

    Thread HTC SenseUI

    Greetings everyone, I am currently using a Sense 7 HTC Desire 820, and I want to ask a bit questions on the quick settings management and system lockscreen here today. I got this phone half a year ago, since then, I have wished to replace the quick settings icons in the pulldown menu and...
  22. A

    Thread Mod to put the Cast tile back into the quick settings menu?

    I'd really like to have the Cast tile back in the quick settings menu. Does anyone know of a mod that achieves that? The connection options offered by Samsung are too Samsung-centric. I don't own a Samsung smart TV or a Samsung hub and I don't plan on buying one in the near future. I have a...
  23. Phat7

    Thread [Android 4.2+] Edge Launcher 2.0 - major update: fast gesture launcher/app switcher

    Happy to share the result of my hard work over the past few months. Edge Launcher (previously known as Edge Quick Actions) is a fast gesture launcher and app switcher that you can access from the edge of your screen anytime. Edge Launcher allows you to access more than a dozen quick...
  24. Phat7

    Thread [APP][4.2+] Edge Launcher 2.0 - major update: fast gesture launcher/app switcher

    Happy to share the result of my hard work over the past few months. Edge Launcher (previously known as Edge Quick Actions) is a fast gesture launcher and app switcher that you can access from the edge of your screen anytime. Edge Launcher allows you to access more than a dozen quick...
  25. Y

    Thread 5.1 LP - change notifications panel text color?

    Hey, Im looking for an option to change one or several of the following options: - change quick settings font color in notification panel - change font color of app notifications - set background color for app notifications only, not quick settings background take a look at this screenshot...
  26. lightmastertech

    Thread [App Request] Stock Notification App

    I'm using a Verizon S6 and really don't like Samsung's version of the notification panel and Quick Settings. I'd love to be able to use the stock Android version, but unfortunately I can't root this phone. Found this app in the Play Store called Snowball...
  27. S

    Thread [CM13] Where is Network Mode Tile in Quick Settings

    I have used "Network Mode" tile a lot in CM12.1 to turn on/off 4G when needed, But in CM13, I couldn't find that tile and it's one more step to turn on/off 4G.
  28. P

    Thread Toggling wifi in quick settings

    I didnt find any post about this issue so now i want to share it. If i turn on wifi in panel of quick settings, the phone doesn't connect to a network. But if i go to full settings it momentally connects. This bug i have first seen at marshmallow. How to fix it?
  29. cat_Thirst

    Thread How to get the good old Sound Modes toggle on Android Lollipop+ ?

    I've looked this up extensively when Lollipop first came. I tried getting used to the Android Lollipop+ style to change sounds (Sound, vibrate etc) which is usually through the volume button. I want to see the old way of changing sounds that we all know in KitKat and before, which was through...
  30. A

    Thread 9/08- [D6633][Xposed] - Beta - Enable LTE Quick Settings Toggle for Z3 Dual

    Please read the limitations before installing or replying!!!! Hello all. This was a request so I threw this together today as a way of procrastinating and making the long weekend feel a little longer ;) Sony gives single sim users an easy way to enable/disable LTE from the quick settings...
  31. nixx-X1

    Thread Disable Auto-Hiding of Icons in quick settings bar?! - android L 5.02

    ok.. so.. here the most trivial question on this forum i guess.. but it's had really really annoyed the cr*p out of me many times so i figured to ask as google can't tell me anything. In Android L there is this nice Quick Settings menu on the top. In general I like it.. But there's this one...
  32. nzzane

    Thread [Q] Hide Quick settings on lock screen

    As the title says, is there any way to hide certain or all quick settings from the notification tab, when the device is locked? I am rooted on stock lollipop with multirom.
  33. J

    Thread [Q] Note 4 aesthetic UI differences

    How come I can not figure out how to get my quick settings to look like icons instead of list view. Anyone else know how to do this. I'll try to post a photo of one I've seen online. Also, I guess AT&T has disabled the "mobile data" and "hotspot" quick toggle options, from the notification...
  34. D

    Thread [Q] Edit notification bar settings

    I had Xperia Arc S before this phone and i had CM11 on it. It had option in settings to make notification bar show regular notification when pulling left part of it and quick settings if I pull right part of it. On Z2 I noticed that I need to pull down and the click on quick settings every time...
  35. O

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Floating Assistant - A Unique Assistive Touch Variant

    Hello, if you've used any of my apps before, you would realise how much work I've put into this app to revamp the look and feel of my app. I'm proud to release my newest app - The Floating Assistant. I've made the tutorial and animations especially friendly, and even written a website to go...
  36. J

    Thread Quick Settings

    I don't know about you guys, but I'm hating the double swipe for quick settings on my new android L device, it really takes the "quick" out of it, and the double finger feature really doesn't work for me on a tablet. I'm looking for a built in "quick settings" activity or something else to...
  37. netharshal13

    Thread [Q] How to increase quick toogles in Xperia Z2 with Xposed

    Hi Dev's and Pros, I saw one module in xposed Repository about increasing quick toggles in quick settings panel, Right now i am unable to find those module. Pls help me Waiting for you valuable feedback Thanks & Regards
  38. Y

    Thread Quick Memo+ wont hide from quick settings

    For some reason i am not able to remove the Quick Memo+ icon from quick settings. Everytime i remove it from EDIT menu, the icon comes back after phone restart. Even if I move the icon to the last, it would come back to the first place after restart. Same goes for Quick Remote. Anyone else has...
  39. nogggin1

    Thread [Q] Xposed Quick Settings with Clear Button

    Okay so using Xperia Flip Settings and GravityBox (Enable FS and Enable Statusbar tweaks > QS management > Quick Pulldown, right or left in GravityBox) for the Xposed Framework I can get the quicksettings panel on my XMS (LB, Single, Rooted, Odexed, 4.3) and it's great! Well... Mostly... I'm...
  40. P

    Thread App Request - Please Dev's look

    Hello Dev's all around the world. The gear 1 with tizen os in combination with a s4 needs a quick settings app like the instant settings from samsungs gear manager store which is not available for s4 users without root and editing the build.prop. Please can some one of you make a little app...
  41. Prasad98

    Thread [share][mod][xperia j] method to get quick settings (2 rows)

    2 Rows of toggles on XPERIA J :cowboy:While experimenting some ports on my JLO,I discovered how to get the 2 row toggles ! Here I begin, STEP 1 : GET AERON SAGAR'S DOCOMO STATUSBAR V2...
  42. D

    Thread [Q] Replace SystemUI to get rid of S5 quick settings

    I hate the quick settings in the notification panel of my Galaxy S5. I'd like to disable it. I've searched for an Xposed module to do the work, but the closes I got was a "Xposed G-Touchwiz" tha helped me to hide the S-finder and Quick Connect buttons. So I was wondering... Is it possible (or...
  43. gummie

    Thread [Request] Swipe/Flip Button for Quick Settings Tiles

    Good Day Ma'am/Sir, May I request for Swipe/Flip Button for the Tiles inside the Quick Panel. This feature adds flip action for the tiles to its underlying functions. For example, Enable WiFi flips to WiFi AP Toggle or Enable Data flips to Network Mode. This is already introduced by PA on their...
  44. thevance1

    Thread [Q] Is there a 15 toggle mod for stock 4.3 ROMS??

    Is there a way to add the amount of quick settings toggles in notification panel for 4.3? So I've searched everywhere for a 15 toggle mod for 4.3 and haven't found anything. I'm on an mdk phone with Verizon mk2 4.3 build from jkruse and have wanam xposed installed. I don't see any options...
  45. K

    Thread [MOD][TMO][XT1053][4.4] - Delete Carrier Name from Quick Settings/Notification Areas

    The title is pretty self-explanatory, this will remove the carrier name from the notification and quick settings panels on any XT1053 (the GSM unlocked Moto X sold for T-Mobile). This may not bother some people, but I have a lot of extra toggles with Gravity Box and like my phones as clean...
  46. M

    Thread [Q] Moto G Quick settings - 2 fingers only?

    Hi Guys, I searched a lot in the Moto G forum looking for the answer to my question, but sadly I couldn't find it. What I want to know is why the Quick Settings menu in the Moto G (the tiles menu, the one with the owner picture, wi-fi, data, bluetooth toggles...) can only be accessed using two...
  47. PhoenixPath

    Thread [Q] Sense QS toggles for AOSP/GPe?

    Is it possible, through Xposed or something similar (not requiring a new ROM) to get the HTC Sense 5x QuickSettings toggles on an AOSP ROM? It's the one thing from Sense that keeps dragging me back on my HTC One. The click to toggle/hit the 3-dots to configure makes so much more sense to me...
  48. vrthe1

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED][4.0+][6 Nov] Notification Mod

    Notification Mod Introduction Screenshot Features Compatibility Available in Xposed Repo http://repo.xposed.info/module/com.labtech.mod Source code URL: https://github.com/vrthe1/NotiMod/ Download Check the "Download" tab on top XDA:DevDB Information Notification Mod...
  49. A

    Thread [MOD][Xposed][Share] Xperia Flip Settings

    I like to share this Xposed module & it is working fine in our Xperia ZR Original Thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2494071 Download links are available in the original thread. Please Press thanks in the original thread Screenshots:
  50. M

    Thread [MOD][Xposed] Xperia Flip Settings

    Requires Xposed Framework! Although Sony's quick settings implementation is customizable and is very useful. It clutters up the status bar in an ugly way. This module replaces those settings with the AOSP one, complete with two finger swipe gestures and such. You can use GravityBox or similar...