1. nbock97

    Thread [Q] Rom Port problem from hvga to qvga resolution

    Hey guys, I did try to port [ROM][PORT][CM 10.1] Xperia Z to the Galaxy Mini (I used Cm10.1 Stable for SGM as base) just for fun and yes it's my first try to port something so I'm happy that it's booting and running and so on but there are some problems: In the guide there was written that I...
  2. basuraunak

    Thread Moved

    Moved to themes and apps section
  3. xm2406

    Thread Warning [games]

  4. xm2406

    Thread [game] [nfs hp]

  5. C

    Thread Metro Style for WM6.5 QVGA

    Hi..., I just joined several apps and make in one cab for approaching the real WM7 UI even it's not quite close enough.. :o Here the Screen shoot I have tested on WM6.5 emulator and on my device HTC Trinity.... It's combining : 1. ashiqiqbal - Host 1.5 2. livven - WP7 Metro Dialer (QVGA) 2...
  6. whereiamro

    Thread Google Play For Galaxy Mini/Fit/Ace/Gio

    Now android market transformed to Google Play ! If you dont get update Download this apk. http://hotfile.com/dl/149197799/bbe2abd/GooglePlayapk.rar.html
  7. I

    Thread [APPS] Freeware and Trialware collection

    as my first contribution to xda i am providing bunch of application which i collected for my GT-6625 from everywhere on net,so you can use your non-touchscreen windows mobile phone more smartly, right now i am providing links for some beutiful themes and widget 1.Yahoo theme 2 smartphone...
  8. D

    Thread [Q] Looking for a good, cheap, no-contract AT&T smartphone

    I don't have my Motorola Atrix 4G anymore, so I'm looking for a good, cheap, no contract smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard to buy myself. Right now I'm borrowing a friend's Pantech Link until I get a new phone. I don't want to spend more than around $100, though I'm willing to go a...
  9. siddardha21

    Thread Ics wallpaper and customization

    These are ics wallpapers resized for our screens size as i couldn't find wallpapers that fit our resolution. I very much liked these wallpapers so i manually resized them and they now completely fit out screen! You can apply the wallpapers by goin in to gallery and opening the wallpaper...
  10. dheeraj (dhlalit11)

    Thread want qvga game link for modern combat

    hi everybody i want the link for qvga modern combat with data if anybody can help me it will be very good
  11. T

    Thread [REQUEST] CM Original Bootanimation for QVGA

    Well, first i have to say two things: 1. Sorry for my english... :D 2. Maybe there is something like this, but i searched a lot before posting here There is a way to put this bootanimation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYXiKWwp0DQ in QVGA (240x320, if i'm right) without resizing ALL of the...
  12. creativcoder

    Thread [THEME] [W]QVGA M.I.U.I MEtalloid 1.0 iphonetoday theme

    Hey..there..again..... my Third Theme on iphone today plugin for qvga/wqvga ..... IT IS THE... M.I.U.I MEtalloid 1.0 IphoneToday Am really enjoying makin this theme for iphonetoday....as making themes with this app is really easy.. see the images below on the screenshots....and if you liked it...
  13. creativcoder

    Thread [THEME] [W]QVGA SENSATIONAL 1.0 IPhoneToday plugin theme

    SENSATIONAL 1.0 IPHONE TODAY THEME FOR [W]QVGA Hello...once again....my frnds I have come up with a new theme inspired by the new trends in htc sense As you know htc sense is a very beautiful interface and a theme with it ....i always wanted to do... This theme is based on htc sense 2.1 and...
  14. creativcoder

    Thread [skin] [Qvga] androidism resco keyboard pro skins

    ANDROIDISM RESCO KEYBOARD PRO SKINS [QVGA] Hello Guys here i present you the ANDROIDISM style Resco keyboard skins for qvga screens see below for the screen shots and if you liked them choose the file below accordingly.... INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION Installation is easy .....just put the...
  15. creativcoder

    Thread [Skin](qvga) gingerbread style keyboard skin for resco keyboard pro 6

    hey....guys hello once again MY 2nd theme for windows mobile Here i present you RESCO Keyboard pro 6 ((GiNgER BrEad )) skin [QVGA] ......for resco keyboard 6 pro......... have a look at d screen shot and say me howz it...... i you liked it the file is below for you..... Instructions for...
  16. creativcoder

    Thread [Theme][Updated] iphonetoday Android GINGERBREAD iPhone Today Theme

    GINGERBREAD IPhone Today Theme For Windows Mobile (qvga) but may also work on other resolutions .. hey guys ...hello ..im presenting you all the Iphone today plugin theme inspired by the android gingerbread os for wm... First things first ; for setting this this theme 1. Copy the attached zip...
  17. coolboyranjodh

    Thread QVGA file for Splinter cell conviction ??>

  18. G

    Thread Angry Birds [Q|WVGA]

    Hi, In this tutorial i teach you how to get the famous Angry birds up and running on your device 1.First Download both attachments ontop of my signature 1a. If you have WinRAR all you need to do is right click the Angry birds setup and click Extract Here 2. Copy both Angry birds setup and...
  19. coolboyranjodh

    Thread Need gameloft games download cite???

    Sorry guys have to delete the link But Can search on this blog http://x10miniprousers.blogspot.com/2011/08/x10-gameloft-games-qvga-cite.html
  20. manhab

    Thread [Game]Zuma v1.03/v1.50 QVGA VGA WVGA WQVGA/And Podz1.04

    Hi this is tow simular games works on windows mobiles i test them before Zuma support touching but Podz need a key to send the ball Zuma v 1.50 work on Qvga VGA WVGA iNSTALLATION connect the device to the pc with activesync then lunch zuma.exe,now install it Download PODZ Ace...
  21. Dblaster

    Thread [APP] [QVGA] Winzip for WM6.x.x

    Hi everybody, I've made a cab file of winzip, and like to share it with XDA-community. I know that zip files can be extracted with programs like Total Commander, etc and they all are here on XDA, but I made this because I found some people asking specially for it. Hope you all like it:):)!!!!
  22. tatperson

    Thread [Q] HTC Sense Style Lockscreen For Mega?

    Is it possible to port over the HTC Sense lockscreen from HTC HD Mini or Wildfire etc.? The stock lockscreen is getting very boring and i would want to try out something different. HTC Sense's lockscreen do look very interesting. Can it be ported? Or can someone create a lockscreen application...
  23. pedrocel85

    Thread UPDATED 08/04/2011 [Launcher ported]Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 [QVGA Fixed]

    hi, Its beem very nice to have custon roms in our devices, but its beem very hard to dont have an decent custon launcher ported to our devices. But all troubles are gone! Im using this in my wifes x10 mini with Mini CM android 2.2.1 I present a very nice finding, from Nexus foruns: [Launcher]...
  24. veer1238

    Thread [Boot Animations][MEGA-THREAD] updated 11-06-11 QVGA 240x320

    THIS IS CURRENTLY THE LARGEST THREAD FOR BOOT ANIMATIONS ON PLANET! BOOT ANIMATION COUNT:35 HOW TO INSTALL BOOT ANIMATIONS FOR CUSTOM ROMS 1) download your desired bootanimation. 2)rename the file to "bootanimation.zip" 3) Using any root explorer copy/push your bootanimation to...
  25. vipaman

    Thread Wallpapers for VGA

    Hi Guys, Seeing that there are not many wallpapers and themes going out to VGA screens. So I have Decided to post wallpapers and themes that i have been working on for quite some time!!:D:D:D So VGA SCREENS enjoy;) I also might start to resize and bring out some more for other screens as well...
  26. tatperson

    Thread Great Windows Phone 7 themes and skins for windows mobile

    Hi! Im sure many would want to get some WP7 look and feel to their WinMo phones as they eventuallly get bored with the ever so common look. I have gathered some themes, skins and apps which are based on WP7 metro design. Here are the list of them, but if you have seen something based on metro...
  27. nickleby

    Thread [SKIN] Solitaire QVGA DPI 131

    Hello, I had a little bit of free time today, so I've decided to "Port?" this "Skin" for the Solitaire game to Windows Phone Standard... Thanks to _LeCiel_ for the idea and resources...! :D Hope you like it and sorry if this was posted before :p Instructions: 1-Download the .cab file and...
  28. drnessie

    Thread [THEME][QVGA][M2D] Pixel Jive [Updates! Now with more Mario!]

    Check out this theme! Just Unzip, Copy & Paste it into your /Windows directory, if you have M2D! Please tell me if it works on anything other than Kaiser, this is my first theme! Updates coming soon... expect more pixels! ;) ZIP also includes another .png for start menu background, enjoy! :)...
  29. L

    Thread [Q] 1.5 / 2.2 QVGA Issues

    I was developing with Android 1.5 api and I published an app to the market. However , one of my friends told me that he can't find my app on the market. His phone is running Android 2.2 and having a QVGA Screen. I tried with an emulator running Android 1.6 QVGA and the same problem was...
  30. bl1nkk

    Thread [Launcher] TouchWiz 3.0 [QVGA Fixed] Text in the appdrawer!

    Okay, had to scale the icons down to make the text appear, it was hiding behind all icons. ;) If you like it, download it, try it, it's in the attachments. :) Original post: I am attaching a modified version of Samsungs TouchWiz launcher. Thank rolle3k for making this work on non-Samsung...
  31. G

    Thread [Q] How to enable seeing all apps in new Market app

    Sorry, I was wrong. All seems to works ok. 1956 in search video. Cool! My mistake was that I didn't follow the directions to the end. I rebooted, cleared cache, but I didn't delete the directory /data/data/com.android.vending/ Hi, I was trying to create a hacked Market app (Vendor.apk) for...
  32. E

    Thread S Class UI QVGA

    Seeming my WP7 theme was a failure i decided to make the LG S Class theme. If you don't know what S Class is you can check out the online emulator here. You can check here for screenshots, updates and more themes. Release 1: Here Release 2: Here Release 3: A working media player, landscape...
  33. Thekn

    Thread [APP] Thekn Apps, NEW APP (FONT CHANGER) ADDED 19-09-'10

    _ Thekn Apps, System Font Changer, Start Menu Icon Changer, Change Splash Logo & Tweaks by Thekn
  34. E

    Thread WAD2 Windows Phone 7 Theme (QVGA)

    Hi y'all i've been working on making Windows Phone 7 themes for WAD2. I've already completed 6 versions which you can get here Special Editions Dark Edition: Here Abstract Dark: Pending Abstract Light: Pending Normal Editions Red: Here Blue: Here Green: Here Orange: Here Pink: Here PS: This...
  35. Thekn

    Thread [APP] [Samsung GT-C6625] Thekn Apps, NEW APP (FONT CHANGER) [NO MORE UPDATES]

    _ Thekn Apps, System Font Changer, Start Menu Icon Changer, Change Splash Logo & Tweaks by Thekn
  36. R

    Thread [Q] Any way to simulate another (higher than qvga) display resolution?

    I was wondering if there was a way to simulate a higher display resolution on the wildfire now that the phone has been rooted. This would really be a great help as a lot of programs that do not support qvga would be able to run.
  37. inkelabzindabad

    Thread Is there any Manila 2.5 runs on QVGA phones?

  38. pin12

    Thread [UPDATE! 23.06][Theme + Android Taskbar for 6.5|6.5.X][QVGA] ✰M2D GTX style by pin12✰

    [UPDATE! 23.06][Theme + Android Taskbar for 6.5|6.5.X][QVGA] ✰M2D GTX style by pin12✰ ✰✰✰Theme for Manila 2D GTX Style by pin12✰✰✰ This is not original GTX theme RELEASED! VERSION 1.0 Android Taskbar v2.0 for 6.5.x I wish to tell that all pictures, clock, whether, drawing belongs not to me...
  39. K

    Thread [SKINS][S2P] WindowsXP [QVGA]

    Microsoft WindowsXP This is my first theme for S2P. Made by larger thoughts on Windows XP. Soon I will make the theme and S2U2. All of this will look very beautifully and efficiently. Installation: In the files of a folder called gfx like the original folder in program S2P. You only need to...
  40. U

    Thread [MOD] Smaller HTCMenus (QVGA) + Customization

    Since is quite annoying scrolling in Menus when there are more than 6 tiles/options, I've managed to increase the number of tiles in HTC Menus from 6 rows to 8 in portrait mode (and from 4 rows to 5 in landscape mode) decreasing the height of tiles from 42 pixels to 34 (finger-friendly enough as...
  41. ashiqiqbal

    Thread [CAB] WP7UI, Standalone for WM6.5 --HOST-- V1.5 (colors) - UPDATED

    Host V1.5 Like i said before, i'm only learning wm programming.. so nothing big.. This is a standalone app. You can customize it to make it look like WP7. Should work on all screen types (QVGA/WQVGA/VGA/WVGA), other than the square/HVGA ones. REQUIRES: 1. WM6.5 2. .net compact framework...
  42. pissinguoff247

    Thread SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 mod for QVGA Landscape

    Hi guys, I've got a Samsung Intrepid with a 320x240 landscape screen. Because of the resolution, SPB mobile shell sets the toolbar on the right hand side of the screen. Trouble is, I freakin' hate that. I'd gladly sacrifice some screen real estate to get that thing on the bottom. Is there...
  43. onlyankush_s

    Thread [Theme][QVGA][WM5, WM6+] ~> Aj'S Theme Series

    Aj'S Girl theme for Wm5 or later can use this theme. This theme is for QvGA display only. Screenshot for Girl Theme: http://i45.tinypic.com/wjhxls.jpg Download Here:
  44. P

    Thread Chinese Handwriting Input extracted from Omnia, working (not perfect) on QVGA devices

    Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/?dn2lyltlo4a Extracted from Samsung Omnia ROM version ZHIB1. It can write Chinese characters frequently used in Hong Kong, which was impossible with China versions! Pen strokes are flattened when used on QVGA devices though, but it's a small problem...
  45. astuermer

    Thread Manila 2D "All In" Package for QVGA (esp. Asus P750)

    (...not really "All In" but "nearly All In" *grin*) I've searched the forum a long time. Tried out several Manila 2D builds and executables. Some work (but not completely) - many not, they even don't start. And ALL I've found are english-only... So I took together some pieces, tested all I've...
  46. K

    Thread VS2008 and QVGA

    Hi. Firstly, if this is in the wrong place then my apologies. Anyway, I'm trying to develop and few apps for windows mobile at the same time as bringing myself up-to-date with VB.net. I have almost finished my first one but am having problems with getting it to display properly on QVGA...
  47. P

    Thread Color Taskbar QVGA (easy install/uninstall)

    Hi! im searching a color taskbar for QVGA resolution that i can install and uninstall easyly: with a CAB, for uninstall if after i dont like it from from "Uninstall Menu" of windows mobile. My version of WM is 6.1. I have searched in the forum, but only i've found *dll and other CABs, but...
  48. mecrip

    Thread [PRJ][OSS] Updated: Trailcompanion - GPS Application for trekking/walking

    Hi there! I've started this project to make an application to track myself when i'm out walking with my lovely touch pro. Now i would like to make it open source and free for all trekking amateurs, and i'm posting this here to get some advice and to see if someone is interested. I would like...
  49. holy_moly

    Thread [Skin] Pocket Player - Fingathing - QVGA only - by Holy Moly

    More screen shots: Webplayer or Web Album Fingathing - V1.0 A finger friendly "Pocket Player" QVGA Skin by Holy Moly Check this forum for german related support questions...
  50. M

    Thread Force games in QVGA

    I noticed my HTC Fuze (Raphael/ Touch Pro) runs games in QVGA MUCH MUCH smoother and faster. I was able to force for example Ancient Evil to run in QVGA by deleting the VGA resolution files, but how can I force generally other games (like Spore, NFS, Nanobots...) to run in QVGA?