1. V

    Thread Car system clock reset after android radio switch on

    Hello, I have an annoying problem. After connecting the android px5 radio with a canbus decoder, it resets the system clock in the car. As You can see on my movie: When I do not connect the canbus decoder - the clock does not reset. - changed mcu - I replaced the canbus decoder with a new...
  2. edna_dev

    Thread [APP][5.0+] Radio Space - Listen to all the radio stations of the world in our radio app

    Listen to all the radio stations of the world in our radio app - absolutely free. Radio Space is a free online radio application with the largest selection of radio stations from all over the world. Listen and save your favorites, share and discover from more than 80,000 daily updated radio...
  3. B

    Thread Bluetooth while Radio not hearable/quiet

    Hello, i got the "Uckazy 2 din Android 11" i would say its an PX5.. So far I'm super happy with it, the only problem i got is, that when i play radio over the head unit, then my phone is connected over bluetooth and tries to output all over the headunit (notifcations, google maps and so on) But...
  4. S

    Thread Android Headunit Radio App Not Appearing in Other Launchers

    I really like the headunit and the default launcher is good tbf but I love tinkering with things and not leave anything stock, (a reason enough for me to never be an apple product user 😅) so this problem is kinda frustrating because it doesn't allow me to use other launchers like carwebguru and...
  5. D

    Thread Question FM Radio for A52 5G (SM-A526U)

    I bought this phone expecting it to have FM Radio since multiple spec sites said it does, and quite a few review videos on YouTube show the Radio app in the Samsung folder, but I bought it and it's nowhere to be found. It's not hidden in the system apps, I'm not able to get the Samsung Radio APK...
  6. brok5

    Thread frozen on android logo

    Hello, I have a car radio that is frozen on the Android logo, can anyone help me?
  7. R

    Thread How to get Radio working on RMX 2155

    realme 7 does not have a radio fm app. I would like to have Local radio on my realme 7. is there anyway I can activate radio and a radio app on the phone? Thanks.
  8. T

    Thread Question Joying - radio doesn't work when Android Auto is connected

    Hi all, I have a new Joying headunit with Android 10. When I connect my phone through Android Auto the radio stops working. When I go back to the radio the headunit exits Android Auto. Is there a way to keep the radio working in the background with AA in the foreground? I don't want to use a...
  9. S

    Thread Question Teyes CC3 reverse camera help!

    Hey guys My first post on here so I’m hoping someone can help Received the Teyes CC3 in the post today for my Astra GTC I’m not sure where to connect the power wire to the back of the radio for the reverse camera There isn’t any loose wires on the loom for the power and the instructions just...
  10. bennylaws

    Thread [APP] [6.0+] [ad-free] Radi-oh! - Android radio app

    Hello, I would like to introduce my brand new release of a very simple, very lightweight and easy to use Android radio application: Radi-oh! Download size is just ~5 MB. No unnecessary extras, simply radio with a clean interface. ⛔ The app is ad-free. ☝️ (* Many radio stations do send ads...
  11. ITawate

    Thread FM Radio: Radio, Online Radio & radio tuner am fm

    Listen radio & music with FM, am radio, online radio, live radio & free radio. You can get app from play store: Want to listen radio, FM stations, news, music or am FM radio but fed up with switching different app...
  12. A

    Thread Microphone noise problem with Dasaita Android Radio

    Hello! I've got a 2018 Toyota Auris (yes, i know, in the USA is named Corolla). I changed the radio for a Dasaita PX6 radio with DSP and Android 10. [**Link to the radio**]( It came with an external Microphone but they don't allow you to use the...
  13. XirXes

    Thread Verifying Firmware Versions On Both Slots

    If you installed LineageOS and didn’t do the ESSENTIAL copy-partitions step, you may be having issues with radios or gps. This happens as you can end up with firmware from an older stock rom on one of your slots. Start by getting the latest version of the Android Platform Tools...
  14. ITawate

    Thread [APP][4.0+][Material Design] FM Radio: Radio, fm am, Free Radio & Online Radio

    I developed a radio app named as FM Radio: Radio, FM am, Free Radio & Online Radio. The radio app have all the unique and best features. The main feature of the app is to record online streams free & save it on the device. Also, User can make ringtones of the recorded radio stations by using MP3...
  15. B

    Thread Disable 5g

    Is it possible to completely disable 5g?
  16. J

    Thread SIM registration issues - hardware or software

    Hi, I recently replaced a non functioning 9T Pro mainboard with a replacement which is working well in all aspects except SIM registration (the main phone function ...!) - looking through the details it looks like it's a K20 Pro from India (from Alibaba, origin not advertised) and the ROM is...
  17. VD171

    Thread [BASEBAND][IMG][STOCK][MD1IMG] MODEM Image Partition for MERLIN (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    Original Stock MD1IMG.IMG for MERLIN Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G What is it? This image partition contains the MODEM/BASEBAND/RADIO. How to flash it? fastboot flash md1img md1img.img (Engineering) AL2522-Merlin-V044-Q-0920: Download...
  18. ninharp

    Thread Bricked Pumpkin AA0503S with AC8227L SoC - Looking for preloader

    Hi i got an android head unit for cars from Pumpkin with an AC8227L SoC (2G DDR3 RAM/16G FLASH) but it only shows black screen but will still recognized as MTK USB VCOM on USB Port 1 so i think there is a problem with the preloader. If i try with SPFLashTool to flash back a preloader i got only...
  19. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE] How to restore IMEI, Baseband, MAC, fix NVRAM WARNING and fix NVDATA CORRUPTED on MERLIN ? (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    Warnings: - This guide requires the backup be done when the IMEI was present! - NEVER try to flash in "format all" mode ! Otherwise, you will LOSE all secure and identifying infos for your device. Like IMEI. - Keep your backup files safe and secure ! If you can, encrypt them. - Never try to...
  20. VD171

    Thread [GUIDE] How to restore IMEI, Baseband, MAC, fix NVRAM WARNING and fix NVDATA CORRUPTED on MERLIN ? (Redmi 10X 4G / Redmi Note 9)

    Warnings: - This guide requires the backup be done when the IMEI was present! - NEVER try to flash in "format all" mode ! Otherwise, you will LOSE all secure and identifying infos for your device. Like IMEI. - Keep your backup files safe and secure ! If you can, encrypt them. - Never try to...
  21. sohamssd

    Thread Radio randomly resets every day

    Everything is stock. I haven't even unlocked the BL yet. My issue is: Almost every day, my phone will randomly lose range and get it back within 1-2 seconds. I get the notification "Voicemail number unknown" followed by "Voice mail number 123" once my phone gets range again. I'm not sure if my...
  22. X

    Thread [APP] - AN Player - Free MP3 Music, Video & Radio

    If you are looking for an application to listen to music, radio or watch videos from the internet and save bandwidth, then you are in right place. This version is great for limited bandwidth plans and for areas without receptions such as airplanes, trains etc. Features Support Plugins...
  23. E

    Thread Possible to flash radio to support Sprint CDMA/LTE bands? (AT&T unlocked V40)

    Hi everyone, I recently switched from AT&T to Sprint. Wondering if I can flash the Sprint radio to enable the cdma, or should I crossflash the unlocked version/Sprint version from in order to get the full bands compatible. Thanks a lot.....:highfive: PS my V40 is running latest android 10.
  24. G

    Thread Select Radio Band : *#*#4636#*#*

    What is the use of Select Radio Bands?
  25. G

    Thread Move RIL from one rom to another

    Hi, I tried some custom roms on my MEIZU M6 note (snapdragon 625) and I reallly liked the "ViperOS" rom but its LTE 4G network runs very slowly (1 Mbps). I already tried all the Sim cards settings but nothing works, i think it's because this rom was built from a chinese rom. is it possible to...
  26. K

    Thread [Dev] New "NavRadio+" app for TopWay based units: T3 and T8Allwinner, TS9 (intel) and TS10(UIS7862)

    [Dev] New "NavRadio+" app for TopWay based units: T3 and T8Allwinner, TS9 (intel) and TS10(UIS7862) I have been working since July 2019 on this radio FM application originally created by Omega2008 from 4pda adding. With his permission of course, I started adding many features and...
  27. noidodroid

    Thread [RADIO] Cellular Radio Communication -\/ Modem | IMEI \/- Related Security Discussion

    [RADIO] Cellular Radio Communication -\/ Modem | IMEI \/- Related Security Discussion! I hope this Thread Section is A-Ok for the following. @MikeChanning i see this is one of which you are in control of. If not suitable please move it to where you see it is best fit for its final resting...
  28. AlphaBravo

    Thread Offline Radio android App that can play in the background

    I have Chinese android head unit in my Honda City. It's offline default radio app doesn't work in the background. For example if I want to listen to radio and use map at the same time, radio gets closed in the background when I open map. Is there any android offline simple app that can run in...
  29. jamal2367

    Thread [MTCD/E] URL Radio v2.0.0 / Online Streaming Player

    URL Radio allows you to conveniently listen to your favorite stream via URL links. Download: [URL REMOVED] or [URL REMOVED] Changelogs: URL Radio v2.0.0 -Revert repositories to stable version -Update Translation URL Radio v1.9.0 -New Launcher Icons URL Radio v1.8.0 -Add Android 10...
  30. T

    Thread FM Radio App update with recording enabled

    Hello everybody, this is an update for the official LG FM radio app, that in my device (and maybe also im yours) was stuck to the 6.20 version. Here it is the 7.10, with a bonus: you can install a patched version that enables radio recording in every country in the world, and also allows you to...
  31. tech_infinity

    Thread Does Mi A2 have FM radio in India?

    Hi, I wanted to buy Mi A2 but really need FM radio. On the amazon india page it is mentioned that it has fm radio, but people have commented it doesn't. Mi A1 got FM radio and Volte with Pie update. So does Indian Mi A2 have Official working fm radio (without internet)in Indian variant with Pie...
  32. D

    Thread Using the built-in FM tuner on custom ROMs (root required)

    Many of you may know that the Moto Z2 Play has an FM tuner built-in and a Motorola app designed to use it on the stock ROM (Motorola FM Radio). However, if you try to install this app from the play store on a custom ROM, you just get the message "your device isn't compatible with this version."...
  33. granbonobo

    Thread Help needed: No network signal after update

    Good afternoon: today I updated the Mi5X of my girlfriend from A1 to Mi5X from Everything works and asks me for the SIM PIN (which works on another mobile). However, there is no network signal. I have to change the radio or do something similar? Does anyone have a solution? Thank you!
  34. F

    Thread Understanding radio logs - no data connection while roaming

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the reasons my Droid Mini (running Lineage OS 13 with the January security update) won't properly connect to foreign networks with data connectivity. For work I've been travelling to China a few times a year, and every time I come here data connection is an issue...
  35. JonnyTrulove

    Thread How To - Use LG's built-in FM Radio Apps Secret Recording Feature

    Greetings all. I am sharing this brief little How-to Guide for anyone that wants to expand the functionality of LG's FM tuner to include the ability to Record directly from the FM radio. You will have the option to record only songs using the apps hidden "Record Music Only" option, or you can...
  36. J

    Thread [MOD] DAB+ App for Klyde module (serial, rear, not USB) - reworked

    Update 2021-05-14: A new version, a bit of cross-promotion for annother variant (USB DAB modules) - and some interesting new insights ... I have managed to build a new app with the same UI concept, but this time for USB DAB receivers. I know there is already the excellent DAB-Z, and I want in...
  37. hitokage004

    Thread Signal problem with US998 on Verizon

    I'm having a weird signal type problem with US998 on Verizon, and want to see if anyone has any suggestions. If I start clean (I'll explain in a moment) I get 4G all the time - low signal or not. If I reboot the phone it goes to 3G, occasionally 1X mode, and sometimes no signal, but never to 4G...
  38. mike2587

    Thread Radio FM tuner hardware fix

    Hi all, I have a problem with the radio FM, with the AF (alternative frequencies) that doesn't work properly, indeed it always jumps to the next available station, not the same broadcast station, it should jump to the same broadcast station with better signal, and it gives some kind of audio lag...
  39. F

    Thread Best HU to get at the moment

    Ok so I just sold my car with my Joying HU in it (was a deal breaker), so now I'm on the hunt for a replacement. I had the old 2GB Joying Intel Sofia. It was good, a little sluggish at times and I had a constant problem with the Bluetooth disconnecting from my phone. A real pain in the ass...
  40. S

    Thread Car Launcher with rockchip radio integration

    Hi everyone. I have a PX5 Rockchip headunit and as is expected the default launcher sucks. I am in the market for a new launcher and am shocked that almost all (car launcher pro, carWebGuru and AGAMA) have no built in radio support. This limits their usefulness as a car launcher for those of us...
  41. J

    Thread Flashable modem/baseband/radio ?

    Does anyone have reception issues with this phone? Mine jumps so bad from full bars to no bars, LTE is spotty as hell, and believe me, my area and surrounding areas are fully equipt with LTE, great reception, etc. Anyway to do like a better radio? baseband? some how? I remember my older...
  42. TheHitMan

    Thread [BashScript][Terminal] Backup Radio Partition

    Hi all. How To Install : - Flash and forget. How To Restore : - Use fastboot - fastboot command : fastboot flash partition_name file_name.img How To Use : - Install Terminal Emulator application. - Type "su" without quotes. - Type "" without quotes. - Select given option. - Check...
  43. TheCleaner

    Thread Way to replace Joying radio apk with older one?

    I have the latest Joying px5 4gb ram unit and the radio app doesn’t allow for renaming the radio stations like their older Android 6 px5 unit did. Is there any way to download the older:different radio app they used and replace the new one with the old one? I’m not sure why they even changed...
  44. Timmmmaaahh!

    Thread [Q] What does flashing firmware do exactly? Are Wi-Fi drivers included?

    I believe we can all agree that Android is a pretty complex system. And with complexity comes confusion. As a RC it's important to give the correct information to people so I figured it's best to ask all you smart people about this. Of course, I've searched around, but couldn't find much...
  45. H

    Thread Wifi, Radio and BT not working

    Hey guys, Anybody has the solution for this problem? I've already tried everything i need some new ideas...
  46. W

    Thread Baseband / RadioModem for Z2 (plus) for twrp

    Hi mates, as I got a lot of requests for providing basebands for Z2 (plus) as well I will try adding them here. ------------------------------- ATTENTION! If you use encryption then dont flash any baseband as if may corrupt your encryption. Check your current baseband version first! Your...
  47. W

    Thread No Bluetooth track information with Android 8.1 on my Ford Sync

    Hello there! I have a 2014 Ford Focus with Sync 1.1 and updates yesterday on my OP3 to RR 6.0.0 (and tried afterwards AEX), i just can't see any track information like the title of the song or the artist in the Radio. With the Redmi Note 4x of my brother it works. And a day before with my OP3...
  48. fdgd1998

    Thread [GUIDE][DOWNGRADE][FLASHING] Downgrade and flashing discussion th

    EDIT: For all of you that are wondering what the "fused" flag in download mode means, it's something related to the file system. Just read that Hi XDA community. Just feel free to post any...
  49. drago10029

    Thread is there a oreo radio available for htc 10 oreo ROMs

    this is the ROM I'm using: I'm bootloader unlocked with TWRP and s-on. is there a radio available? extra credit, when using 7.1 AOSP ROMs I always have low signal doesn't matter where I do, is...
  50. ali8383

    Thread [Jan 7]Angler-opm3.171019.013 [ Radio ,Bootloader , Vendor ] from the factory image

    Hi everyone , Here you can find the latest Vendor , Bootloader and Radio from the factory image [angler-opm3.171019.013-factory-3204625a] for January 2018 , to help who looking for it : The folder contain these 3 files , you can flash it from the fastboot or twrp...