1. kurangan

    Thread Unable to root Honor 7x (BND-AL10)

    As getting raspberryPI is impossible now a days, i wanted to use my old device(Honor 7x) like one by installing PostmarketOS on it. Got successful in Unlocking the bootloader. But :cry: not able to root it. Will walk though all the steps and tries i did so far. If i have posted this question in...
  2. S

    Thread Flashing Magisk with TWRP without ramdisk?

    Hello everyone, i am new here :) I know from the official guides of Magisk that you can NOT flash Magisk from recovery or use a custom recovery if you have no ramdisk(if i understood correctly) and that you must patch your recovery and flash it back to the phone using Odin or other flashing...
  3. B

    Thread Question sha256sum/Ramdisk error after flashing rom

    After flashing arrowos 11.0 with TWRP, I got this error message as follows: cd / && sha256sum --status -c ramdisk-files. sha256sum proess ended with ERROR: 1 ramdisk files have been modified, unable to create ramdisk to flash, fastboot twrp and try this option again or use the Install Recovery...
  4. BellyAve

    Thread Magisk installed. But doesn't work. 24.3

    So i have latest stable branch and when i patched my boot.img. Install them from TWRP. In app they appears like Magisk Installed N/A Zygisk No Ramdisk Yes Application Availible 24.3 (24300) (27) Installed 24.3 (24300) Package name com.topjohnwu.magisk Have finger scanner on...
  5. Relected

    Thread there is something wrong with my huawei firmware

    I was able to extract UPDATE.APP and all of the files in it, but for some reason files are missing some characters like ERECOVERY_RAMDI.img and RECOVERY_RAMDI.img weird enough I had RAMDISK.img without the weird misspellings, is this normal? can I still flash that UPDATE firmware? EDIT: also...
  6. D

    Thread The right A12 ROMs rooting procedure

    After searching the forum thoroughly, trying multiple found solutions and trying to find the answer on my own I decided to ask here. What is the right procedure to clean flash A12 AOSP-based roms and getting root? Some time ago, after updating to A11 rom, I noticed I can't use Magisk the way I...
  7. Klubuntu Soft

    Thread Please help, to install Magisk (find ramdisk) on hudl 1.

    Hi, I'm problem to backup\find ramdisk on my tablet Hudl 1 What can i do to move on. Please help me. Have Nice Day
  8. S

    Thread Can I use custom recovery (twrp) after rooting Samsung M21 with Magisk?

    Hello, I just want to make sure if I can flash twrp after rooting my Samsung M21 with Magisk or not? This device has ramdisk in boot, so I guess it's not a problem if I just flash twrp after rooting, am I wrong? Is there anything I should take care of? I read the official topjohnwu guide to...
  9. M

    Thread How to reduce RAM size using Ramdisk?

    Hi, I hope everyone is fine. Nexus 6P has 3GB RAM. I want to reduce the RAM size i.e., I want to bring RAM to 1GB or 512 MB for my research purpose. Can anyone please guide how can I reduce RAM size using ramdisk and how can I use that so that my application only see 1GB or 512 MB? Thanks
  10. A

    Thread How to debug aosp emulator on Mac OS M1

    Dear All, I'm new to this forum, so apologies if this is not the right section for my question. I'm entering the world of AOSP and I built the product target aosp_arm64-eng on a MacOS M1 (ARM64 processor). Unfortunately when I launch the emulator I get a kernel panic with the below message...
  11. 0

    Thread No ramdisk folder found / unpack boot.img

    Hello, i'm trying to unpark boot.img But then i got this error here. how can that be fixed? (Android-Kitchen-0.224) Copy boot.ing into -> bootimg_040621_161723 Creating folder /home/fredy/Desktop/Android-Kitchen-0.224/bootimg_040621_161723 ... ---> Place boot.img/recovery.img into the folder...
  12. MagikGab

    Thread [QUESTION] Is it possible to install Magisk on "boot.img" while on MIUI 12 (no TWRP)?

    [QUESTION] Is it possible to install Magisk on "boot.img" while on MIUI 12 (no TWRP)? Hi, when I was on MIUI 11, I installed Magisk by patching the boot.img of the official ROM. Now, I updated to MIUI 12 and the Magisk app shows Ramdisk: NO. While reading on Magisk website, I noticed that now I...
  13. Ret-Zero

    Thread Can't extract Ramdisk.img

    Hi, anyone knows how can i extract ramdisk img? I tried with HuaweiUpdateExtractor but it don't showme that partition so i don't know what is wrong.
  14. D

    Thread Dev Tools AARCH64 - bash, busybox, ssh srv/client, rsync, nano, live ramdisk patcher

    Here we have a collection of development tools I've either created/painstakingly compiled or scavenged from other developers that I've found useful for this device. All of these files can be run directly from the device (via adb) without the need for external tools. Obviously this goes without...
  15. A

    Thread [Achieved] Acer Predator 8 Gt-810 Flashable Unsecured BOOT.IMG

    [Achieved] Acer Predator 8 Gt-810 With Unsecured BOOT.IMG Flashing What I have: Acer predator 8 GT-810 (I already Unlocked Bootloader) Downloaded Acer's OLD Stock full image in zip which contains BOOT.img ---- Modified Stock build.prop Bootloader2.img from Acer Zip which is a FAT HDD image Linux...
  16. S

    Thread [SOLVED] Safestap for unused partitions ramdisk and CM Issues

    Hi everybody, I am starting this thread as it wouldn't be correct to keep writing under the main thread by Mentor.37 (as per disclaimer) . I am having issues installing anything into the "Safe Slot". First thing: " E:Unable to mount '/data' " " E:Unable to mount '/cache' " That happens all...
  17. G

    Thread Install systemless SuperSU / patch lz4 compressed boot images

    It seems to be quite problematic to implant compression formats into SuperSU systemless install other than gzip. Here is a method i used for lz4 compression on my lg k8 (mt6753) http://www.chinaphonearena.com/forum/Thread-root-lg-k8 and...
  18. Matt07211

    Thread [Samsung 5.1.1] Why wont phone boot custom boot.img with a repacked ramdisk.cpio.gz

    As the title states, why can't I boot a custom boot.img when I repack the ramdisk.cpio.gz. It freezes and doesn't boot past the logo, with the text "KERNEL is not SEANDROIDENFORCING". BUT I know that the phone can boot custom boot.img 's as I removed the word "SEANDORIDENFORCING" from the...
  19. gilbert32

    Thread Help compiling kernel

    Hello. I'm trying to compile a custom kernel for the M8, for desktop distributions support. The last development i had done was on the HTC HD2, where we could just copy the compiled zImage and it will boot with an initrd.gz. i'm feeling this is kinda different on the m8. compiling was first a...
  20. S

    Thread How do I add my own test app to my rom?

    I know I build an app and run it on my phone and perhaps even publish it. That is not my goal however. I want to add an executable to a rom, which I have built from source. Little bit of background: I have a build environment for Samsung Note 3. I downloaded the source code from Samsung and...
  21. T

    Thread N910u kernel 5.1.1 ???

    Hi, im sorry to bother some DEVS here, but anyone is willing to try to make a Kernel 5.1.1 for N910U variant ? is exactly as N910C just change MODEL NAME and with some ramdisk mods could work !!! I can be a Tester and Im sure there are others who can be Testers !!! Please !!!
  22. FooBazza

    Thread Flash a new kernel

    Due to certain kernels being compiled with different ramdisks and such, what is the safest way to flash a new custom kernel over an existing custom kernel?
  23. ondrejvaroscak

    Thread [Q] boot.img extraction

    Hi, I am trying to extract boot.img from TWRP backup (its just dd of dev/block/mmcblk0p14). I use perl script. While it works perfect on Stock kernel from AOSP based Sony Concept firmware (got kernel and ramdisk), with Stock kernel from .546 on D6603 it ends up with "Android Magic not found in...
  24. S

    Thread [Q] building an image from source for SM-N900P

    I downloaded the source from opensource.samsung.com, and seem to be able to get a zImage. But I am not sure if I am doing everything correctly. Here have a couple of questions as follows: Question 1- I don't see a system.img and / or a ramdisk in .../out/target/product/generic/ folder...
  25. S

    Thread How to build and add device drivers to the ramdisk

    Ok. I have a question about building my own ROM from source, and wonder if I am in the right forum. On one hand, this is somewhat of a development question, and on the other hand it is too basic to go to the developer forums. So what should I do? And please do not ask why I am doing this. I...
  26. ondrejvaroscak

    Thread [Q] Exctracting boot partition on LB?

    Hi, can someone help me with extracting boot ramdisk from boot partition? I am on Z3 .690 LB and need to modify init.rc and other files. I can without problems extract the boot partition using dd from /dev/block/mmcblk0p14 however the resulting image fails any extraction tries with abootimg or...
  27. StratOS_HTC

    Thread [MOD][STOCK][Init.d] for G355HN Galaxy Core 2 [RO,ADB insecure]

    Here is the custom stock ramdisk with stock kernel for G355HN. Have the ro security atributes unset and adb insecure ( default.prop ) # # ADDITIONAL_DEFAULT_PROPERTIES # StratOS's rechange ro.secure=0 ro.allow.mock.location=1 ro.debuggable=1 ro.adb.secure=0 persist.sys.usb.config=mtp What is...
  28. A

    Thread Asus Zenfone 4 Boot Tools

    Hi guys After few days of tinkering around with Zenfone 4 stock ROM I could finally modify Shaka Huang's Zenfone Boot Tools to work with stock Zenfone 4 boot images. The tool can successfully extract and repack ramdisk and kernel from the Kitkat versions of boot.img. Ramdisk repacking is still...
  29. F

    Thread [Q][SOLVED]Writing into ramdisk from init.rc

    EDIT: The solution is in post #6. Hi, I'm trying to make a kernel modification which would create a file on boot before any partition is mounted. I wrote a simple shell script which tries to create a file in the root directory. The problem is I can't write any file to the / directory from a...
  30. androidous

    Thread How to unpack boot.img

    hi i know this seems like a over asked question but my case is different at least i could find a solution .. i did look for it so i need to unpack a boot.img and i did try with dsixda's kitchen and championswimmers kitchen but no hope .. they both say android magic header not found and doesn't...
  31. aeppacher

    Thread Kernel Packaging and Boot.img creation

    Okay, so I have created and modified my own kernel name BionicSheep and have done couple releases (check my signature for link). My main question is how do I create a flashable zip with a boot.img I have asked a few people and they told me to use the kernel kitchen or google, but this is the...
  32. C

    Thread Help! Not enough space on ramdisk

    I'm trying to install rooted 4.0.28 but I don't have enough space on the ramdisk for archos.ext4.update! What can I do? Thanks in advance!
  33. PrakashGD

    Thread [Q] How to change the bootsplash from the kernal

    I wanted to change the bootsplash. I search every where in xda but i couldn't find a way to do it on Xperia phone. Can anybody help me to archive it. Please guide me step by step. I figured out half a way i doknow howto extract ramdisk. Thanks in advance:angel:
  34. CNexus

    Thread [TOOL] Boot.img tools [unpack, repack, ramdisk]

    I have not seen this posted anywhere, so I thought I would post it here. This is NOT purely my work, and I do not take credit for it as such. Included in the attached ZIP are the following files: boot_info - prints information about the boot.img passed to it, including the base address and...
  35. A

    Thread [Q] how to increase ramdisk

    Hi people, well, the question is very simple. I have no idea at all 'bout android developing. As far as i know, the ramdisk in the E10i it's in the <kernel>.ftf, now, how can i increase the size of the ramdisk through kernel editing to improve performance. I want to edit the nAa 14 [GB] 2.6.29...
  36. abcdjdj

    Thread [TUT]Compile a kernel from Sony source

    Hi guys! In this tutorial I am going to show you how to compile a kernel for our devices. In this tutorial I will be using Xperia S as an example[stock ics 6.1.A.2.55]. So, let's get started. Thins you will need:- --->A Linux PC [32 bit works fine:D] --->Sony sources from here -...
  37. AndroidHoneyComb

    Thread I need recompiled CWM

    I am making this trying to port the patch files to atis112 patch integrator, but I need a recompiled CWM turned into a ramdisk.tar for the Xperia T. The atis112 patch integrator is used to use unlocked bootloader roms on locked boot loader roms...
  38. osm0sis

    Thread [TOOL] Android Image Kitchen - Unpack/Repack Kernel Ramdisk [Win/Android/Linux/Mac]

    Android Image Kitchen -- Unpack/Repack Kernel+Recovery Images, and Edit the ramdisk. Windows ports of the necessary Linux utils for Android image (kernel/recovery) mod work: mkbootimg, unpackbootimg: https://github.com/osm0sis/mkbootimg pxa-mkbootimg, pxa-unpackbootimg...
  39. abcdjdj

    Thread [Q] How to edit the ramdisk?

    Can someone please tell me how to include init.d support, autoroot , recovery in the ramdisk of my kernel? Also, how do I make any script execute which is in my kernel? I had kept a script in the sbin folder and in init.rc I added the following lines, but the kernel doesn't boot:crying: : -...
  40. T

    Thread [DEVS only] Unpacking RAZR i boot images

    I've seen you haven't been able to unpack the boot images so I investigated a bit on this "weird format" Moto used. This is what I could figure out by looking at the image and the bootstub code Motorola released: 0x00000000 kernel CMDLINE, filled with zeroes where unused 0x00000400 bzImage size...
  41. sgt. meow

    Thread [GUIDE] All you need to know about the ramdisk of the kernel

    WHAT'S IN THE RAMDISK So anyone who has compiled a kernel (for the X8) or is about to step into the world of developing android awesomeness through kernel building, should know that there are 2 (two) parts to the kernel: The kernel image compiled from source code, and The ramdisk Both are...
  42. zman0900

    Thread [DEV] AnyKernelEpic - flash any kernel without changing ramdisk

    AnyKernelEpic MTD ONLY!! Try at your own risk. It should work, but its not my fault if you have to bring out ODEN. As always, backup first. Inspired by AnyKernel by koush https://github.com/koush/AnyKernel I've noticed most of the kerne's for the Nexus 7 are using AnyKernel now, and its...
  43. J

    Thread [Q]force the sdcard into a mounted state using Terminal Emulator

    Does anyone know how to do this using am broadcast or some other variant to make the nookcolor think the sdcard is mounted when in reality there is no real sdcard inserted but a ramdisk on /dev/block/ram1 I made.I am not very good with the andriod os internals but i am average with a lunix...
  44. J

    Thread [Q] Rebuilding zImage

    After successfully extracting the ramdisk for zImage, I would like to edit init.rc and repack my chnages back to zImage. I have searched throughout the forums but didn't find it, only guys like me who were able to extract the ramdisk... Can anyone help here? Thanks, Johny
  45. appelflap

    Thread [DRIVER] RamDisk

    Taken from the Mini Rom: a RamDisk driver Attached are a cab which one can install at it's own risk (worked on my custom rom w/o any problems) and a zip, that contains the driver (to be installed in the windows directory) and a registry file. The RamDisk size is setted default to 8Mb. I...
  46. G

    Thread Touch HD Ramdsik? - Problem

    Hi, I saw that in one of the roms a ramdisk was used to increase performance, so I thought, lets try that. I found this ramdisk on the forum, even referenced from a HD tread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=382944 Installed it (in Windows directory, exe and dll), ran it...
  47. pimbo

    Thread Ramdisk

    Wm2005 file for creating a RandomAccessMemory Disk. Tool needs to have a patched version ROM, with free RAM for remaining the data on it after a softreset. If you have 128mb of OS RAM U can have a 0 mb Ramdisk OS RAM RAMDisk ================ 128 - - - / - - - 0 96 - - - / - - - 32...