1. S

    Thread Anyone got A12 on Razr 5G?

    Just curious. I can hear some of other users' news about A12 update while mine's not, so I've searched for information about how it looks & how the new features work. But no one tells about the experience itself:confused: Share your thoughts about A12 if you don't mind.
  2. Alixbot

    Thread [REVIVAL] Development of the Droid Razr M & HD

    [DISCLAIMER] I have basic understanding of programming and the android software so I'd like as much help as you can provide. This includes personally messaging me. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS THREAD OR MY POSTS PM ME AS I DO NOT WISH TO JUST CRUM UP MY GOALS HERE WITH DISCUSSIONS OF WHY...
  3. inthewired

    Thread disabling the screen-wake upon movement (external)

    disabling the internal screen-wake involved disabling the system app "moto display" but as you might imagine, the internal screen-wake isnt really much of an issue for a foldable phone, and this doesnt disable the movement screen-wake on the external screen i'd like for the external screen to...
  4. L

    Thread Motorola Droid Razr XT910 stuck on Logo

    Hi, as said in the title, my Motorola XT910 is stuck on the logo, and will not boot, even after charging, and letting it do its thing overnight. I tried everything I could, including trying to wipe the cache via recovery mode, and I do not have access to it via adb in any ways. The only...
  5. wolfaas12345

    Thread Android 12 only coming to RAZR 5G confirmed by Motorola

    So I was curious so I just asked Motorola and it seems like android 12 will only come to RAZR 5G not the original
  6. acervenky

    Thread [APP][9.0+] Moto Razr Retro App, Live Wallpaper & More

    Retro App Screenshot : Download : AFH Razr Live Wallpaper [Stock] Screenshot : Download : AFH Razr Live Wallpaper [Blue-Mod] Screenshot : Download : AFH Youtube Overview [Retro App & Live Wallpaper] FpOyjhP1rOk Razr Stock Wallpapers : Preview Of Some Wallpapers : Download : AFH...
  7. justmoto92

    Thread [TWRP STOCK SLOT] OFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1 on Stock Slot for [RAZR XT910 w/ JB 4.1.2]

    UPDATE: Works on LINEAGE 14.1 (Android 7.1.2 Nougat)! Get your OFFICIAL LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2 Nougat) ROM from official website - https://download.lineageos.org/umts_spyder FLASH VIA TWRP. Get your Android 7.1.2 GAPPS - HERE! Get your SUPERUSER file - HERE! Get your XPOSED file -...
  8. ch3mn3y

    Thread RSD lite doesn't see my XT910

    I think I read everything and still cannot find why RSD lite doesn't see my RAZR. For now I tried 3 different PCs, 10 cables, many more RSD lite installations and nothing. AP Fastboot says Battery is OK, USB connection too. PC sees Mot Single ADB interface. Fastboot (fastboot devices) sees...
  9. C

    Thread Still love this phone, rocking 4.1.2

    This "NoFrills CPU" app is fantastic for the 4.1.2 build on our phone. There's a setting in the app to prevent any other app from changing the clocks. After turning that on, I finally have true 1200mhz 24/7. I've been complaining about my phone up and down to my wife and after getting rid of...
  10. E

    Thread Question

    Hello everyone, I've installed marshmellow to my Razr 910. After that I lost root access. So my question is, How can I root it again. Is there some special code for it or some root explodes works too. Also I heard about chainfire for root, does someone tried it on Razr? Thanks. Exilada.
  11. sd_shadow

    Thread [Index]Motorola Devices

    Motorola Devices [INDEX] Helpful Information Welcome, this thread has been created to encompass everything you may need for your device. Please only post in this thread with feedback on how to improve this document. Do not post "Thank you" type responses. If you have additional questions or...
  12. D

    Thread [Q] how to upgrade nightlys

    I have xt907 and I run cm12 nightly haven't updated since March downloaded newest nightly says it wants to install through recovery reboots to twrp. not sure why it doesn't just upgrade like it always has.
  13. sd_shadow

    Thread Frequently Asked Questions - Motorola Razr [XT912, XT910, XT908] (2015)

    Frequently Asked Questions Motorola Razr [XT912, XT910, XT908] This a short list of frequently asked questions in this device forum and the answers often given as a response. It should serve as a starting point for gathering knowledge and finding solutions to many common problems. Please only...
  14. tonyt.

    Thread ROM Building Guide for DROIDRAZR

    This guide is referred to people who don’t know anything about building ROMs. ROM Building Guide Index -Prepare building enviroment -Install necesary packages -Syncronize repos from ROM -Put all the dependecies for Device -Making NON-CM based ROMS -Make Changes on BASE to build...
  15. H

    Thread [Q] How to unlock bootloader of 183.46.15.XT907.Verizon.en.US

    Hey guys. I am able to root my motorola razr m by using hydrogen preoxide. Now is there is any possible way to unlock my bootloader as i want to install CM 12 and custom recovery. Motocapsule way would be acceptable to unlock, if yes than guide me with it. Thankyou.
  16. H

    Thread [Q] Unlocking bootloader and rooting HELP

    Guys, help me out with my motorola razr m, I couldn't find any way to root my phone and unlock the bootloader. The kernel version is after 3 june and here http://forum.xda-developers.com/droid-razr-m/general/guide-faq-how-to-root-boot-unlock-t2869432 it says it cannot be rooted. Any other...
  17. tonyt.

    Thread Maintenance of roms UPDATED!

    PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS POST TO REPORT BUGS! My work: Fixed/added to the next build: AOKP: Hadrware button key function. DU: Nothing for now. BAM: Nothing for now(need feedback about the lastest build). Need to be fixed or repaired AOKP: nothing. DU: GPS(I tried an ORIGINAL build for i9300...
  18. S

    Thread Is there any way to unlock xt910's bootloader?

    I can't find how to do it. Can anyone give me instructions? Thanks a lot.
  19. Octanium91

    Thread [ROM][4.4.4][SPYDER\XT912] SlimKAT (Optimization, odex, AIO, GSM\CDMA)

    Continued here >> [ROM][4.4.4][SPYDER\XT912] CyanogenMod 11 SlimKAT - is an alternative assembly, based on Google AOSP Official Site - www.slimroms.net Optimization of 21.10.2014 Was based firmware Slim-spyder-4.4.4.build.8.2-UNOFFICIAL-20141001-1649 Works well, consumes less power and not...
  20. JerryGoyal

    Thread STOCK WALLPAPERS COLLECTION | Moto X | Moto E | Moto G | MAXX | ULTRA | RAZR n More

    Here comes the Biggest Stock Wallpaper Collection (compiled by me :) ) and that too with *zip files to Download ( isn't it awesome to download all at once! ) if u like it, hit Thanks to tell me :good: I'll keep updating this thread with more Stock Wallpapers A Little Sneak Peek of...
  21. B

    Thread [Q] Should I consider installing Cyanogen mod 11?

    After I unlocked my Razr HD, I decided to update my bootloader to CWM recovery (, back up my rom, and basically let it sit since I saw CM11 wasnt really up to snuff for our phone yet. There were bugs and things that I couldn't deal without, so I've just been using 4.4.2 stock Kit Kat. My...
  22. ATTACK

    Thread [ROM][Official] CyanogenMod 11

    Thread Removed epinter wants cm users to use his thread.
  23. shreyas.kukde

    Thread [FIXED]Need help. Phone Bricked :'(

    I was running fine with BMM. Then I decided to switch to SafeStrap and installed it through the apk. Later I wanted to get back to BMM so I uninstalled safestrap, and just out of curiosity I rebooted it to check if it still starts without the recovery. It didn't. I tried flashing the stock rom...
  24. J

    Thread [Q] Error on BMM

    Everytime, i switch to system 2 on my BMM, it gives me the following error: Cant open /cache/recovery/log Cant open /cache/recovery/last_log Whenever, itry to install some zip file it gives me the following error: Cant open /cache/recovery/last_install failed to open last_install: No such...
  25. hrishi21007

    Thread [4.0/4.1][ROOT]New Exploit RAZR XT910/XT912 [Windows Only]

    All RAZR Fans, We Have a (kinda) New RAZR Exploit for Rooting our RAZR's Lets Begin... **************************************** Disclaimer : ✔ Rooting procedure is going to void your warranty. If you are not aware about the risks involved, I recommend you to stay safe and don't proceed...
  26. J

    Thread My Razr is slowing down. Need advice!

    Lately, my Razr seems to have become quite sluggish, its been performing very slowly, long response times, lots of lag etc. etc. i shifted between ROMs and still the problem persists. I use CleanMaster to keep my RAM clean, but the RAM memory just seems to be getting used up completely. It was...
  27. K

    Thread Moto glass =]

    Hi. I wanted to shot a video in POV mode. So i did this hat Maybe razr is old, but it has lense on the right side and can record nice fullHD video. yMjicZzL0KI Few photos more HERE
  28. heynando

    Thread [Q] Can i replace the Razr Maxx mainboard with a Razr XT910 mainboard?

    Long story short, my razr maxx is bricked bcuz i didn't unlock the bootloader before flashing CWM and then it all went to hell. I researched for a fix for days, couldn't find a soft-fix neither a hard-fix, my last approach to solve this situation is to replace the mainboard of my Razr Maxx...
  29. C

    Thread [Q] Root a Droid Razr Maxx HD

    I found the thread on confirmed Root for 9.30.1 of my Razr Maxx HD. Ive never done a root on android before. Is there a sticky or a thd detailinig how to do it on the new system? I want to make sure I download the correct files and install the correct apps before I start so I dont brick my...
  30. P

    Thread Write protectiom

    Hi I can't write stuff to my system partition, even SS can do that. Try to restore a backup or try a complete reinstall with RSD?
  31. J

    Thread [Q] Is unlockeable ?

    Hi guys, i'm new on here... and i want to know if i can unlock the bootloader of my new Razr HD The system version is 9.18.79, i was reading it's impossible. Any help :( :( ? Thanks!
  32. W

    Thread [Q] GPS Broken

    Hi All, My Phone can't seem to locate ANY satellites in either my Stock ROM or Custom ROM (I use SS).. I've tried the standard update AGPS fix and still got nothing. I always thought it was my custom ROMs that just had buggy GPS but seeming as the stock doesn't either, I'm not sure what the...
  33. B

    Thread [Q] Razr will not connect to mobile data

    Hi! I have Motorola Razr XT910K, and I am from the Philippines. I have been using the phone for almost a week now and it seems like it won't connect to mobile internet. I got the APN settings saved on the phone and the settings were pushed by the provider. I turned on the Mobile Data, also i...
  34. J

    Thread [Q] Deleting Slots in BMM

    Does creating new slots eat into the RAM of the phone?? Does the phone become slower if it has 3 slots instead of one?? Recently, i created the 3rd Slot on my BMM. Now i wish to delete it. I am not getting how to delete it
  35. lolie145

    Thread [Q] Boots in AP Fastboot?

    When i boot up my phone it starts in ap fastboot. but when i boot my phone holding the volume+/volume-/powerbutton and than select boot normal, it boots normal. how do i fix this?
  36. 3n3rg1c

    Thread {help} Any cheap Battery for XT910.

    Guys Title says it all. Its been long bad days for me I lost my atrix :( I arranged money and brought razr from ebay & the bad part I got it with dead battery. So I am trying to find cheap and good battery. or if any one have spare battery who can help me out... And yes Hi to razr community...
  37. rachit2588

    Thread Network Unlock your Razr xt910

    Hello, Today I unlocked my device it was locked to Rogers Canada, I thought it would be good to share this video with the community and would be helpful for gsm based razr (xt910) users if locked to any network Just sharing because initially I was thinking that this services would not work, but...
  38. cj360

    Thread [ROM][4.3][Unoffical] ParanoidAndroid

  39. Olao99

    Thread [Q] Slowmo 120fps video recording?

    Hello I remember that some months ago, it was said that the RAZR had native : 1080p - 30fps 720p - 60fps 480p - 120fps Video recording. You could even enable it in the build.prop. However, nothing happened. Only a slow mo feature appeared on the camera, which didn't record at slowmo. Now that...
  40. M

    Thread Verizon XT912 Cyanogenmod 10.1.2 MMS Problem

    Dear Genius Developer Community, First let me say thanks for the MOUNTAINS of information I have mooched from your collective brains over the last 5 or so years. From the time Android first launched you guys have made my whole experience more enjoyable. I am using a Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX...
  41. K

    Thread [Q] HDMI/Dock/Webtop?

    I am looking to upgrade the ROM on my RAZR Maxx. I am one of the few that regularly use the HDMI port to take movies over to my friend's house, plus I use the Dock for my alarm clock, and even webtop from time to time. Are there any custom ROMS that are less battery hogging, less bloated, or...
  42. J

    Thread [Q] returning to bone stock for insurance return?

    is it possible to bring it back to out of the box condition? i'm running a rom and bootloader unlocked, will they know at this point and im doomed or is there a chance?
  43. snowflak168

    Thread [Q] Motorola Razr MAXX stuck at Safestrap

    Hi, got a problem with my Motorola Razr MAXX after doing a factory reset. Everything was working OK after installed Safestrap 3.11. For some reason I did a factory reset and the following happened: The phone will boot into the main screen [SAFESTRAP:ENABLES] with [MENU FOR RECOVERY] on the...
  44. A

    Thread [Q] Cyanogenmod--Computers don't recognize Razr Maxx on usb.

    Ugh, ignore me, I'm a rambling moron.
  45. H

    Thread unlocking droid razr on tmobile

    is unlocking the droid razr for tmobile as simple as going to a website paying $5-10 for an unlock code, and putting in a tmobile sim card and entering the code? please someone reply back, because I love motorola phones and verizon has some amazing motorola phones. and yes the droid razr...
  46. Dallo28

    Thread Another way to solve "Battery Low" problem

    Hi everyone 2 days ago i had a big problem with my razr..i wiped system with BMM before installing cm 10.1 (for the second time) when the phone restarted by itself...so no system and phone stucked at the m logo... so i plugged it to my pc and started to flash..but after a few seconds, a thing...
  47. ferlanero

    Thread [MOD ROM] [DeBlur - DeBloat] Motorola Razr XT910 JB - Remove unnecessary sys apps

    After the success of the list that clean all the bloatware that Motorola installs on the Razr XT910 on ICS, now here you have the list for Jelly Bean. The main idea is to leave the Official Jelly Bean Stock ROM 4.1.2 (ver. 982.124.14.XT910.xxx.en.EU) as close as possible to the original...
  48. zakk87

    Thread Android 4.3 Camera

    Today I installed this app and works great, http://lightintheshadow.altervista.org/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=2548 before I was having AOKP patch on stock Jelly Bean. Just install and run app. - New Gallery with photo editor, - 1080 works smoother - and many many more... New version with libs...
  49. B

    Thread Best/Safest way to update from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean?

    Well, I’ve decided to start this thread to see what the general consensus is regarding the best way to update to Jelly Bean (official) from Gingerbread (official). So basically, what’s the best way to get the latest stock firmware on an otherwise stock and/or new XT910. Hopefully this thread...
  50. hrishi21007

    Thread [BMM101][Video Tutorials]BootMenu Manager0.3.4 Series Tutorials By .:Hrishi21007:.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Boot Menu Manager...