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    Thread Question HDR support removed !!! after the C.07 update (in realmeUI 3.0)

    I updated to C.07 (april security patch) and then later on noticed that realme removed the HDR support from realme 8, I dont know what realme is trying to do but Im sure that removing HDR support is not a pleasant thing for the users. I made a detailed post with proof on the community ...
  2. lottafetti

    Thread How To Guide Another method I use to unbrick my Realme 8

    1. Backups your IMEI numbers and stuff. 2. Erase all of your partitions. 3. Flash all files in A.12 firmware, I got it from a YT channel called "Mothersdreamtech" (you don't need to flash super.img from this firmware). 4. Flash any firmware versions you want (flash all files except opporeserve2...
  3. lottafetti

    Thread How To Guide A tip to find your lost IMEI numbers

    1. Go to Google Find My Device 2. Login to all of your Gmail accounts from any devices. try to find both of your IMEI numbers thanks for reading

    Thread Question [ROM REQUEST] Realme 8 Pixel experience

    Please can any of you try to port the pixel experience ROM for Realme 8? if it's possibe.. I promise to contribute with my best if anyone starts the project
  5. Tony Stark

    Thread General [GUIDE][UNBRICK] Realme 8 Unbrick/Upgrade/Downgrade [RMX3085]

    Hello everyone! So after the new MediaTek DAA and SLA protection bypasses you can find GitHub repo of here , using the bypass we are able to use SPFlash Tool, here is a guide how you can do it! This guide is for RMX3085 (Realme 8) ONLY. DON'T DO ANY OF THESE IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING ELSE! ALWAYS...
  6. Tony Stark

    Thread How To Guide [GUIDE][REALME 8][Unofficial] New method Unlock Bootloader, Flash TWRP and Root [RMX3085]

    Hello guys! As you all know that there is no deeptest.apk available for our device. So we have to unlock our bootloader unofficially! NOTE: IF U HAVEN'T UPGRADED AFTER A19 ROM THEN SKIP FIRST PART !!! And follow the instructions from 2nd part. Also this method only works on RUI 2.0 DON'T TRY...
  7. R

    Thread Question NFC in Realme 8?

    So, i thought if the realme 8 has NFC or not and searched it in YouTube and found soume videos that show it has NFC but when i searched it in settings i could not find the freature, i thought first that it may be because the videos i watched had a deferent realme 8 variant from another country...
  8. E

    Thread How To Guide Flashing TWRP and Rooting Realme 8

    Hello everyone This thread to show how to install TWRP on Realme 8. and also rooting the device using [ Magisk 23015 ]. First of all Bootloader have to be unlocked . Since a lot of users have a problem to unlock the bootloader ,I recommend to use Unlock Tool to unlock the bootloader. Or you...
  9. mikoto114514

    Thread Question unlock bootloader

    Who can try this depth test apk Is it possible to unlock bootloader in realmeui2.0(realme8 4g) I have used mtk brom to unlock the bootloader, so i cannot test
  10. ayushnair

    Thread Question First impressions of Realme 8

    The Realme 8 seems like a pretty solid smartphone with a vibrant display, a good MediaTek Helio G95 chipset, a reliable 5,000 mAh battery along with fast charging, a bold design, a clean software and of course, a good primary camera.