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realme gt 5g

  1. S

    Thread Question lineageos 19/18

    Hello there, I just purchased this phone, and despite its popularity, there are still no custom roms available, even though the kernel code has been published. Is anybody working on a custom rom right now?
  2. somiso

    Thread Question Please help to fix my bricked phone.

    Thanks for seeing this post. I'm having trouble with my Realme GT 5G (CN ver.). It seems that the flashing ROM did not complete properly, and when I wiped data from recovery mode, it bricked. The device only shows this screen, and adb doesn't recognize it and can't operate it at all. Is there...
  3. ImZaba

    Thread Question Battery realme gt 5g

    Hello everyone... I buy this phone like new, something like 3 day ago but Im surprise about how the battery is drained fast... I try to use accubattery (it say My battery is at 47 % of his life... I try with antutu test and it say 92 %... But i really not feel good and i use something like...
  4. M

    Thread General Realme GT 5G Stock ROM RMX2202_A11_A.24 (Chinese ROM)

    This is the Android 12 beta rollback rom, which makes it with the system updater remembering that when you downgrade your system all your files will be deleted Link: https://mega.nz/file/Zg0SzaJS#GWpJlPwA1ezpvjbhYba6bpn3J78ZxDNgSMk7trJ0R-o
  5. M

    Thread How To Guide Openbeta RealmeUI 3.0 (Android 12) For Realme GT 5G Chinese Variant (RMX2202) Is available

    Realme recently released the open beta program for Realme UI 3.0 for Realme GT 5G (CN) The beta program is available through the system updater in settings, trial version Here is the link to the official post: https://www.realmebbs.com/post-details/1461590201498857472 Please note that you...
  6. MrVeverything

    Thread General [RMX2202] Realme GT 5G (UI2.0 & UI3.0) - Full Package Update & ROOT File

    RMX2202 GDPR : UK, FR, IT, DE,ES, PL, CZ RMX2202 export : TW, TH, IN, RRU RMX2202 domestic : CN How to check? Dial *#899# 👉 Software Version Realme GT 5G - Tutorial How to Convert Your ROM to Other Region using TWRP Realme UI 2.0: RMX2202_11.A.14 export RMX2202_11.A.16 export RMX2202_11.A.17...
  7. MrVeverything

    Thread How To Guide Realme GT 5G - Tutorial How to Convert Your ROM to Other Region using TWRP

    👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Realme GT 5G - Tutorial How to Convert Your ROM to Other Region using TWRP
  8. R

    Thread Question US carriers that will support POCO F3 or RealMe GT 5G

    Hey Everyone, Currently have a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 on AT&T, but recently got the notification that AT&T is shutting down their 3G network and my phone will not be usable. Looking at switching to another carrier/MVNO and was considering between the POCO F3 and RealMe GT 5G. Can anyone...