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  1. S

    Thread Downgrade Realme 6 Pro to Android 10 not working

    I tried to downgrade to Android 10 in my Realme 6 pro by official methods but when I try it says 'the current version is newer than the installed version'. This method is working fine with some other Realme devices but not mine. I real reason I want to downgrade my Realme 6 pro is because I...
  2. ChiranjeveeGaire

    Thread [Deep Debloat Realme UI 1.0 / 2.0] Flashable Debloater zip

    Flash this zip in custom recovery to deep debloat realme ui 1.0 or 2.0 (it means it will remove unwanted system apps that can not be uninstalled). Steps: Boot to twrp Flash this zip Mod Edit: Link removed Reboot Note : To go back to normal, u need to dirty flash stock rom. File updated ...
  3. A

    Thread Realme X2 Facing issue with front camera

    I am having an issue in my realme X2 front camera. While clicking a picture there is a white line showing the left side of screen .after clicking the picture the line persist. Please help me to resolve this issue. I am requesting to all the developers find the solution for this.
  4. T

    Thread How to receive notifications in Chinese weaving?

    Hi I have a Realme x50Pro 5G + Realme x2 Pro phone Chinese version The problem is that I do not receive notifications from applications such as Facebook, emails, etc. I have to log in to the application and create a refresh in order to receive new e-mails What is the solution, please
  5. Kydaix

    Thread Ultimate Debloat Guide [C.36]

    → Here is my Post-Installation guide! ● I am in no way responsible for what may happen, bricked devices, etc... ● If you do this tutorial, it is your choice and your own responsibility. Here is a tutorial to help your phone. If you have any problems, simply format your phone. Find...
  6. TechyMinati

    Thread [Guide] Unlock Bootloader Tutorial for realme C11 (Android 10) !

    Hey I want to install corvus in my realme c11. But I can't find any custom recovery tools or roms for this device. Can you provide one please?
  7. debdeep98

    Thread (Guide) Relock Bootloader/Back To Stock.

    This guide is for those who are on unlocked bootloader/custom roms and want to go back to realme UI 1.0 and relock Needless to say, me, and the makers of realme flash-tool and TWRP/other recoveries wouldn't be responsible for any damage caused to your device. Having said that, this method has...
  8. shieraz

    Thread Enable OTG Missing in Realme UI

    Hi, There is no option to enable OTG operation in settings. Only 'disable OTG after 10 mins of inactivity' toggle is given. I tried using two OTG adapters (one from Remax and another) but they are not detected. 'USB OTG Checker' app log is attached. Please suggest what to look for next...
  9. Saswata Chakraborty

    Thread Issue With Video Playback On Chrome

    Lately, I have noticed a weird issue on Chrome on my Realme X. When I play videos on Chrome (be it YouTube, Dailymotion, BBC or whatever) browser (even on fullscreen mode), device turns off automatically after a minute or so. I have Bromite browser installed as well and surprisingly this...
  10. ali.dilshad18

    Thread New official stable update for Realme X2 Pro Global (IN/EU) RMX1931EX_11_C.25

    New Version Detected for realme X2 Pro Global(IN/EU) : RMX1931EX_11_C.25 (2.92 GB) Short Changelog: This release includes Android security patch, fixed partial known issues, and improved system stability. Download Link Of TWRP ROM...
  11. rushank2112

    Thread Realme XT Realme UI Flashable ROM via Custom Recovery (AES Key request thread)

    Hi Guys, While trying to convert ozip file to flashable zip of the latest update provided for Realme XT, I found that the AES keys for decryption has been changed and that might also be the reason of "Flashing failed" when trying the manual update. Implies to Realme 3 Pro as well. Test...
  12. mayurpanchal002

    Thread Realme UI download link

    I don't have the download link but wanna try Realme UI in my Realme X2 Pro. If you have download link please share it and also the procedure to install it.
  13. T

    Thread Realme 3 pro: About Android 10 Update

    According to the official statement of realme resources, Android 10 update is scheduled on month of January 2020. Now we are expecting that update very soon. Although the beta version of Android 10 for Realme 3 pro was launched far before many but Now Many of its competitor phones available in...