1. D

    Thread Question How to Unlock Bootloader ?

    How to Unlock Bootloader Realme GT Master RMX 3363RU Android 13 Realme UI 4.0 ??
  2. Villanishere

    Thread Realme 7 Stucked at recovery mode after flashing stock rom in bricked device

    Hey guys my realme 7 was bricked because i install wrong recovery file in my device after flashing wrong file my device was bricked . After that i try to install stock rom in my device using sp flash tool but sp flash tool install the rom in 10-20 seconds in my device i dont know why . But i...
  3. anticcc

    Thread I uninstalled the "secure keyboard" bloatware keyboard that is only used when typing in passwords and now no keyboard pops up when trying to type pass

    Yeah... I have no idea how to fix this... I need help asap on how to use Gboard on password boxes. The device used is a realme gt neo 5
  4. anticcc

    Thread I want to uninstall some annoying heytap bloatware from my Realme GT Neo 5 but it doesn't allow me to, any solution?

    I tried using the universal android debloater program but even that can't uninstall it, alot of the programs uninstalled fine but three heytap apps just won't uninstall, is there any way to uninstall them, or am I stuck with them forever?
  5. Simone_Sola97

    Thread How To Guide The Ultimate Guide to unbrick your RMX3363/RMX3360/RMX3361

    Hi all, recently I bricked my realme GT Master Edition. Following existing guides here didn't really helped, so I ended up having a device that was dead: no fastboot option, no recovery option and no signs of life once plugged to its original power brick. I will detail exactly what I've done...
  6. mitriemin

    Thread General Hub for realme GT2 Pro

    General • Drivers • Unlock Bootloader RUI • Calibrate Battery • Calibrate FOD • Install OTA with Magisk AOSP/LOS-based • Install, update LOS (AOSP/LOS-based) Batch • Debloat RUI Batch • Fastboot Flash Batch FAQ Q: Phone is heating and lagging in RUI A: Exit from Google Acoount and wipe data in...
  7. Simone_Sola97

    Thread Question Completely dead phone after I tried to unbrick it

    Hello everyone, I have followed each steps of this guide: I was able to complete all the steps, but the flashing procedure gave errors while flashing several of...
  8. SebastianX

    Thread Development [CLOSED] RisingOS 1.3.1 for Realme Gt 2 Pro

    RisingOS 1.3.1 For Realme GT2 Pro Rom Builder : SantaSpeen Requirement: 1) Must be on C.20 IN firmware 2) Custom Recovery Better use Los Recovery Thanks to pjgowtham Flashing instruction: 1) Flash Los Recovery Enter Fastbootd 2. Boot to recovery mode 3. Enable ADB Sideload [Apply update ->...
  9. Matyas66055

    Thread Question Realme C21 (root and unlock bootloader)

    Hello, I already root Realme C21 types, I rooted the first one in about 2022, so they don't remember the procedure at all. Any more detailed instructions on what to do, etc.? I know I used livedvd : But they don't remember the procedure. I had my first root...
  10. devops_eng

    Thread Question Front camera not working

    Hello every one, I have realme 8i and the front camera does not work for the last months. When i open the camera app, and trying to use the front camera, I get rear camera reversed. I found a lot of similar bug reports like this one. Of cource i have tried to clear data, wipe data etc. I even...
  11. M

    Thread Amoled screen purple tint while scrolling in low brightness issue

    Hello guys, i have a just bought a new REALME 10 PRO PLUS and i found an issue with it's amoled screen.. so when the phone is on dark mode with low brightness and i scroll down or up, a purple haze or tint show up on gray places like the messages and it kind of covers things for some...
  12. Leonidas lagoleon

    Thread Question Brick? Realme gt2 pro

    I unlocked the bootloader successfully and then I went to go through twrp recovery and after that it loops the boot with the volume button and the power e button the device goes into fastboot Mode... Do I need to do it to get the phone back to normal mode? Please help me
  13. Gabiblocks

    Thread General Realme GT 2 Pro review - after 1.5 month of usage

    Hi guys, I wanted to upgrade from my Xiaomi Mi 11 and wanted to try something new. My choice is the Realme GT 2 Pro. I bought mine 12/256GB paper green model for 2700pln/674usd/611eur brand new. so onto the review, DISPLAY - 9.5/10 The display in this phone is one of it's strongest points...
  14. T

    Thread Question Phone bricked after Magisk's "Your device requires additional setup" message

    Hi there Last night, I noticed that root doesn't work. I opened Magisk, and it showed a message "Your device requires additional setup", and it required a reboot. I pressed OK, then the phone rebooted in 5 seconds. However, after showing the "Realme" logo and the Orange State message, it turned...
  15. reshimwho

    Thread Unable to unlock bootloader.

    In my Realme 11 Pro, I have been trying to use the Pixel Experience GSI and needed unlock the bootloader. Unfortunately when I try to open the bootloader using “adb reboot bootloader”, shows the bit of usual white text in the slightly bottom left middle side of my phone but then my phone...
  16. amnabaara287

    Thread [Closed} Realme 7 stuck in android 10

    good day to all, So I bought a Realme 7 a couple of years ago, and I never got an android update nor an update for the UI... How can I update it manually to android 12 " or 13 if it's possible" ...
  17. SteQu

    Thread Question Any custom ROMs for RMX3472 or possible to run GSI?

    Same as title, so?
  18. negrroo

    Thread [KERNEL] LawRun Kernel [4.9.309][05-06]

    HEY ALL I HOPE YOU ARE FINE HERE !!! WELCOME TO OUR FORUM FOR LawRun-Kernel For Realme 5 Pro - RMX1971 /* I'm not responsible for any damage on your device, for X or Y reason, also I'm not responsible if you loose your alarm and got fired, anything like that, installing this kernel you...
  19. negrroo

    Thread [KERNEL] LawRun Kernel [4.9.309][05-06]

    HEY ALL I HOPE YOU ARE FINE HERE !!! WELCOME TO OUR FORUM FOR LawRun-Kernel For Realme 3 Pro - RMX1851 /* I'm not responsible for any damage on your device, for X or Y reason, also I'm not responsible if you loose your alarm and got fired, anything like that, installing this kernel you...
  20. nasyxrakeeb

    Thread RECOVERY: This device has been unlocked and cannot be trusted, booting in 5s

    I successfully unlocked the bootloader of my realme 3 device and when i try to boot in recovery mode it shows this message for some seconds and then normally boots back, i can't access recovery mode, i installed the latest version of twrp This device has been unlocked, and can't be trusted...
  21. L

    Thread Realme C21Y HardBrick - It says USB Device is faulty but disappears after 2 seconds - I can't enter download mode

    I corrupted my phone's root/system/etc files and when I restarted it, it wouldn't turn on and got stuck on the realme logo. i hold my phone vol+ and - and power key and when the realme logo comes up, i release the power key, i think download mode opens, but it usb device is faulty for 1-2...
  22. Shibu Shaji

    Thread [Recovery] [Realme Narzo 30 Pro] [RMX2117] [TWRP 3.7.0] [android-12+] [Unofficial] TeamWin Recovery Project

    /* * Your warranty is now void!!! * * If sh!t happens, i am not responsible for your bricked device. * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this recovery * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, * Do at your own risk!!! */' Team...
  23. AlexDXebec

    Thread Question Realme 8i RMX3151 Update Problem Help!

    i have a realme 8i and i flashed it im stuck at ui 2.0 android 11 and i get no updates how do i can make it update to ui 3.0 android 12 ? i really need help and thanks for any help
  24. J


    PEOPLE I hope you guys see this quick, a few months ago I bought my REALME 6i (RMX2040) I unlocked the bootloader and tried to root it but oh! Surprise it had been bricked, he tried in every way possible to revive it with fastboot mode and some programs but I did not achieve anything, I took it...
  25. Q

    Thread Urgent help. Bootloop no ROM no RECOVERY no USB DEBUGGING

    I tried flashing PixelBlaster on my realme 3 pro with no extra reseach (my fault) using TWRP. After flashing, i tried to reboot but it bootloops on realme logo (android). Fast boot is working, unlocked bootloader but turned off USB Debugging i guess because it does not show in adb. Tried other...
  26. H

    Thread Question Dead/Black Screen, Touch Working, No USB Debugging

    Hello XDA's 😃 Dropped my RealMe Narzo 50A in water 😭 and continued to use it thinking it's waterproof, it's not. 🤦‍♂️ Screen went dark right in front of my eyes. Phone and touch are working, replaced the screen but no luck, I think that water fried the chipset. I want to enabled USB debugging...
  27. T

    Thread "This phone model does not support deep testing." Is it possible to bypass that screen in the Realme's deep testing app?

    Update: this does NOT seem to work anymore; you may still try it, but don't put your hopes too high I was able to do just that (and unlock the bootloader on my phone) some two months ago (in February 2023). I did by using this perl script of mine to simulate the https requests performed by the...
  28. HariKRishna369

    Thread Realme 10 Pro+ 5G

    Hii, I want to install custom rom and custom recovery on my device. But, I didn't found any recovery or rom all over the XDA forums. I can't even find my device name (Realme 10 Pro+ 5G) on XDA forum. Is anyone knows what to do..? Please help me. Thanks alot.
  29. sarthakroy2002

    Thread [ROM][13][RMX2020] ArrowOS 13.1 [OFFICIAL][STABLE][OSS]

    ArrowOS /* * We are not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these...
  30. T

    Thread Question Realme 9i showing low estimated capacity at Accubattery

    Hi, I just bought a new Realme 9i and I noticed the estimated battery capacity at Accubattery to be lower than it's design capacity (5000 mah) by a respectable amount. I had Accubattery present in the background during multiple charging sessions, but I never found the estimated capacity to be...
  31. oreocube

    Thread Hardbrick

    hi, my device is Realme C31, my device got Hardbrick after I failed to flash it several times using different firmware, can anyone help me?, please:cry:
  32. S

    Thread My Lineage OS Cannot Receive Messages

    It is a GSI ROM runs in device Realme Q3,with Gapps.I can dial numbers and use 5G mobile data but I cannot receive text messages such as verifying code. I've already tried to change APN and message softwares in China.It still not work,How sucks. Help Please.Thanks
  33. Rashedulalam6500

    Thread Question Trying to start custom ROM development for this device. Anyone willing to help out?

    So I don't have much experience, but I'm trying to create a device tree for this device. If any of you guys are willing to help out, let me know. I will be updating this post with my work.
  34. jez-

    Thread How do I reset the screen resolution of my Realme 7

    I changed the resolution to 500x1080 using the android app "pixels" and restarted the phone by accident and now I cant get past the lock screen as it needs my pattern password to get in. What has happened is that the screen is cropped so far, there is no way I can input the pattern as the grid...
  35. Ram Sharath

    Thread Development [CLOSED] [ROM] [PORT] [12.1] [Redmi Note 11/11 NFC-SPES/SPESN]-RealmeUI 3

    NOTE:- * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, Dead Battery, * thermonuclear war, or you getting a break-up/divorce because the notification failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU...
  36. M

    Thread Question How can I change from RMX3363 ROM to RMX3361 ROM?

    I am using the global (Russian) version of realme GT Master Edition and I want to change to the Chinese ROM. How can I do this?
  37. necroblazer9029

    Thread Question Install Realme X7 Max 5G rom in Realme Neo Flash Edition

    Hey guys. Could someone explain to me the procedure to install the Realme X7 Max 5G rom on my Realme GT Neo FE? I already unlocked the bootloader, what's the next step? And which rom exactly should I download to do this? Which program should I also use?
  38. S

    Thread I need help to unlock my Realme 10 pro + bootloader

    First of all, i need to say that my english is not the best since im from brazil, anyway that said, im trying to unlock my realme bootloader, ive already tried to use Deep test. But every time that i try to install the app i recive this error messange "An app with the same signature has already...
  39. L

    Thread Question [Q] How do I fix my SIM network after installing Magisk?

    Hello After I flashed vbmeta.img to my phone (Realme Narzo 30 5G) to install Magisk via fastboot, my device doesn't longer recognize any SIM card. How could I fix or solve this problem? I've tried flashing the stock firmware ROM but I couldn't do it. Please, I need help on this problem.
  40. Manuel796

    Thread Question The serial is not match fastboot unlock verify fail? Realme 8 5G / help please

  41. JosVel1222

    Thread Question OPLUS Preloader brick

    hi, I need help. MY phone got bricked after rebooting into recovery and it has a bootloop, and I can't access Fastboot even though my bootloader is unlocked. If I try to enter BROM mode, in device manager it shows that it is connected as "Oplus Preloader" and no software recognizes it, only...
  42. WinghongZau

    Thread [Solved][Need help] Why my phone just stuck in the bootscreen and couldn't boot into android

    Phone: Realme V11 5G (RMX3121) I wanted to flash a GSI image to my phone yesterday, but after flashing the system.img, I couldn't boot it. So I decided to go back to realme UI. I found an `ofp` image for my device and decrypted it using `mct ofp extractor` and merged `super.img` using...
  43. JigSaaw

    Thread Development TWRP for Realme 9i 4G RMX3491

    [Unofficial] TWRP for Realme 9i (RMX3491) Build Date: 2022/12/20 Status: Unofficial Beta Target: Android 11/12 (RUI2/3) Download it here: TWRP for Realme 9i (RMX3491) How to Flash? - Flashing instructions are included in the download link. Just carefully read and follow it. What's working? -...
  44. baconkingroblox

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Realme 8i Unknown IMEI and baseband after flashing stock firmware

    I've decided to use the universal Android debloater to remove some bloatware. The phone had 2 issues: quick settings panel didn't scale properly on landscape mode, search feature in settings and other apps shows a text box which covers most of the screen. I thought rebooting will fix this issue...
  45. HemanthJabalpuri

    Thread Downgrade to realme UI 1.0

    - Why downgrade? If you found that UI 2.0 is performing poor than UI 1.0 then it is better to downgrade for long run - Is it safe to use UI 1.0? Yes and No, if you use carefully then UI 1.0 is safe. Since UI 2.0 has 5th July 2022 Security(for C.13) patch comapred to 5th June 2021 (A.95) in UI...
  46. U

    Thread [Recovery][STABLE] TWRP for Realme 3 Pro (RMX1851) [UNOFFICIAL]

    Team Win Recovery Project 3.x, or TWRP 3.x for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. Its a fully touch driven user interface no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just...
  47. xrpdigital

    Thread Development [ROM][13.0][realme GT Master RMX3360/3363] PixelPlusUI [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    * Your warranty is now void. * We are not responsible for anything that may happen to your phone by installing any custom ROMs and/or kernels. * You do it at your own risk and take the responsibility upon yourself and you are not to blame us or XDA and its respected developers. "This is a...
  48. JigSaaw

    Thread Development Script flash for Realme/OPPO Devices

    Hi friends, Script flash for Realme/OPPO Devices OPPO REALME FLASH OFP
  49. T

    Thread Question [Indian Version] Unlocked bootloader, fingerprint stopped working.

    Yesterday I unlocked bootloader and tried to install custom rom. Before that I disabled verity and flashed magisk patched boot.img. Then I tried to install GSI custom rom. I even succeeded in the attempt; I was able to install Pixel-experience gsi rom But then came the issue, I was not able to...