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red magic 3

  1. X

    Thread Disable Game Space Button

    Hi, I wanted to disable the game space button which is red sliding button located on top left side of the device. The button became loose and it frequently goes into game space mode with slightest touch. I want to know if, there is a way of disabling the button altogether.
  2. S

    Thread [Guide] Instant 10%+ Performance Boost!!! Remove Nubia backdoors,loggers,trackers, etc. ROOT OR TWRP REQUIRED

    Hello everyone today I bring to the table a constantly updated guide. In my free time I will add to this guide my many methods of creating a stock os out of Nubias OS whilst retaining nubias gaming suite,lights, etc. I know many feel cheated on antutu scores because Nubia presented 510k and most...
  3. S


    Hello everyone, Id love to start developing an Ultimate Privacy & Security ROM for the RM3 and RM3S, however I can only find the RM3 kernel source codes for android 9, does anyone have links to where I can find the kernel for RM3S? I know of Nubias github but model numbers are weird and RM3S...
  4. S

    Thread Red Magic 3S/3 Thermals Discussion

    Hello everyone, I typically am a shadow user of XDA but Ive decided to start contributing and posting starting with a thermals thread. As most people know the thermals in the RM3/RM3S were a big selling point for Nubia. However, throughout my research Ive yet to find any definitive information...
  5. jhonangelo30


    hi guys i'm having problem with my nubia red magic 3.. so what happen is i updated my phone to android 11 and then i went back to android 9 and got bricked. so tried all these solution here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/device-is-corrupt-solution-guide-for-nubia-red-magic-3-3s.4201937/ &...
  6. A

    Thread Need to retrieve data from a screen smashed redmagic 3

    Hi everyone I've got my redmagic 3 smashed and still working but with a black screen. The problem that tge usb debugging is not enabled. So when it is connected to a computer, no files can be seen. Is there a way to retrieve my data specially documents and media by a computer. I tried dr fone...
  7. ermacwins

    Thread Redmi K20 Pro vs Red Magic 3 Speed Test

    K20 Pro counties to do well MOD edit: Link removed
  8. ermacwins

    Thread Redmi K20 Pro vs Red Magic 3 Speed Test

    A bit surprised it was slow on PubG <Mod edit: Link removed>
  9. B

    Thread Red Magic 3 Vs OnePlus 7 Pro: Speed Test

    Well that was quite close but you could say they're the same I'm terms is speed and ram management Mod edit: Link removed!