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red magic

  1. qHere

    Thread Question Red magic 6 hanging on edl mood

    I need help I have a phone red magic 6 hanging on edl i need help fix edl mood
  2. yoga47

    Thread i there a magisk module to unlock 60hz when connected to hdmi output like capture card

    its on every gaming phone which makes even touch, gyroscope to 60hz when we connect capture card or monitor its auto set 120hz to 60hz i think its software limitations because people say samsung and one plus don't have this issue
  3. S

    Thread [Guide] Instant 10%+ Performance Boost!!! Remove Nubia backdoors,loggers,trackers, etc. ROOT OR TWRP REQUIRED

    Hello everyone today I bring to the table a constantly updated guide. In my free time I will add to this guide my many methods of creating a stock os out of Nubias OS whilst retaining nubias gaming suite,lights, etc. I know many feel cheated on antutu scores because Nubia presented 510k and most...
  4. ianseer

    Thread GApps on CN ROM 3.26 (PIE 9.0) - and root (CN and OMNI)

    First thing first,... I'm Just a noob here, I just did some testing things during my quarantine free time and got many errors with this Red Magic (which as far as I know has no update until now for international user). So, If there's something you guys know more than Me, or if I might do...
  5. S

    Thread Red Magic 5G RAM TYPE?

    Hello! Xiaomi is pulling some nasty bullsh1t with their Black Shark 3 phone (which is the same price as RM5G) The thing is, the 8 GB model is built with LPDDR4X and only the 12 Gb model is built with LPDDR5. What about Nubia? Are they also pulling this garbage ? On the Red Magic website they...
  6. S

    Thread Just a warning to anyone thinking about buying this phone.

    It's been 4 months since I RMA'd my Red Magic 3, I have yet to receive it back. See attached screenshot email chain (blurred contact info and stuff).