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  1. M

    Thread Device corrupted bootloader

    Hi, I have a problem with red magic 3 I try the cn firmware but it don’t work with playstore so I decide to go back to stock eu. now the red magic3 always boot as corrupted device. i did already emergency recover non-eu and recovery eu always corrupted. When I unlock flash the red magic says...
  2. simowL

    Thread Audio Equilizer app

    Hello Folks! Is there any General Output Audio Equilizer App that works without root on Android 11? I did some test on some Google play Apps but they are not working. I need to EQ all my audio and not only Music.
  3. M5tha

    Thread Question We need unbrick tool for Redmagic 6/6 pro

    Hello everyone, I want to ask if there is any developer who can help us please, we need unbrick tool for Redmagic 6 and 6 pro ASAP because the RM support team doesn't answer our complaints or emails. Please help us 💔
  4. leipnacht

    Thread [Video guide] Fix corrupted devices with unbrick tool, detect phone on Device Manager

    Sharing this discovery of my friend who fixed a Nubia Red Magic 3 phone user stucked on device is corrupt. He figured out how to fix corrupted devices and also addressed how to make the phone detected on Device Manager Check out this youtube video he made All credit goes to my friend who did...
  5. Akizuma

    Thread Problem with WiFi after mac adresse change to (02:xx:xx)

    Hello Can someone maybe help me with my problem ? After i changed my mac address to 02:xx:xx my wifi doesn't turn on anymore and i have also no possibilities to change it again... Phone: Red Magic 5G Build: EN Common V8.11 Root: Yes (Magisk) Android 10/Q Any idea is welcome ! ^^ Best Regards...
  6. Crazy Seed

    Thread Can't Root System, Only Read Error, Help!

    Hello mates. I Did this exactly like the tutorial says: NUBIA RED MAGIC 5G UNLOCK BOOTLOADER 1. Connect your Nubia in laptop, in your laptop, open Minimal ADB and Fastboot and type the following: a. adb reboot bootloader b. fastboot oem nubia_unlock NUBIA_NX659J c. fastboot flash recovery...
  7. Crazy Seed

    Thread Solved: Audio issues

    Hello mates. Is there any way to test if the phone calling quality and volume are correct?. Being this a phone with great audio, i feel that call quality is a little muddy with voices not being deep enough to understand every word and the volume is just average and not very loud. Connecting...
  8. A

    Thread Need to retrieve data from a screen smashed redmagic 3

    Hi everyone I've got my redmagic 3 smashed and still working but with a black screen. The problem that tge usb debugging is not enabled. So when it is connected to a computer, no files can be seen. Is there a way to retrieve my data specially documents and media by a computer. I tried dr fone...