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  1. H

    Thread Question Redmi Note 10 vs 9S

    Should I go for this device over the Note 9S? It has an AMOLED display with significantly higher maximum brightness, faster charging, better water resistance and stereo speakers. However, these factors are mostly negligible to me. The only thing keeping me aloof from purchasing is performance...
  2. D

    Thread Question Have you guys tried the NezukoOS available for Redmi Note 10?

    How can we install this ROM? The download link for the ROM is below if anybody wants to try it: Download Here If anybody of you have tried it, I will be glad to hear some reviews and bug reports if there are any?
  3. C

    Thread Question Blur effect on the Redmi Note 10 control center.

    I'm planning to buy the Redmi Note 10 (6gb RAM), but i saw that Xiaomi replaced the Gaussian Blur effect on the control center with a gray background on their phones with 4gb ram, so i want to know if the 6 gb version of the Redmi Note 10 has the blur effect. If not, do you guys think they will...
  4. Abdullah.Csit

    Thread General [INDEX] Redmi Note 10: Info,guides,roms,kernels,etc

    Time for Old-school stuff time, Welcome to my INDEX thread the shortest way to get you in Redmi note 10 (mojito/sunny) library on XDA-Ddevlopers forum. The Tree on our XDA device forum I found it not clear for now, So this idea 💡 come. ℹ️ Notice : All the threads that I mentioned here it's...
  5. lithaxor

    Thread Question Is 'sunny' and 'mojito' are the same device?

    I'm currently stuck on 12.0.1 on sunny. Can I use mojito 12.0.5 on my device using local recovery method?
  6. onurbx

    Thread Question Redmi Note 10 High battery drain even when not using

    Hi y'all . Recently I got a Redmi Note 10 4/64 variant . I'm currently using my old phone Redmi 6A , while Redmi Note 10 just lies in desktops corner. MIUI 12.0.1 , 5000 MAh and 33W . I installed one game to try the performance , then cleared all the apps and went to sleep . In the morning , I...
  7. Abdullah.Csit

    Thread General [Discussion] What's the explanation of 10 seconds AOD ?!

    Yes, I'm one of whom getting worries about this worried feature,bug... whatever they call it. In latest firmware updates xaiomi trying to hide or removing the "Disable Miui optimization" Option from developer option! from all note 10 series. So, what's going on ? Are they trying to remove or...
  8. Abdullah.Csit

    Thread How To Guide [Mojito/Sunny] Install any recovery ADB fastboot | TWRP,..etc

    I'm glad to introduce you the first Guide for Redmi note 10 on XDA community , how to flash custom recovery over stock mi recovery. It's easy and quick detailed guide, Let's start. Pre-requisites: 1- Unlocked bootloader. ( Check-out ) 2- Recovery IMG. (Check links section end-thread) 3- USB...