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  1. musicx1612

    Thread How To Guide How to FIX VoLTE and Bluetooth in Pixel Experience GSI ROMS.

    HOW TO FIX VoLTE AND BLUETOOTH IN GSI ROMS Disclaimer! This method is working for Pixel Experience GSI and I cannot guarantee you that it would work 100%, although there is a high chance that it will work. Tested with Pixel Experience 13 GSI. I assume the steps for PE 12 GSI would be the...
  2. PranavAm0nkar

    Thread Question Any Custom ROM?

    Is there any custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S cuz I can't find any... Please recommend me some custom or even MIUI 'quick update' ROMs Device: Redmi Note 10S (rosemary) MIUI version: 13.0.4 (SKLINXM)
  3. Y

    Thread Question Need a backup due to SP flash tool format all (Redmi Note 10s)

    I unintentionally carried out a full format on SP Flash Tool sorry. Would someone have or could make a full backup of the redmi note 10s partitions and send me everything so that I can restore it to origin ( if the files are loud you can use smash and send the link ), thank you in advance and...
  4. shihab emam

    Thread Question Vertical black line in camera of redmi note 10s

    I am facing black in the camera app of my redmi note 10s. This appears in both viewfinders and also in photo after I click it. I also tried different apps also. Please help me to fix this issue, this is so weird.

    Thread Question "nv data corrupted" at Redmi Note 10S Indian Version

    A long story cut into short, earlier i did something wrong while flashing stock rom via sp tool which led to lose of IMEI so reached to a local service center but he messed up more rather solving the existing problem, so now i'm able to boot into fastboot & have been able to unlock boot loader...

    Thread Question Please help! Device stuck on "DM-Verity Corruption" @ Redmi Note 10S Indian Version

    I was trying to update Indian Version TO Global Version downloading Fastboot ROM but unfortunately several tries failed with "flash super error (remote check sparse crc')" via both i.e., MiFlash & direct clicking on "flash_all.bat" but nothing worked & after a...
  7. flyingfrog1!

    Thread Question ROM flashing problem, shows success with elapse shows 0 second ( 0S ) but actually not success.

    Hi, i am trying to downgrade MIUI from 13 to 12 (already UBL) using Mi Flash Tool but facing a problem, flashing result shows success with elapse zero second ( 0s ) but it is actually not flashed, have any of you experienced with this kind of situation and have solved it ? Thank you
  8. windowz414

    Thread Development [ABANDONED] [OFFICIAL] [Rosemary/Secret/Maltose] Project Kasumi 1.x for Redmi Note 10S

    #include <std_disclaimer.h> /* * Your warranty is... still valid? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before...
  9. manymous

    Thread Development [CLOSED] [ROM] [11] [OFFICIAL] Project Kasumi 1.2 PoPiPa for Redmi Note 10S [rosemary] [CLOSED}

    Another weebified custom ROM aiming to be a home for weebs - Based on Project Materium, an optimized LineageOS-based Android aftermarket firmware with extra features, developed by people all over the world. Quoting the LineageOS description: LineageOS is based on the Android Open Source Project...
  10. tasdikbyousuf

    Thread Question Does Redmi Note 10S (Rosemary) support seamless system updates?

    Can anybody show me a screenshot of project treble in Redmi Note 10S? I have bricked my phone and needed to know if the device supports seamless system updates (If the partition A/B available)
  11. 1ncos

    Thread add pre-installed app in android 11 redmi note 10s

    телефон редми примечание 10s Есть возможность сделать приложение предустановленным в андроид 11 (или 10 если не выйдет с 11) Требуется, чтобы приложение всегда было на телефоне и его нельзя было удалить даже сбросом до заводских настроек (сбросом) На телефоне разблокирован загрузчик, есть рут...
  12. csgoisepic

    Thread Question Why

    Why mod delete my posts
  13. O

    Thread Question exists ROM pixel experience for redmi note 10s

    I was researching colleagues that the developer is the one who develops the pixel rom for the redmi note 10, does anyone know if this redmi note 10s rom already exists ?.
  14. miravision

    Thread General [TWRP] [ORANGEFOX] [UNOFFICIAL] [ROSEMARY] [BETA] TWRP 3.5.2 and TWRP 3.6+ for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s

    WARNING: THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL BETA MEANT FOR DEVELOPERS AND TESTERS NOT AS DAILY DRIVER Caution: Android 11 builds are incompatible with Android 12. Beware! Credits: @Woomymy @J6idot @mastersenpai05 @myst33d Developers WoomyMy, J6idot , mastersenpai05 and...
  15. J6idot

    Thread General [VENDOR][EOL] Stock Vendor with No Oversharpening

    So, you just got your new Redmi Note 10S and the software sucks. So you decided to flash a GSI, got it working and you still have one problem left, the video look oversharped and the colors might look weird. Well, this vendor will fix it. So what's new in this vendor? A little bit debloated...
  16. b1boi

    Thread Question [Rosemary]Any working version of GCam for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10s?

    Any version that doesn't crash on startup Just needs basic hdr and night sight support