1. S

    Thread Question 60fps Support in BGMI Redmi note 10 pro max

    After miui 14 update, 60fps support in BGMI is not available. Is there any way to bring back 60fps?
  2. L

    Thread Question How to add App Vault widgets to home screen?

    I'm disappointed by the only widget that comes with the MIUI 14 default Weather app. Can't even customize it. :mad: I checked out App Vault and it has 4 types of Weather widgets, much better ones, also for the same Xiaomi Weather app. :love: I'm aware I can add those to App Vault but I don't...
  3. mohamedAdel52

    Thread Question I have problem when i try to flash xaomi redmi note 10

    hi pls help me , i tried to install rom with fastboot and in the beggin it start and before finsh suddnly give me error phone : redmi note 10 5g tool : mi flash rom india camilla 14 can you help me ?
  4. A

    Thread Question Redmi Note 12 5G showing "System has been destroyed" plus BootLoader is locked and recovery mode is note working.

    Hi All, As you've read from the title, my phone got bricked...I want to change my ROM from china version to Android pixel experience with bootloader locked (i forgot to unlock the phone) . It would have been easier to fix this brick state if only the bootloader was unlocked. now my phone is...
  5. ejrv

    Thread [TOOL][WINDOWS] AzeroKit - Cross Device Rooting, ADB and Fastboot tool (Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi and...)

    Introducing Azerokit - Your All in One Rooting, ADB and Fastboot Tools In Just "One" Software (GUI - Windows) Summary: Azerokit is an all-in-one toolbox application designed to empower Android users with a comprehensive suite of tools for rooting, managing ADB (Android Debug Bridge), and...
  6. vukasinstiv

    Thread Question I deleted system and now my phone is bootlooping

    Basically i downloaded twrp unofficial and deleted my system rom then i downloaded pixelexperience recovery and in fastboot said "fastboot reboot" instead of "fastboot reboot recovery" i have tried holding volume up + power but it just wont boot into anything its just bootlooping and because it...
  7. MartinoTxP

    Thread ROM for Redmi K20 Pro with dialer with ViLTE support (Video Call native over LTE)

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a ROM for Redmi K20 Pro based on Android 12 or 13 with the MIUI 14 overlay and support for Video over LTE (ViLTE) calls in the Orange Polska network. I am currently using MIUI Ori V3 and unfortunately this system does not offer this ViLTE functionality. Do you...
  8. Midnight _king66

    Thread Stuck in Bootloop because of fastboot oem lock

    Hello Guys, I know I messed up but please help me out here So, I was running Corvus OS on my Redmi 7 device and I wanted to lock bootloader for some reason. So what I did was use cmd to do this command "fastboot oem lock" :- I know I shouldn't have done that without actually flashing the...
  9. T

    Thread How to install google Xiaomi Redmi Projector Pro (RMTYY01PYS) CN?

    I have a Redmi Projector Pro (rmtyy01ys) CN but no google services. Can you help me install google and youtube services? I thank you!
  10. L

    Thread General Update on Redmi note 12 5G Device trees and Kernel source code

    I opened a grievance with the customer complaint government portal in my country (India) a while ago with the grievance details as: ``` Xiaomi uses software licenses under GNU General Public License (GPL) which, according to the license should be released to the public. It has been months since...
  11. Alex_dde

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi Projector Pro (RMTYY01PYS) CN HELP

    Hi friend I bought a Redmi Projector Pro, Chinese version. I want to install the localization & other launcher, but in which case I want to be sure that I can return to the factory settings. I found - the recovery menu buttons are different from other models of xiaomi projectors and TVs...
  12. Lawh

    Thread [CLOSED] Redmi 10C Problem

    Hey! I have tried a couple of different custom roms on this phone, but it seems that both had the same problem. My screen keeps waking up by itself with no moving etc. All screen wake settings are off. Fingerprint is off. I tried to use the command "settings put secure wake_gesture_enabled 0"...
  13. myl98

    Thread [SOLVED] Xiaomi Redmi 9a (M2006C3LG) won't even boot after using MTK Bootloader Unlock Tool

    I tried to unlock the Xiaomi Redmia 9a bootloader using the MTK Bootloader Unlock Tool. I followed this tutorials: VIDEO Instant Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi MediaTek Devices | Unlock without Mi Unlock Tool | 100% Working THREAD (MTK) UNLOCK BOOTLOADER WITHOUT WAITING A WEEK I downloaded...
  14. Amin`

    Thread Asking about Willow/ginkgo custom roms &recoveries before the Waiting time for bootloader unlock is over

    Hello all, thanks for helping out. I'm on the 168 hour waiting for my note 8t willow bootloader unlock. I have a couple of questions for when the time comes. What is the first thing I should do when my device is free for the first time in its life. Install twrp or what? Are Ginkgo recoveries...
  15. K

    Thread Question linux ROMS for Redmi 9 power

    Hi Friends, I am new to this Custom ROM world. I am interested in testing out Linux ROMs on Redmi 9 power. Can anyone please let me know whether Redmi 9 power supports any Linux distros or not? Thanks, Uday Kumar
  16. J

    Thread Question Bricked and dead ?

    Hi everyone, I have a serious issue... Recently, I installed Global MIUI 14.0.10 to get NFC back, but due to my unlocked bootloader (it was like that when I bought it), I wasn't able to use Google Pay and stuff like bank app. I locked the bootloader and.... sh*t happened... After the reboot, I...
  17. S

    Thread Failed to found /system_root, system_ext, product, vendor ( block device required )

    bonjour, depuis hier j'ai un problème avec mon redmi note 9 pro. Je voulais rooter mon téléphone et sachant que je n'y connais pas grand chose j'ai flashé avec twrp le boot.img de magisk. Maintenant, le téléphone me fait détruire le système et lorsque je veux flasher une autre rom (corvus OS)...
  18. MrAce_

    Thread Redmi 5A not booting after relocking bootloader

    Hello! I recently reverted back to MIUI stock rom on my old Redmi 5A. After a few days, i relocked the bootloader of my phone, but after 1-2 days my phone stopped booting. I cant boot into recovery, fastboot, and the system itself. Please help if you can
  19. B

    Thread system destroyed and cannot enter to fastboot mode

    hi guys, i have a problem let me explain to u what heppened and all stuffs (my phone is redmi 9) firstly i decided to install a custom rom and i've unlock the bootloader and i suffered in this step and then i flahsed recovery with pixel experience recovery but when i enter to recovery mode the...
  20. E

    Thread Disabling Pixel Spoofing completely on crDroid lavender source code

    Hello everyone, hope you're having a great day. Recently I've installed OrangeFox Recovery as well as crDroid 9.5 on my RN7/lavender, all working fine, but by default I saw that the Pixel Spoofing feature is enabled by default. Later on, I found as well that disabling it made my device be...
  21. Cyrus Yip

    Thread [GUIDE] Install Google Play On Xiaomi Phones / Redmi Phones / MIUI China ROM

    China Xiaomi/Redmi phones in Google Play supported devices have built-in Google Services. We just need to install Google Play. Turn on Google Services: Settings -> Account & sync -> Basic Google Services Install Google Play: search “google play” on GetApps and update “Google Play Store”. If...
  22. the_arxyn

    Thread Question Redmi note 12 5G Device trees and Kernel sources

    Anyone knows why Device trees and Kernel sources are not released for this device 🥲
  23. AhMo744

    Thread Question Data partition backup & restore problem

    I backed up data partition with orangefox on miui 13.0.8 with android 12 on Redmi note 10s and when restored it back then after reboot the device ; booting stucked on miui logo then after search I knew that reason because that recovery didn't backed up or restored "/data/system/users" dir...
  24. Rudransh Shah

    Thread Question Sound coming from both, bluetooth device and phone's speaker simultaneously.

    Whenever I am playing any audio on any bluetooth device, be it BT headphones or car, the sound is coming out from the phone's speaker and the bluetooth device both, simultaneously. I have tried formating the device and reinstalling the android but the issue came up again. Please Help.
  25. XiaomiUser44658

    Thread [Q] Stable Custom ROM with good Gaming performance?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a Custom ROM for the Redmi Note 8 Pro? The gaming performance should be the same as on MIUI (or better) and the should be stable. Thanks in advance
  26. L

    Thread Redmi 9A serial number unknown, imei lost after format all+download sp flashtool

    My Redmi 9A got hard bricked because I flashed orange fox recovery on it. I fixed it but I made a mistake by doing format all+download. None of the methods worked such as Maui meta, sn write tool or nvram.bin etc etc... I really don't know how to fix it but I still have warranty on it.
  27. L

    Thread General [SHARED][RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL][fleur] SHRP-3.2-Stable

    ======================== SKY HAWK RECOVERY PROJECT ======================== Warning: Don't flash this Recovery on A11 based Roms. This is strictly only for A12, A12.1 & A13 Roms! Installation: Connect Your Device With Pc In Fastbooot Fastbooot Flash Boot SHRP_Fleur_V3.2_Stable.img...
  28. Z

    Thread Choosing new Phone. Poco F4 vs Redmi Note 12 Pro

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a new phone and I've been wondering between Redmi Note 12 Pro and the Poco F4. What are your thoughts on both phones and which one would you recommend. So far I think I like the Redmi design more, but I also quite like the better performance and Android 13...
  29. dasdsad1

    Thread [CLOSED] I can't install TWRP Custom Recovery on my Xiaomi Redmi 10 (selene). How do I do that?

    Hello everyone, I want to install TWRP Custom Recovery on my Phone. But, when I tried some videos, all of them aren't working. But why? I tried the following: fastboot boot recovery.img (resulted: FAILED (status read failed (Too many links))) fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (resulted...
  30. A

    Thread REDMI NOTE 9 lost IMEI but it is there

    I did a factory reset for the phone from settings, when it booted the sim wasn't recognized checked *#06# and it looked like this I tried so many tools to restore a lost imei but I found out by (read info) in one of them that the imei is still existed locked bootloader, official firmware, don't...
  31. Philipou

    Thread OrageFox recovery does not decrypt data

    Hi, i recently unlocked my phone bootloader (Redmi Note 10) and installed TWRP. It works fine, when i launch the recovery it asks me for my pattern lock and if i input it correctly it decypts the data. I wanted to try orangefox recovery because i prefer it for it's functonalities and look. I...
  32. R

    Thread How To Guide Root and flash any GSI on Redmi 11 Prime 5G (light)

    First things first. What you need: Platform tools MIUI 14 Beta Stable Stock ROM Android OTA Extractor Device updated to MIUI 14 Beta Magisk app installed on the phone Step 1 Extract MIUI 14 zip on your PC. Move payload.bin to Android OTA extractor folder. Open terminal in the same folder...
  33. caiobsantana2001

    Thread Question Note 10 pro stuck in login page

    I bought a used Xiaomi and as it still had user data on it, we did the hard reset (power+vol up) and after that it freezes on the login screen after 1 second and resets every time. What can it be? Remembering that it's not battery or power button related, i've checked! I thought about...
  34. jchriss

    Thread [CLOSED][GENERAL][SHARED][ROM][14 DP2] MakiOS for Redmi Note 8 (ginko) [Ported from Pixel 7 Pro]

    **IMPORTANT**: I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH MAKIOS, GOOGLE, OR XIAOMI IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. I AM JUST RE-SHARING IT ON XDA FOR EXPOSURE! What is MakiOS: MakiOS an AOSP-based ROM, with Google apps included and all of the Pixel goodies. Android 14 DP2 ported from Pixel 7 Pro As is the case...
  35. Miantalhazia

    Thread Question Need help for setting up lsposed framework for Redmi note 10

    I have rooted Redmi note 10 with custom ROM installed with TWRP. I have also installed lsposed framework. I want to test this phone. I would like to know how to change mac address, IMEI, Android id, Android, phone id and serial number. And how to check that these parameters have been changed.
  36. D

    Thread Question Redmi note 11 pro+/Pro (china) / pro plus MIUI INDIA battery capacity vs global effects

    Hi , I've recently installed the Indian MIUI flash file of the Indian region on my Note 11 pro china (Pissarro) device and recently I feel like my battery gets consumed faster than before (Global) MIUI I made a little search and figured that the Indian version of my phone that probably the...
  37. helpmeplss:(

    Thread phone not detected in fastboot( tried fixing using possible method found across social media helps)

    phone: Redmi Note 9S. i had fixed my phone last week after getting stuck on bootloop by flashing stock rom and ended up losing orangefox custom recovery, but when i tried installing it using fastboot method on other phone using otg, laptop windows 11(i got unknown usb device device descriptor...
  38. weaponmasterjax

    Thread Development [Closed][RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] Orangefox Recovery For Xiaomi Redmi Note 11T/11 5G/11S 5G/POCO M4 Pro 5G

    OrangeFox Recovery /* * Your warranty is now void. * * We're not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this recovery * before flashing...
  39. D

    Thread sub microphone gone, need a workaround

    Hi, after having so many accidents in liquids and fixing my redmi, the top microphone has given out the ghost, and very ocasionally starts inputting static, the bigger annoyance comes when I record videos, which I do very often, because I have to delete the silent/noisy channel and mix them into...
  40. sarabbafrani

    Thread Question Redmi note 11 pro plus (pissarropro) top of LCD flickering issue

    Generally, after 5 minutes of device operation, especially at 60Hz display refresh rate, a flicker appears on the top of the screen (when images with mixed colors are displayed). This problem exists on version R04 LCD flex and doesn’t exist on other versions (e.g., V01).
  41. J

    Thread Redmi 9 The system has been destroyed

    Hello everyone. My frined's phone doesn't turn on. It says on the screen: The system has been destroyed How can I write a custom ROM file? Brand is Redmi 9 Model is M2004J19G
  42. chrisw444

    Thread Development Paranoid Android Topaz Stable 1- Redmi Note 11 / 11 NFC

    We are very excited to announce the alpha/beta of Paranoid Android Topaz, based on Android 13. On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with beautiful wallpapers from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful pieces of artwork. Hampus is a...
  43. A

    Thread Development [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][munch][13.0] LineageOS 20 | 22nd Jan, 2023

    *** Disclaimer I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device You have been warned LineageOS is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android, which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device. LineageOS is based...
  44. HollyMarijuanna

    Thread Question Trouble installing GSI on Camellian

    From what ive read in this forum, reddit, and the universal method, i would flash stock boot.img, empty vbmeta image then GSI system.img. So far, i have tried: Android 12 & 13 GSI from Google System_a flashes clean, on booting will restart once then boot to fastboot System_b returns: Pixel...
  45. Nodredame

    Thread Looking for Redmi CC9 Pro Auth Firehose

    Merhaba. Başlıkta da göreceğiniz üzere bu modelde modifiyeli yangın hortumu işine ihtiyacım var. sorry for bad english Mod translation: Hello. As you can see in the title, I need a modified fire hose job for this model. sorry for bad english
  46. L

    Thread LOLZ Kernel for stock miui

    Hi all. I am looking for some answers. Is LOLZ kernel for Mi439 will be working correctly with stock redmi 7a software (32bit)? For custom ROMs with android 10 to 13 I think the answer is yes. Can anybody try to install this on your device? Thanks in advance!
  47. F

    Thread Xiaomi Redmi 3s stuck on Mi logo :( But I can see Mi bunny FASTBOOT screen

    Hello everybody ! happy holidays if you celebrate it I need some help to unbrick my Xiaomi Redmi 3s please My device runned latestet Global ROM (never changed the ROM since I bought the Redmi 3s on AliExpres few years ago) My device is stuck on the Mi logo I can still access Mi bunny...
  48. A

    Thread Question Miui12 would install apps without my consent if I change Region in the Setting randomly?

    My device is Redmi note 11 pro bought in China. But the device was flashed with a global Miui 12 in English because I wish to have the Google framework. But I happen to find that Miui12 would install some game and other various apps on my device without any notice if I change the Region in the...
  49. T

    Thread Question [SOLVED] Soft Bricked device stuck in boot loop, only fastboot working. No TWRP. MiFlash does not work. How can I fix this mess?

    Solution: I hardbricked my device because of my dumbness. This device is not veux... It s viva. Be cautious my friends... I unlocked my bootloader and wanted to install TWRP to flash a custom ROM to the device. Unfortunately, right after I tried, device got stuck in a bootloop (Mi logo...
  50. Patoilo

    Thread General Xiaomi Sensor Lottery - The Ultimate Poll

    Hi folks. :) It came to the attention of some users that Xiaomi mixes a lot the sensors that are used in this device. It´s indeed a lottery. Although this might not greatly affect conventional user experience, there are still some differences that can become relevant when addressing bugs, faulty...