1. DarkiHU

    Thread [HELP]Black screen after flashing magisk.

    Hi! Im currently using a xiaomi redmi 8 with havoc os and lolz kernel. It's working perfectly,however after flashing magisk it turns on with the redmi logo then it goes instantly to black screen, After uninstalling magisk the phone boots perfectly again. Any idea what can cause this,and how i...
  2. Connir

    Thread Error in Mi Unlock

    I wanted to install TWRP on my phone (Xiaomi Redmi 8) and I try to unlock the bootloader in Mi Unlock, I get an error with the code -1 What should I do?
  3. E

    Thread .

  4. fabien976

    Thread Port ubuntu touch in Redmi 8 ?

    Hello ! Anyone can port ubuntu touch on this phone pls ? i think is better alternative about Android if you won't use this os . Or project have already started ? , if anyone have news post it Good bye :) Edit : sorry for wrong categorie staff :)