1. DecosoftApps

    Thread [APP][4.4+] ScrollWatch - Streaming Guide for Movies & TV Shows

    ScrollWatch is a free Android app which lets you explore new, trending and top rated Movies and TV Shows. Browse through millions of titles, apply custom filters and view cast details, trailers, streaming providers and so much more! Features: View lists of popular, trending, top rated, airing...
  2. Z

    Thread App release - Need your feedback :)

    Hi guys, I would like to share our new Android app which is called "Calendar Import & Export" Our app offers calendar export and import functionalities, from Outlook,Gmail accounts and local device events as well. I also offer backup & restore of any calendar events you exported, it supports...
  3. skittels15

    Thread [ROM][11.0][OFFICIAL][olives] AncientOS 5.7 for Redmi 8/8A/8A Dual (unified)

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to...
  4. VD171

    Thread [V12.0.7.0] New Update: Download Files for Merlin V12.0.7.0.QJOMIXM (Redmi Note 9 / Redmi 10X 4G)

    Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G V12.0.7.0.QJOMIXM: Build Date: 2021/02/23 Android Version: QP1A.190711.020 Display ID: AL2522-Merlin-V101-Q-0223 Build Fingerprint: Redmi/merlin_global/merlin:10/QP1A.190711.020/V12.0.7.0:user/release-keys Security Patch: 2021/02/01...
  5. VD171

    Thread [V12.0.7.0] New Update: Download Files for Merlin V12.0.7.0.QJOMIXM (Redmi 10X 4G / Redmi Note 9)

    Works with: - Xiaomi Redmi 10X 4G - Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 V12.0.7.0.QJOMIXM: Build Date: 2021/02/23 Android Version: QP1A.190711.020 Display ID: AL2522-Merlin-V101-Q-0223 Build Fingerprint: Redmi/merlin_global/merlin:10/QP1A.190711.020/V12.0.7.0:user/release-keys Security Patch: 2021/02/01...
  6. Laicure

    Thread [Released] Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

    Hi Mods, Please delete. Reason: Unnecessary thread.
  7. vermillion66

    Thread About updates in my country (CHILE)

    Hello, guys! Today something came up to my mind and I was wondering if you know anything about this... A couple of months ago I changed to my actual mobile company (Entel), i was using WOM, but the thing is that I saw in SamMobile that there is an update available days ago for S10 and I can't...
  8. E

    Thread A quick follow up and a few golden eggs

    Welcome! Today we got a few things to bring you. A rundown of our new versioning system, concept art for a new way to navigate your device called Blink, a few more builds, our current progress on android Pie and a new discord server! The small stuff To start off, we got a few more builds to...
  9. lebigmac

    Thread new firmware 47.1.A.12.205

    New firmware released for XZ Premium 47.1.A.12.205 What's new in this update?
  10. Lukke2804

    Thread M3 worth buying anymore? Perhaps waiting fot M4?

    Hello everyone I would like to ask if the M3 is worth buying anymore? I had the M3 in the past but it broke, so the store i bought it from gave me the money back. I loved this device and could not find any device currently available that fits my usage of a tablet more than the M3. But sadly, it...
  11. B

    Thread App investor, publishers experience

    Hello all, Do you guys have some experience with publishers? What do you think about such strategy? I see pros as better campaign, lead by expierence guys with money. And cons as revenue share, and possibility to have your app idea stolen. I feel like release without campaign is almost...
  12. T

    Thread [NEWS] RemixOs Marshmallow is OUT!!!

    Yeah!! You heard it right.. The long awaited RemixOs 3 based on Android Marshmallow is officially released. Download at,
  13. kalinskym

    Thread Marshmallow for Galaxy View out yet?

    Does anyone know if Samsung is going to be releasing Marshmallow for Samsung Galaxy View. I hope they are not abandoning it, since we haven't received a single version upgrade. Anyone else curious if we will be receiving marshmallow, Samsung didn't say they would be abandoning this product. I...
  14. gothy.gothy

    Thread Latest Android release

    Seeing specifications like this one: "6.0.1_r35 is more recent than 6.0.1_r43" I am a little bit confused, because I am trying to think logically that the version history goes from the 35 to 43, from small to big number, but ... I saw that maybe I am wrong, because of the updates in Github...
  15. gothy.gothy

    Thread Marshmallow sources

    Moderators, please, until the Marshmallow sources are official available, please leave this thread open, but after they become available, please close this thread. Hi guys, Let's do a contest: Who see first the availability of the official Marshmallow sources, please post here! Thank you!!!:good:
  16. PedexGaming

    Thread [GRAPHICS RELEASE] CloudyG2/3 thread art.

    Hello developers, modders and everyone else! :D Who am I? I'm the guy behind the graphics in many of the Cloudy rom threads. (In case you were in doubt) Why am I doing this? After seeing many use my Cloudy thread graphics for personal use (for example for YouTube thumbnails), I have decided...
  17. kepiro

    Thread lollipop region release chain

    502 lollipop for france is out for g850f. i have a question - there is a chain or a specific path that samsung follow for releasing updates in specific regions? to be more specific when lollipop arrives in romania for galaxy alpha g850f? i saw that orange lollipop has been released for g850f in...
  18. X

    Thread [Q] [SALES] US Launch?

    Anyone here know if and when the Asus Zenfone 2 will launch in the US? There are mixed forums on the internet, MOST of which list April 2015 as the launch date in a bunch of countries ... 1 of which, is the US. Well, it is April now and I cannot find any official word about whether or not the...
  19. DroidXAce

    Thread Moto 360 Fr release date ?

    Hello ! Hi does anyone know when the 360 will be released in the France ? There are several dates but none were correct..
  20. R3D X

    Thread [APP RELEASE][BETA 19](4/9/15) Flowhome Launcher Beta 19: - Wallpaper support! - Redesigned and rewritten app search: faster, stronger, better. Try cool stuff like pressing the search key on the keyboard to launch your top search result. - Open items directly in app from feed. Way faster to get...
  21. Jpe230

    Thread Dryft Updated News!

    Hi! I just wanted to share this info I received from the Dryft Team. If you have no clue was is the Dryft Keyboard is a software special keyboard for tablets; Here's the video: 9EAi5Hxoovo So I received a Message that I signed up for the beta but they didn't mentioned the release date so I...
  22. Kwongger

    Thread [PSA] __Sprint Moto X__ Hits 9/6/13

    Just a little PSA for y'all: The Sprint Moto X will launch on Sept. 6th for 199.99 in White and Black. If you are a NEW customer you can pick it up for 99.99! Sources:
  23. pashinator

    Thread [UK] Nexus 7 UK Discussion Thread

    Hi there! I just purchased a Nexus 7 FHD 32GB from scan for £239.99, Their site says i will get it on the 28th but it has not been marked dispatched yet, and release date for UK is the 30th. So all you UK customers come out and say what deal you got where and how you intend to purchase your...
  24. Simply_Android

    Thread [DEVS] 4.2.2 By Samsung Release to the S2 Plus.... Possible port?

    so im sure many of are incredible devs on the s2 fourms will be able to port the 4.2.2 firmware from GT-I9105P to the i9100, im not from this fourm, but i would like to inform you guys. im sure its possible... ive flashed i9100 on korean...
  25. kulisgames

    Thread [GAME][2.2+] Mr. Dandelion's Adventures [Final Release]

    I have released my first Android game Mr. Dandelion's Adventures. It's still work in progress - I am a hobbyist and the purpose of this game is to learn more than anything else. It's a simple platformer/physics/causal game where you use wind to fly a stylized dandelion seed around. Google play...
  26. R.Suave

    Thread ●●● [DISCUSSION] ●●● CYANOGENMOD NEMESIS ●●● Video and August 19th Countdown ● IDEAS?

    ●●● [DISCUSSION] ●●● CYANOGENMOD NEMESIS ●●● Video and August 19th Countdown ● IDEAS? CyanogenMod Team Teases “Nemesis” With Video, But What’s Nemesis? PcpyavQSvMk "Over the weekend, the CyanogenMod team took to their YouTube, hypebeasting a mysterious something called Nemesis. What could it...
  27. G

    Thread [Q] 16GB Mega 6.3 not available in the UK?

    Got my pre-order for a white 16GB Galaxy Mega cancelled this afternoon after getting a call from the seller saying that 'only the 8GB version is for UK release'. Anyone got any idea when/where I can get a 16GB version in the UK or in Europe? The 8GB version only has around 5GB usable space and...
  28. cajunflavoredbob

    Thread Swype available in Google Play for 99¢ Today only!

    Just like the title says, Swype has been released onto the Market. It's on sale for 99¢ today only. Get it while it's hot. Linky.
  29. K

    Thread [Q] Exhausting delays...

    First of all a Zdrave from bulgaria! So here in bulgaria, the phone was initially supposed to be released on march 20th, yea ok didnt happen! Then we went to end of march and now it was supposed to be out today (april 15th), but still nothing. And now they're saying on april 22nd... anyone have...
  30. Zesters

    Thread [ROM] Official ICS 4.0.4 V30B AT&T Full 4G Works

    Hi everybody i announce the new ics to ourselves, all works good and full 3d support. You can download here: V30B_00 ICS OFFICIAL RELEASE in a moment i upload the bin files ;)
  31. muppetmania

    Thread Hong Kong N7105ZHDMB1 / N7105ZZHDMB1 released on Kies!

    Now I just need to get into the queue.
  32. Huggogguh

    Thread [Q] CyanogenMod 10 for Nexus 10?

    Hey guys, I've been looking forwards to the Nexus 10 ever since it was announced and I've recently ordered the 32GB model, should be here before Christmas. I've always been a huge fan of CM10 on other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and was wondering if there was a planned release for CM10...
  33. Crithian

    Thread [Q] Should I release it?

    Edit wrong section sorry, moving it to general
  34. N

    Thread What are the names for ROM releases and what do they mean?

    I have heard these so far: Beta, Alpha, RC, Nightly, and Stable. I honestly have no clue what these mean, other than stable, and if you could provide a link or some info it would be appreciated. ;)
  35. H3XAPL3X

    Thread New Release !!!!????!!!!

    Just wondering .. are there any ETA's as to when we're going to get a working ICS/JB rom ? like the kernel source has been out for like 2 weeks now .. I thought every developer would be jumpinnn right on that .... Thoughts ?
  36. S

    Thread [Q] Acro S... Where to get?

    I would love to get an Acro S but sadly, it will not be released in Germany. So where and since when can you get the Acro? Perhaps there is a neighbouring country where I can import it from.
  37. P

    Thread No solid date on next nexus yet?

    Cant find anything on it. Im looking for a used Nexus to replace my crappy LG 3D (probably the last lg I ever buy) but the phone is almost a year old and I dont see why they wouldn't release a new one sometime before christmas and to help kick the dirty apple in the butt.
  38. K

    Thread Elite ROM Summer 2011 Release (Links and Information UPDATED 8/10/2012)

    Dear Members, In a world rapidly dominated by the horrors of PPCGeeks, Windows Mobile 6.5, "Windows Mobile 7", and Apple Operating System, the need increasingly arises for the community to have a useful solution to all its ROM needs. I believe the answer to the world's problems (at least on HTC...
  39. R

    Thread 4.1

    Does anyone know if and when asus is going to release 4.1?
  40. Kumabjorn

    Thread Considering purchase - any rumors?

    I was "test driving" the GN in Samsung's flagship store in Sratford on a recent trip. I was very impressed with its abilities and my understanding is that an ICS upgrade is in the works. Before I make the jump though I'm curious as to any rumours about a Galaxy Note II. It has been out for more...
  41. S

    Thread [APP News] Google Drive Now Available!

    Google Drive for Android No more rumors, the expected storage service Google's cloud is a reality. Few minutes ago has just been introduced in partnership Google Drive, and today is already operating for the benefit of users. Google Drive is betting the company's search engine for storage in...
  42. valdesr11

    Thread Skype Developement

    Has anyone heard anything regarding the development of Swype? I wanted to give it a shot again but I couldn't find it on xda and I wanted to see if anyone has heard of an ETA for the official release. Edit: Just realized I named the thread Skype instead of Swype, I also put it in the wrong...
  43. usaff22

    Thread [ROM]Cyanogenmod 7.2 RC1 for the HTC Wildfire

    Hi Wildfirers (if there is such a word :)) As no one could download the update from the official website, Jakub.G seems to have downloaded his copy, so he has asked me to give the link that he has uploaded to mediafire himself at the following link as he cannot post in the dev section (10 posts...
  44. CruiseMod

    Thread [ICS] RELEASE R99(HSPA OFF) [solved]

    In Gingerbread to RELEASE R99(HSPA OFF), you had to enter *#301279# to access the menu. In ICS (ICECREAM) (found it with try&error) you can do exactly the same with *#*#301279#*#*
  45. M

    Thread [Q] HTC Titan 2 UK release date?

    I am trying to find out when and if the HTC Titan 2 will be released in the UK. The US release date is 18th March 2012, but there is nothing on a UK release date
  46. zZDave_Stud

    Thread Official ICS Release for Rezound

    Talked to a Verizon rep today and was told the official ICS release for the Rezound is to be the first week of March!
  47. M

    Thread [Q] Will CyanogenMod 9 [ICS] on Fascinate be far behind like CM7

    Does anyone know if a stable CM9 for Fascinate will be released far behind the release for other phones? Similar to CM7? Or will stable builds be released at the same time for all CM supported devices?
  48. G

    Thread [ROM] Droid Bionic Webtop Natty Narwhal for Lapdock (pre-release)

    Hello All, I am currently in the process of finishing up my alpha release of of my webtop ROM. I currently have Maverick Ubuntu and Gnome running seamlessly (not Gnome-panel, Gnome!). I am in the process of sorting the distribution upgrade to Natty. I will update this thread so you know where I...
  49. A

    Thread Sony Ericsson Dev blog post: ICS build release process

    There's a Sony Ericsson dev blog post here: This explains in great detail the process of developing from the ICS source code (released by Google on Nov 14th) to releasing the...
  50. Alaq

    Thread *Dead* But read the OP and click the links for!

    Yea, don't post here about anything, don't support here. Read this and GO TO THE RIGHT THREAD: Thanks upndwn4par! Regards guys!