1. diegonnc

    Thread [ROM][7.0][N920C/G/I/K/L/S] XStock NE

    So guys here am i once again , havent abandoned you ;) , many were asking for xstock with some new nougat flavour so here it is. I will be slowly improving , as some of you know i dont own note 5 anymore (my current device is S7 edge) , but i shared so many good moments on note 5 forum , then...
  2. LeeDroid

    Thread [ROM] LeeDrOiD 10 V5.3.3 - R9 - June 26th 2019 | Oreo | Fast | Stable | Shortcutter

    Come into the light & see what LeeDrOiD can do for you!! All carriers supported! My stuff, has been kicking around longer than your stuff... be it hacks, mods, tweaks or ideas, I don't complain that it's spread wider than a porn stars legs. we are all open source developers with the...
  3. Wonders_Never_Cease

    Thread Dev 7.0 Nougat ROM Release 3/28/2018 (Discontinued)

  4. Fizzig

    Thread The Nexus 6P - Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?

    My Note 3 is dying and I'm looking around for my next daily driver. I've got kids so money and time mean I've got to get the best stock phone I can without rooting, and get it right first time. I'm really interested in the 6P, but watching YouTube vids it seems to be two-faced: it's perfect or...
  5. C

    Thread [Q] Most stable bare-bones ROM to use EVO as IP Webcam?

    I'm looking for a very stable ROM to use my now deactivated EVO to run the IP Webcam software full-time. I've tried running the latest stock rooted ROM but every once in a while it hangs. Would an AOSP rom be any more stable? I only need wifi and to run this one app. Ideally I'd like to have...
  6. guido3300

    Thread [Q] Fast Sense 4.1 ROM

    Hey guys I've been using InsertCoin 9.7.0 since there is not JB RUU for my CID yet and I was surprised with the responsivness and stability of the ROM, the only letdown for me was the annoying JB flying animation that came by default (there's no option ro remove it and couldn't find a fix...
  7. I

    Thread ANONOROM | EMC3 | 13/04 | Back with a Vengence | v25.1 | Live !

    Undergoing a redesign !!
  8. renaud

    Thread [KERNEL] [GPL] [4.3] FuguMod kernel (3.0.101) (open, stable, reliable and secure)

    FuguMod kernel is now available for the Galaxy Nexus. It has been reported to work both on GSM and CDMA versions. But I can only test it on GSM version myself. You can download them at: Source and changelog can be found here...
  9. J

    Thread [Q] wifi tether success???

    I am running ec05 urban regeneration 1.2 and running wifi tether version 3.0-pre3 and it has been the most stable, but things like, if it is plugged into the charger and I unplug it the phone reboots, stopping the wireless tether causes the phone to reboot, and my phone hitting 100% on the...
  10. ginco95

    Thread [ROM] AGA-ROM v2.2 FINAL [GB 2.3.3] [UPDATED 19/02/2012 22.30 GMT+1]

    Ladies and gentlemen, after a month of work the AGA-team is glad to present you.... AGA ROM Aga-Rom is a ROM born to be stable and simultaneously fluid with a good battery-life. So why i have to install this rom? Here there are some features 2.2 FINAL 19/02/2012 1)Fixed Radio FM shutdown...
  11. Wolfbreak

    Thread WB-XPERIA TW 009 out | Look at this SonyEhh | Theme, Tweaks & Extra's | 23/7/2011 |

    WB-XPERIA TW 009 out | Look at this SonyEhh | Theme, Tweaks & Extra's | 23/7/2011 | Wolf TW | Look at this SonyEhh | Theme, Tweaks & Extra's | Included with Wolf TW Instructions for fresh Install: Go to xRecovery and make a back-up of your current ROM (optional but I suggest it...
  12. spookamiester

    Thread What is the best ROM for the G1? (Stable, battery, performance)

    My friend has a G1 and wants me to give it a boost. Which ROM would I be best putting on his phone? (preferably FroYo and with A2SD) Need as much stability as possible so once it's done, it's done and I won't have to do it all again. I'm a DHD user (Leedroid 2.2.2) so that's the kind of...
  13. Phoenix-Lead

    Thread Phoenix---->UPDATE IN PROGRESS!

    [LEFT]PHOENIX UNLEASHED JS8 Its not just a rom, its a Cauldron of Awesomeness!! WINNING!!! It's that time again, Team Phoenix has now brought you Phoenix version Ultimate JS7!! This is the same great Phoenix ROM everyone knows and loves plus so much more! Screen Shots DOWNLOAD PHOENIX...
  14. mskip

    Thread [TUT] Flashing your First GSM USA 1024LEO ONLY!! (For Noobs)

    This Guide is only for T-Mobile USA HD2 with 1024 Mbytes ROM (1024LEO) The ModelID for this version of HD2 is PB811200 If you have a LEO with 512MB ROM then please use *THIS* guide. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE READ THE FAQ BEFORE POSTING. PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION IN THIS GUIDE...
  15. J

    Thread Language Translator

    Hi, i was wondering if anybody had a reliable language translator application for their dash that i can use on Ricky's WM6.1 if there's one out there, can anybody give me a link to it? that would be sweeeet thanks guys