1. EaseRider

    Thread Relock bootloader on LOS microG

    Hello all I desperately try to relock my bootloader but failed many times and I am shortly before giving up. I was once on a locked bootloader on LOS but camera didn't work. (Couldn't reproduce) Maybe you see something I missed out / didn't understand. The main reason is, that some apps like...
  2. B

    Thread Question Who knows how to short the test points to enter the Qualcomm EDL flash mode

    My Edge s bricked several days ago, Technical support said that there is no way to flah it back, except replace the motherboard, but the fees are high enought that you can buy a new one, so i give up, Today I disassembled the phone and tried to find the short test points to enter the EDL mode...
  3. thardy00

    Thread Unlocking bootloader once again after locking it.

    Hi! I've been following this thread and everything gone fine. I converted to global, then did OTA and after that I've relocked my bootloader. Everything is okay but I would like to root my phone now. Hence I need to unlock bootloader again but old unlock code seems not working and I cannot get...
  4. R

    Thread Re-Lock bootloader on the device itself

    Hello, I would like to reset my device to factory settings (original OS, bootloader locked) before I send it in for repair, but the USB-C port no longer works properly, so I have a question: Original image is back on, but bootloader is unlocked. A simple fastboot oem lock is accordingly not...
  5. D

    Thread (Guide) Relock Bootloader/Back To Stock.

    This guide is for those who are on unlocked bootloader/custom roms and want to go back to realme UI 1.0 and relock Needless to say, me, and the makers of realme flash-tool and TWRP/other recoveries wouldn't be responsible for any damage caused to your device. Having said that, this method has...
  6. G

    Thread Did anyone try to relock bootloader with patched Magisk boot image?

    I am wondering if I should root my new device, but I'd like to keep the security benefits too (and SafetyNet might need locked bootloader in the near future), so I would only do it if relocking is possible. Has anyone tried to relock the bootloader after patching with Magisk and signing the...
  7. D

    Thread Relocking Bootloader [Deen]

    1.Make Sure You've Backed up your Data 2.All Data Will Lost 3.Download Relock.rar 4.Extract 5.Make sure you are using latest Version of Stock ROM(Only) 6.Boot into Fastboot Mode 6.Run Relock.bat 8.Boot Into Fastboot 7.Run Fs.bat 8.Reboot 8.Your phone may go to Encrypted Lock ( Got to Recovery...
  8. X

    Thread Unroot / Relock

    I unlocked my S2 to test some other roms... But now, my bank application don't want to work because my device is rooted .... I think application want to say "device is unlocked", because I never root my device. And also, if I flash the official MIUI rom, I have the same issue.... Is that...
  9. P

    Thread Relocking the bootloader

    Hi, I've unlocked my bootloader in order to install TWRP. I found a couple of references in the how-to about "re-locking" it: "Q1: How to relock the bootloader?" "Q3: Will it affect future OTAs after unlocking? Secure user data partition may also become inaccessible and you will not be able...
  10. S

    Thread Back to stock, relock bootloader problem waiting for device

    Hi, i used Miflash in edl mode to get back to stock rom. after flash and reboot I used the recovery mode to do a factory reset. It seems to work. It shows Android Recovery, but the bootloader is still unlocked. What mode do I need to enter to use the "fastboot oem lock" command? I always see...
  11. sergiomc22

    Thread Relock bootloader for Widevine L1

    Hi, is there a way to relock bootloader, so my Mi9 Global Stock, got L1 Widevine? I only got L3. Thanks.
  12. |||||

    Thread Bootloader relock after Bootloader was unlocked? & Boot Warning Screen Removal?

    Hi Guys, So i rooted my S10 and got TWRP installed. But for me it is still unclear, what to do about the first message, that appears when you restart your phone. Here: Any Way to remove that? And also I hear from people they somehow relock their bootloader again. Didn't understand this step...
  13. tys0n

    Thread [Unlock / Relock] Bootloader

    If you want to unlock bootloader, just follow the motorola guide. For trouble shooting or more info about how to get your "cid" and see if it's unlockable , have a look here. If you want to relock it: fastboot oem lock ... (bootloader) WARNING: This command erases all user data. (bootloader)...
  14. hooooossamq

    Thread [SLOVED]Re-locking win10 problem

    i have lumia 640 xl rm-1067. i did unlocked the bootloader on win10.0.14393.1066 and i make a full backup using WI v2.6. but i want to re-locking the bootloader after i restore my backup.but when i do re-locking bootloader the phone start with a blue screen and bootloop after hang for 2 or 3...
  15. freeZbies

    Thread Official Oreo 8.1.0 OPP28.85-16 Fastboot Firmware (and how to relock BL with it).

    Someone managed to get the RSD Secure link for the FASTBOOT files of the final Oreo 8.1 release for RETAIL Moto G5/cedric. With these files you'll be able to update to official oreo, relock your bootloader or simply go back to stock. Using the guide I'll write below you'll be able to flash it...
  16. teloklavo

    Thread Huawei MATE 10 lite RNE-L23C605 (HARD BRICK) HELP¡

    HELLO PEOPLE, I need your help, I have a mate 10 RNE-L23, which had the [ROM] [MorfuZ V3.4] EMUI 8.0 Kangvip Mate 10 Lite of Catuva21, lite-t3784834 * which...
  17. simply F

    Thread [HELP NEEDED] How to make Xperia services work again after bootloader relock?

    Hi I'm asking for help here because on Xperia XA1 thread there aren't lots of developers, so no one answered me. I've unlocked bootloader, but later I've discovered that TWRP wasn't available for my phone, so I've decided to relock bootloader. After resetting the phone, Xperia services didn't...
  18. P

    Thread Just a few doubts regarding Bootloader and rooting

    Hey guys, I'm new to the Redmi forums, I've been on XDA since 2012 and have been using mainly Xperia devices. So just had a few doubts regarding this phone(bought it last week) I read about the procedure to unlock the bootloader and everything. 1. I know unlocking will void my warranty, but...
  19. W

    Thread Relock the bootloader or not?

    I've successfully flashed my first ROM. My purpose in doing so was to get the monthly Android security updates, and more broadly have my phone as secure as practical. In that vein, can I safely relock the bootloader? Should I? I am aware that many (most?) people here choose to keep the...
  20. DrJoint1991

    Thread Bootloader relock without TA partition

    As title says, is it possible? I tried to unlock bootloader even with message saying "Bootloader unlock: No" and it worked. I didnt expect this to happend and I've lost TA partition. Most stupid move I've ever made. Now I'm wondering about possibility of relocking without TA. I dont really care...
  21. C

    Thread FRP locked in bootloader, fail to relock bootloader and no recovery

    Hello, i open this post since i think i'm not the first nor the last to experience this problem, so maybe we can think something new about it. The problem: Phone unrooted with stock recoveries and boot but not able to relock (error, denied: root type is risk), and at the same time the FRP on...
  22. M

    Thread Relock Mot G5/G5 PLUS BOOTLOADER EASILY

    Hey guys so i noticed alot of people are facing problems locking the bootloader so i thought i would share a video tutorial showing how to relock it Y5gtITfzLH4
  23. E

    Thread [Q] Bootloader Locking/Unlocking, Stock ROM Backup with minimum changes

    Hello people. Recently i got my first qualcomm device redmi-4x (v8.2.12.0) global (previously i used/worked-for mtk devices), and from past few days i have been reading/learning about this qualcomm device. I have checked almost all redmi-4x forums (miui, xda, 4pda etc) and still have some...
  24. C

    Thread Relock, back to stock for warranty. Touchscreen malfunctioning

    Relock, back to stock for warranty. Touchscreen malfunctioning Hi, I unlocked my bootloader and have TWRP installed. I really need a dumbed down explanation on how to restore everything to get a warranty repair. I cannot use the touchscreen, I was talking on my phone and wiped sweat off the...
  25. R

    Thread Oneplus 3 bootloader vulerabilities: is it possible to flash rooted system image?

    I came across a mention of two vulnerabilities in Oneplus 3 bootloader ( which are said to have been patched in OS4.0.2 (partly) and 4.0.3 (fully). However, I am wondering if it may be possible to: * Downgrade to a version below...
  26. C

    Thread Restore to factory bootloader and stock rom?

    Hello, I purchased a Fire HDX 7 (Thor) from Amazon Warehouse Deals. It had FireOS on it which I downgraded to, then unlocked bootloader, rooted and flashed TWRP and CM 12.1. Unfortunately, I discovered later on that the screen has some hardware issues (pixel errors) which can...
  27. A

    Thread Bootloader Mystery

    Welp now that safetynet checks the bootloader, I have to lock it to continue using android pay etc (non-rooted device). I'm getting conflicting reports, so I was hoping someone here can solve this mystery. Does relocking the bootloader automatically wipe the device? Thanks
  28. exiledmigz

    Thread Relocking Bootloader in Custom rom

    Lmao Is it possible to relock bootloader when you're currently using custom rom?im thinking of relocking it to avoid random freezes :x
  29. Ariel

    Thread After flashing Chinese AL10 to L29 NXT-C900B133 what stock ROM can I use?

    I've reasonably scoured the Mate 8 section looking for what ROM to use to convert my NXT-C900B133 to a locked, stock version and avoid the problems with the phone being unlocked and untrusted, not to mention not receiving OTA updates. There are pages and pages of questions and answers, but I...
  30. hmnk

    Thread [Q] Re-locking the Bootloader after availing Root access is possible??

    Dear all, As far as my understanding goes, unlocking the bootloader will disable data encryption making the device less secure; will it then be possible to relock the bootloader after gaining root access, i.e. use a device with full root functionality with a locked bootloader?? Thank you...
  31. hardcoremildred

    Thread How many of you did unlock their bootloader?

    Hello, I had the impression of plenty of people unlocking their BL, like far more than 90%. Now, as I thought about it, it came to my mind that I could be totally wrong about that. Till now I thought, to unlock BL is like the normal thing to do, and maybe to relock if DRM was needed or DRM...
  32. L

    Thread Problems relocking bootloader

    Hi, I'm having update problems after unlock bootloader, and when I try to relock, I get this error: fastboot oem relock XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (my code) ... FAILED (remote: root type is risk) finished. total time: 0.788s I have tryed with b100, with b121... in all cases, same error... Any ideas...
  33. arnabJ

    Thread [Solved] How to Re-lock Bootloader and go back to stock?

    Hello, I want to relock the bootloader and go back to stock. I tried flashing stock firmware using fastboot. fastboot oem lock begin flashed stock firmware fastboot oem lock But Bootloader is still unlocked. I got message as first flash full stock system. Something like that. Don't remember as...
  34. D

    Thread [QUESTION] do i need to ReLock my bootloader?

    i for now just want to stick to Android 5.1.1 on my sprout8/srpout_b. my mobile is rooted, with xposed. and my Device bootloader is Unlocked. so what is the benefit if LOCKED bootloader? after rooting i have never ReLocked it, so was wonder what is the dangers of unlocked bootloader?
  35. rootdefyxt320

    Thread [FTF]Relock Xperia E1 Bootloader

    Should work for all variants of Xperia E1. The preset.ta was based of Blagus work except I repacked it to FTF with the correct Xperia E1 loader.sin. Here it is:
  36. koolcat7

    Thread Returning HTC M8 for replacement (via asurion), need to unroot, un s-off, and re lock

    Hey everyone. I have an HTC M8 that has s-off, unlocked using HTCDev. Rooted by using "Sunshine S-off" application. Have also changed roms. I am having issues with the phone charging. I'm pretty sure the charger port is loose because its real touchy and charges very slow. Anyways, I have ordered...
  37. ginco95

    Thread [NOT WORKING] ReLock bootloader for ZE551ML

    After some research on internet and xda i decided to try to relock my bootloader with the information provided by RealYoti, and this is how i did without causing a war conflict a Cthulhu evocation or a burning Zenfone Anyway follow this guide at your own risk, turn on your brain and everything...
  38. D

    Thread Relocking the bootloader

    I've always used flashtool to relock the bootloader and it has gone without problems every.single.time... until now... I want to relock the bootloader so I can use the DRM Restore Mod (I was one of the early adopters that unlocked the bootloader to flash recovery before we figure out that you...
  39. M

    Thread [Q] Relocking Bootloader S-On

    Ok, Phone is rooted, running TWRP recovery. I want to go back to stock. I have been reading about RUU and seems simple enough. I downloaded the most recent RUU 4.28 I believe. Now I need to relock the bootloader. I am S-On. I have seen threads saying I have to run a simple command and it will...
  40. goateegauti

    Thread [Q] Relock Bootloader Failed! :(

    I am trying to relock Moto E. While doing so, I am stuck at this error "preflash validation failed". My phones speaker stopped working so getting back to stock to give it to service center. I can just flash Stock 4.4.4 without relocking bootloader but while trying to relock, almost all the imgs...
  41. S

    Thread unlock bootloader again

    I unlock my bootloader and than re-locked, and now in want to unlock bootloader again but i can't. Someone can help me please.... Sorry for my bad english.
  42. squid2

    Thread A warning about bootloader relocking

    Just a heads up to those who may attempt relocking an unlocked bootloader: As you probably know, the new Moto E required you to enable bootloader unlocking in the Android developer options menu before you can run the fastboot oem unlock XXXXX command. Unlocking the bootloader wipes the frp...
  43. C

    Thread [Q] After Update to 5.1, Re-lock Bootloader?

    Due to organizational requirements the bootloader needs to be locked. So, here go the questions: After flashing factory image (5.1.0 (LMY47E), is it safe to re-lock bootloader? And when, after the final reboot and before setup? And, will the command, fastboot oem lock, wipe EVERYTHING off the...
  44. C

    Thread [Q] Issues locking the bootloader

    I had some problems recently and decided to unroot. I followed the instructions available in the forums and finally got it all sorted out. I didn't get any errors in the process but the bootloader is still unlocked, as evidenced by the startup warning. When I use "oem lock begin" and "oem lock"...
  45. E

    Thread [Q] Relock bootloader and then go back to v10f

    I am trying to sell this phone. Because I dont want that somebody take this phone to service and that they discovers unlocked bootloader. Now, in locking-unlocking app it is said that I have to be on rooted v20 (4.1 android). Can I do that and with locked bootloader flash v10f that came...
  46. musab

    Thread How to relock your bootloader [tut]

    Aslaam Alaikom.."Hi" I tried this way and it work 100% and I get my stock phone 100% and locked bootloader YOU NEED.. 1) Flashtool last verson LINK 2) File FTF Which acceptable to you THEN.. install flashtool then open it copy your ftf file into smething like this "by...
  47. tonyf7

    Thread [Q] How do I unroot and relock bootloader on VZW Developer Edition Moto X?

    How do I unroot and relock bootloader on VZW Developer Edition Moto X? This is what I know from my own research so far. 1. Mototola has released stock images which can be requested here. That's about all I know... Ideally I'd like a tutorial or video for doing this. Motorola says on their...
  48. V

    Thread [Q] A newbie question about rooting & unlocking

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the Nexus world, I have already flashed my Galaxy S4 and S2, and I did flash my Asus Transformer, but I am completely new to this. When you say that in order to relock your bootloader you just have to send a command through fastboot, will this leave the bootloader as...
  49. T

    Thread [Q] Problems going back to stock

    Hey all, So I'm sending my Rezound back to Verizon as a warranty replacement, and today I tried to revert it to stock. It was rooted, S-OFF, with Infected ROM installed (based off CM10.1.2). However, the re-lock process didn't work correctly. I received the below error in the command prompt when...
  50. SharpnShiny

    Thread Delete

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