1. T

    Thread Question Help needed Unlock/Lock Bootloader & Root/Unroot Nord 2T

    Hi I'm looking for a remote service for Nord 2T? Please message me if you think you can help.
  2. D

    Thread Finding IR Code for TV

    I own several Fire Stick 4Ks and have always found it very easy to program the remote to control my TV. However, a while back, I bought a JVC LT58EC3508 TV and have not been able to program the remote to turn the TV on/off. Choosing the JVC brand in the Fire Stick's list of TV brands does not...
  3. P

    Thread PSA: Using a remote unlocking service for your Moto One 5G Ace may cause the bootloader to be permanently locked.

    TL;DR: Don’t use a remote unlock service if you want to still be able to unlock your bootloader. DISCLAIMER: I don’t recommend or endorse any of the vendors or tools mentioned in this post. I’m simply mentioning them in the interest of full transparency. I recently bought a refurbished...
  4. H

    Thread Tcl p615 remote

    Hi friends. My p615 remote sometimes doesn't respond. Sometimes When I press a single button, it feels like I pressed it 4-5 times. What is the solution? (tv is new, change battery, factory reset not solution) firmware v650

    Thread Control KODI sound through Amazon Firestick remote (1st gen)

    Hello everyone, I am running KODI on my Firestick on a LG tv, which passes the sound through optical to a soundbar. Unfortunately I cannot control the sound level through the Firestick remote, but only through the soundbar's remote. However, for VLC videos the Firestick remote works fine also...
  6. Michael Trávníček

    Thread Monitoring mobile system functions

    Hi I have one important question, I am working on project to school and my purpose is to monitor mobile system functions both on Android and IOS like CPU, memory usage... while using certain applications. Do you know about any method, how I could acurately monitor these things. I tried some...
  7. B

    Thread Locate the remote config file for zaza remote app nonrooted phone

    I have been using USB-C IR Blaster on my android phone, I m unable to find remote config for LaCie PlayHD, Current remote damaged beyond repair, hence can't even create DIY remote, So I want to edit the cfg file of the diy remote manually from the info available from lirc info available from...
  8. x2k13

    Thread [Fire TV Stick 4K] How to remove remote controls (adb/no root)?

    Hey guys, Has anyone an idea how to completely remove already paired/linked (App-)remote controls without factory-resetting the whole Fire TV Stick 4K (as described in the manual and several places on the web)? I can't believe there's no option to do this via adb/console. Is there? Share your...
  9. A

    Thread Smartphone as Bluetooth Remote ?

    Hi, Is it possible to use an Application or something, that could utilise Bluetooth hardware of a smartphone and enable it to function as Fire Tv / Fire tv stick Remote. I came upon various apps on playstore that acts as remote, if both fire tv / fire tv stick are connected to same wifi network...
  10. bigoliver

    Thread Stupid question, how does the ir blaster work.?

    I've not had an ir blaster on a phone in over 10 years. I assume it's so you can use the phone as a remote control, and if so, how? The instruction that came with the phone are very basic and the ir blaster is not mentioned. Thanks, Oliver
  11. D

    Thread The camera app ... controls my soundbar volume??

    Please bear with me, I'm not kidding and this is the weirdest stuff. I have a nice tv in my living room, but the sound is 'just' a Katana X soundbar that I used to connect to my PC in the past. Recently I noticed something completely bizarre: I was trying to take a cat pic (cat sitting in front...
  12. E

    Thread PS4 remote play + root help

    Has anybody been able to get the PS4 remote play app to work while rooted? I've tried adding it to the magisk hide list and even installed the PS4 remote play framework module and it still won't work. But if I uninstall magisk, it works perfectly.
  13. I

    Thread [GUIDE] Fully Remote Control Your Amazon FireTV / FireTV Stick (No Root Needed!)

    So you want to fully remote control your device, You will be able to see the screen of your Amazon device on your computer and you can use your keyboard & Mouse to interact with your device. I tested this process on the 4K firestick , T95Q Android box and also the Xiaomi Mi Box S. Steps...
  14. P

    Thread Bluetooth remote on Joying custom rom

    I've got a Joying headunit with this custom rom installed. I succesfully can pair this bluetooth remote with it, but when trying to change the volume, a different volume indicator is changing, like a stock volume. Is there any way to let this remote function on the Joying volume? or to let the...
  15. F

    Thread What process is

    BBS shows me on the processes which have eaten much battery this process, but I can't find anything online and I mean it was 2 h active. (See image below)
  16. A

    Thread [APP][6.0+] Remote Fingerprint Unlock - unlock your Windows PC with your fingerprint

    Hello guys! Tired of typing your password each time you want to unlock your computer? After months of work, I have finally launched my project, Remote Fingerprint Unlock, which allows you to remotely wake up and unlock your Windows computer with a single fingerprint tap! Features: • Simple...
  17. Modesis

    Thread Joying PX5 + Bluetooth Remote control (??)

    Hi all, i'm searching for a way to pair a simple bluetooth remote control (volume +, volume - and next prev track) with my joying head unit, this is what i know about it: px5-userdebug 8.0.0 OPR5.170623 eng.bsp.20180427.173700 test-keys APP 1024X600 2018-04-27 CPU: ARM CORTEX-A53 eight-core...
  18. O

    Thread How to fix fastboot remote error on OP6?

    OnePlus 6 current OS unknown (probably 5.1.5) stock recovery Hi all, since I obviously hard-bricked my OP6 recently, the only thing that the phone does is booting directly into the bootloader. Current status: PS C:\Android> fastboot oem device-info ... (bootloader) Verity mode: true...
  19. L

    Thread [HELP] Features Missing after unlocking bootloader

    Well although I planned to unlock bootloader after a few months I decided to grab the opportunity when unlock page started working and with the ultimatum by Huawei about providing unlock codes, but ever since I unlocked and fixed multiple boot loops I noticed few apps and features are now...
  20. Lixx

    Thread Smart Controller

    Hey all - I got my P20 Pro a few days ago and removed some of the Huawei apps. One of them was the Smart Controller. I can't seem to find it on the app store and a bit of searching has shown it's a Huawei app. Does any one have the APK for it that they could share please? I've found the APK for...
  21. L

    Thread Removed

    MOD EDIT: removed
  22. D

    Thread Intercepting all key from an IR remote (1-9, ABXY, etc)?

    Hello there, I was trying these days to get the Shield TV to do some home automation stuff for me based on the buttons I pressed on my universal IR remote. And, since the IR remote (a OneFor All 7980) has a device definition copied from a Logitech Harmony (I think this is the only way to get...
  23. R

    Thread LeEco Letv Remote Control App

    LeEco Letv Remote Control App flashable zip download : Make Sure your Selinux Mode is Permissive.
  24. R

    Thread LeEco Letv Remote Control App

    LeEco Letv Remote Control App flashable zip download : Make Sure your Selinux Mode is Permissive.
  25. Forssound

    Thread Test Infrared

    Hi there, upon installation of a new TV and reprogramming the remote it seems that I cant control my Android TV shield anymore via Infrared. Is there a way to test if the commands arrive? I don't want to root my device. In linux there was irw but I have no clue if it will work under Android ...
  26. mrYoussef135

    Thread [APP] [4.1+] Eradoo- Erase your data when phone is lost or stolen ** PROMO CODES **

    Eradoo Eradoo will let you erase all your phone data remotely when your device is lost or stolen, and without internet connection. Eradoo provides multiple ways to wipe automatically your phone data : ✓ By sending an SMS ✓ When removing the SIM card ✓ When replacing the SIM card ✓...
  27. R

    Thread Remotely querying / obtaining a handset location using GPS and cell-triangulation

    I want to be able to get position/location from a remote Andriod phone either via Internet or by text messages (SMS). If the remote phone has data connection, can I log in remotely, say, via some SSH? And possibly installing some system apps (like BusyBox) or some web server? Or is there a...
  28. R

    Thread IR Remote App

    Hi all, I'm sure not everyone uses the IR blaster and the quick remote app but here's to those who use it daily. The LG quick remote app, isn't really that quick - no widget, or quick access from your homescreen, afaik. Other apps I use to find handy was the anymote but somehow, it shows that...
  29. 4

    Thread Le Remote Control app not working after debloating.

    Does anyone know which components are needed for Le Remote Control App? After debloating apps that came with the original CN rom, Le Remote Control is not functioning. App launches fine but it gives me "unable to initialize" message. I must have deleted separate system apk that is needed for...
  30. mrchezco1995

    Thread Does Powershell access work on W10M?

    I'm just curious about powershell on W10M since W10 IoT and W10M shares some stuffs. If we can remotely connect powershell on IoT, then I wonder if we can do the same on W10M. Currently I'm trying it right now but it keeps throwing this error. So any ideas if this is possible? Sent from...
  31. G

    Thread [Q] Android phone as controller for AndroidTV (like WiiMote)

    Hi. I have one question. Can i control Android TV using Android Smartphone using motion sensor in phone like remote in Wii? (i mean full system, not only selected games) Is it possible? Phone can be rooted, TV not. (TV has locked system partition in bootloader) You know, like this game...
  32. J

    Thread Steering wheel music remote for Android phone?

    Local driving laws are changing, so I can't touch my android phone while on the road. I'm looking for a way to skip music tracks forward or back. Note my car cigarette lighter jack is broken, and I'm using a 3.5mm audio cable from my Nexus 5 headphone jack to AUX IN on my car stereo. I'm...
  33. Chamelleon

    Thread MH-750 Headset - Simple Mod

    Hi, I just modded my original MH-750 headset for Z3c by replacing speakers from cheap but powerful earbuds VE Monk to original headset. I made simple description on my blog I made it in Polish but You can use...
  34. konradit

    Thread [APP] WearSlides, presentation remote for Wear

    I decided to create a simple presentation controller for Android Wear devices, free and open source of course! Features: Previous slide and Next slide controls 5 min timer Python script (needs Flask, ctypes, etc...) Standalone .exe (WIP) Haptic feedback You can download the python (hard way)...
  35. deksiberu

    Thread [ask] how to control another android phones via wifi

    Hello There... tried to find answer on the internet but cant have one :) i wanna control my other android phone from my main android phone over wifi (direct) lets say to take photos, shoot videos, etc.. completely control my phone. i expect to see controlled phone's screen on my main android...
  36. M

    Thread remote control app for TV using Infra-red not WiFi?

    Is there any remote control app for TV using Infra-red not WiFi?
  37. H

    Thread HTC sense tv

    Hi I need HTC sense tv to use it on my HTC mini + bluetooth or else it won't work is there any way I can get it without updating to peel.
  38. W

    Thread NP remote disconnected every a couple days???

    hi all the NP recently got android M installed. but the new firmware doesn't seem like working with remote well. it disconnects the remote after a couple of days usage. reboot NP, usually it will connect back. but sometimes, need to delete the pair and repair again. it doesn't happen when NP...
  39. C

    Thread Bluetooth Remote for phone calls (mic), music control

    Hi there, I'm trying to find a bluetooth remote that sticks to my steering wheel and: Has a microphone for phone calls Connects via bluetooth and fits to my steering wheel (to use with the right hand while driving) Let's me: Accept calls, control volume and music (next/prev) Is there...
  40. ThunderStick

    Thread [APP]Hello, Secure your device remotely with SMS

    Hello is an app I developed to let you secure your device using any device or software capable of sending SMS messages. Yes most android devices are capable of using Device Manager, the only problem with this is. It's not a system app and can be removed easily and if not logged in using your...
  41. O

    Thread Configure Wifi without Remote Control

    Ok, I am in a hotel and have tried to plug-in my Fire TV Stick, but it doesn't find my home wifi - no surprise - darn! I've forgot the standard Remote Control!!!! ARGHHH So I configure my phone as a wifi hot spot and name it as my home wifi (with the same password) - voila! I can connect with...
  42. W

    Thread [Q] Does anyone know of a gamepad/remote app?

    Hi, Been googleing for a while on this one, not found anything yet. I'm looking for an app that can emulate a gamepad for my phone. If all it does is emulate a single screen tap that would be fine. The thinking is that I have a plastic Google Cardboard rig that doesn't have the magnet button...
  43. F

    Thread Problem with network file sharing

    Hello, today i tried to setup remote shares that you can find under storage in settings i read tutorial on this website So first of all, my remote shares setup menu is different (see screenshots and if...
  44. M

    Thread [Q] Remote batteries only lasting a week

    Has anyone had any problems with the remote batteries not lasting very long? I've had the player for three weeks and have had to replace the batteries 3 times now! Not sure what's going on
  45. I

    Thread [Q] Broken screen smartphone, Possible remote camera?

    I have an old Samsung Fascinate, And the screen is broken. Is there any way i could use this for a possible remote camera via wifi for recording aerial video or something, or would it just be worth it to fix the screen. The device is running 4.4.4 KitKat GeeWiz rom, rooted, and adb is enabled i...
  46. N

    Thread Headset compatibility - iPhone Earphones, remote and mic

    Hi, after examining some reviews and comparisons of Z3, I liked and plan to buy it. I wonder is it fully compatible with remote&mic headsets for iPhone. Please share if you've ever tried a headset (with remote&mic built for iPhone) with Z3. I appreciate the responses in advance, thanks.
  47. H

    Thread [Q] Enable GPS remotely Samsung Galaxy S4 with KK

    Good afternoon. I have a Samsung galaxy s4 with version 4.4 of android. I have already the phone rooted. I need a solution to allow me to active GPS remotely. I lose my phone frecuently, and always I have the GPS off because of battery drain. Is there any method or application to remotely...
  48. B

    Thread [Q] Full tablet/phone control TeamViewer style?

    Curious to know if you can control an Android tablet or Android phone with one or the other like you would with a phone to the computer? I have a samsung galaxy s4 and a Samsung 12.2 inch pro tablet. Let's say I'm 500 miles away from my tablet while away on a business trip, is it possible to...
  49. shriom_manerker

    Thread [REQ]Nikon ML-L3 Q remote titanium backup universal remote

    I just bought a Nikon D3300 camera and the cam has this IR receiver through which i can take photos wirelesly, the problem is, since its this stupid qremote doesnt have this in its database, can sum1 whos owning a Nikon ML-L3 Remote who has root access on their g2 can provide a titanium backup...
  50. M

    Thread {Feature requests} Allow to assign volume keys on up/down physical buttons.

    On the nexus player remote there are not a lot of keys . Would appreciate the possibility to control volume on up/down keys of the remote (now - controls brightness, that is not needed for tv)