1. perwell

    Thread Remove mails from "sign up" suggestions on android

    Hello, I want to remove unused mail addresses from the android/google pop-up, when I want to log in into some account on some app. I've wasted hours and couldn't find how to remove them.
  2. B

    Thread How To Guide Remove Microsoft Bloat

    In the spirit of removing stubborn pre-installed APKs from freshly unpacked Android devices, I would like to share the apps I removed using adb and the commands used to do so. I personally do not use Office or Bing so these were my primary targets, but I also removed OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook...
  3. M

    Thread [Release] [Windows] ReBloatWare a free tool to bloatware your Android

    Hello everyone, I had written this script before long time... and after I update it today I'm finally releasing it here... it's allows to remove the unnecessary applications using a list that stores unwated applications package's name such as (i.e Google Play Music)... so that will help the...

    Thread remove/disable systemUI in AOSP build

    I building my custom AOSP and would like to remove or disable the systemUI completely. I can achieve this using adb with "pm disable" but I wonder if there is a way to disable it in the aosp build so that its automatically disabled already when flashing my own AOSP build...

    Thread Disable/remove systemUI completely from android build

    I building my custom AOSP and would like to remove or disable the systemUI completely. I can achieve this using adb with "pm disable" but I wonder if there is a way to disable it in the aosp build so that its automatically disabled already when flashing my own AOSP build...
  6. Z

    Thread Question Any solution to remove the annoying bootloader unlocked message ?

    Hi everyone, this question is for developers who have some bases in hexadecimal programming, I would like to know if it is possible to remove the message after unlocking the bootloader, I had an LG V20 H990DS and I had followed the tutorial on this thread and it was working fine, is there a...
  7. S

    Thread [Guide] Instant 10%+ Performance Boost!!! Remove Nubia backdoors,loggers,trackers, etc. ROOT OR TWRP REQUIRED

    Hello everyone today I bring to the table a constantly updated guide. In my free time I will add to this guide my many methods of creating a stock os out of Nubias OS whilst retaining nubias gaming suite,lights, etc. I know many feel cheated on antutu scores because Nubia presented 510k and most...
  8. R

    Thread Samsung SM-G390F - Remove Knox - Root - Firmwares - USB Debugging locked.

    Hi there, I have a Samsung SM-G390F XCover 4 - FCC ID: A3LSMG390F The phone seems to be locked to Samsung MDM, and a policy which is out of my control is stopping me from enabling USB Debugging. I have a problem, i want to remove Knox totally, do a factory reset and return the phone to...
  9. Kkat5242

    Thread Remove old Google Account from Huawei EML-L09

    Hello, I am new to this forum (and also to android); so please forgive me for any mistakes. A few months ago my cousin bought a used Huawei phone, that he couldn't log into with his own email, because the "original" email was needed, that the seller did not provide. According to my cousin the...
  10. Kixhiz

    Thread DELETE THIS.

    Delete this.
  11. x2k13

    Thread [Fire TV Stick 4K] How to remove remote controls (adb/no root)?

    Hey guys, Has anyone an idea how to completely remove already paired/linked (App-)remote controls without factory-resetting the whole Fire TV Stick 4K (as described in the manual and several places on the web)? I can't believe there's no option to do this via adb/console. Is there? Share your...
  12. V

    Thread Debloat - unbloat without Root. What can we delete (and may reinstall later)?

    There a some application on my Redmi Note 8 pro (and other Android Phones too) that i doesn't need. But as they marked als system applications, it is not possible to remove them. So there is a way, to do that. BUT BE CAREFUL! ONLY DELETE WHAT YOU KNOWING. OR CHECK THE POSSIBILITY TO INSTALL YOUR...
  13. Sudeep Duhoon

    Thread [Xiaomi EU Miui-Q] Extreme Debloater

    Moves all the bloats (I don't use) apps from their respective locations to a BloatEX dir in system, maintaining folder hierarchy. You can move back any app to it's default location if you want it back. Flash in recovery (preferred before first boot), zip tested in orangefox recovery. Also flash...
  14. D

    Thread Remove battery percentage from Quick Settings

    Good day, I would like to ask for your support, to help me eliminate the battery percentage from the quick settings; I know that the status bar is from settings/notifications; but this does not eliminate it from quick settings Thanks :good:
  15. HolyChickenGuy

    Thread [Guide] Remove magisk modules without TWRP!

    First of all, this was all made possible by s3axel Now on to the tutorial: Flash s3axel's stock recovery with adb enabled (Tutorial in post) Now you have that, boot into the recovery and put in your security method (pattern, pin, etc) Now open CMD and type "adb shell" To find a specific...
  16. xTPTBx

    Thread [Question] Smali - A way to remove Notifications from an App?

    Hey folks, As you have probably read the title, I have a question regarding using APKTool (by ibotpeaches) to get Smali files for an APK (i was messing around with MX Player for testing purposes) and would like to remove the notifications from this APK. Which classes or methods should I be...
  17. B

    Thread Remove stock luncher on on al-00

    Hi Has anyone found a solution to remove the original launcher and thereby be able to use Nova with the version? Thanks for your brainstorming!
  18. anabhi

    Thread [MOD] Disable Forced Encryption/Data Decrypted [EXP][COS5]

    *Disclaimer * I'm not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this mod * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if...
  19. Tomatot-

    Thread [DEBLOAT] [OOS, Customs] Tomatot Debloater 4.1 (+++Battery, RAM, Privacy)

    Hello guys, Introduction Today is my first step in the android development world. And I'm starting with something very little. I've created this tool for myself but I thought I could share it, as it could be useful to you as well and you could help me to improve it. Big announcements 1)...
  20. C

    Thread How to delete all system files completely?(after full wipe 5GB of files are left.)

    Hi, after full wipe in TWRP I still have a lot of data that I can't get rid of. I suppose that these are encrypted data that were created after the bootloader was unlocked. How can I get rid of this data and whether it is safe to do so?
  21. munchy_cool

    Thread [GUIDE][Video/Text] How to Remove Unlocked Bootloader Warning on Moto X4

    How to Remove Unlocked Bootloader Warning on Moto X4 Shoutout/Credits to xda member AvenidaDelGato for the modified logo bin file. Text Guide. Make sure adb and fastboot are setup and working. Donwload and Unzip the modified logo file. Place logo3.bin in platform-tools folders, or...
  22. jcsww

    Thread Removing Bloatware Via ADB

    I am aware of package disablers and notice how quick these paid apps get removed from the Play Store. I personally prefer to use ADB to remove apps. For most of my non-rooted devices, I keep a list of what I can through ADB. Junk like Facebook, YouTube, Drive, and so on. However, Samsung...
  23. L

    Thread |GUIDE| Remove oreo navbar completely (workaround that works on this date april 2018)

    I've tried every single method here, and nothing did the trick for me, so i found a work around for myself, and decided to share, cause i've been frustated trying and trying after updating to oreo. Assuming you know your work around on ADB commands, and do the basics like turn on immersive...
  24. G

    Thread Remove "Unlocked Bootloader Warning" at boot.

    Hello I'm wondering if anyone has done something similar to this for OnePlus 5 yet? The warning is very annoying. Skickat från min ONEPLUS A5000 via Tapatalk
  25. etecdailey

    Thread Ok, so is yet there any 100% working solution to remove NavBar (not hide!) with root?

    Ok, Hi :) I did unlock bootloader + root, it went ok, i'm om 7.1.1 But non of xposed apps (etc) that i have tested is not working well :( So is there any 100% working (maby some new one) solution to remove NavBar (not hide!) with root? Im my case even Ultimate Dynamic Navbar did not work...
  26. F

    Thread Remove Icon Text Without Nova Launcher

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if there's a way by mod or setting on the Pixel XL where I can remove the text from underneath the icons on the home screen without a custom launcher. Right now I'm using custom icons, but I lose additional app info functionality with the long press using this...
  27. S

    Thread [SOLVED] Need help to remove/uninstall Malware app.. Any suggestion..

    [SOLVED] It was installed in the Secure Folder.. that's why I couldn't find it. I managed to install Avast, and then install it on the Secure Folder. Following that I ran Avast scan inside the secure folder and it found the apk and removed it. Pesky app.. Recently downloaded an apk that locked...
  28. anupritaisno1

    Thread Replacing kingroot with SuperSU

    This guide is intended for a common user and it is assumed that the person has no knowledge of code at all or even what Android is Please keep this in mind while reading this thread It is not in my nature to spoon-feed. Please understand that I can't answer the same question multiple times for...
  29. B

    Thread [FYI] Guide to stock ROM packages

    I see a lot of posts all over with people asking which packages can be safely disabled or removed for any given device or ROM. It's tough to give an easy answer as each person's needs and desires are different. So, I figured I'd share the research that I've done on the Sprint 10's stock ROM's...
  30. T

    Thread Help required to go back to full stock (remove TWRP etc.)

    Hello, I have Fulmics and TWRP installed, but I want to go back to full stock and official recovery. I have a back up of my original ROM, but no back up of the stock recovery (I don't think anyway... what partition is the stock recovery on?). How do I replace TWRP with the stock recovery? I...
  31. Æ

    Thread [Q] Need help removing radio.img

    This is what I tried so far: (From terminal): "su cd /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name dd if=/dev/zero of=./radio" To no avail (keep getting 'not enough space' something) (Fastboot): "Fastbood erase radio radio.img" To no avail "Fastboot erase radio" (It erased something but...
  32. dineshlives

    Thread Remove Whatsapp status feature in Rooted/Non-Rooted android

    Remove Whatsapp status featureRemove Whatsapp status feature Rooted : To Remove Whatsapp status feature 0. Force Stop WhatsApp before proceeding. 1. a. For Root Explorers, open the file ‘/data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/com.whatsapp_preferences.xml‘ b. For SharedPreference Editors, select...
  33. E

    Thread Demo unit => Supercid, restored TRWP stock backup - Demo software still present

    Hi guys I'm having an issue with my M) unit. It's a Demo unit and I have S-OFF using sunshine and SuperCid. Installed TRWP and restored bonesy stock backup, but the demo software is still present. I though changing the CID was enough as CID 02 was triggering it. But it's not the case. Any...
  34. DroidXAce

    Thread Delete/Hide applicaton Contacts from Huawei ?

    Hello, There is a way to remove / hide the Contacts application from Huawei (I do not like it) to replace it with that of Google? It is not possible to disable the Contacts application (such as the Phone application). Thanks.
  35. K

    Thread (APK) Remove gap on the sides notification panel/drop down menu

    Hello guys just want to share a little apk with you. You know the gap on the sides of notification panel/drop down menu do you want to remove it so yes just install the attached apk and its done you can uninstall it any time without problems add ''settings application'' i tested on my own...
  36. H

    Thread [ROOT][Guide]Bypassing Android Password/Pattern/Face/PI (Lollipop-Marshmallow)

    INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Connect phone to computer 2. Open a terminal/cmd window on computer 3. Type: adb devices adb shell cd data/system rm locksettings.db rm locksettings.db-shm Reboot, and boom! Removed :)
  37. K

    Thread (APP) Remove notification panel gap on good lock app

    hello galaxy s6 users if you are using good lock app from samsung you know the ugly gap on the sides of the notification panel if you want to remove that just install the attached apk and restart phone and have a fresh and clean look, no FC no service stop nothing its working 100% just try it...
  38. danalec

    Thread CleanMyXperiaZ2Tablet - Flashable DeBloater (MM 23.5.x compatible)

    --- [ introduction ] this script removes bloatware from Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet with MarshMallow Stock Rom (23.5.x) and should work with all models and regions. initially designed to debloat SGP511, SGP521 & SGP551, it should be the best companion for your prerooted flash image --- [ how to ]...
  39. XEROling

    Thread [Root] Hide "No SIM..." Notification [build.prop]

    Hey there, I was looking for a way to remove the "No SIM Card" notification (which appears for who dont insert a SIM... duh)... so i found a way to hide it by replacing a line in build.prop (First you need to have root access and an app that can access system/build.prop in rw mode) so the line...
  40. K

    Thread Remove personal files securely

    Hi there. So I sell my OPO. Well, i got myself a OP3, mainly because of LTE in Germany (band20) and the dual sim. Someone will buy it on sunday, so by then, I will obviously go through the sticky "[GUIDE] Return your OPO to 100% Stock" My question would be, after I backed my files up on my PC...
  41. H

    Thread [App][3.0+] Root Uninstaller - remove any Package (Installed, Bloatware & System)

    Root Uninstaller - remove any Package (Installed, Bloatware & System) FREE APP & NO ADS Google Play: Root Uninstaller: App Freezer (Package Disabler)...
  42. L

    Thread How can i remove encryption in the phone?

    I have installed the 22-06-2016 release of CM13 in my MotoG3, the phone its encrypted, usually when i go to recovery and i made a clean install the encryption go away, but not now, i tried all i know, but still encrypted, what can i do? Thanks in advance
  43. M

    Thread [Completed] Adware

    Hello, I got an annoying problem, some adware was installed on my S5, and I can't find it, I scanned with several apps and nothing was detected. This is an image, I don't want, if it possible, to flash again the Rom Can someone give me a hand? Thanks in advance.
  44. Sm0k3d 0uT

    Thread Disable Navigation Bar (Disable Soft Keys)

    Does anyone know how to completely disable the navigation bar? I don't mean hide it so that it pops back up when you swipe up, I mean permanently gone. Hiding the the navigation bar right now screws up my theme in Buzz Launcher. Thanks Nevermind I used Gravity Box to remove the navigation bar.
  45. gothy.gothy

    Thread Apps that you can safely to remove

    Hi guys, Let's do a list of the apps that we can safely remove from the 6.01 factory images Or, even better, some categories like: If you want to use such and such facility, don't remove this app. We can use Titanium Backup for uninstall such bloatware apps that come with factory images or...
  46. D

    Thread Timer app, remove number of timers

    In the timer app on my asus ZenWatch 2 (androidwear) I've got a number of timers, they remain after 1x it contains, does anyone know how I know how to remove it? Comes to the standard supplied with timer app on Android Wear 1.4.
  47. T

    Thread Kingroot - how to remove it from my AFTV?

    Hi. In the past few month, I have used my AFTV to watch KODI streams. Now, I have decided to root it ( for USB inputs enablement ). Problem now, The streams cut off after 20-25 minutes. one post told me to remove KINGROOT. I tried to follow youtube regular tutorials, with no help. I have...
  48. Y

    Thread how to remove pre-installed calendar

    hi, any known how to remove the pre-installed calendar app on FlyMe? or how to disable it's notifications?
  49. D

    Thread [SAFE]Freezing/Removing Bloatware on Samsung Android Lollipop

  50. S

    Thread [Q] remove twrp (for warranty)?

    Hi, i have a Thor LTE, rooted with TWRP and with a damaged SIM-Slot (i guess). No SIM-Card works. I reverted to stock rom ( via TWRP Backup (yes, wlan switched off), and even the stock rom says "invalid sim". So i guess, i'll file a warranty request. my Questions: how to remove...