1. pmatthew

    Thread No GPS after screen replacement

    Hi, As topic says, I have replaced the display with a new one (which came with a new frame as well), and after that, everything is working except the GPS. No signal at all. As I was comparing the two frames, I found that there are contact points which are missing on the new (see attached...
  2. S

    Thread Weird screen issue after replacement...

    Hello everyone, please excuse my english, thank you. So i have this Redmi Note 5 Pro since a little while. One day, the phone has fall down so i ordered a new one, i replaced it and voila, the phone worked just fine. Then, it happend that my hand are a little bit too slippery, so i dropped it a...
  3. ZeChat

    Thread Is it possible to replace the wifi card to have one with 802.11ac wifi?

    Hi Would anyone know if it is possible to replace the wifi card of an Asus Zenphone Pro M1 (X00TDB) to have one with 802.11ac wifi? Indeed, I read that its CPU is compatible with this wifi standard: If so, does anyone know a good...
  4. R

    Thread Screen issues after replacement

    Hi at all, my uncle's Mi A3 had cracked screen, so he told me to replace it with a brand new. I replaced it the first time, and after some time the screen became useless because of bad lines (green, blue, yellow) all over the screen that didn't let you do anything. So I gave back the replacement...
  5. G

    Thread Best replacement battery

    Hey all, Since my battery starts to die I would like to get a replacement. Which brand has the best replacement batteries? I found on Amazon bluestar does anyone have experience with them? Idk if my battery will live several months from now so idk if I should risk it and get one from aliexpress...
  6. TheBrutalLicker

    Thread AirTriggers unavilable after screen replacement

    Hello, I'm about to order an after market display to replace my cracked display. However, I continue to read customer feedback saying AirTriggers doesn't work after replacing the screen (on AliExpress, eBay and various Chinese whole sale sites). The explanation provided is that display sold...
  7. fvig2001

    Thread People still on Note Pro 12.2, will you be jumping ship to the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus?

    Link: I personally am thinking about it but the bigger screen uses AMOLED, which is a turn-off for me with regards to longevity but the other model feels like a downgrade in terms of screen size. How about you guys?
  8. L

    Thread S9+ Screen Replacement - what part number

    I have cracked the screen on my SM-965F/DS purchased in Norway. I am now back in Australia. Samsung will not do the replacement here (in Sydney) claiming that they will not have the correct parts for a non-Australian phone. I call rubbish, however I would like to know if this would likely to be...
  9. sumtingwong

    Thread Pixel 3 Swollen Battery - Google Sent a REFURBISHED Replacement - Keep or Send Back?

    I can't seem to find any thread close to this topic so I'm doing a new thread. My Pixel 3 has been GREAT for the last year (bought it ThanksGiving 2018). NO COMPLAINTS! Then it started to lose charge around December 2019 and then started to SWELL around new year. My 1-year warranty has...
  10. nyttliv7

    Thread Replacement Parts

    If and when anyone replace any parts on this phone, like a screen, digitizer, frame or just anything, please share your experience here, thanks!
  11. pissgoat

    Thread Experiences with hagnaven 3100 mAh battery replacements?

    Looking to replace my battery, found a 3100 mAh replacement from hagnaven on amazon for around 28€ (amazon de link) does anyone have experiences with it? the reviews doesn't seem that bad but i'm still unsure currently my battery is at just 80% health and I barely get 2 hours of SOT
  12. C

    Thread HW develpoment: change display to a different one

    I'm thinking of a DIY project but before investing money I would like to know that it is possible from the software side. I have a Xiaomi Mi8 phone which has a quiet good main-board design. I can use this to make the phone smaller and put it on my wrist. The final size would be around 55x75mm or...
  13. FirstEver

    Thread [Camera FIX] It is time to replace the rear camera.

    Hi everyone, I think it is time to replace the rear camera in my OnePlus 3T. Many OnePlus 3/3T devices have a problem with the focus in the rear camera. I have two OnePlus 3T 64GB and 128GB and this problem occurs on different ROMs and on different camera apps. The temporary way to "fix" it is...
  14. O

    Thread What would you replace a S7 with in 2019?

    Hi there, my S7 which is my one and only phone has currently reached the end due to repeated drops the hardware seems pretty damaged and not worth repairing anymore. It will still work for a couple of months but I need to replace it within the next 3 months I'd say. Requirements: - superb...
  15. V

    Thread [Huawei Nova] After replacing the battery and the power circuit, the screen is black

    have recently replaced the battery in my Huawei Nova CAN-L01, along with the power circuit (the USB dock etc.). The replacement wasn’t really hard but I have a major problem now. I have tried to boot the phone, and the screen is just black. The backlight works, the OS boots fine (PC detects...
  16. W

    Thread Need to replace the rear camera glass - the wide angle lens is obscured by dust

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a video showing the safest way to remove the glass once you've heated it? I've looked at a few video's on youtube but they either show someone taking out glass fragments piece by piece or one guy who attacks his poor phone with a spudger and looks like he's...
  17. K

    Thread POLARCELL replacement for BL-T9 (NO MOD) 2450mHa battery for Nexus 5

    First of all i know there is a similar post here i buy the battery because of that post so believe me, im aware of... The battery is a brand new item from a german manufacturer of...
  18. S

    Thread Need back glass panel

    Hi, my back glass panel got broken recently. I'm looking forward to change it ever since,but I'm not sure which would fit perfectly. So, can anyone of you suggest me to buy replacement back glass panel? Direct links are really appreciated. Thanks. ;)
  19. ChriKn

    Thread What phone to replace the Pixel 2XL - Getting bored annoyed by things

    I have had the Pixel 2 XL for a bit over a year now. Allready swapped it 2 times (Audio problems and Screen Problems) and begin to get annoyed by some aspects of it : - The 3D-Wrapped-***-screen - This screen is bad. I slowly get used to it but find myself put off by how the colors look and how...
  20. khaotik

    Thread Battery reuse with screen + frame replacement?

    So, my girlfriend dropped her S7 edge a couple times, and the screen is pretty ****ed up, although perfectly usable. the first drop has broken only the glass, but the last one broke a small part of the display as well, so I thought I could look up replacement procedures. It turns out that they...
  21. R

    Thread Camera replacement: where to buy?

    Hi guys, as many of us I got the blurry focus problem on rear camera and I wasn't able to fix it after many attempts, so I though to buy a new camera and replace the bad old one. Do you know where can i buy the imx298 original camera for the OnePlus 3T? Is it possibile? I've only found not...
  22. J

    Thread Changing the battery on Nokia N1

    My battery life has started to go down so I'm thinking to change the battery in the coming year or so, according to accubattery I'm at 97% health (5,120mAh/5,300mAh), but I'm experiencing rapid battery drain all of a sudden. There are tutorials to open N1's and I've changed batteries on iPad...
  23. B!GBOY

    Thread Display / LCD replacement poor quality

    Hi everyone, so long story short, I broke the display on my whyred and bought a new one from ebay ( it has about 20% lower brightness than my original one and yellowish colors :( Please comment here if you have bought a replacement display and it has the same...
  24. L

    Thread After screen replacement touchscreen is not working

    I changed screen assembly to my boys Honor 8. All went well. Not so nice job BTW. I tried that the screen was working but didnt tested the touch. I reassembled it and noticed that the touch is not regonized. Does somebody have any clue or is the assembly just broken? :confused::(:crying:
  25. A

    Thread Replace camera

    Hi, I'm going to purchase a rear camera to replace the old one, it is not working anymore. does the version matter? I have 829, if I purchase 820 camera, is it the same? Thanks
  26. K

    Thread Broken front glass (& usb port) - replacement?

    Hi guys, has anyone of you tried changing the front glass without digitizer and display? In disassembly videos I can only see people changing the whole thing. Also, do you think I can manage to repair the front glas as well as the USB port with just an iron instead of a hot air blower (and...
  27. S

    Thread Screen broken, any instruction how to replace the screen ?

    Hi everyone, i broke the screen of my phone (mi A2 lite) :( The only video that i could find to replace my screen was this one : (Redmi 6 Pro is another name for the a2 lite) The screen seems to be just below the motherboard and it seems extremely...
  28. H

    Thread Camera glass shattered, cameras damaged, where to find good replacements?

    So, I've had a V20 since December 2016, but the shattering camera glass finally got me last week. Unsure exactly how or when it happened, but one day I pick up my phone to see the camera glass on the back shattered. Upon closer inspection, I can see that my wide angle camera is damaged, as it...
  29. S

    Thread Where to get replacement USB-C port for Moto x4?

    Hi all, it's been a while since I've last posted here, but have been actively 'lurking' :) My wife's Moto x4 suddenly stopped charging. The vendor will not repair even though it's well within warranty (just 2 mo/old device). Initially they replied 'Phone has drop/water damage', which I know was...
  30. silegeek

    Thread Battery wont charge above 52%

    Hi guys. Any help or advice appreciated. Today, I replaced the battery in my HTC10. Was initially nervous about it, after watching JerryRigEverything's video about 20 times I figured I couldn't learn any more about it, I just had to do it. Boy was he not wrong. The insides? Nightmare...
  31. MaaaanBeeeen

    Thread OnePlus 2 Screen Replacement: What do I have to pay attention to?

    Hello, i broke the frontglass of my OnePlus 2 and i want to repair it by myself. Now i dont know exactly which components i should buy.. My touchscreen and lcd panel is working very fine, its just the glass that is broken, so i would like to keep my original oneplus panel and just replace the...
  32. Eloquence

    Thread Replacement Battery in 2018!

    Gentlemen, I have successfully swapped out my battery in my Nvidia Shield Tablet K1! I was so excited about doing it! I wanted to get some practice soldering, as this was my first time, so I tried it out while swapping this battery here. I don't think my job was great, just adequate. I'm going...
  33. Florp

    Thread Replacement screens

    I DIY-installed a replacement screen on my honor 8 after cracking the glass, but I'm not happy with the quality of the replacement; it's dimmer than the original, and is polarized (annoying when combined with sunglasses). Oh, and for some reason the notification light is way too bright. I...
  34. Extentho

    Thread Battery replacement for ZUK z1

    Hello, i have my phone for over 2 years now and battery provide barely half the time it provided when it was new. I m considering to replace the battery. Does anyone know a place where i can buy a good battery? Doesn t need to be OEM, just to hold charged at least the way the original one did...
  35. N

    Thread Replacement Speakers?

    My brother's Axon 7 has what I can only assume to be blown speakers. Does anyone know of where one can find replacement speakers? Cheers.
  36. T

    Thread Touch screen glass replacement

    Hi guys, I'm trying to replace the front glass of the phone, but can't find any guide on how to do that. Has anyone done this before or can anybody show me a tutorial on the topic? I only bought the glass, not the whole LCD panel, actually this one:
  37. G

    Thread [NEED] NIKEL {Redmi Note 4 MTK Version} replacement battery BN 41

    Hi, I`m from india. Need a genuine NIKEL battery replacement - type BN-41. As the version is not sold in india, Couldnt get the spare for it. Kindly guide where to buy replacement battery (either genuine or one as good as genuine). Have got people in Singapore too. So, could buy from there too.
  38. N

    Thread [T999L] Broken screen donors. What will fit and work?

    I know SCH-R530x and R530 and I think SCH-I535 are all compatible. The sprint version (SPH-L710) is not, doesn't line up. I fixed a 530 this way by using bad ESN 530x donors with good LCDs. No glue, no mess. On the GSM side I tried to do the same. I have a T999L where the digitizer appears...
  39. fone_fanatic

    Thread Replacement Rear Glass with Adhesive only on edge/border?

    I cracked my rear glass and purchased the replacement 'JerryRigEverything' recommended on his how-to replacement video on youtube. Not only did it arrive with a crack, but it has adhesive covering the entire back side and not just the edges. I bought another one on ebay which I just received...
  40. D

    Thread [Q] Daughterboard Replacement (Microphone issues)

    Let me preface by saying I have read the 4 page thread & nothing there seems to help. I bought a Pixel late last year as gift for my mother as a Christmas present. Unfortunately, after resetting the device, I found that the phone had microphone issues - working for about an hour after the phone...
  41. ProNewb

    Thread [question] bottom part of the screen doesnt work

    I have done a replacement of my LCD unit. Now there is no touch detected from The bottom part, around 2cm from the bottom. Is it possible that the replacement was faulty? I havent contacted the support yet. Will they me give me another one? Edit: Pointer location shows X axis works, but Y...
  42. R

    Thread Nexus 5 128GB eMMC chip replacement

    I was curious if it were possible to replace the stock eMMC in my 32GB Nexus 5 with a 128GB chip. I have seen that it is possible to replace the chip (like 16GB to 64GB) and am wondering the possibility of finding a compatible 128GB chip. doing searching around, I am finding a few sites that...
  43. Infy_AsiX

    Thread Original battery's low capacity density and adapting a GS8+ battery

    I've been researching about batteries out of interest of replacement, better charging maintaining and longevity. Being unable to find a recently manufactured Z3C battery anywhere, I'm setting up a Galaxy S8+ replacement battery with a removed Z3C battery's printed circuit board solder connected...
  44. N

    Thread Anyone know where to get a quality replacement battery?

    I've looked on Amazon and ebay and there only seems to be garbage knock off batteries with bad reviews. My phone battery is getting very unreliable after two and a half years. I'm sure there must be others who have replaced their battery by now. Any recommendation where to get a good one...
  45. N

    Thread Oneplus replacement parts availability for the next 5 years (battery, screen)

    Hey xda, I'm that kind of person who likes to keep his phones for 4-5 years. To this day I'm still rocking my galaxy s4, many parts are available. The oneplus 5 looks like a good phone to last at least 5 years, but as everyone knows, batteries fail, in my experience after about 2-2.5 years. If...
  46. Y

    Thread [HELP] New Display LCD purchase recommendations

    Hello: I wanted to know if any of you knows of a good seller on ebay or any other place thats not amazon where i can buy a new lcd screen replacement for my ze551ml, i was trying to purchase one and i notice some ads doesnt have the logo and i wanted one with the logo on it, or maybe its just...
  47. shonkin

    Thread Replace Motherboard on Note 4 with eMMC error? My sad experience...

    Maybe one day I'll post the little video I made today of my epic fail. Long and short of it.... I am waiting on a Chinese mb for a gifted (non-working) Note 4 I have (er, had). Long and the short of it is that the real snag in the entire process is getting the screen and motherboard to...
  48. G

    Thread Camera modding/replacement

    So would it be possible to replace the camera module with one from another Blu phone? It seems as though it would be possible to replace it with one from the Blu Life One X2 since it looks almost the same. The only problem would be kernel support but maybe it is possible on stock ROM since it's...
  49. V

    Thread Problem after screen replacement :/

    So I went ahead and dropped my phone smashing the screen in which also caused the digitizer to go too. Happen before so I thought no problem. I bought a replacement but noticed that it didnt have the sony branding on it, didnt care. But after installing it, ive encountered a massive...
  50. wolfaas12345

    Thread Z5 Premium glossy back on regular z5

    Howdy fellas i dropped my z5 and well back is cracked now i will be replacing it however i remembered that z5 premium had nice mirror back so i though maybe i should put z5 premium back on my regular z5 question is will it fit or should i land from skies and just buy regular back