1. AkechiShiro

    Thread [MIUI 12.5][Update] Update report about OTA Global MIUI QFGMIXM

    Hi, I received not long ago the notification this update was possible. I'm looking for people who have noticed anything, an issue or a change in battery life performance (battery drain), or some features disappearing such as no more call recording. I'm aware that these update are made to...
  2. AkechiShiro

    Thread Question [MIUI 12][Update][Issues] Update reports on MIUI EU RKHEUXM OTA

    Hi, I just received a notification this update is possible. I'm looking for people who have noticed any new issues on this update. Any issues such as the MIUI optimization slider being hidden in the dev settings or issues with the battery drain, or with the screen. I'm aware these updates...
  3. F

    Thread Xiaomi Mi A3 Bricked After Security Update February 2021

    Again a new problem for Xiaomi Mi A3. My Xiaomi Mi A3 got bricked after the security update of February which is around 1 gigabyte ( I do not remember exactly the size ). I was able to run in Fastboot, but it got stuck now. I will try to format my mobile. I'm sad tho as I have lost some...
  4. K

    Thread #ROOT #Global Report #Kingroot

    Global Root Report Kingroot, the leading Android root tool >>>>>>Visit thread of Kingroot<<<<<< Kingroot conducted a global research on ROOT users and release this global root report for you! Warmly welcome all kind of discussion here :) Stay Tuned >>>>>>Tech...
  5. R

    Thread [APP][OFFICIAL] TimeReport: your time. In your pocket.

    TimeReport is one of the best apps to keep track of your work schedule, providing a detailed picture that helps you improve the balance between your work and private life! Write down your work hours and keep track of overtime, assignments and more! The pleasant, innovative and easy-to-use...
  6. vivekkalady

    Thread [APP]Smoking Statistics[2.2+][LATEST]

    Description This application was created for people who wants to quit smoking. With the application you can find out How much time has passed since you last smoked cigarettes. How much you smoked cigarettes How much money you spend. How much Tar and Nicotine content consumed your health...
  7. pyroguysf

    Thread FC's, bugs, etc? Read here for general solutions and how to report.

    Intro I don't mean this to be a thread for any specific ROM or problem, but rather a general guide that essentially eliminates all doubt of machine or user error (we all make mistakes). This is generally geared towards the issues users are experiencing when flashing an AOSP ROM, but can also...
  8. Vindceo

    Thread [APP][2.2+] System reporter

    Hi all, check out my first app plx. It's a simple tool to share your device properties/ only useful parameters, nothing more, no ads) Description: Simple tool to share your device properties. Only useful info, that can help you to write reviews or report those parameters to developers in your...
  9. Jacek95

    Thread Problem - cm10.1.0 androidarmv6 19.05.13 build

    My specs: LG P500 Optimus One, rom: cm 10.1.0 RC3, i flashed soft and then gapps for 4.2.1 I flashed new build and i noticed, that notification area is not working properly I cannot access quick toggles panel by clicking the top right icon. Also swiping on the bottom bar causes weird bug, if i...
  10. T

    Thread [Q] sms delivery reports not working

    Hi, i have some trouble with my sms delivery reports. I have activated them from the messaging settings, but even when the message is delivered the report still says "pending". Does anyone else have this issue? Any Idea how to solve this?
  11. ap1618

    Thread Bug Report and Root

    Hello folks, So I'm debugging the wallet issue with Google, and they requested a bug report. I went through the bug report and it has superSU written all over it, revealing that it's rooted. do you think it's an issue? thanks,
  12. B

    Thread [Q] Premium in Freemium servey

    Hi guys. We are doing a scientific report about Android users behavior regarding buying extra content in games that are free. The form will just takes 30 seconds to fill and we much appreciate it. The result of the report will be published after completion...
  13. S

    Thread Bug Report

    I am using stock ROM JB 4.1.1 without rooting. Only thing i dont have factory defaults is an unlocked bootloader. Recently I started getting a short vibration on phone followed by a draft gmail to my own ID with screenshot and bug report as attachment. Is this normal? What can be causing this...
  14. G

    Thread [Q] SignalStrength isnt being reported correctly

    I just found out that my S3 isnt reporting the SignalStrength properly. The S2 had that bug earlier and then it got fixed, but now it is back again in the S3. *sigh* Does any1 have a easy workaround for this until Samsung fixes their sh*t?
  15. L

    Thread 4 Carfax Reports Available Free

    Due to a serendipitous clicking incident. I have four free CARFAX reports for anyone who wants them. First post, first serve.
  16. noneabove

    Thread ICS ROM comments/suggestions/bugs

    edit: removing, mod feel free to delete this thread
  17. C

    Thread [Q] MMS delivery reports

    Apologies if this has been answered already elsewhere, but I've searched all the Sensation forums and can't find anything like this, so here goes... I got a Vodafone UK Sensation at the beginning of July. The only 'bug' I noticed was that even if MMS Delivery Reports were ticked in the message...
  18. yamensaleh

    Thread does MAGLDR gave us what we expected?

    now it is one week since magldr was released, thanks to DFT. it was like the end of the year gift to us, we were very happy (and we still happy) because it really bring our HD2 to life again, one day before the release of MAGLDR i was thinking of replacing it with Desire because and that...
  19. android.activate

    Thread Correct method of reporting issues with CM6RC1

    Hi, I wanted to report some issues( bring them to light ) and I was wondering what is the correct way to do it. I dont want to just post this is happening or that is not happening. I wanted to post the complete log and details so that devs can address it. So how can I capture logs for 1)...
  20. G

    Thread [README] BUG Reporting on your New Rom

    Dear people, I have been reading the posts about the problems with new installed cooked roms, and its hard to wade through the clutter and confusion. So here my humble suggestions, in the hope the reports about the roms will be a bit more reliable and readable. First you must understand, that...
  21. Joseph

    Thread SPAM Reporting Thread: This thread is to be used in reporting any and all found Spam.

    Members, this thread to reporting any found Spam. And or hit the report button is also a great way to report the found spam, thanks in advance, for helping keep XDA clean. Keep in mind there are multiple posts in here on reporting spam, any added posts that are not of a reporting nature just...