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  1. H

    Thread [Guide] Root Pixel 4 XL Android 10 (Q)

    Root Pixel 4 XL Android 10 (Q) Unlock/Lock Bootloader + Systemless ROOT Android Security Buletin-August 2020 Pixel Update Bulletin—August 2020 Introduction This Guide is for Pixel 4 XL owners that want to Root their phone, and enjoy the benefits of rooting it without installing a Custom ROM...
  2. heldc

    Thread SOLVED [Q] rerooting via recovery?

    Never mind, it turned out that what she'd done was uninstall supersu, so reinstalling it from the market actually fixed things, after a reboot. A not so techy friend whose tablet I had rooted somehow managed to unroot it. But TWRP is still installed and functional. We're about 600 miles apart...
  3. A

    Thread Losing root after reboot

    Hello, I'm facing some small problem with my Xperia. I own this device for 4 days, so please consider me noob (only for this device). So I've unlocked my bootloader, rooted the phone and installed CWM, but the problem is that it is losing root after every reboot (I have to flash SuperSu...
  4. B

    Thread Manually re-root Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3

    I have just flashed new firmware N7100XXUEMK4 (INU) I rooted it but it's SuperSU is saying that i have to manually re-root, I tried everything but no results, Knox is blocking it, so I searched how to re-root it, but there is not results in web, if you can help me guys show me hot to do it...
  5. D

    Thread [Q] Reroot after 4.3.3 ota update?

    Hi guys, first of all thanks to be there always, I was on insertcoin 6.0.4, then I just thought to grab ota, so I flash stock backup zip and stock recovery , grab ota installed it, now I can't reroot it, now I am s off with lock bootloader, please help, I tried to push custom recovery in...
  6. B

    Thread [Q] XPERIA S... Its life Jim but not as we know it (HELP!)

    Ok so Im travelling around Colombia and need a smart phone to keep in touch with my folks back home as I'm out here for a year. All hail to the Xperia S, perfect for my needs and I have loved it since the 30th of Dec from whence I bought it. Turns out the phone is an import from the UK my...
  7. twistednl

    Thread [Q] Reroot Desire

    Hi all, I playing around with my desire bravo and ran in to a problem. I use this phone temporary since my one x is back for repair. I am looking for a smooth rom. I had CM 7.0.2 on cmr2 hboot with s-off I ran RUU to latest available version. Now I need to re-root. The recovery part went fine...
  8. B

    Thread SGS3 re-rooting problem

    Hi all, I've rooted my SGS3 via ODIN with CF-Root-SGS3-v6.3. Everything went good and I had root in seconds. One thing I've noticed that this method is installing SuperSU app instead of SuperUser (which I was using on Motorola Defy). It didn't make any difference for me, however after some time...
  9. F

    Thread [Q] Please don't ban me or yell at me! Problem with root on galaxy s I9000 2.3.5

    Hi all. Really sorry cos I'm sure the answer's around here somewhere, but not sure where to look. Problem is, I had my 2.3.5 rooted and all was ok. I then had a problem a while back with Titanium (paid) backup that said that I wasn't rooted. I've tried re-rooting and that didn't work, so now...
  10. zosopage

    Thread [Q] Stock ICS , how do I root?

    Hey all, So, I unrooted back when we heard that ICS was coming, so I could get the OTA update, and of course, finally it came... Little did I know that in the matter of days, we would see custom ICS roms. So, is there a good way to re root my transformer? It was such a long time ago that I...
  11. Z

    Thread [Q] Need help after rooting followed by reset, BADLY!!!!!!!

    Okay, So I have a Samsung Admire running 2.3.4 and has a kernel of Purchased 3 weeks ago. I rooted the phone and within a day I had lost the ability to make or receive calls. the phone app crashes every time.and I thought that I had deleted some vital file and thus ruined the phone...
  12. T

    Thread [Q] I was rooted, now im not! cant seem to root again!

    Hello all, I rooted my samsung infuse by AT&T afew days back, and was fine. My phone became unrooted becuase i had to do a factory reset, it was soft bricked. When i try to reroot now, it wont work. It stops on step #7 see below. Does anyone know what to do here?:confused: * daemon not...
  13. S

    Thread [Q]Can you downgrade from Android 2.3?

    :confused:Has anyone been able to downgrade Android 2.3 back to 2.2? People are trying to downgrade their phones back to 2.2 and use one of the rooting methods, because none of them will work an Android 2.3. I've heard that some, but very few people, have been able to do it by running an RUU...
  14. mike02466

    Thread [Q] Fresh + Unrevoked= ?

    Hi. I am hoping someone can answer this as I couldn't find answer in any threads. I'm a noob as far as rooting & flashing roms go. I currently have Myns warm RLS5 installed via rom manager. I was gonna give Fresh a try. However, in Flipz guide...
  15. T

    Thread [Q] Please help! May need rerooting but unsure!

    I apologize to all if this is in the wrong category or this has been answered already. I am new to his site and relatively new to the ROMS and Rooting Basically what happened is I rooted my evo in order to wifi Tether, this worked fine, however, i made the rookie mistake of updating my phone...
  16. P

    Thread [Q] How exactly do I reroot with S=Off?

    Ok so i had root and custom rom and all that, then i decided to switch back to the stock with the latest RUU, i already had S off before i did this and i hear you can get clockwork back on again if its off, but uhhhh im a complete newcomer almost when it comes to rooting so how exactly do i do that?
  17. N

    Thread [Q] redoing radios and bootloader LE

    Right now I have CM5.0.7 t-5, the non-engineerings SPL, and a radio that gets bad signal. I got my new SPL, new radios and my new rom. [Chromatic 4.3]. I also still have my goldcard. What order do I go about doing this? put new bootloader on goldcard Boot into bootloader mode [vol down +...
  18. K

    Thread Cyanogen Mod - need to reroot?

    Hey all, I have a rooted MT3G. I want to use Cyanogen's ROM on it, but don't know whether I'm supposed to reroot like the Wiki says. Should I reroot the entire phone, or should I start somewhere in the middle? Let me know! I'm confused!