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rescue and smart assistant

  1. C

    Thread Question Stock Moto G30 stuck at bootscreen after reboot / How to rescue data

    Hi dear community, I have a new Moto G30 which is now does not boot and keeps getting stuck at bootscreen where the logo is, even after trying to boot for hours. This happened after a reboot where nothing special happened before. I have not installed any custom ROM, and have no idea why this is...
  2. sd_shadow

    Thread Rescue and Smart Assistant (LMSA)(Motorola/Lenovo Only)

    Rescue and Smart Assistant LMSA: Lenovo's Motorola Smart Assistant (PC) For Lenovo and Motorola Devices Only Rescue and Smart Assistant (LMSA) is an official tool installs on PC. Can help to manage smart device (include all Lenovo android phone, MOTO phone, Lenovo tablet ) data, flash smart...