1. M

    Thread [RESET] Mecool M8S Pro+ (blueboard version)

    Board code: M8S_W_BT_2.0 CPU chipset: S905W Wifi chipset: AP6236 INSTALLATIONS 1. Install Amlogic_USB_Burning_Tool v2.1.3 and open app. 2. Install Amlogic_Driver. 3. Short 2 pins K1 behind eMMC nand (this is "reset button"). 4. Connect box to the PC via USB port (must be near power hole). 5...
  2. yifo777

    Thread Question why some of pixel 6pros blocks when you reset it?

    i am going to buy pixel 6pro and some of my friend told that some of them blocks when you restart it. they dont know why this happens. i read on other forum that T-mobile unlock causes that problem. can anyone explain why that happens?
  3. Tahsin Can

    Thread How to reset the kernel profile?

    Hello friends. I am using 9t pro. I went through Vayu. It was resetting when I put it in fastboot mode on Vayu. How do I reset on this device?
  4. A71no-factory-reset

    Thread A71 problem

    A71 s not operational Only is working Android Recovery system menu BUT there is no FACTORY RESET When A71 is plugged to PC reports device malfunction. ODIN can not see that A71 is in DOWNLOAD mode Any suggestion for solving problem?
  5. GalaxyA325G

    Thread How To Guide How to un-freeze an unresponsive Samsung Galaxy A32 5G with reboot, reset, factory reset, odin mode, download mode, android recovery mode & debug mode

    Recently I had to replace my Samsung Galaxy A32 5G under warranty (losing all my sdcard0 data) because my previous unrooted free T-Mobile A32-5G was frozen, so what I want to do for the future is document, in words, the exact steps to copy data off and to unfreeze & reload new firmware onto the...
  6. N

    Thread Will a ROM reflash reset the phone to an out of the box state and reset hidden menu(4636) settings?

    Hi, I'm in the process of trying to flash my phone back to stock because I messed some stuff up in the hidden menu. I've never really messed with any of this stuff before, but it seems like Sony offers all the tools I need and it seems straight forward. I have a couple of questions, though...
  7. K

    Thread Can one back out of an unintentional reset?

    Earlier today, I pulled my Galaxy Tab A 8.0 tablet out of my backpack, and, instead of showing me the usual pattern unlock screen, it showed me a screen saying Initialization Preparing your tablet. I don't know how the tablet got into this state. I did not do anything out of the...
  8. K

    Thread How To Guide Revert Realme GT 5G back to Stock CN ROM and Lock Bootloader

    Hi everyone! Unfortunately I have had to revert back to the stock china rom my phone came with due to google cracking down on rooted/altered devices, and apps such as snapchat and google pay are essential for me. I was told if I locked my bootloader while on global firmware, it would brick, so...
  9. ArmagedFoxer

    Thread VERY strange situation! Come in! My Asus A002A reset after a complete discharge, and closed my access to it. HELP ME PLEASE

    Hello! I REALLY need your help! I have an asus a002a, worked fine, but the battery started to die with age. Today I found out in the evening that he sat down to 0, but I had to go outside and I left him like that, came home after 20 minutes, put him on charge. I turn it on, and it shows me the...
  10. greentoy

    Thread Stuck after co-creation labs setup

    I have reset my Oneplus 7 device, yesterday. On setting up the device it gets stuck after the agreement page for Co-Creation lab setup. I have seen many people on reddit having similar issue starting from yesterday. What could possibly be the problem and is there any workaround? UPDATE...
  11. V

    Thread Car system clock reset after android radio switch on

    Hello, I have an annoying problem. After connecting the android px5 radio with a canbus decoder, it resets the system clock in the car. As You can see on my movie: When I do not connect the canbus decoder - the clock does not reset. - changed mcu - I replaced the canbus decoder with a new...
  12. thaynos

    Thread Is there anyway to bypass family link and reset phone without google password?

    I activated family link on my kids' Samsung J5 about a year ago, but I entirely forgot the password because I used a burner account. On the phone, I am unable to access or provide authorization. I attempted to reset it, but you must also have the authority to do so. Is it possible to do it with...
  13. TomassD

    Thread Can't wipe/reset an Android phone (Nokia G10)

    Hi! Posting this here as need maximum exposure as the specific thread for the model does not seem to have many people looking at it. My original post is here: Short version: Tried anything I could imagine but can't wipe the...
  14. TomassD

    Thread Question Can't reset/wipe the phone

    I work for a little repair shop in my village. A customer brought in a phone - got it for his son (14) for his birthday and let him set it all up including making the google account. The reason why it was brought in was that son forgot the pattern. Asked if we can possibly unlock it or at least...
  15. Chris Fouroseven

    Thread Help resetting a tablet

    Please connect me with ANYONE who can help me figure out how to wipe a tablet to get it back to the original start-up. It's a Vantron 5081-G Tablet running Android 7.1.0 with a RK/MK 3368 Rockchip with a Rockchip 808-H bus chip and a SanDisk SDINBDA4 32G that has a management partition I don't...
  16. Ashtrix

    Thread Screen Broken need help to access the Data, Backing up and Reset

    Hello folks, my display broke suddenly, cannot see anything except a line and some green flickering when display is on. I have most of the documents and everything stored on my SD card but the Whatsapp data is unfortunately not backed up. There are a few pictures and chat data that I would need...
  17. V

    Thread Clock resets in the counter after waking up the radio - Mercedes W639 Viano

    I bought an Android 10 4 / 64GB DSP radio, connected it, added cameras and everything works. I coded with Star Diagnose so that it would not take the time from the GPS and the only problem that appeared was the watch in the odometer was set to 01:07 after waking up the radio. When I unplug the...
  18. samwhiteUK

    Thread Question Want to root and unlock - what's the quickest way to get back installed all the apps I currently have?

    Question as per title. All my photos, music, videos are cloud based anyway. The only thing I'm concerned about is apps. What's the quickest way to reinstall my apps? Last time I chose to restore from a Google account, it started to install ALL my apps, even ones that weren't installed when I...
  19. Unviray

    Thread Reset unknown phone without recovery

    I bought a Chinese android phone and tweak some root apps. But now my phone does want to start. Even in recovery mode How to reset it ?
  20. R

    Thread Huawei P9 Lite - Hard Reset

    Hi There, I have a vanilla Huawei P9 Lite and the android unlock (guessing the disk encryption password) has been lost. Tried HISuite software to connect with USB but says the device is not supported. Also tried the hard reset recovery (Power + Up Volume) on boot, but the recovery option via...
  21. F

    Thread wiping data partition makes internal storage un-decrytable to twrp recovery

    hello, As I face some issues with my rom thought to do a fresh start by resetting the data partition via orange fox recovery which bases on twrp and try to flash another rom. but once I wiped the data partition recovery could not decrypt the internal storage data on the next boot. honestly...
  22. San Diego

    Thread How to revert ADB commands (e.g. used adb to enable access for an app(s) (ex. GSAM )

    Hello! I have added a couple apps that required special access . I'm not rooted, so I hooked my OnePlus 8 Pro (but could be any phone) to my laptop and installed (for instance) GSAM Battery Monitor, and I used the ADB commands provided. I then later deleted the app off my phone, and I want to...
  23. B

    Thread Bypassing/Resetting Galaxy Tab 10.1 - will loading a custom ROM do it?

    Hi guys, We got a Galaxy Tab 10.1 donated to us at our shop. The owner is deceased and they no longer had a use for it. I was trying to do a hard reset on it but Power + VolumeUp does not work (I can get into Download mode, however, with VolDown + Power) The tablet has a google account on...
  24. J

    Thread MSM Tool for NORD?

    Will the MSM tool for the oneplus nord be released any time soon? Just i dont want to do anything with my phone until i know i can recover it if it bricks.
  25. J

    Thread Water damage, need to format before fixing

    Hi, I had nearly finished setting up my brand new Pixel 3a when I made a classic mistake - & dropped it into a toilet. I pulled it out almost instantly, but the damage had been done. I tried to turn it off, but it wouldn't even let me do that as the screen was completely non responsive &...
  26. D

    Thread Weird bootloop after OTA (21 April 2020)

    My asus zenfone max pro m1 has not been booting since the april 21st update. It boots completely, asks for pattern to decrypt storage and irrespective of whether or not i enter the pattern, it reboots. Looks like some system services are failing after boot and hence i need to wipe or clean flash...
  27. S

    Thread Galaxy S9+ on Android 10 restarting randomly

    Does anyone have the same problem with Android 10 restarting randomly? I have no clue that to do. Wiped cache. Don't want to do factory reset cause apparently it doesn't work and readjusting the phone would take too much time. Logcat:
  28. C

    Thread Resetting app preferences/clears cache maybe

    I'm owner of my p30pro from a month or so, also my firs Huawei device and i have strange problem. My phone clears cache or does something that clears apps settings. I have to set them again. For example i have game, at first start it shows something about data privacy and language choices, then...
  29. TheBrutalLicker

    Thread Flash TWRP boot.img -> reset device? Backup through PC instead?

    Hello, I'm wondering if you flash TWRP boot.img through adb fastboot, does it reset the device in the same way as when flashing root through boot.img. I suspect the behavior is identical. So I had TWRP and root both functionally flashed through adb fastboot when initiating my device. Now I'm...
  30. S

    Thread Developer options settings reset after device restart

    Is there a way on realme 5 pro for the developer options settings to save permanently? I've set the dpi width to 460 but it keeps resetting to default after the device restarts. The font size is big and annoying so i have to do the whole setting every time a restart takes place. TIA.
  31. R

    Thread Help, wrong smallest width value, cant boot

    Hello all, Please help me,but i made a huge mistake. I was playing with the developer settings, the one wich is smallest with and putted something like 4600 instead of 460, so now my phone can't boot completely. I have a Xiaomi Mi5 with Miui 11 and Android 8. What have i tried so far: -...
  32. sameerg

    Thread Animation settings in developer mode gets reset

    Hi, I like to set Animation to 0.5x in developer mode in all my android devices. But in Realme 3 pro the animation settings are reset to 1x. I'm not able to figure out what is causing it. Apart from 3 animation settings in Developer mode, Animator Duration scale does maintain it's setting and...
  33. X

    Thread How to reset Secure Folder PIN (Due to passing away of the owner)

    Hello XDA users. Last week my beloved sister passed away in her fight against cancer. She was doing well but unexpectedly got ill from the chemo. All her affairs are in order except for her "secure folder". Normally it says "Reset PIN" on the bottom. Unfortunately that disappeared after 2/3...
  34. thunderteaser

    Thread Can't set new password/pin/fingerprint after deleting locksettings.db

    As I was trying to update my EEA global stable rom 10.2.7 to the latest release (10.3.3), I followed a guide to accomplish that without losing TWRP and my /data partition. I flashed a zip called after flashing the new rom but before reflashing magisk. As a...
  35. papamalo

    Thread "This device was reset" Cannot use older ATT galaxy S7 Edge. Solutions?

    Hello all. I recently received a used at&t Galaxy S7 (variant SM-G935A) that hadn't been used in over a year, and was looking forward to using it, when I encountered this message: "This device was reset, To continue, sign in with a google account that was previously synced on this device" I...
  36. BeWaryBeCautious

    Thread Help on locked device (Sony Z4/Z3+)

    So my friend gave me this phone since he forgot the pin and the google account. The data in this phone is not important but the problem here is that: 1. Cant get to ADB because my PC is not authorized (he did enabled USB debugging though) 2. No way of unlocking the device (running on nougat)...
  37. T

    Thread How to get around FRP?

    So I've been trying to figure this out for about 2 days now and the dialer code doesn't work an i can't get the weird talkback method to work. Is the only way to get around it to do the unbrick flash method?
  38. M

    Thread [Q] Forgot Security Pattern and Need Help!

    Hi everyone, I don't know if this is a Tab A question, a Samsung question, an Android question, or a Marshmallow question. :o I have an older tablet (SM-P350 with stylus) that I haven't been using a lot and I have forgotten the unlock pattern I was using. I am able to log in using the backup...
  39. FearMyAnus

    Thread Unable to install certain apps from Google Play store after factory reset

    Hi, I'm unable to install apps that I have previously installed on my phone. Apps that were still installed when I had to factory reset my phone due to a soft brick. For example, I had Parking Mania 2 installed before I had to reset, and now that I did reset, all my apps were gone so I had to...
  40. Q

    Thread New Pixel 3 XL bricked

    I have bricked my new Pixel 3 XL after trying to root it. I used the Magisk guide here and got as far as part 2 step 12, i.e. the last step of the actual process. When the phone rebooted, I got the expected bootloader unlocked warning, then the white loading screen for a long time, then a...
  41. EEngineer

    Thread Disable or Password Protect "Reset Device" in Android

    I've got a nice new Android tablet, the Pro12 Marshmallow v6.0. Really enjoy this, but it shocks me that the device can be easily reset from Settings. Someone malicious (my brother?) might decide it would be "fun" to reset my tablet so I lose everything. Is there a way I can password-protect...
  42. F

    Thread flashing firmware zip fails every time

    I am currently using a OnePlus 5 which used to run on a stock based rom, xxxNoLimits v3.1 Since the dev ended the support I wanted to revert back to pure OOS, so I downlaoded the newest 5.1.5 zip and followed the instructions using the newest blu_spark twrp recovery but right after pressing the...
  43. M

    Thread Hard reset problem

    Hi everyone! My company gave me a S8+. The only problem is it previously was in the hands of our former quality manager, who signed in with his account. Now, my boss hard-resetted the device, but it's still asking for the older account as verification. Unfortunately, our quality manager left the...
  44. D

    Thread *HELP* Meizu M6 Note Bypass/Reset

    Hello guys. I know there are many threads about unlocking or resetting out there but they didn't help me at all. My teacher bought a Meizu M6 Note and somehow he forgot his password. I told him I will try to unlock it but after 3 days of trying many ways I can't do sh!t. The phone is locked...
  45. F

    Thread Factory Reset: from settings vs from recovery

    I need to reset my phone because after updating to 8.1. some apps don't work properly. So is there any difference between resetting a phone from settings & from recovery? Somebody says there is no difference, somebody says that the first one is soft reset and the second one is hard reset. Thanks...
  46. Androidmarketuser

    Thread [GUIDE] Factory Reset Your Elite ROM w/ microG & retaining clean functionality

    Hello, the purpose of this guide is to show how to retain functionality after doing a factory reset on every ROM. The problem is that the preinstalled gapps may not be working (login not possible), even after enabling and setting autostart in MiAssistant. Therefore some guides (e.g. this newest...
  47. pissgoat

    Thread huge problem when letting my phone charge to 100% overnight

    (it happens on every rom, stock or not, currently on latest 7.1.2 RR) sometimes when I let my phone charge it's battery to 100% my rom just completely ****s itself up, and basically resets it. I'm unable to log into my google accounts. this has been happening two times now with my new battery...
  48. T

    Thread New and old screen wont work after botched repair

    So I tried to replace my pixel 2 xl screen, I had the phone off and was dissassbmling it. I broke the already old broken screen, and accidentally turned the phone on. Since I couldnt use the screen to touch the turn off button, I left it on and swapped the screen out. Now neither the new or old...
  49. josegon30

    Thread Excessive use of CPU compells me to reset

    So, since couple of weeks ago I've been reciving this annoying message from device maintenance asking me to reset the phone. The message says something such as "Some apps or processes are overloading the system (CPU). The device must reset". I started reciving this when I'm watching netflix or...
  50. The Dark Knight Patriot

    Thread Boot Loop Issue, Odd Behavior, & Recovery Attempts

    Talk about frustrating. During the exact same week last year my older phone ended up with the dreaded boot loop, and now my new Pixel 2 has done the same (Despite no attempts to unlock, root, or otherwise change the software, and with no physical abuse). I sideloaded an OTA update via ADB in a...